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Found 53 results

  1. Hello all. I am new here and this is my first post. I have been doing some research on my case and found it hard to get any positive answers. I am hoping to receive honest and sincere answers so I can be aware of what problems I may face. I'd appreciate your answers and comments. I am just going to give you an outline of the problems I am facing. I. substantial criminal record A. total of 8 arrests - 6 were possession of paraphernalia - 2 felony convictions B. served 1 year on a 4 year sentence II. Deported for the charges above These arrested were all drug related. No violent crimes or of that nature. I was an addict for a long time and just couldn't get off it. But now it's been 10 years since I have used any kind of drugs. And my last arrest was in 2002 on a violation of probation and got sentenced to state prison. After serving my time I was deported from the US on Nov. of 2003. I lived there for nearly 25 years, since I was a baby. Immigration didn't consider me as an american citizen because I was not born there and I didn't apply for citizenship. What I am hoping for is that DIAC considers the transition I have made in my life. 8 years ago I didn't have anything but a small luggage and the clothes on my back in a foreign land (S. Korea), and didn't even know how to speak the language. Now I have learned the language, got a descent job, own a 3 bedroom house, a car and a family with 2 kids. My criminal record will become an issue for me but I hope that they can consider the changes I have made. What do you think my chances are? Anyone with a similar case? result? Thanks
  2. Danmon

    Would I stand a chance ??

    Hello everyone, Is there someone out there who could give me some advice ? I'm looking to emigrate with my partner and two children but I'm very confused about visa's etc.. Sometimes when I look into it I think I will be able to get one and other times I think I have no chance. I am a overhead linesman by trade, served a full apprentiship and had 15 years in the electrical supply industry, finishing up as an electrical engineer / project manager. The only qualifications I have in regards to my trade are those needed for my apprentiship (City and Guilds). All other training was done in house so I have no formal Electrical Engineer qualifications. Overhead Lineworkers / Electrical Enginners seem to be on the skilled occupation list for most states. This is the occuaption I would like to go back to. The fly in the ointment so to speak is that I have been a Police Offcier for the last 10 years and haven't had any hands on experience back in the industry for that time. Some web sites I visit say that I need a certain amount of experience in the last number of years to enable me to get a visa and other sites don't mention it at all. I'm sorting out some work experience with my old company just to gel up on current practices and procedures so this may help. Before I start contacting agents is there anyone who has had this same dilemma (returning to their chosen occupation after a number of years) or knows someone who has done it? I'm going to an Expo in November so hope to find out a bit more about it there as well. Thanks
  3. Hey! I'm heading to Melbourne in November on a WHV. I've got 5 years experience after uni of working in Human Resources.....will I stand any chance of getting a job in this profession when I arrive in Melbourne? I appreciate that I can only work for the same employer for a maximum of 6 months which is fine but I just wanted to know if I would be able to secure employment relatively quickly on arrival or am I being naive?:err: In an ideal world I'd love to arrive in Melbourne, secure a temp job and impress my employer so much that they offer sponsorship but I know that this may be just a dream...
  4. Hi all just joined site recently , I am currently living in Ireland and seeking sponsorship in Perth. I am a fully qualifed plumber with domestic and commercial experiance. I have been at my trade for 30 years and love it, not a lot of people can say that. just wondering how do you get a sponcer to trust you as they dont know us as we dont know them. I would require a 457 as i am 47 married with one child age 15. thanks.:biggrin:
  5. Hi All, I have been skulking around PIO for a few years now looking at ways to get to Oz without much success.... Plan A as we didnt meet the skills requirements was to go as a Student, in 2007 we started to move with that, I then had an accident and we couldnt go... After the accident we moved to another part of the UK, set up home and started on Plan B... My wife enrolled on an Access to Health care course with the view of becoming a Mid Wife to then get to Oz.... 1 year course completed but she wasnt offered a UNi place due to be over suscribed.... crazy really as she did really well and meet all the Uni criteria... so we put the plan of Oz to bed... Plan C involved me trying to get a 457 sponsor, to cut it short I have now been offered a fantastic role in Melbourne working for a massive company in my dream role... the wages are out of this world ($800 a day - $188,000 PA) but now I am starting to worry that I wount get a visa... So far we have had knock back after knock back so I am just assuming something will go wrong, I have relivant experiance for the role and 15 years in the same industry as the company.. The main reason i think I am unsure is I do not have any formal qualifacations and the job is a bit of a step up..... what are imigration looking for when they access for a 457.... surly if the company are prepared to sponsor me and pay me a wage they shouldnt be to concerned... I was interview last week by the person recruiting as he is in the UK, he offered the role to me there and then based on his knowledge of me (I have worked for him in the past) he will be going back to Oz on the 18th July and will get the ball rolling then but I just wanted to hear other peoples opinions... Fire away!!!!
  6. Hi I'm new here & this is my first post :wideeyed: Excuse me if I ramble too much :wacko: I'm from the UK & married my wonderful Aussie Husband 19 months ago, in Australia. we met online & I travelled to OZ initially on a tourist Visa as advised by the Visa authorities. We married & enquired about a Partner Visa & I was told there was a huge waiting list & advised to return to the UK & apply from here. My husband returned to the UK with me for three months, but had to return for an operation he'd been waiting for. Unfortunately when he got back to Oz his operation was delayed & then our circumstances turned upside down when his Landlady had drastically & suddenly altered her plans & effectively made my husband homeless. Aswell as having no accomodation this halted our being able to submit my Visa. After endless battling my husband was house after ten months. Also during that time he had his operation, which didn't go as planed & further surgery was required, delaying his recovery & ultimately search for work. Atm he's getting a pension but he desperately wants a job. As soon as he was recovered he started voluntary work at a charity depot hoping to get taken on as an employee but he's been there for four months & they haven't given him a proper job as yet. I'm not currently working in the UK. By trade I'm an Artist & this is not something on the skills list. I can work as a specialist in the interior design end of painting & decorating & have many skills & talents that dont fit into any specific boxes on the skills list. I DO NOT expect to claim anything whilst in Australia. I have every intention of establishing myself as an Artist & will ultimately start a small business but until that can be established I'm happy to work in retail or anything else. ATM my husband & I are not in a great position financially, all the delays aswell as our wedding, flights back & forth, my medical checks now have to be redone & are causing additional expense, the Visa itself, shipping costs, & flights back to Oz , aswell as maintaining two households for us whilst apart has pretty much wiped out all we had. I'm concerned my Visa will be rejected on financial grounds. We do have a friend who said they may offer additional sponsorship if required but we'd rather not have to rely on anyone else if at all possible. My husband took our documents to an immigration lawyer who said we should submit our application, but I'm very nervous incase its rejected on financial grounds & we'd be back at square one having invested all we have. I haven't seen my husband for a year now, even though we speak everyday by phone & computer. Our relationship is very loving & solid I had no thought of moving to Australia before meeting my husband. I just hope our current lack of finance will keep us apart much longer. We are so desperate to be together & start a productive married life but we keep getting caught in catch 22 dilemas. I'd appreciate hearing if anyone else has had similar experiences or any advice to offer ? Excuse the really long post :unsure:
  7. Hi All, I have had a look thru the posts on here about the chances of finding work and I'm really concerned :confused: Is there anyone with any experience of gaining teaching work (secondary science in particular) on either a WHV or the 175? Also, is there anyone that has managed to secure a 176 with a secondary school? I understand these are incredibly difficult to get? I have got through the assessment tests with a good points score, have no children and am really keen and willing to accept a more rural position if one came up.... Thanks Grace :wubclub:
  8. Guest

    Whats the chance?

    I want to get a residents return visa and have been told by a migration agent that I need a job offer. My trade for my original visa was as a carpenter but for quite a time I have been developing property form purchase to sale. Do you think anyone or company would enter in offering me anything to enable the return visa. I would be happy to negotiate to ensure that it was mutually beneficial for both parties. Any thoughts appreciated.
  9. I am asking this question because of one of my friends situation... With the old point test she cannot being eligible because her job doesn't in the occupation list. She's Food Engineer and Australia doesn't have this kind of occupation. But she have overall 8 score from IELTS Have a bachelor degree Have more than 7 years experience Between 25-35 years old Also can take some points from community language But I guess she'll never be in SOL list. So is there any chance for her? Do you have any suggestion or any idea?
  10. Guest

    What's our chance?

    Hi All Not sure if I am wasting your time but thought best to ask for any feelings or advice. I am 49 years old and had a STNI visa as a carpenter which expired last November. I realise that this is now gone, yet do in many ways regret the fact. My wife is 42 years old and does not have a trade or acceptable profession. Was wondering if there is any other way that we could try for a migration visa. Financially we are very much comfortable and have access to very considerable funds, through Property Developing over the years. I know money is not everything and we cannot buy our way in Australia. To be honest I fancy doing something more vocational now. I wondered if we came out for 3 mths and really felt we wanted to stay if there was an avenue open to us. I am not holding a lot of hope and do feel quite depressed by the fact we lost our visa, but that was my fault and nobody else can be blamed. Any help would be valued - Thanks a lot Darren
  11. whats going on with the smilies....?ok the fish had to go but why take the big wink away and replace it with a small one ,things like that wind me up,i cant take much more of this, if its not reinstated with 2yrs then im sorry but i will have to walk away from the forum.........:GEEK:.....and please dont try and stop me ........
  12. Please help! Any advice welcome, thanks guys. My hubby had a back operation about 15 years ago and has had little trouble from it since. Recently he's had some pain in the morning so went to the GP today who said best have an MRI to be on the safe side. We are just concerned that it will flag up on the medical for a visa and we will be rejected from emigrating on the basis of having an exploratory MRI. It's a big risk to take, especially if it comes back that his back is just stiff in the cold winter mornings. Any advice on medicals and MRI would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time, Emma x
  13. yumimumi

    any chance of my visa this year

    we applied for a 175 visa in august 2009. now catagory 3. its now been 17 months. oh is a boilermaker and i am a midwife. we want to keep our 175 as dont want to be restricted to a state. although want to go to NSW as my family is there. i honestly thought we would be getting our visa later this year but am now beginning to doubt this. can anyone shed any light on this. am starting to get really worried now. want to get our house up for sale but dont know if is should. thanks nicola
  14. SHANO7

    Any chance of an apology wa??

    Hello My family like others have found ourselves in the position of being stuck in Cat 4 since the SMP had been released. It took WA 7 months to agree to nominate my wife as a Haidressers in March of this year and then we have all waited since for the approval of the smp. March 2010 WA felt my wifes trade was in demand and the shortly after it is not. I am absolutely disgusted that thre has been no official release from either DIAC or WA to explain why they had not been able to obtain permission from DIAc to include all those applicants previously sponsored on their SMP. It would take somebody 5 minutes to type up a message that at least could state that they are sorry for giving false hope by nominating and the reasons why DIAC would not allow them to allow passage to Cat 2 for all sponsored applicants. This leaves a very very bad taste in my mouthand feel that the lack of empathy coming out of WA for people in our position is disgraceful Buck up WA and swallow some pride . It might take a little edge of the sense of injustice. Shane
  15. Hello, I am new here and this is first post so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am currently in Oz with my husband and 2 children, we were pretty sure we wanted to emigrate but thought we should come over and check the place out first! So we are here on 3 month tourist visa and staying with my husband's Uncle who has lived here for 40 years. We had planned to apply for Visa 176 when we return to Uk in Jan, my husband is a Glazier - which is on the SOL list, he is 30 and has 15 yrs experience in this trade. I have spoken to an agent who said we would have to go to TRA, get his skills assessed and then apply for AQF III in order for his skills to be accepted as work experience was not enough anymore. Also, he would have to take IELTS test, which just seemed silly to me as he is English!! I am an English Teacher to foreign students in the UK and know how hard the IELTS can be if you do not use the correct language they are looking for! Anyway, we were going to go ahead and apply, and also ask the Uncle to sponsor us - though I was told this would make little difference to the time frame/costs - but may mean we could get rid of IELTS test as would not need so many points. This was all going to cost around 6k (GBP). Now. today, I have seen the new points system which will be introduced in July 2011. I can not make out if we would be better off waiting to apply after this. It seems that my husband's work experience may be more relevant after this date in the new system and that we would get 10 points for the Uncle and 30 points for my husband's age...but would still have to take IELTS? To be honest I find it all a bit confusing! I also can not work out if we could get state/territory sponsorship for his profession. It is on Schedule 4 SOL list - but I am not really sure what this means! Can anyone help?! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much in advance. :biggrin:
  16. Hi All! My husband and I are planning on applying for Visa's to come and live and work in Australia. We have a positive outlook on leaving the UK - we are not looking as it being a forever move, we are looking to rent our house here in the UK so we have a base should it not work out but we are hoping to give it a good go (should we have the good fortune to be granted our golden ticket that is!) and not to give up if we get a bit homesick etc.. We are really not overly concerned as to where we go, Alex (my Husband) has family in Perth (Fremantle) I have friends in Sydney... My husband is a Gas Fitter, I am a GP Practice Manager. We have enough points (allegedly - according to the aus.gov website application thing...) but reading all of these posts on here I get the feeling that things are not progressing for people and I just wondered what you thought our chances of getting in were - I appreciate that different states have different entry requirements etc but if someone could explain the process from start to finish in easy to read terminology I would be very grateful!! I was hoping to give myself a 12 month period of time in which things start to progress - or is this ridiculously optimistic!!?!?!?! We are off to the Manchester Expo event this weekend so hopefully we will be clearer in our approach to how we will begin our journey but any hints/advice/instructions would be most gratefully recieved! Thanks - Nic :notworthy:
  17. Im on a years working holiday visa and have to leave in january. but i want to stay due to the fact i love it here. i have experience and tickets in water pipe laying and railway track maintenence but have been working as a garage door installer since arriving but theres no chance of sponsorship please help il do any job there is and im a hard worker and really want it to work out over here
  18. This is from not too long ago. Although the rumour of the duo leaving has been circling for quite some time, this kind of confirms it. Source: DIAC minister Chris Evans to quit | Embrace Australia
  19. I just don't know what to do..........I didn't get a chance to say 'Goodbye'! We had final 'goodbyes' yesterday with family in the East Riding when we got the dreadful news that my uncle died suddenly the night before. He was only 49 and 10 years older than me. If I am honest I want to postpone our flights at least until after the funeral, but I know he wouldn't have wanted me to do that. He travelled Australia extensively and loved the place and I know he would tell me to go, but I don't want to regret not saying 'Goodbye'. We don't even know at this point when the funeral will be...... I just don't know what to do, or even if we could postpone the flights if we wanted to. Melanie
  20. Hey all, Last chance to join my league created on http://www.fantasy.premierleague.com Create your team and join the league - POMSINOZ!! League Code is 899967-216454 Good Luck Jody :yes:
  21. I took ielts test around 9 months ago and was happy to obtain 7,7,7,6.5 Sent my application to engineers Australia and while was waiting for outcome, rules changed and lost 15 points.:swoon: applied for SA and did not get any outcome due to suspension, I lack 5 points and am thinking to sit the ielts test again to achieve 7 in all bands :huh: But I am not sure whether the new prime minister is going to stop applications or continue, it takes me 3 months to sit the test and I am worried the rules may change again Please advice :unsure:
  22. Hello, I am new here,and I need your help because I am total beginner. I am Serbian girl 26 years old. I finished High school for travel &hospitality and only experience from here is training during high school. I am also 3rd year student of geography but last exam I pass in 2007. I work like nanny 4 years and i was 2 years in USA on aupair program. I have experience where I worked with 1 child to group with 15. Do I have some chance for this visa or other visa? Do I have qualifications for this visa,state sponsor visa ...I am very open for all parts of Australia so I don't care to work in big city or countryside. How much I must to have on IELTS and where and how to do assesment. Like I said i am total beginner and i need help from first steps ... Thank you so much for all information and help Sincerely, Joe
  23. My husband and i have 2 young children and have been thinking about moving to Oz for some years now, my sister lives in Adelaide and is a permenant resident so i've been told she could sponsor us but as neither of our job skill sets are on the SOL can we get thorugh any other way? My jusband is in the process of selling his IT company which is looking to be finalised next month and we don't have a mortgage here so would have money in the bank straight away - could this help? Is there a certain amount you need to have in the bank to possibly override the problem of us not having skills required on the SOL? Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks... :wubclub:
  24. Charlie Chuckles

    help may have lost chance

    applied oct-08 waited too long to forward all info? When I tried to add letters to app it wouldnt accept anything stating visa has been decided, but we have never received any contact from any gov org. Question therefore is; Is there an appeals process or another way of resuming our application.I am now over 45 and applied for vesa 175 ind skilled. Good news will be a big relief.
  25. Hello all:biggrin: We are having a family trip to WA in March/April for a few weeks and wonder if anybody can throw some ideas our way as to where to stay in the Fremantle/Cottesloe area. We are a family of 4 - 2 adults - 2 kids 8 & 3 and ideally a recommendation for a villa, house, decent quality complex which is family but not over done with commercialism. Decent quality without busting the budget! Have done most of Australia, this is 1st time in WA and is my last chance to persuade the wife that OZ is for us so...... the location has to blow her away - any help here would be so well received ---- cant afford to slip up! Matt - in last chance saloon:sad: