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Found 159 results

  1. Hi! I'm Abi, and I'm moving to Sydney in September. I will be working in the central business district and will need somewhere to live for 3 months. I am very unfamiliar with everything about Sydney and would be grateful for recommendations of where to look for accommodation (websites or districts!). I will be 23, and looking to have a good time! Also would you recommend finding somewhere to live before I fly over? Or would staying in a hostel a few days and looking be an easy option? I will be arriving 5 days before I start working so will have a little bit of time. Thanks! Look forward to getting to know some of you! Abi
  2. Kymmbo

    Budget-friendly suburbs

    Apologies for posting another 'which suburb is best' thread but would love some advice! My partner and I lived and worked in Sydney for a couple of years, been back in the UK for 5 years now but hoping to emigrate next year on a permanent visa. We lived in apartments in Kings Cross before and loved it but now have a 2-year old in tow, so priorities change! Looking for advice on family friendly suburbs to rent in that won't break the bank. We will probably only have my income as a nurse to begin with so really have quite a tight budget, but don't want to end up in a really dodgy suburb! I know Sydney is expensive but there must be others in our position, with a pretty tight budget. Sutherlandshire seems to crop up lots on the threads but think this is maybe out of our reach...And don't want to head too far west... Any tips/advice would be much appreciated! :cute:
  3. SWEtoOZ

    Move to Melbourne

    Hey! Me and my friend are thinking of leaving Sweden in the fall '14 and could sure need some advice and information about the whole thing! We don't have any work waiting for us, we don't know where to live or where to look for work. So you see, all information and help is probably just good for us to receive. We're females, 22y/o, and do not say no to a area where there's kind of fun to live in with young people. If you can, give us all information about a move to Melbourne! Cheers!
  4. There are 3 of us basically sick to death of England and round about 3 month ago we decided it would be a good idea to try and move to Australia, we went about looking at different Internet sites and events visiting expos regarding moving to Australia. We eventually found some information telling us the best way to get into Australia would be getting a working/holiday visa, we are currently waiting to apply but first would like to know if this really is the best way to go about it. We would like to stay over in aus permanently (if possible) however we found out we would need sponsorship and we aren't even sure this would guarantee a permanent visa. Any advice would be greatly appreciated or even telling us where wasting our time it would be helpful. We are all 19 but are extremely dedicated and don't mind having to work hard to get this. we are also all unskilled (which we know doesn't help our situation) but willing to learn we also will have round about 7000/8000 British pounds if this helps once again any help or advice would be appreciated
  5. Hi everyone! I am new here so be nice please Ok so my situation.... My boyfriend is Australian, and I am English, we met and began a relationship in June 2011 whilst he was over in England playing cricket until sept 2011. Since then due to university commitments we have continued a long distance relationship. I have visited him in Australia for one month last year 2012, and for a month this year, and he was in England one month of 2012, and he has just spent the summer over here (5 months) living with me whilst playing cricket. He has just gone back to aus and now I am travelling over on a WHV and living with him for the duration of my stay. I will enter aus on 31st October. I feel we meet all the criteria for a defacto visa, we have proof dating back to 2011 of ongoing communication, holidays together, all flight details, tax records showing he lived at my house and many many pictures as well as friends and family who can support our application, also when i get to aus we will open a joint savings account together, therefore proving a genuine relationship is not my issue. However, due to my boyfriends current pursuit of a professional cricket career his working background and finances are a worry. When he plays in England he gets paid, and he plays cricket for tasmania 2nd team for which he gets paid too. As these are quite large payments he just does casual work to get by in the mean time and as he lives with his mum he doesn't have many large outgoings. He also has very good future prospects with his cricketing career but that is just a waiting game. I am very financially stable and have £5,000 saved. I also have a job lined up for when I arrive in aus. So my first question is... As he will be my sponsor what financial proof do we need/ can we include his mum in the application in any way as she is willing to support me in any way? My second question is... We will possibly be leaving australia next April so he can return to play cricket in England... As long as i go with him and we are living together in England am I right in assuming this will not inhibit our defacto relationship status? We will return in September so I will still have 2 months of working holiday visa remaining. Am I right in thinking if we lodge out application at the end of October 2014 I can then get a bridging visa that will allow me to stay in aus till defacto is granted? Sorry for the long post!!! Any help appreciated as tonight it has all hit me like a ton of bricks and I it rather emotional about the whole thing. Which is not great as he is not here to comfort me! 22year old wanting advice xxxx
  6. Hi all, I'm new to the forum so hope I'm posting this in the right place. We're a family with 11month old twins considering a move from Birmingham to Melbourne. Looking for some advice from those with a bit of experience. 1) Quality of life - what is it really like when compared with the UK? We have a good standard of life here and would hope to improve on that. 2) Finances - with the exchange rate against us, are house prices out of our reach? We would like a 4+ bedroom family home in a good suburb with good free school. Any ideas on guide prices? 3) Suburbs - we've been to Melbourne once but are not sure on what are the decent, family friendly suburbs. My husband will likely be working in Dandenong but we don't want to live there - so something commutable from there would be good. 4) Schools - are the free schools any good? I know some friends who all recommend fee paying schools but I presume this is quite expensive. 5) Childcare - can anyone give me an idea on childcare costs - ie nursery/childminders/nannies etc? My husband and I will both be working and finding someone trustworthy in a country where we know no one would be paramount! 6) Renting a house - I presume we will initially rent a house - any ideas on prices for this? Also, how much should we budget for groceries/utilities/phones/broadband etc? 7) Visas - Are there any benefits on arriving with a PR as opposed to a 457 visa? Any ideas on timescales for both? 8) Healthcare - do you have to pay to see a doctor there? Is the standard comparable to the UK? 9) Family oriented - generally how do you spend the weekends/free time with your family? I am quite limited here in the UK and it would be great to have more things to do with my children. 10) Any tips/advice etc for moving over? How long did it take before Melbourne felt like 'home'? Thanks very much in advance for anyone who's taken the time to reply to my myriad of questions! Jessica
  7. we are in the process of moving to perth, hubby will be starting a company based in perth and im looking for advice on suburbs to look for houses.. we are almost 30, have a 2 yr old and would ideally like to be near train to perth if poss? there is just soooo much to think about!!!!
  8. Hi Everyone ! Me and my finance and our little 1 year old girl are moving to Perth in October Im 20 years old and looking to meet other young mums to make friends with. Anyone out already or going out soon, let me know x
  9. judith501

    Canberra familes with young children

    Hi - we will bemoving to CAnberra from Worcestershire in UK end of NOvember with our 3 kids aged 4,2,2. Hoping to start chatting to likeminded families who are already there or will be by the end of year.Please state which district you live in/will be aiming to live in and age of kids and perhaps we can all meet up. thank you:smile:
  10. Petals

    NZ young are leaving

    Article on Newscom today quite sad for the NZ people. ONE in four young Kiwis would rather live somewhere other than their home country, especially those from shaky Christchurch. A media poll found 24 per cent of New Zealanders under the age of 30 were either "considering" or "definitely" leaving to live overseas. While the poll didn't say where they planned to set up base, recent figures show Australia is heavily favoured. A net exodus of 3300 Kiwis came to Australia in May followed by 3100 in June - the heftiest departures across the ditch in 30 years. Labour's economic development spokesman David Parker told Fairfax New Zealand the number of young people planning to leave was "shocking", and placed the blame squarely on the conservative National government. "That's terrible and it's because the Kiwi dream is beyond their reach, partly because house prices are beyond their reach and The trans-Tasman drift is one of the few pieces of bad news for the government, which has been polling with constant strength ahead of the country's November 26 general election. Prior to winning the 2008 election, National leader John Key campaigned heavily on reducing the stream of young New Zealanders jumping the ditch, and narrowing the wage gap. Mr Parker said the Government had clearly failed. "The wage gap with Australia is growing rather than narrowing as the Government promised. The underlying problems in our economy are entrenched and they're not being fixed," he said. The Government defended the results, saying living overseas was a rite of passage for many Kiwis, so it was natural some people would be thinking of heading offshore in the future."
  11. hi everyone me and my partner (im 25, dp 33) have lived here 2 years, and recently moved surburbs to baldivis, we havent had much opportunity to make many friends, and was wondering if there are anyone is these areas interested in meeting. we have a boy ben, 2 and one due jan. tracy xxxxxxxxx
  12. :biggrin: Hi Everyone. Am at 1st stage of thinking about a move to Oz. SOOOO much negative stuff on line eg expensive, unwelcoming to Brits eg. What are your thoughts? :chatterbox: We are a couple of 30 year olds with a 10 month baby, thinking about perhaps moving before he starts school (at what age do they go to school?) :goofy: Is the life different? or the same as home just with more sun? :wacko: are flights home expensive?:jimlad:
  13. Hello all, My boyfriend (25) and I (24) moved to Brisbane from Edinburgh at the end of August and are looking to meet new people. We are used to having a big circle of friends, are very social and would love to get out and about in the Brisbane area. My boyfriend has already started work, while I am currently looking. Would be great to meet up with someone in a similar situation as job hunting sucks, :jiggy: Look forward to hearing from y'all. Mhairi and Stephen
  14. Hi all we are hoping to arr in Melb Sept/Oct time and then hunt for somewhere to live, within 30mins of the CBD! COming with a 4/5month old baby and will deffo be interested in meeting other new mums...so excited to have finally got the job offer and just hope things go ok with the visa...so hard to know whether to sell car/give up rent on house etc before visa is granted but we expect to be leaving very shortly after so will have to take the risk and start getting stuff sorted! Dreading flight and time difference with baby but will be worth few days/weeks of disruption I'm sure!
  15. hey! me and my fiance have just moved to gold coast, not met anyone yet, lots of other expats we have seen on here or said hey too are all all a bit older, or very involved with their kids! wondered if there are any other 20 somethings out there that fancy a drink and a catch up! I'm 23 and my man is 24, gettin married in August, no kids, not piss heads, like a cocktail or two in nice places.... sporty, musicy and both pretty laid back!
  16. Hi guys, my partner Jim (24) and is moving to Australia next week (i'm an aussie) and we are looking for some new friends to hang out with on the Gold Coast. :jiggy:
  17. I am 22 years old and my boyfriend is 23, we are currently living in the East of Melbourne. We are in Australia on a working holiday visa and are both working full time at the moment. We are both graduates from the UK and love to travel, we have both explored a vast amount of South East Asia and quite alot of Ausralia. We both love to socialise however due to the nature of our jobs we are finding it hard to meet people to hang out with, (drinks, dinner, cinema). So..... if anyone is out there in a similar situation please get in touch!:biggrin:
  18. vdM family

    Young children coping with move

    Hi all I'm just looking for some stories on how your child/children have coped with the move. We have an 8 year old daughter whos quite outgoing and social but I'm worried how she's going to take the news of the move and how she'll be once we've moved. We are very close to her grand parents and great grandparents and two young cousins, haven't yet brOke the news of the impending move (waiting for visa to come through first incase anything goes wrong) I'm really just wanting to know how people have survived this and have the children settled in ok. I know it's each to their own and every child is different, I suppose I'm really seeking reassurance if anything. Thanks for reading
  19. Hi there, My name is Shawn and I'm 14 and I live in London, but I was born in Sydney. However, I moved back when I was 6, and we never returned. And now, I'm obsessed with everything Australia. Books, flags, pictures, the whole thing. My one lifetime want is to return and live there full time. My parents don't care - been there, done that as they always say. I have photographs of me as a child at all the Sydney sights, its just reignited my desire to go. And now, my life has a small hole in it. I'm happy in London, but whenever I see something on TV about Sydney, it makes me feel sad and kinda homesick. And I dont know why I get homesick, I literally don't remember Sydney at all, apart from one or two memories, but I feel I should be there. But thats me babbling on. I suppose I don't have the same circumstances as most users here, so I'll be more of an observer rather than a poster! Shawn
  20. Just thought I would say Hi as I am intending to move to Melbourne/Geelong with my wife, 5 year old daughter, 2 year old son and 3 month old son. We are not quite decided which area around Victoria we are moving to yet (work and area/facilities to take into account) but have back packed Oz and have a bit of a clue what we are getting into. I am taking all my tools out with me and a large container with all the family junk in it but any tips on what else to take and where to look at living in Victoria are most welcome.
  21. Hi all My wife and I will be moving from London to Melbourne mid January with our 2 daughters aged 4 years and the other 6 months. Can anyone recommend a decent stopover that will be suitable for children of this age? We would be looking at 1 to 2 weeks? Look forward to your responses Cheers Shane
  22. Moved into the Toorak area with a 6, 4 & 2 year old girls - love to organise some play dates for them
  23. People mocked me too when I said that if a naked man rode a bike down Crown St, his only problem would be if he was not wearing a helmet and the police booked him. These blokes were in Riley St and NOBODY noticed, except me, ever the 'tourist' even in my own 'burb. Maybe they weren't 'blue spidermen' after all though? Wasn't there a commercial for British Gas or something where they all dressed up like that?
  24. check out this report in the UK telegraph today. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/alasdair-palmer/8843204/The-elderly-are-perfectly-entitled-to-hoard-their-housing.html Somewhat of a disgusting thought I think. As the writer states, why should people's homes be anything other than their own business/property. What a flippin' cheek.
  25. Hello, we are a family with 2 kids aged 4 and 7 just moved to South Perth. Me (mum) working fulll time in CBD and hubby's setting up a business. We have friends from home and work here but none have kids! Because I work and not on the 'mum scene' I don't get the chance to meet other mums locally. Does anyone in the South Perth area with kids want to meet up at weekends etc? Trips to the park, picnics, beach (pub?!) I would love to hear from you.