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Found 75 results

  1. Hi, I've been on a 457 visa for almost 2 years now. I would really like to go back home for 2 or 3 months. Probably would be on holidays for 3 or 4 weeks and the rest working from there for my employer in Australia. My migration agent has told me that leaving the country for more than 4 consecutive weeks could be risky and ignite questions from immigration. Does anyone have any experience in this? Immigration website is quite vague, just says that I can travel in and out of Australia as much as I want and that if I cease work with my employer for more than 90 consecutive days my visa will be cancelled. I work on the computer and my boss is cool with me being out of the office for a couple of months, as she understands how homesick I am and how important it is for me to be with my family. SO I wouldn't be ceasing employment. I have already done this about a year and a half ago. Back then I had no idea I was taking any risk, and when I got back I got asked a lot of questions by immigration at the airport, but they eventually let me through and that was the end of it. I am aware though that immigration seems to be getting more and more complicated, and that they might be on the lookout for excuses to get people out. If anyone has had any similar experiences I would appreciate you sharing :) Thanks!
  2. Hey all New to this. Currently is process of getting the first part of my partner visa and just wondering if you are allowed to travel whilst in Australia whilst they decide on the permanent part? I have heard in some cases they ask you to report often and prove things before they give you the go ahead for the perm visa. Any help is appreciated
  3. Hi all Looks like we're going to be going 'home' for a visit in early May. All very unexpected, but my husband has to travel to Europe for work, so the rest of us are going to visit our family whilst he works & then he'll joining us afterwards. My dilemma is that three of us will have Aussie passports AND British passports, but my daughter who was born here only has an Aussie one at the moment & looking at the time scale we're going to be pushing it to get a British one processed in time. What I was wondering is there anyone out there that has travelled as a family back to the UK where one of you has had only an Aussie passport? What happens when you get to London? Were there any problems? Many thanks in advance :smile:
  4. Hey guys! I'm new here, so firstly, apologies if I'm repeating any other posts here, or even posting in the wrong place! I'd like some very general advice - I know nothing can be taken as gospel, but the department of immigration has just shut shop for the night so I'm unable to speak to them until the morning, but I just wanted to put my feelers out regarding the following issue, and maybe, hopefully have a good banter about the situation I'm in, and I'm sure many others have faced. As the title states, I currently hold a bridging visa A, while my partner and I await a decision on our temporary 820 de facto visa (submitted March 2014). We are told by the department that this can take around a year to process, and as yet we haven't been assigned a case officer, which from what I gather, would be the next step after submitting. We plan to travel in July for 3 weeks, initially to South America, and then back home to the UK for a week or so, and the thought has suddenly struck us that this may not be possible! I know I need to apply for a bridging visa B in order to leave and return to Australia, however, in the notes of the form 1006 Application for Bridging Visa B, there needs to be substantial reasons for it to be granted. If anyone has any experience in such an application (and for whatever reason!) I would greatly appreciate some guidance. I have very substantial reasons for visiting the UK, to see family. However I don't know if I can 'use' that as the excuse and then hop off to South America en route! As much as I'd like to! We're about 3 weeks from booking, and that's something I obviously won't do until I've sorted the visa situation! But currently the suspense is killing me! :eek: Friends of ours have recently had their de facto visa approved in a seemingly record-breaking 5 months, so I'm currently keeping everything crossed that we'll receive the same speed of progress, although that would still be August at the earliest! If anyone can shed a little light on this topic, it'd be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  5. Benjamin Baker

    Hello, booked and counting down

    Hi I'm Ben I have just taken the plunge and finally after many years for toying with the idea of moving to Aus for a year, BOOKED! Visa granted, flights to pay for and money to save i am so excited! I plan to travel out August 31st just in time to spend my 25th on a beach in Cairns! Anyone else going around the same time? Would nice to meet some new people!
  6. I have decided to move back to the UK after 9 years in Australia. As shipping takes around ten weeks, I have figured I may as week take a 9 or 10 week holiday, and see some countries on the way back! Why not! Has anyone done this if so any suggestions on itineraries please? Moving back July next year. Many thanks
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm having a little worry and thought I'd ask you guys before I call DIAC I've submitted my 801/820 Partner Visa application and my WHV is valid until 7 Dec, DIAC have already granted me BVA for when my WHV runs out and I am planning on going to see my OH's God Son with him on 3 Dec until 18 Dec and we will be flying to the Gold Coast from Sydney to see him...my question is do I have to tell DIAC I am doing this? Am I ok to fly within Australia on my WHV/BVA as long as I take my letters from DIAC as proof? This is probably a straight forward yes or no answer but thought I'd just check as the time is looming!! Thanks everyone :biggrin:
  8. Guest

    Travelling with baby

    Has anyone travelled out to Perth with a tiny baby (couple of months old)? If so I would be very grateful to hear of your experience and any advice you could give. Thanks
  9. Never posted before, first forum i have ever registered to... Im flying into Brisbane early january 2012!!! alone hopefully to find some carpentry work anywhere on the East coast. Im not sure of anything to be honest so im keeping a complete open mind and am willing to do any kind of work anywhere on the East coast. only Three months of crazy saving to go! A mate was supposed to come with me but cant get his backside into gear to save money and hes blown me out Alone it is... Although im very nervous about it. I cant wait to get out there and meet people and just have an unbelievable time! Ive dreamt of being in Australia since i can remember! Im mostly worried about finding the work... Chhhheeeeeerrrsss
  10. Hi I've been trying to find an answer to this question but am getting more and more confused. I am Australian and my partner has applied for his 309/100 visa. They are currently accessing him under the 100 which should have the decision on at the end of December. The problem is that we want to go back earlier well we are actually booked to go at the end of the month. We know he needs a visa so will be getting him an ETA to travel on but we wanted to know does he HAVE to have an onward ticket or is it enough to show funds to buy one? Also we know that as we applied offshore that he needs to be offshore when it is approved, his co has confirmed that for us, has anyone actually done this that knows or can tell me what they did please? Thanks for your help x
  11. Just wondering, when I apply for a defacto visa with my australian partner (I am currently on a 457) will I be granted a bridging visa or does my 457 stay valid till a decision is made on my defacto application? If I do end up with just a bridging visa, can I come and go from Australia like normal or do I have to wait till my defacto is granted?
  12. [WRAP]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/Holiday.png[/WRAP]The strength of the Australian Dollar over the past few months has enabled a record number of Australians to travel overseas, according to the Expedia NAB Travellers Foreign Currency Rankings. Although the strength of the Aussie dollar has been tempered in the past couple of weeks, the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show overseas departures are close to record highs and had increased by 10 per cent in the seven months to July, compared with the same period last year. Marketing manager of Expedia, Amee Evans said Australian travellers were taking advantage of the strong dollar. "It's a very exciting time to be an Aussie travelling overseas because our currency is at near-record highs against, not just the US Dollar, but many of the world's major and minor currencies," she said. The Expedia NAB travellers' Foreign Currency rankings compared the Australian Dollar against the world's currencies over a 12-month period and the results revealed the 10 best value destinations for Australian travellers. BEST VALUE DESTINATIONS At number one for best value was Turkey, where the Australian Dollar has rose 22% against the Turkish Lira. Also high on the list for best value were the Tanzanian Shilling and the Argentine Peso which rose by 18% and 14% respectively. Australians wanting a tropical break have done well with Asia featuring strongly in the results. Vietnam and Thailand ranked third and fifth on the list while the Australian dollar grew by 16% against the Vietnamese Dong, 12% against the Thai Baht and 11% against the Hong Kong Dollar. The lowest gain for South East Asia was in Singapore where the Australian Dollar grew by just 3%. As a result of the strong dollar expedia searches for travel in Thailand were up by 73% and searches for travel in Vietnam have rose by 66%. The Australian Dollar had risen 10 per cent against the US Dollar in the last 12 months and although a continual favourite for Australian travellers it has only just scraped in to the top 10 list for best value. Despite not being the best for value a 44% increase has occurred for bookings to the USA. The most popular destinations were Honolulu, New York and Los Angeles. The report showed the Australian Dollar appreciating by 8% against the British Pound and 4% against the Euro but bookings through Expedia.com.au continued to rise for popular destinations London, Rome and Paris. In the past 12 months the Australian Dollar has lost 5% against the Swiss Franc and 2% against the New Zealand Dollar. Currency Strategist at National Australia Bank Emma Lawson said the resources boom and high commodity prices had benefit for the Australian Dollar. "The Australian Dollar has outperformed in the year as it benefits from the ongoing resource boom and high commodity prices. More recently it has been a little more volatile but we expect it to remain relatively strong across a broad range of currencies due to Australia's AAA status, and continued support from the resources sector," she said.
  13. Guest


    Hi everyone. I'm new to these forums and me and my partner are planning the big move in February. He was born in Australia and so has an Oz passport. I have a 1 year working holiday visa. Rather then settling in one place we are planning on buying a cheap camper van and just travelling around the country doing casual work (probably around the fruit picking trails at harvest time so I can apply to extend my visa to 2 years) and then hopefully finding somewhere we like... Problem is, im struggling to find cheap camper vans.... Other then ebay and gum tree I was wondering if anyone knew of any organisations or companies that sell second hand ones cheap. My partner has been intending on doing this move for the last 5 years but hasn't really looked into it much (I've now jumped on board and taken over the reigns!), but he is pretty sure the last time he done research into it he came across some information that said that there are companies close by airports that sell on second hand camper vans from ex backpackers/ travellers etc. Thanks, Nic :eek:
  14. Just had this sent to me: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/826835/hack_open_a_lock/ Cheers, Bobj.
  15. the obligation says you need to remain in the state for 2 years, can i go for travelling to other states or overseas? thanks
  16. Hi I'm due to board a plane in around 6 or so weeks as I have got myself a job at one of the wa uni's. Am I deluded/biting off more than I can chew in travelling down the highway at rush hour??? When is rush hour? To beat the rush hour here in the uk I leave the house at 7am which I'm more than happy to do if it means I can get from a-b in around an hour and a half. I have been considering getting the train then a bike in a bag and cycling the rest of the way.... I really want to live joondalup - butler areas mainly as our hearts are set on these and rent is a tad cheaper :smile: Any advice? Cheers :biggrin:
  17. Guest

    Brother travelling to OZ

    Hi there! This is with regard to a friend who has been just granted the PR.(He is originally from a HR country).How easy will it be for his brother to come down to Oz? If the brother does overstay,will it have any impact on my friend(the PR holder)?The Bro does not have the best of intentions,but still, can he apply for a tourist visa on the pretense of visiting his sibling? Hopefully someone out there will be able to clarify.... Thanks...
  18. Hello all, I have been following the forums quite a bit now and we are just about ready to submit our 47SP Spouse/Partner Visa. I understand that any travel during the processing time is to be discussed with the C/O however once the police clearances, medicals and possible interviews are complete is there any reason why we wouldn't be able to travel elsewhere? Our current plan is to submit the application first week of July, spend 2 months in South Africa from October and be in Australia by the New Year. I believe the visa is electronic so we will not need to send the passport in, although we will have a friends residential address for mail until we get to Oz. While I will be able to travel back to the UK if needed my O/H (the non-Aussie) will not be able to get back in unless she applies for a tourist visa for the UK. Has anyone applied for the Spouse visa in the UK, had it granted while in another country and not need to travel back to the UK? Also does preloading the application actually shorten the timescales? It appears everyone gets their visa granted within the 4.5-5 month mark anyway. We should have the police clearances sorted by the time we apply but wont have the medical. I assume that this wont take too long if we do it outside of London. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi all, I have recently come back from a years working holiday in Aus where I have been living with my girlfriend of three years. We had planned that I would apply from the UK, but after being told that it takes 5 months to process these visa's I am less inclined to do this. We have almost spent as much time apart as we have living in the same country! We have served our time as a couple maintaining their relationship long distance! I understand I could apply for a visitor visa and then apply for the de facto visa at the end of the stay at which point they put you on a bridging visa with work rights. If someone could clear this up for me I would be eternally grateful! Perhaps I am just engaging in a bit of wishful thinking! Many thanks in advance, Sponts
  20. Hi I am a 28 year old female from the UK (Leeds) travelling through Sydney for 1 month as of now. I travel back to Sydney once or twice a year for a month or 2 at a time I would love to meet any people (either male or females) to go to Sydney clubs with.... I am genuine and love a good night out! Let me know if you are new to town too as we can get to know the city together by night! Maria
  21. hey guys..jus wondering whether someone can help me with this:rolleyes::rolleyes: applied for 856 visa at parramatta diac on 14/03,but i hav to go overseas for 2 weeks on 14 th may..is it possible to travel overseas during the processing time:dull: thanks in advance
  22. cartertucker

    Travelling to Australia with a baby!

    Any tips or advice? :unsure: Also, I am confused, am I allowed to bring my formula milk through, if I have it pre-measured into small containers, ready to tip into the boiled water? :confused: Help....Please :wubclub:
  23. Hi, We are hoping to make the move to Oz in December. We are both young with no children and although we've been to Oz before we wanted to travel a little when we get there before setting into jobs etc. We'd like to fly into Syd and spend a few weeks there before reaching our final destination in Perth. My question is has anyone ever tried this? We are trying to travel as lightly as possible but will probably have 2 suitcases each. Has anyone got any suggestions? Many Thanks Becki
  24. Hi all This is a question that some off you might be able to answer and other's wont, my wife is 5mths pregnant with our 3rd child and due in may. I have a job that could start very soon in Mackay QLD, but due to her flying may have to postpone till after baby is here. now... i know you can take strollers on a plane with you as we did this with our eldest when travelling but how do we stand on a full on new born pram i.e travel system?? will the airline want the car seat in the hold? it also comes with carry cot that goes in the pushchair (which we thought would be ideal for bubba to sleep in once we arrive for a night or too untill we get her a cot organised. we don't want to spent what could be a couple of hundred pounds on something we cant take with us. I hope this makes sense, and I haven't gone on too much.:SLEEP: Thanks Karl, Becky +2.5childen
  25. Guest

    Travelling Oz

    Hello, My boyfriend and I are looking to travel Oz in 2012, we are aged 25 & 23. This is a new venture and have not got a clue where to start even planning this trip. We aim to stay in Oz for approx 1 year maybe more if possible. If anyone can help to answer some of the questions I have it would be much appreciated. 1) We are looking to go in April 2012, is this a good time of year to enter Australia? 2) Where is the best place to start from? i.e sydney, melbourne 3) How much money do you think would be needed to go out to Oz with including money for flights e.t.c? 4) What are the hostels like & how much would you expect to pay a night on average. 5) What kind of work is available and how easy is it to get work? 6) What prices would you expect to pay for buses and trains. Any advice that anyone can offer would be much appreciated. Thank you :biggrin: