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  1. barbaitch

    packing sea container experience

    Hi Cegor: You're worrying unnecessarily. My husband and I went through the whole packing up experience three weeks ago and it was a thoroughly enjoyable process which went like clockwork. Okay, I wasn't on my own, as my husband was there throughout the three days of packing (including loading our 40ft container on the afternoon of the third day), but it wouldn't have mattered if he hadn't been there. It's not like you have to entertain your packers or make conversation with them, because they're there to work, so the best thing you can do (in my experience) is, once you've shown them through all the rooms containing your household belongings you want to ship, is to stay in the background but not actually in the rooms they're working in, as they need to get on with their job and the quicker it gets done, the better for all concerned. I said from the start that if they wanted tea, coffee, juice or water at any time, just to sing out and I'll be more than happy to get busy in the kitchen, which they all really appreciated - as packing is very warm work at the pace they go. I also asked if they'd like me to make up sandwiches for lunchtime which they were more than chuffed about, otherwise they'd have popped out to the local bakery and bought themselves a pie or pasty. I was more than happy to make myself useful by seeing to their sandwiches and tea/coffee/juicer etc and they all made themselves nice and comfy on the floor in the lounge for the 20 minutes or so they stopped for lunch, surrounded by mountains of boxes, which got higher and denser over the three days they were there. They were a great team of guys and were so friendly and cheerful all the while they worked, and boy! did they work. It was a terrific experience and also quite emotional on the last day, as all our worldly goods were loaded onto the container at the kerbside and, after the doors were locked and Customs seals fixed and photographed by one of our packers, we all stood and watched as the truck carrying our container pulled away from outside our house and moved off down the road until it was out of sight, knowing the next time we see our belongings would be at the Port of Adelaide at the end of the long ocean jouirney in July or early August. So don't worry, Cegor. It'll all be absolutely fine! Trust me. Just keep that kettle boiling! Best wishes, barbh
  2. Hi, to all the lovely members of Poms in Oz and Poms in Adelaide. It's been a while since my last post, I know, but I'm moved to make contact again for two reasons. The first, and maybe the most important, is to say I only found out this evening that our wonderful Gollywobbler (Gill), passed away in January of this year. To say I'm feeling very sad is an understatement. She gave so much to members, old and new, of PIO and PIA, insofar as migration matters were concerned, and helped countless numbers of people who didn't know which way to turn about starting their migration journeys to Oz. We had some contact through these forums, but although we never met in person, I knew she was a wonderful human being. Such a sad loss. My heart goes out to her family and loved ones. My second reason for visiting PIO today pales into insignificance after such sad, heart-rending news about dear Gill, but because my husband and I owe so much to members following my initial plea for help and advice back in 2011 about the possibility of returning to Oz after a long absence, and the sound advice we received which resulted in having our permanent residential status restored in 2012, I felt I should let you all know that we have finally received our official date for our Citizenship ceremony and are thrilled to say we'll become Australian Citizens on 23 January 2017. It's been a long road, but one we're very happy to have travelled. Thank you to everyone who contributed with help and advice, especially in the early days. I so wish I could have told Gollywobbler about our happy ending. She'd have raised a glass or three, I know. I'm raising one to her now. God bless her lovely heart.
  3. barbaitch


    Oh, this is such sad news. I have only just read that dear Gill (Gollywobbler) has passed away and I'm filled with sadness at such a huge loss, especially to members of Poms in Oz/Poms in Adelaide, many of whom owe everything related to their migration to Australia to her. She was one in a million and I'm so very sorry to know she's no longer with us. What a treasure she was! My deep condolences to her family, both in the UK and in Australia. What a warm, caring, kind, generous and wonderful human being she was. So sad.
  4. barbaitch

    The weather in Devonport Tasmania today

    Hi B4T: We're in Adelaide at present and know just what your Tassie rellies mean about feeling freezing cold at 14c!! It was about that today and I've been huddled in the lounge all day with the gas heater on! I was only saying to an Aussie friend the other day that in England we get proper excited when the tv weather presenters announce that 'we're heading for double figures tomorrow' when doing the forecast, and that might only mean 10 degrees celsius!!! Mind you, we have central-heating all winter in the UK, so perhaps we've become a bit soft, but I'm telling you, since we've been here in South Oz for the past couple of years, it's flipping freeeeezing indoors during winter once the temps drop below 15 or 16C without central heating!! Or maybe it's just me being a wimp. Btw, my husband and I are visiting Tasmania in November for five days and really looking forward to it. Sounds gorgeous and we can't wait!
  5. Exactly my thoughts, parley. We're registered to vote by post and can't wait to Vote LEAVE on 23 June! If you haven't already done so, I urge you all to watch 'Brexit: The Movie' on YouTube, everyone, and find out WHY we should leave the corrupt and anti-democratic EU! Cheers, all!
  6. barbaitch

    Oh no, another hero.. RIP Sir Terry

    Yes, same here. Woke up with Wogan for donkey's years! Bless his lovely heart. Must be party-time in Heaven, with so many of our much-loved entertainers moving there - too many to name now, for fear of leaving anyone out!! Carpe diem, all!
  7. barbaitch

    Oh no, another hero.. RIP Sir Terry

    Really feeling sad this morning, knowing Terry Wogan has departed this world. What a huge loss to his fanbase and all those who loved his gentle humour and soothing voice every morning on Radio 2 for so many years. Can't believe he's gone. So many well-loved, household names we've grown up with for many years have passed recently and each one a stark reminder that life is so short. And all the more reason to concentrate on making the very best of each and every day we're blessed with, while we can. RIP dear Terry. You definitely earned your stripes on this earth.
  8. barbaitch


    Yes, in my experience, Emirates' flight-change times are much quicker than all other airlines we've flown with. Only 2 hours in Dubai a couple of months ago.
  9. barbaitch


    Etihad comes across to me as a good airline, according to tv ads. I'd say don't worry about the comments you've read online, stacey. I felt the same about Emirates after we'd booked and paid for our tickets a few months ago. I had a look at one of those websites that give ratings for all the airlines, and was quite downhearted when I read one negative comment after another about Emirates Economy. BUT - and this is the bit I want you to take on board - our own personal experience of Emirates Economy two months ago was truly EXCELLENT!! We've flown with many different airlines over the years and I can honestly say that Emirates' air-crew were the friendliest, most approachable of any we've ever known. Very friendly indeed, and that makes a heap of difference on long-haul flights, as far as we're concerned. Unfortunately, it's been a great many years since we've flown with our own country's national airline, British Airways, mostly because the cabin crew were so 'remote' and 'unapproachable'. Qantas were not much better, although I must say Cathay, Singapore Airlines and MAS were nice and friendly. However, for us, Emirates comes top of the list, and we'll definitely fly with them again. My theory about all the negative comments is that rival airlines are adding all these negative comments to the various forums for people like you and me to read, so we don't fly with them! Go with your gut feeling, Stace. I'm sure you'll have a lovely flight with Etihad!!
  10. barbaitch

    Do UK electrical appliances work well in Oz

    With respect, mungbean, I've been using my uk 4-socket powerboard for four years while on three x 3month visits to Australia, prior to coming here two years ago, during which time I've used it on a daily basis, albeit not all sockets at once for much of that time. I still use my powerboard for my uk electric hair dryer every day, the only uk appliance I have not yet replaced with an Australian appliance. My suggestion for using a uk powerboard for uk appliances while in Oz was intended as a temporary arrangement until people newly arrived from the UK eventually purchased Australian replacements. I still say it's a great tip for people coming to Oz on a visa validation trip, or for new arrivals who may not wish to replace their own uk appliances immediately. It's worked for me very well and I know it's been a great boon for many other newcomers to Oz. Happy days!
  11. barbaitch

    Do UK electrical appliances work well in Oz

    Yes, Ceri, your UK electrical appliances will definitely work okay in Oz with an adaptor. Here's a great tip I picked up on PomsInOz a few years ago: You'll only need one UK/Oz adaptor plug, but also bring a UK 4 or 6-point UK powerboard with you!! You're bound to have a number of appliances that'll need a UK plug at the same time (for instance, charging cameras/mobile phones/tablets etc) and if you're bringing small appliances, like an iron/kettle/toaster/hair dryer/straightener, as plenty of people do, you'll find a powerboard an absolute boon until the time your UK appliances die and you want to buy Oz replacements. It was a great tip and I'm happy to pass it on. You won't be sorry, I promise! All the best!
  12. barbaitch

    Stay for citizenship?

    NO QUESTION: STAY FOR YOUR CITIZENSHIP! You'll be glad you did. That's a promise from one who knows!
  13. barbaitch

    Won't be going back any time soon.

    :arghh: Let it all out, Chicken!! You're among friends now. This is such a difficult time for you both, but oh boy! you've got a wonderful partner to help you through the hard times ahead. Walk the walk together, girl; hand in hand, and you'll get there in the end. And whenever you feel like having a rant, let it all out here! Thinking about you right now, with love xx :hug:
  14. barbaitch

    I would love to move back to the UK, but it is so hard.

    I think Disadvantage No 9 will give you a clue, dxboz. I know how this feels. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, for sure. All good wishes, Lostlily. I do empathise, I really do. My daughter (we came out here when she was 13) also married an Aussie (he's a lovely chap) who's not interested in living in the UK; neither do her two children (daughter, age 24; son, age 13), so she's 'stuck', too. She often says she's homesick for England, but she can't leave her kids, so what's a girl to do? I do understand, Lostlily. x
  15. barbaitch

    We moved back 4 years ago

    And Adelaide. Gets really really cold here in Winter, believe it or not. We've been having some lovely mild days, but you can tell Winter's on its way come sunset. My electric blanket is on right now (it's 12.05am as I type). It's lovely here though.