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Found 96 results

  1. Hi! I am applying for a tourist visa. I will be in Australia for 5 to 6 days. I had an accident last year, and there is a criminal case in progress. The court has given me an unconditional bail and i am free to travel etc. Will my visa be rejected because of the accident?
  2. Hi, looking for any information on best route to obtain visitor visa if you fail character test based on having a substantial criminal record. Sentence was 24 months for assault back in 2007 so now spent but know this still must be disclosed. Is there any chance we would be successful in applying for visitor visa? seems hopeless ATM but wondered if there are ANY positive outcomes for recent applications... TIA
  3. msiwek

    Criminal conviction questions

    Hi all! I am going to Australia on a temporary project at a university. My husband wants to come with me but he has a criminal conviction (no jail time, non violent or drug related) from 8 years ago. However he did not declare it on a visa 2 years ago... Now we will apply for a spousal visa as a dependent to my visa and a tourist visa in case this doesn't work out. We will state that he forgot to declare his conviction on a previous application because it was spent in the UK. Do you think it will work? I'm really panicked because we only just got married and would hate to be separated for 8 months. Any advice or experiences you can share? Thank you!
  4. Hi I would like to know what happens if you dont put a tick on the criminal record box on your landing card or WHV application (and you do have a minor record) and you land up applying for a more permnaent visa 2 years down the line. Will you be knee deep in you know what or do they accept that people make mistakes and just ask a few questions why you didnt declare it!!!!!
  5. Hi I would like some information or advice from anyone who has applied for a visa to Australia with a criminal record. I am looking to travel to Australia with my family next year but my father has a criminal record. He was convicted for 22 months for fraud, serving less than 12 months. The conviction happened over 5 years ago and he has had good behavior since. We are looking to go over there for a family wedding and he has two brothers and a sister living over there who have lived there over 30 years. He has done some initial investigations and has been advised not to try to apply for a visa himself but use an agent. When we have spoke to some we have been quoted £6000+ which seems ridiculous for a 3 week holiday. We are going to speak to a few more people and his family in Australia are going to do the same but if it is too expensive we would probably attempt to apply ourselves. If we did that does anyone know where we would start as I would expect we wouldn't just go along the online visa application route? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello all. I am new here and this is my first post. I have been doing some research on my case and found it hard to get any positive answers. I am hoping to receive honest and sincere answers so I can be aware of what problems I may face. I'd appreciate your answers and comments. I am just going to give you an outline of the problems I am facing. I. substantial criminal record A. total of 8 arrests - 6 were possession of paraphernalia - 2 felony convictions B. served 1 year on a 4 year sentence II. Deported for the charges above These arrested were all drug related. No violent crimes or of that nature. I was an addict for a long time and just couldn't get off it. But now it's been 10 years since I have used any kind of drugs. And my last arrest was in 2002 on a violation of probation and got sentenced to state prison. After serving my time I was deported from the US on Nov. of 2003. I lived there for nearly 25 years, since I was a baby. Immigration didn't consider me as an american citizen because I was not born there and I didn't apply for citizenship. What I am hoping for is that DIAC considers the transition I have made in my life. 8 years ago I didn't have anything but a small luggage and the clothes on my back in a foreign land (S. Korea), and didn't even know how to speak the language. Now I have learned the language, got a descent job, own a 3 bedroom house, a car and a family with 2 kids. My criminal record will become an issue for me but I hope that they can consider the changes I have made. What do you think my chances are? Anyone with a similar case? result? Thanks
  7. Guest

    Spent Criminal Convictions

    My husband and I are considering moving to Oz for a couple of years through my husbands work. However, he has a spent criminal conviction from when he was a student. It was spent under UK law in 1999, and is hence no longer on his record. Does anyone know if he will have to declare this in his visa application? If so, does anyone have any experience or idea of how this kind of thing is viewed by the immigration authorities.
  8. mtlboi

    Canadian Criminal Check

    Hey Everyone... Just wanted to say how informative this website have been throughout this whole process. My partner went to Australia a month ago, had a job interview, and was hired a couple of days later. So, I am still here in the UK trying to gather all the stuff needed for a defacto partner visa application. As a Canadian, I need to send in an RCMP criminal records check. They have sent me an email stating that the present processing time is 15 to 16 weeks! I'm glad I foresaw how long it would take and sent my request back in mid-July.... Despite it being 3 months already, my information has yet to be entered in their system. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar problems? Thanks!! :biggrin:
  9. Hi Im looking into getting a visa for Australia, as my skills are currently in great demand and im sure i could get a job offer (I work in Advanced NDT/Welding Inspection) However i got a Drink Drive ban aged 22, a Drunken Disorderly aged 24 ... then when i was 32 i got a racially aggravated public order conviction (involved an argument in a bank over bank charges, judge said there was no racial aspect other then the bloke was a lovely Muslim), and finally a section 4 public order offence aged 34 (im now 36). The problem is the last conviction in that i was innocent and unbelievably got found guilty as it involved my word against 2 coppers as one of them punched me several times in the face whilst handcuffed so i refused to plead guilty to a lesses charge which would have got me a fine, i then refused to do community service so i got a 6 week jail sentence. Now my record is all for stupid little things but has anyone with a similar record got a visa or been refused a visa, ive called a couple of numbers of companies who arrange visas but the people on the phone have said youll find out when you apply ... which is fairly obvious. If anyone has insight id be grateful. PS I only want to work in OZ my job is a 3 week on week off rotation where i will live in SEA, which is the best visa to live this way.
  10. Hello again! We're still fighting with our AHPRA registration for my girlfriend, nearly there though I think. We were just going over the criteria for registration when we noticed something a bit worrying (as we were hoping to post it tomorrow morning!). :sad: We've done none of these! Could anyone tell us what these actually need? My girlfriend has a current CRB we could send, would that cover the first one? What do we need for the disciplinary and health ones? She doesn't have any outstanding issues health or disciplinary, but how do we tell them that? Many thanks! James
  11. Hi I'm new to the forums and would like some advice please. My defacto partner's company has offered him an engineering job in New South Wales. The boss has told him they're looking to get the ball rolling with the 457 visas straight after Christmas. We have a massive problem in that I have a sustantial criminal record with multiple convictions which includes a prison sentence of 15 months (served 7 1/2 months). I have not been in any sort of trouble for 15 years and have since turned my life around. I work, have been to uni and we have two little girls. I am well aware that I can't make this application without the help of an immigration lawyer, but I would really like to choose the very best one for the job. I have only one shot at this and need to get it right. On scanning these forums and the internet over the last couple of days, three names have stood out - Richard Gregan, Alan Collett and George Lombard. I have seen Alan Collett reccommend Richard Gregan on a similar thread so decided to ring him first. Unfortunately, he is out of the office until January. Next I rang GoMatilda and asked for Alan Collet, but he is out of the office for two days. I explained my prediciment to the lady there who was very helpful and suggested the best person for my case would be an agent named 'Sarah White' who resides in Australia. I'm a bit worried though as I can't find much info on her. With the other three agents there's a wealth of information and perhaps more importantly, lots of reccommendations out there. So what do I do? Do I wait for Richard Gregan to come back, go ahead with Sarah White or contact George Lombard? Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Claire.
  12. Guest

    undeclared criminal record

    I recently submitted our prospective marriage visa application and in just a few days, I was charged the £1000 which helped confirm that my application had been received. Today, I received the first email from our assigned Case Office who has requested some extra information and the medical check etc. One of their requests for information, though, has started my alarm bells ringing very loudly indeed and I now fear that the application may be in jeopardy. In 2003, I received a drink-driving charge complete with a heavy-handed custodial sentence of which just 8 weeks were served and the requirement to resit my driving test after three years. Since then, I have visited Australia on a number of occasions (and re-passed my driving test) but had not declared any criminal convictions on the landing card. I genuinely have no idea why I would have decided to do this - I've always been very open about this conviction as I feel it serves to remind people the seriousness of the offence - but, having read through a number of forum entries here, it would appear that this is going to have an extremely negative effect on the application process. The offense was declared on the 47SP application form and I included the ACPO report in with my initial application as, again, I am open about this conviction and new it would be required. My thinking in not declaring on the landing card must have been that I thought that things only need to be disclosed within a given period or it could be that I've just not paid enough attention when completing it - either way, though, this information is incorrect. Has anyone any experience of this (more than just the minor, old offenses often often posted about on here) - good or bad - or any advice on how I should proceed. My application was prepared and submitted by myself but I'm wondering if I should now seek legal advice? My Australian partner has now returned back to Australia and we were in the hope that my visa would be completed quickly so that I can rejoin her soon. Of course, we are now gravely worried about the situation.
  13. Guest

    Criminal Record Question

    What is deeemed a substantial criminal record, ive just ordered my police cert now and worrying a bit. Ive read the statement from the immigration fact sheet and I do not have any of these stated:- A person is deemed to have a substantial criminal record if they have been: sentenced to either death or life imprisonment sentenced to a term of imprisonment for 12 months or more sentenced to two or more terms of imprisonment (whether on one or more occasions), where the total of those terms is two years or more acquitted of an offence on the grounds of either unsoundness of mind or insanity and, as a result, the person has been detained in a facility or institution. but I do have a handful of minor offences including driving offences so I wondered if anyone knows if its the amount of offences or is it just whats stated above?? Has anyone hd any experience of going through the process and failing on this or has anyone had a checkered past and been granted a visa. PM me obviously as I dont want to cause embarrsment, Hope some one knows of something Thanks Sean
  14. My employer wants to send me out to oz in a couple of months to visit our office in Melbourne. I'm pretty nervous about getting a visa as 16 years ago I was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for possession with intent to supply a class A drug. I can obtain numerous charter references but not sure if this would affect the decision to grant me a visa? Any info you can offer is very welcome
  15. I really need some advice. Can some one please help. I would really love to move to Australia, and am trying desperately to get my partner to agree to such a move. However, there may be an issue regarding his past criminal hindering our chances. I am a qualified social worker and my partner is a qualified plumber and gas fitter,so between us we have enough points to pass the the skilled migration application. However, my partner has what the Australian authority's would call an extensive criminal record. My partners record was some twenty years ago when he was a teenager. Since coming out of prison 20 years ago he has turned his life around, taken himself to college, got himself a profession and remained a good citizen. We met 10 years ago. We have settled down and had a child together and he has mellowed over the years. He is very remorseful for the things he did as a teenager and knows that it has, and will affect his chances in life. Hence the question. Is it worth taking a chance and risk losing thousands of pounds making a joint application to emigrate, knowing we may get a refusal, or is it worth taking the risk? :confused::confused: Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
  16. Please help, we are due to visit in 12 weeks for a 3 week stay specifically to attend a wedding. We booked this in Feb have remortgaged our house to pay for the trip, and despite asking about visa at the time of booking and the fact that I have a criminal conviction I was told you get an ETA visa one month before. Being organised I have started early and realised this is not the case at all, I am now panicking! I was convicted 21 years ago for section 20, unlawful wounding and was sentenced for 15 months of which I served 6 months. It appears that I will have to apply for the Tourist Visa 676, but has anyone got any advice, on whether I am likely to be approved, or how long this may take and what information they will need. I am now 46 and will be travelling with my wife who is now distraught.
  17. HI, Im a little worried about my case. I want to apply to Working Holiday Visa in Australia, but I have a crminial charge in my record. Its was not a conviction, it was a Withheld Adjudication. I would like to know If still have to declare it on past convction on the application form? (even if it was not a conviction) The charge was cannabis possession (2 years ago) less than 20g. I had no imprisoment time, only had to pay a fine and I paid it. The case is Closed! It happens in the US while my visiting. Only one time, never had any other kind trouble. I would like to know if this would implie upon my visa application or if I could get the visa refused because of it. Seriously waiting on some answers. :err: Thanks all posters in advance.
  18. Guest

    criminal record issues :-(

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and have come here for help. I'm an australian citizen living in the U.K. My husband was granted a permenant resident visa in 2007, since then he's been arrested and charged for criminal damage and common assault. He's awaiting sentancing. will he be able to return ans stay in australia with these charges? thanks in advance.
  19. Guest

    Criminal Convictions

    My husband is being sponsored by a company and we have just received his ACPO Certificate back and it has 2 convictions on it, 1 for common assault in 2002 and one for battery in 2006, will we have our visa declined do you think? :unsure:
  20. Hi Anyone have any experience of applying for a visa with a minor criminal conviction? My OH had an incident about 7 yrs ago that is spent that he served community service for and £100 fine. Really worried that the visa will be rejected on this basis
  21. Guest

    Criminal Record Question

    The stated criteria for the character test is that you are ineligible for admission to Australia if you have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 12 months or more. My question is, does a suspended jail sentence count?
  22. Guest

    Criminal record

    Hi people , I have a quick question about my working holiday visa . I was granted my visa back in February and plan to leave for Oz in January . Since I have been granted my visa I have got a criminal record , I wasn't sent to prison I was given a community order . Will this effect my visa and should I let anyone know about my record ? Would be grateful for any help ! Lee
  23. Morning all I am applying for a partner visa and have all my forms etc ready to go. All i need to do is my Criminal Record Check, do i need to send that with it or do i wait and see if they ask me to send one? Any help would be Fab :-)
  24. Hi,this is my first post...i have been reading for a while though. My question is i have been offered a job with 121 visa but it looks like i could get prosecuted for benefit fraud....a complete mistake on my part, failed to inform them when i got a wage increase.i have spoken to a solisitor and they have said that even though its a mistake, ignorance is no defence.he said i will probebly be prosecuted and get a fine. What will happen with the job???can i still work as a nurse in Oz with this conviction or should i just give up now???? Thanks.
  25. Hi all, I have a police certificate from last year which has cam back as showing "No Live Trace" from what I understand this means that they do have some sort of information on you however it has been spent, Now, I hav absolutely no idea what it could be but would like to be able to explain it. Thanks