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Found 59 results

  1. OK...we are looking to do a day trip on Sunday. Someplace not beach. Would like to do a little hiking and a picnic. Any suggestions of a national park to check out within an hour or two of the northern beaches?
  2. Guest

    weekend in victoria

    Going away next weekend first time with our new car (4WD) any suggestions of where to go in Victoria. We want 4 -6 hours drive from Melbourne, scenic, mountains, good for small kids, activities that don't cost too much. We aim to sleep in the back of the car overnight on a blow up bed.:biglaugh:
  3. Hey guys Any of you planing Oktoberfest next weekend for a few "bevvies"? A load of us should just meet up, get smashed and have a laugh! Cheers
  4. Guest51810

    The weekend!!

    Anybody upto anything interesting this weekend? at least we've got nice weather for it, all the bbq's will be sold out lol :cute:
  5. The Pom Queen

    100 things to do this weekend

    1 Go off roading
  6. For those of you who need the odd thing for a house. This Saturday 24/09/2011 there’s going to be a sale at the big brown warehouse in hawthorn, 2 Lynch St Hawthorn Massive warehouse sale. Everything at or below cost Towels, sheets, glassware, crockery, cooking items, cutlery Brands include Sheridan Le Creuset Mud Royal Doulton Bodum Villeroy and Boch Chilewich Tefal Kate Spade And many many more! Thousands of Items all have to go, Cash or Credit Card but no eftpos.
  7. Guest

    the weekend thread

    whats happening to your weekend then--whats occurring--ive got a bit of work to finish off (electrician) then its a bit of sport on the TV--tonight is barbie time,with lashings of beer--tommorow is a day out at friends--so what are you up 2--as a footnote what is your proffesion,and does this allow you a weekend of:wideeyed:
  8. I have just come back from a weekend away with the scouts on a 4x4 trek up in the Victorian high country. It looks like they will be trying to get more scout groups into these sort of activities as they have designated 4x4 experts, and some of the leaders from the Knox region joined us on this trip as well. (this is the second time they have organized such a trip) Heres a few pictures. It was an amazing weekend, and the kids all had a fantastic time (as did the parents & leaders that went)
  9. Guest51810

    cant wait till the weekend!!

    This weeks been crappy, trying to move the last few things out the old house, unpack everything into mums flat then clean the old house and gut all the garden! Plus its been quite strange not living with dave anymore but hopefully wont be long I need a big glass of wine or a vodka on friday lol! Im sure mum feels the same lol im suprised she hasnt killed me by now!!
  10. I am looking for a Weekend Call Centre Team Leader based in Frenchs Forest on Sydneys Northern Beaches. To view the job spec / details please visit our website Integrated Technology Services - integratedtechnologyjobs,integratedtechnologycareers, New South Wales
  11. I'm competing for Tony's crown here. Now I'm not a techie but Im not thick either(although some would disagree), so bear with me on this one. It's great to have a facility to back up your whole system if your computer crashes, or is it? Whole systems backups are great in case your computer crashes and you want to get it up and running again, but what if your computer dies completely and you've had it running on an older version of windows? Mine died on friday morning, aged 7 yrs, after a long struggle with illness. I knew the' video card was on it's way out, but to find the motherboard had carked it too was a shock to say the least. Looking on the bright side, I had an excuse to buy something with more ram, a bigger hard drive, faster processor, and all the other things that boys with toys look for. Researching via Jake's laptop I find a HP tower at Hardly Normal for the price I want at 980 bucks, so off I go after wrting down the model number. Driving en route the following day, I thought that I would look in at the Good Guys as it was on my way, despite their web site showing no comparison to my chosen puter. Sat on display was the very same model and I was shocked to see it priced at 1200.......... or so I thought till I checked the number and specs. It was a faster processor, more ram, more vid ram, and a bigger hard drive. A salesman approached on seeing me with my bit of paper in hand and he asked if I was comparing models. I simply said that I had seen the same model online for 900 and although it was what i wanted I wasn't going to stretch to that price. He told me to wait a mo whilst he checked with his manager, returned, and said that I could have it for 900 as it was being replaced by a newer model. I walked out the store grinning like a cheshire cat. Got home, set it up, plugged in my back up drive and bugger! XP won't overwrite windows 7! :arghh: What do I do? I love my XP, don't like change, and all my progs and docs are stuck on the backup! After racking my brains, :idea: I decided to partition the hard drive into two and load xp and then my backup on there, recovering all my docs and programmes. A few hours later, there she was, my beloved XP, and a couple of hours later, there were all my programmes and docs from the backup. Deciding to check PIO I opened up Firefox to be told that I was offline? Strange I thought, as jake's laptop, which was routed through mine, had access? So too had windows 7 on the other half of the drive? Investigating, I found that true, I had no netwok connection as xp now didn't recognise my network adaptor?..................the fault being the new one incorporated into my new purchase? After more hours of googling on the laptop I couldn't find a solution, so was resigned to using XP to access my old progs and docs, and windows 7 to access the internet......at least for now. I'd downloaded (via the laptop) Dbc, a programme that gives you the option to boot into which system you want at startup and had set it to boot into windows 7. Rebooting, I was horrified to see no option at start up and the system went straight to XP!................Back to the laptop, more googling, and yes, I had dbc set right, but why oh why was it still booting into XP? No solution found despite resetting to sata, then hdic, then ide on boot.............no menu offering an option, so I was stuck with XP and no internet connection on my new toy.":arghh: :idea:"Never mind"" I thought................actually I didn't................I thought "bollox! I'll just have to reformat all over again, reload 7 only, and just recover my docs from the backup and have to lose the progs on XP and reload ém all again from their discs, all over again. So I reformatted and used the recovery discs to set the puter back to it's factory condition and commenced to read my old backup...........more problems...........all the files were stored under an extension pdb which 7 couldn't read and could only be read by a palm instrument or the programme that had created it! The programme that created it was on XP, So I now couldn't access all my old photos. music, address book etc.............nothing!:arghh: Going online, I downloaded the programme (Easus Todo) and downloaded it on to 7............more problems.........the licence number was on XP! I downloaded the free version and that couldn't read it so had to contact the vendor for my licence. By now I was ready for bed.:SLEEP: The following morning, there was my licence in my mail and I heaved a sigh of relief.............too soon!.......................back to square one! The programme told me that it could only install the backup as a sytem backup and the XP (once again) couldn't overwrite 7!.............next step! My backup hard drive was a fairly new one (3 months old) and I still had the old one that had been backed up by windows. I plugged it in and to my relief, I'd only backed up files. I managed to access these and downloaded them. I'd got most docs back which included my music and photos but lost 3 months work. Some of the newer photos I recovered by doing a recovery scan of my camera, even though they'd been deleted, some weren't overwritten. Four days later, I am up now and running after reloading all my programmes from discs, some of which had received their serial numbers by mail which were now lost in the old outlook express and couldn't be recovered, despite it being a simple matter (microsoft stated) of imprting OE's wab file to live mail, it simply wouldn't import. So a warning/s. If you're going to do a backup, do a separate one of your docs and one of your system. If your computer dies and you don't simply crash, and you are on an older version of windows, you won't be able to recover your programmes from your backup anyway as a new computer will have 7 installed. If you have software that you downloaded, along with the licence, back up the licence as a hard copy...........write the serial numbers somewhere and don't simply store them on your computer. Use windows to backup, not 3rd party software, at least that way newer versions of windows will recognise the backup. If a programme tells you that it has the ability to dual boot, don't be so sure, as it depends on your bios settings (I think?) I am probably preaching to the converted here and it's only me who has these problems :goofy: Also, just because you see a price, don't thinks that's it...............I didn't even have to haggle for this one................they know they're competing with on-line sales. On the brighter side, my computer has grown from 100gig to 1000. My ram from 2 to 6, my vid ram is now 6 also and my processor is faster making work in photoshop much, much faster.:spinny: As with vista on the laptop, I hate windows 7............too much going on, but I suppose this old fart will have to get used to it. Techies.............................you can stop laughing now :embarrassed:
  12. I'm trying to make the 2nd May deadline for SS SA. I will get my IELTS results 2pm Thursday 28th April (praying I also get my skills assessment back!) If I have all documents ready to go would a courier from UK to Austalia get them there by Monday 2nd Oz time (so Sunday night our time?) even with a bank holiday in the UK on Friday 29th and then the weekend? Thanks
  13. Is anyone going. Im going to take my CV as a service engineer/fitter, see if anything comes up. The jobs listed on the expo website doesn't state service fitter but there are similar jobs such as gas and oil workers, rail engineers so hopefully there will be something for me Failing that I hope to get some good information about taking the next step
  14. Guest

    What a great weekend of sport

    England beating the french, England getting a draw in a fantastic match at the cricket against India, Birminghan doing my team in a great final and Luke Donald winning the matchplay golf....I love sport :jiggy:
  15. janinewhiteley

    Interviews in London this weekend!!!!

    Down Under Live, the Uk's best emigration event for Australia and New Zealand Can anyone help!!! we would like to go to the above event this weekend. However we dont want to travel all the way to London if its a waste of time( and OH loosing money through loss of work-self employed) they have stated they want to interview for different trades. Is this for possible employee sponsorship? if this is the case its worth us going. We went to an event in Manchester and to be honest we didnt learn anything new. thanks J & D:arghh::arghh::arghh:
  16. Guest

    Down Under Live This Weekend

    Is anyone going to the down under live event in Birmingham this weekend? I know a few people think its a waste of time, but I think its always good to go as its interesting and raises spirit levels
  17. Hi I'm coming to Brisbane this weekend to visit my friend who has recently moved to Brisbane from Scotland. We're both girls in our early 30's and wondered if there were any meet ups or advice on where is good to go in Brisbane. Cheers in advance for any tip, Maureen
  18. TheOptimist

    Good weekend guys?

    How was everyone's weekend? Did any of you get up to anything exciting? Its my dad's birthday tomorrow, and as I am off to Melbourne in just over 2 weeks I made sure to make a big fuss of him this weekend. I took him and my mum out for a lovely meal yesterday, then made him his favorite meal today, a Lamb Tagine and a homemade cheesecake. Am now relaxing in front of the TV watching Prince Caspian. All in all a really cool weekend here. :smile:
  19. Cerberus1

    Weekend away

    Had a couple of days away over the weekend at the Undara Experience. We'd stopped there for 1 night back in July when we were driving down from Darwin to Brisbane and wanted to go back in the wet season. Have included some photos of the journey. We stopped off at a few of the sites on the way. First stop was Mt. Hypipamee. The photo below is a crater created by volcanic activity. It's a 60m drop to the waterline, then a further 80m below the water line before the crater turns direction (like the shape of a foot) and continues for an unknown distance) A couple of hundred metres away from the crater is Dinner Falls. Our eldest son took the opportunity to have a swim in the water hole in front of the falls. We absolutely didn't laugh as he was slowly edging himself in due to the water being quite cold, before he promptly disappeared from view when he unexpectedly found the deep end.:laugh: Walking back up to the car park, we came across what we think was a Water Python, around 2m in length, which was nice :-) Next stop was Millaa Milla Falls (pictured below). We didn't stop long there as it was quite busy. Next stop was Millstream Water Falls (pictured below). Near the falls is an historic walk - The area was used as a training base during WWII as the area has similar terrain to PNG. The walk has various remnants of the training camp - Campsites, trenches, training areas, corduroy roads, a flag pole site and training and parade grounds. Next stop, can't remember, but there was a scenic lookout. The picture below is several photos taken using my iphone and stitched together using a great little app called 'Autostitch' which creates panoramic photos (for those of us who's camera can't do panoramas) After the detours it was on to Undara. Back in July is was absolutely packed, but this weekend, we almost had the place to ourselves, and accommodation is half price during the wet season which is a bonus. First time around we were in the campavan, but as we travelled by car this time, we stopped in some of the on-site accommodation - antique railway carriages (photos below). We were booked in for the Wildlife at Sunset Tour Saturday Night (more about that later), so took the opportunity Sat morn/afternoon to do a couple of the many self guided walks around Undara. The first walk we did was the Pioneer Walk. The walk follows the route of a telegraph line that was built in the 1870s and passes the Heritage Hut - a replica early pioneer dwelling. (Pictures below) The second walk we did was 'Atkinson's Lookout' - which we found more enjoyable than the first walk as the terrain was more varied and we saw more wildlife. In the evening we did the Wildlife at Sunset tour (we didn't do the lava tube tours this time as we'd done them back in July). The first of the tour involves driving through the bush on a minibus whilst the guide points out examples of the various types of wildlife which can be found throughout the national park. The second part involves scaling a small hill where champagne & a food platter is served while you watch the sunset go down over the Savannah plains. Photos below After the descent back to the bus (easier said that done after being slightly inebriated it was on to Barkers Cave, which was the main reason we'd travelled to Undara. Approaching the cave, it sounds like there's a water fall down there, but the sound is actually beating wings - Barkers Cave is the home to around 250,000 micro bats. With the bats leaving the cave to feed each night. The local snakes are wise to this, and hang in the trees at the entrance to the cave waiting to catch a tasty bat ot two as they fly out. Couple of photos below
  20. Hi, We are thinking of heading to Gippsland / Wilsons Prom area for one or two nights this weekend. It seems that a lot of places are booked up due to the long weekend, can anyone suggest anywhere decent that might have availability? We are happy with either hotel/b&b or cabin type accommodation. Cheers, Barry
  21. Daffod1lly

    Where can we go for a weekend away?

    Hi folks ... We've been in Brissy for about 8 weeks now and are looking to plan a long weekend away somewhere. Any ideas? We are looking to travel a max of around 2-3 hours there and are looking for a nice beachy break where hubby and 9 year old can get into the surf! We'd also like it to be an area that we can explore a bit and find other things to do during the day - so somewhere that's not too quiet, but also not too manic either. Love to hear any recommendations :yes:
  22. Guest

    Plans For The Weekend

    Just thought I'd ask as it is bloody miserable here in Hertfordshire. Trying to see what the weekend weather is going to do so we can go out. So far it looks like a meeting of Citroen 2CV drivers in Reigate, or a steam engine rally in Dorset.:embarrassed: Seriously though, what are your plans if any. PS. If anyone mentions fishing, Palm Cove or The Barrier Reef they will immediately have there post cancelled, because I WANT TO DO IT AS WELL.:mad: Cheers Tony:wink:
  23. Michael Jackson was dug up at weekend as the case has still not been sorted , they the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA .....said .........Michael is looking much better ,thanks .........:biglaugh:
  24. skipjack

    Tassie visit this weekend

    Hi all Tassie people. I'm flying over from Vic next weekend (22nd May) for my first police exams. If anyone is around for a coffee it would be good to meet up for a chat and some pointers on suburbs and stuff. Post or PM me. I'll mainly be in Hobart for 3 or 4 days but I'll have a rental car so I can travel. Much appreciated! .