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Found 56 results

  1. daxilic

    Route & accommodation advice

    I’m going travelling solo for a year soon and doing the classic Australia and Asia backpackers route. I’m starting with Australia then doing Asia later on cause I don’t have time before my visa deadline expires. My rough plan is travel around Australia, maybe head over to New Zealand for some time then go to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore areas. Then come back to Australia to do some work before the visa ends. I’m already 31 (seriously cutting it fine!) so I won’t be eligible to extend the visa for a second year but I’m an experienced graphic designer and hoping to get a job doing that for a while. I’ve done a lot of research but it’s mainly articles and blogs and It would be good to get some personal opinions too, I have a few questions: Do you have any advice on which route to take through Australia? – I’ll probably be starting at Sydney. For long term accommodation is hostels the best option or getting a house share? I know in London it’s common for backpackers to stay in house shares for a few days or weeks, occupying someone else’s room while it’s vacant. Round the world plane tickets vs booking your own flights – is it worth it? The backpack – I’m looking at 70-80L Osprey bags and something with a laptop pocket – Is this too big and a ball ache to carry around?
  2. Ashleysimpson1993

    WHV have I thought of everything?

    Hi, me and my partner are preparing to leave for a working holiday in late November we are arriving in Perth and staying with family over Christmas as I have a Brother there and another in Sydney, so for these cities we have accommodation Sorted. We have also Booked flights, been approved for 417 Visas, arranged travel insurance (outbacker), opened a bank account with NAB and managed to save and transfer just over AU$10,000 With MoneyCorp (we intend to keep transferring money till we arrive) we have bought our luggage and most of our clothes and other items and already got our Optus Simcards . Just wondered if anyone can point out things we have missed or they would recommend? We need our Tax file Numbers but the website says we need to be in Australia before applying? Has anyone done it anyway? And has anyone got any tips for a good route to take and on what transport etc? We haven't thought of anything past new year when we will probably leave Perth other than a week on the Gold Coast with family in April 2014? Sorry it's a bit of a ramble just want to be sure we have remembered everything! Thanks!
  3. In the last few weeks we (me, wife & 2 kids) put through a Skilled Migration application & our credit card has been taken for $2500. We put it all through in my wifes name - she's a senior doctor here in Victoria. In the meantime I've got myself sorted in an IT Recruitment role. I've got all the relevant degree qualifications. While I haven't pushed it with the new company I'm with, I think the possibility would be there to go down the Permanent Application route through them. My idea would be that I'd offer to pay whatever it costs - $7k to $8K from what I've heard. Main motivation behind this PR application is because it's costing us close to $40K a year for childcare for the 2 kids. My understanding is that we'll get half that back if we become permanent. My questions are as follows - can I get that $2500 back and start the application again - if so how? Is there any risk that the company takes in letting me put the application through them (would be good to be armed with any important facts before approaching them)? Do things progress a lot faster when it goes through the company rather than off our own stream? I heard that once the application is submitted, we're entitled to the childcare rebate - is that true? If there's any feedback on our situation, it would be great to hear. Cheers.
  4. Greetings all, I'm hoping to get assessed by AIM as an engineering manager because of my degree is in engineering and i have relevant work experience and the required potion within organization structure. I have heard that although AIM is the best path to get assesd as Engineering manager, its also the hardest one to get a positive assessment ! :confused: Has anyone in this forum been through the skills assessment process recently ? Has anyone received a positive outcome from AIM ? appreciate it a lot if you can provide tips or advice. Thanks ,
  5. Guest

    Route to PR - Pros/Cons

    Hi All, After spending much of 2010 in Australia on a working holiday visa (no regional work experience) I am more and more focused on permanent migration by the day! After a failed (it seems the list of "recognised institutions" from which your degree must be from make no sense!) attempt at a recent graduate visa late last year I have been looking at my options. I am a UK citizen, 25, Mechanical Engineer with no dependants so points test wise at least I don't think I have any troubles. Ultimately I am looking to live in Melbourne (Automotive industry and Mountain Biking) within 12 months with the right to work and ideally no ties to an employer. I think I have missed out on a few jobs due to not having a visa in place so I am being drawn towards a VIC sponsored 176 visa would be my best bet to get me where I want in a realistic period of time. I am looking to apply for state sponsorship ASAP but would initiating this process have any knock on effects if I were to secure 457 sponsorship in the mean time? What are peoples experiences of the VIC sponsorship and 176 visa processing time scales at the moment. Can I submit my 176 application before i receive state sponsorship conformation (would there be any benefit of doing this). Are there any changes due on the horizon which I should submit before/wait until after? Luckily I have a Canadian work visa ready to go so the plan will be to go and sit out the wait in Vancouver for the summer and for however long it takes... could be worse!
  6. So my husband and I have decided to take the plunge and move out to oz, we were there on WHV last year, loved it and want to go back, mainly since jobs here in NI for a quantity surveyor are non existent!!! No quality of life etc.. We think we may decide to use an agent purely since we are both busy and he works away 5 days a week. Should we do the DIY option, my question is do people start a skills assessment first before applying for visa? If so how would one go about that, if anyone has done the quantity surveyor one? Timescales costs etc? We want to get visa application in before these new "'don't call us we'll call you' to apply for a visa change takes place!
  7. JoandJon

    En Route!!!

    Hi all, It's been a manic few days, but I'm actually on my way - currently dashing off a couple of emails from Changi, and boarding willb e starting soon for the final leg Missing my hubby, but it's good to know it's only for a couple of weeks!! Be back in touch once I'm in Melbourne - must dash!
  8. Good afternoon fellow PIO's! I have felt the need to start a new thread, because I am looking for a bit of advice! I am currently working on a 457 visa since Jan 2011. I first did two years on a working holiday, and was six months in limbo after that on a bridging visa whilst waiting for my 457. I am based in Perth, and I will have been working in the same position with my company for two years in January. (Spaced over three different visa types as above!) My problem is that I am hoping to apply for PR as soon as I can Now, I know the obvious route is to go for sponsored migration. But I am finding it too hard to survive with the price of Perth on this money! I am a good, reliable worker. Is there any other way I can get PR apart from through an employer sponsored visa? I work as a Project Administrator / Office Manager (Am sponsored as a Project Administrator), am 27 years old, come from the low risk country, am willing to do a Iielts test is needed, have a Bachelors Degree in Jouralism and a Diploma in Business/Project Management, and many more vocation related certificates. I have 5 years offshore work experience and and 3 years Australian work experience. I love Australia, and I mostly love my life here. I simply want to move forward with it and no longer feel like a slave!! Thanks y'all :cute:
  9. I'd like to ask opinion whether to go 176 or 475 VISA. I was granted 475 SS from SA, I have chosen 475 because the State Sponsorship is 10pts compared to 176 SS which is only 5pts. The 475 route gives me a total of 65pts. However, my wife recently had a positive skills assessment from VETASSESS. She has all the requirements to obtain partner skills, which are the following: - positive skills assessment from VETASSESS, both occupation should be in the same SOL. (Me: Systems Administrator, Wife: Journalist & Other Writers, both occupations in SOL 2.) - Proficient IELTS 7,7,7,8.5 (I wish I have this kind of score, she didn't even took a review) - more than 3 years exp as a writer - Age: 27 It means we can obtain a partner skills right? which is based on DIAC website 176 eligibility. The partner skills will give us a total of 70pts in 475 VISA. I wonder if I should email South Australia to change my SS from 475 to 176. or be safe to go 475? The only difference I see is that I need to pay $270 after 2 years to change 475 to 887 VISA which is really ok for me. Though I was wondering if I should maximize the points.
  10. Hi All. Both myself and my girlfriend are seriously considering emigrating to Australia. I am 31 and she is 25, I spent over a year in oz in 2005 and would prefer WA over any state although I am open to other areas. I am a UK electrician and my GF in June will be a double masters, in Law and Sociology. I am aware of the criterea for me as have looked into it before, I would need a Australian Recognised Trades Certificate from VETASSES, which would cost me a lot of money, before then paying the visa application fees ontop and seperatley. In June my GF who is Polish, will graduate with her second masters degree in Law from Warsaw University. My question is this, would we be able to emigrate off the back of her qualifications, or would she need to be in her said profession for a time period before she could apply? Also If she is able to be the 'lead' applicant, then for me to be able to come accross too would we need to be engaged, married or would the fact that we are together be enough? I know I satisfy the critera from my skills and qualificaitons but am trying to avoid the costly route of VETASSES if its possible. Thanks in advance for all the advice :spinny: Lloyd
  11. Guest

    Not sure which route to take...

    Bit of a long story but basically my girlfriend has moved to the Gold Coast for school and I need to get over there as soon as I can. Initially I thought I'd apply for a migrant visa but a) I've read it can take over a year to be approved and b) I'm in IT (web development / marketing) which doesn't seem to be SOL. I think my best bet is to get a working holiday visa for a year and then extend it to a second year? The thing that bothers me is that I'm limited to 6 months per employer and need to work agriculturally for a bit to qualify for the second year? Is there any way around these things? If I got sponsored would that do it and how hard is that to get? Any other options? Many thanks
  12. Guest

    Taking the risky route!

    Hi pp's Well i have booked that flights and am due to depart for Oz in 3 weeks for 3 weeks in the hope of finding an employer that is willing to sponsor (in any line of work). i'am a Qualified plumber have done some readiing on the subject emigrating via sponorship route. But not many that have made it work suppose there could be a good reason for that i dont know What i would like to know is there, or has anybody heard of any success storys along these lines ?? thx's:wideeyed:
  13. Guest

    route to pm question

    Hi guys, Well, we landed safely and so far enjoy living in North Melbourne. Been very busy in the past 6 days, hiring a car, looking at houses etc etc. Managed to squeeze in a trip to St. Kilda which we loved Anyway, wife is starting work next week on a sponsored 457 visa. Looking at getting the kids into daycare (2yrs old and 4yrs old) and wondered if there was a way (a quick one perhaps) for going for perm. Looking at the cost of daycare is scary for 2 kids and will cost us $2800 a month for both in full time! Eeeek. Is there a way of doing it? What will be the best route and perhaps the quickest as the cost of daycare will dramatically drop. Looking forward to hearing some advice John
  14. Hi Guys I've been offered a job in Brisbane(Pending References) they have said Employer Sponsorship is not a problem but I'll have to pay the fees...the options they have given us are : I obtain a Working Holiday Visa and just come on that initially then after a 3 month probation they'll start the Sponsorship process or they just sponsor from the start but if things don't work out I'll have to head back to the UK sharpish. A mate of my has said on a WHV you pay 'Emergency Tax' which is quite hefty ?,. The salary is 100K. I know what the DIAC timeline says for Sponsorship visas but realistically how long does it take once started ? Please let me know your thoughts Thanks Jess and Matt
  15. Guest

    Which route to choose??

    Hi, I'm new to the site and although have found other people's comments helpful, still need advice on my own situation please! My parents and brother moved to Oz 13 years ago and are now citizens. My sister and her family have just been granted a 457 visa as she is a mental health nurse and has a sponsor. My questions are, firstly, is there any way possible I can be sponsored by my family without being on any list? Just to clarify, I'm not on a list as I'm a teaching assistant and my husband is a construction worker/ machine driver and doesn't specifically fit into any of the professions either. And the other question I have is, if I went out and found an employer to sponsor me, do I also need to be on a list again? Or could I get a job in anything? We're looking into going over for xmas this year anyway so would it be worth doing a bit of job hunting too?? I already know we can't qualify for 'remaining relative' too as we have children. I don't know what to do and really want to be closer to my family!!:confused:
  16. Hi all We are new to the site and we are looking for some advice on migration. i am an advance scaffolding supervisor in the oil and gas field and my wife is a anestetics nurse of 4 years. why wifes farther passed away in january and he was the only reason we could not go ahead with our plans to migrate but now we wish to do so and have saved up some money we have not got a clue were to start. we know my wifes job is on the skilled wanted list but we dont know which visa aplication will be best for us. i am 28 and she is 27 and we have a 1 year old son. should we apply for full usponsored visa aor sponsored visa? which is quicker? how much money will we need? is their any thing we should know about that will block us? we are both hard working and fit an well, and would like to start wich ever procces we need too as soon as possible, is their a certaint agent we should use? so many question!!:wacko:any help would be much apreciated as we have done a little research be have been told this is the best place to get good advice many thanks danny karen and tommy ps we are looking to migrate in the perth are
  17. Hi all We are new to the site and we are looking for some advice on migration. i am an advance scaffolding supervisor in the oil and gas field and my wife is a anestetics nurse of 4 years. why wifes farther passed away in january and he was the only reason we could not go ahead with our plans to migrate but now we wish to do so and have saved up some money we have not got a clue were to start. we know my wifes job is on the skilled wanted list but we dont know which visa aplication will be best for us. i am 28 and she is 27 and we have a 1 year old son. should we apply for full usponsored visa aor sponsored visa? which is quicker? how much money will we need? is their any thing we should know about that will block us? we are both hard working and fit an well, and would like to start wich ever procces we need too as soon as possible, is their a certaint agent we should use? so many question!!:wacko:any help would be much apreciated as we have done a little research be have been told this is the best place to get good advice many thanks danny karen and tommy ps we are looking to migrate to the perth area
  18. Hey Guys. My Visa's just been approved and I hope to be in Sydney by July. I need some advice and hope you all can help me out. Being from South Africa I have never really experienced Public Transport and was wondering how this effects where you stay. For the first two years my Fiancé and I hope to make do with 1 vehicle and hence she might be quite dependant on Public Transport. As a couple we don’t necessarily need a quite suburb like Families with kids but we do currently live in a spacious suburb next to a race course. The real question… To be able to use public transport effectively would one need to live near a railway station (currently looking Gordon to Hornsby, working in Chatswood and along the M2) or could one live in one of the suburbs serviced only by buses (looking around St Ives)? I assume the suburbs offer a better quality of living, but is this worth the extra concern around transport? I know a lot of this will be personal perference but let me know what you guys think. Thank you.
  19. Is there a route to permanent residency from the 457 temp sponsored visa? I haven't found any clear guidance on this route. Would I have to apply for a different visa first, or is there a more direct route?
  20. Guest

    Any Visa Route ?

    Hi All Does anyone know of a route into Australia for my friend who is an Estate agent and Football coach.. Any help would be really appreciated.. Colette x
  21. kellyjamie

    future of the student route

    hi all, im just sitting mulling things over and wondered if you would give your opinions on what the future holds for the student route? is it stll going to be a viable option? if so what will be the most obvious courses? im really unsure as its worth so much to the oz economy it doesnt make sense to cut its link to pr all together but clearly it needs tighten up? opinions?:idea: cheers k
  22. Hey everyone! New to pomsinoz, well I've been looking on here for months but finally registered! Well, after a few months of thinking I would have to return to the UK when my WHV ends I've discovered I have another option, the 487 Visa. I was wondering if anyone has taken this route whilst on a WHV? I'm about to have my skills assessed, I'm a Secondary History Teacher, and from what I understand this can take up to 8 weeks. Then I hope to apply for WA SS. One of my main concerns is the processing time for state sponsorship, the WA website reckons 3-4 months but from what I've read on this website people seem to be waiting a lot longer! Can I apply for the visa before SS is confirmed. My WHV expires at the end of Oct this year and I'm a little concerned that the SS might not be sorted by then! Cheers Cheryl
  23. Hi evreyone, Just looking for our opinions please. With all the recent changes for student visa holders intro of job reay test and the ministers clear opinion of wanting to cut ties between students and PR do you think the student route will be a viable option any time again? many thanks
  24. Hi if someone could help clear up these questions I have it would be much appreciated: 1) After you have been granted a 457 visa is there a set period in which you need to enter the country before it runs out! If I don't enter the country for example 6 months after the visa is granted does this take 6 months off of my visa length making it 3 years 6months left? or does the 4 year length of the 457 visa only start once you have entered the country? 2) Im aware that Australian immigration are reviewing the occupations on the SOL list in April this year, if my occupation is taken off the list and ive been it maybe as its a Trade (Carpenter) where do I stand? Also if I am living and working in Australia on a 457 with a view to apply for General skilled migration (i.e a 175) and during this time my occupation is taken off the list where does this leave me?! 3) Can a 457 and a 175 both be applied for at the same time while in the UK? or which one is best to apply for first? 4) If for any reason I fail the Skills assessment for my trade will in Australia and applying for on the 175 visa, will I have to return to the UK even thou I have been living and working on a 457 for 4 years? 5) Are UK City and Guilds qualifications recognized in Australia, if so can I easily get these transferred to Australian qualifications without the need for a skills assessment by TRA or Vettassess or an equivalent assessment body? Quite a few tough questions I know but I would really appreciate your help fellow PIO! Many Thanks :wink:
  25. kellyjamie

    Honest opinion on student route now?

    Hi all, so with the recent announcements i was looking to find out those with some knowledge what are your honest opinions on the student route now? Many thanks Kelly x