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Found 34 results

  1. Guest

    Anyone shipped a pug?

    Hi all, just intrigued to know if anyone has shipped a pug over to Aus? Who was it with (pet shipping company and airline). Also how did your pug do with the move? I've heard a few horror stories about short nosed breeds (brachycephalic) overheating and dying whilst in transit and that quite a few airlines will not take short nosed breeds due to this problem !! Any help on this would be invaluable. Russ
  2. We have a lovely caravan in excellent condition. If we can find out if it is possible to take over with us, OH will fit air-conditioning.
  3. cartertucker

    So...Who shipped very little?

    Id love to hear from those that shipped very little over....:wubclub: :chatterbox: What made you decide not to take much? Are you happy with your choice? Anything you wish you had shipped? How hard (expensive) have you found it to buy almost all things again? :chatterbox: We are planning on only shipping over very few items... Kids toys, a couple of good quality mattresses, a few tvs/games consoles & photos/paperwork :yes:
  4. Glad we decided not to ship our larger furniture. Meaning bedroom set, couches, dining table, etc. They would have been WAY to large for the common size rooms here in Sydney. It would have been money wasted to get them here. For those considering shipping stuff consider whether you have a larger home where you are (we did) and realize that unless you are going to pay $1000+ pw you won't have the space you current have.
  5. Hi Just Wondered has Anyone Ever Shipped Chocolate ,Curry Sauce Or Tea Bags As All The Above Don't Taste Great in Oz And We Irish Love Our Tea!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  6. the company im using to ship my large heavy cargo informed me that i cant ship my ni-cd batteries along with my other stuff, and im not sure the passenger plane wont give me a problem carrying on a load of power tool batteries in my hand luggage, plus im not sure who im gonna fly with yet&their policy, has anyone else shipped any power tools/batteries in the move from uk and if so how? thanks please no forumaholics just posting for the sake of it or to start an argument with me, remember i have kryptonite. just straight up usefull answers or dont bother please, im not looking for a debate about it or to be told im the devil or a troll for owning some batteries, just thought this might be a good place for info, cheers
  7. Hi we are moving to Sydney in the next few months. Im currently working as a mobile Beauty therapist and wish to ship over most of my equipment. I wanted to know if there would be anything that they would be funny about letting in i.e. Wax heater, Nail Vanishes, Eyelash Glue etc... I've had a look but can't find any threads relating to this. Any advise would be great.
  8. I'm trying to decide between the container or RORO option for shipping my car over to Melbourne and whilst the RORO option is much cheaper, there is always the worry of the car being damaged. I believe this can be negated though by ensuring the car has a pre inspection report before it is shipped. The insurer will then accept responsibility for it. Anyone out there shipped their car using RORO?????? :notworthy:
  9. Currently working our way round the house working out what we’re going to ship or sell. I’ve seen plenty of threads on here about what people have taken or whish they’ve taken The question I have is for those who shipped, did you have anything seized, destroy by customs when your crate arrived ?
  10. Hi Guys , Has anyone shipped a a fish tank in your container ? Of course it will be empty and will have new carbon/filters It's a HUGE one would hate to part with it If you have shipped one how did you clean it so customs didn't decide to strip your whole container lol ? Brides x
  11. Just wondering if this has created an issue ?
  12. Just wondering if all the major companies mentioned on here do removals from NI or are different ones used? Has anyone shipped from Co Antrim lately? any suggestions welcome! thanks
  13. We have got our relocatiopn quotes but not chosen a shipper yet Looking through them, for a 20' container we could be looking upwards of £1,200 for insurance using the relocation company's own recommended policy Has anyone gone out for 3rd party quotes and was it worthwhile ? Has anybody taken the risk and gone out without the insurance ? We havent any priceless antiques, just the normal household furniture, beds, electricals, kitchen equipment, bike and general stuff Any thoughts ? Thanks JT
  14. Hi All, Looking into what is and isn't taken care of by the shipping companies and what is required, I'm starting to think I could do it all myself. I was going to apply for all permits myself anyway, my vet will do all tests and treatments, I can take them to the airport and sort out paperwork there and I'm sure I can book the flight myself. The only thing I guess would be to get the crates, but I'm sure I can just buy that. Has anyone done it, and was it worth it financially? Claire
  15. IF YOU SHIPPED AGAIN ! WHAT WOULD YOU BRING i Wish i had done ALOT more research x the simple things are expensive !! bedding and towels and the stuff you are gonna chuck away !!! even household furniture ARGOS - THE FLAT PACKED FURNITURE - JEWELERY IE EAR RINGS ! WATCHES - CAMPING EQUIPMENT - HOUSEHOLD - TOYS - CATALOGUE SHOPPING TESCOS ASDA - CLOTHES - COSMETICS - SHAMPOO AND ALL THE CHEAP TOYS HOUSEHOLD GOODS PRIMARK - SOCKS? UNDERWEAR CLOTHES JEWELERY WELL I WONT BOTHER WITH NEXT ! CAUSE M & S DEILVER ! GAP IS COMING MOTHERCARE IS HERE ! but if you want a barbi that washes your dishes its cheap as CHIPS !!! lol If i had my time again and alot of poms would fill a container with !
  16. We're trying to get some info on what tanks have been cleaned with which satisfied customs but didn't make the tank unusable as far as the fish are concerned! Any experiences? Many thanks, Nicky
  17. Hi guys & gals, My OH & i are getting closer to the big move (August!!!! - woo hoo!!!!), we're now trying to decide about shipping. When we first got a quote done we had more stuff then than we do now (we sold our white goods in the sale of the house - silly maybe but it helped the sale go through ok), & the cubic footage was very near to a whole container so we were gonna go with a whole one & fill it but now we've off-loaded & culled some other items we're probably closer to half a container. Anyway the question i'm slowly getting to is has anybody done the shared container thing? Did it go ok? Was your stuff in good condition? Etc, etc... It's just that some people have said that theres more chance of your stuff getting damaged etc because the movers don't put it straight into a shipping container there & then, instead they apparently put your stuff into one of their trucks & only load your belongings onto a container at a later time/date. Does this sound accurate or am i way off the mark?? Thanks for reading this & i look forward to any input that you may have. Karl.
  18. Hi, Can anyone, shed some light on shipping over MX bikes, I've been given conflicting advise regarding import tax and shipping. Basically I want to bring over my bikes and equipment from London to Perth. thanx P
  19. Dawn75

    Has anyone shipped candles ?

    Hi, Ive been searching on previous threads and customs website but need to know if I can take candles when we ship our stuff in May. I have some brand new ones still wrapped but its the kids christening ones I really would like to take. I have read its ok if they dont contain bees wax !:rolleyes: But how can I tell if they are made of bees wax ??!! Has anyone shipped any or planning on doing so ? Thanks. Dawn.
  20. We're meeting with shipping companies over the next couple of weeks and we have been quoted a preliminary shipping period of between 7 and 11 weeks. So we've started looking at our timescales and when we should get all of our stuff shipped out. The trouble is, we're not sure how we should balance it out. We're (hopefully) flying to Brisbane at the end of July, and we need to decide whether we should pack and ship out early (and beg, borrow and steal for at least a month (if not longer), or ship out later and have to make do with next to sod all in Australia? Not an easy decision. We don't live on the door step of friends and family (they are about a 40 minute drive away), so borrowing anything will prove to be a logistical nightmare. Not only that, but we have two young children to take into consideration. Thoughts and advice welcome!
  21. Hi, Anyone shipped perfume/aftershave in their container? Had any problems if so?? Or anyone know of any link on where I can get info on it as its not specifically listed in customs lists and one company I had out for quote didn't really know just covered himself by saying just pick 2 of your favorites? :confused: Thanks all
  22. Hi all I know this is a bit of a old question about shipping my motorcycle to Australia. Its looks like I could be moving to Sydney In feburary. I am interested in Shipping my motorcycle as the the exchange rate is really rubbish. I have a buget of about £4500 I was thinking of Getting a newish 2007 GSXR 600 no mods. I being doing my homework and I not going to get as good as deal when i convert my cash into $$$. So I am looking into the whole cost from shipping it to paying the relevant taxs to getting a NSW plate. I am not 100% on how to go about this. If there is anyone else out there who has recently shipped a motorcycle to Sydney please could you let me know how much it cost from shipping to getting the NSW plates. Any help would be great.
  23. We are trying to decide what to take and what to leave and wondered if anyone has shipped kids dirt bikes over?? How thoroughly do they have to cleaned?? Did you get any hassle from customs the other end??
  24. Guest

    Anyone shipped a car across??

    my husband and I are emigrating to Aus next June and can't decide whether to take our car across - basically whether it is cost effective to do so. The removalists we have asked will give us a price for shipping but have warned us that there are other taxes to pay on arrival (figures like 28% of value + gst) and a potential luxury car tax (Mercedes S320L) anyone offer any advice or have idea of costs involved??
  25. Penelope Pitstop

    Has anyone shipped a trampoline??

    We are trying to decide what to take and what to leave and wondered if anyone has shipped a trampoline over?? How thoroughly do they have to cleaned?? Did you get any hassle from customs the other end?? I know my kids would be lost without it but if it is more trouble than it's worth then we won't bother.