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  1. Rossmoyne

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    Or perhaps another 14 days quarantine that they have to pay for!
  2. Rossmoyne

    What has changed in your lifetime?

    Ali you should be proud of the wonderful young people you have raised... as I am of mine. Unfortunately though, they are the exception rather than the rule. Gosh I had forgotten about Vesta Chow Mein.... tried it once and decided never to go there again. But then in 1972 I spent some time in Singapore and since then I have totally embraced the real asian way of eating.
  3. Rossmoyne

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    I live in WA and I am happy that our interstate and international borders are closed at the moment. This is keeping us virus free from community infection as the only cases we have are from international arrivals and they are in quarantine for 14 days, and life is just about back to normal for WA. Hand sanitation is still happening, even if social distancing is going by the board. My son and his family live in Queensland on the Gold Coast and I normally spend time with them 2 or 3 times a year, for a month at a time. They also come to WA a couple of times year too, so we normally have a lot of physical contact. It is now almost 6 months since we were together and I have to say that skype just isn't cutting it for me any more. However we all know that this isolation is for the best of everyone, so we will continue doing it for the time being. The question is though, when do you allow interstate travel? Personally I think any state who has community infection should be totally blocked until there is no community infection. However the rest of us have to still remain vigilant, whatever the personal cost.
  4. Rossmoyne

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

  5. Rossmoyne

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    That man is such a tosser.... last laugh is on him though.
  6. Rossmoyne

    What has changed in your lifetime?

    Being an old fart in my 70's, so much has changed in my life. So many wonderful advances in technology, entertainment, general living, travel etc. But the one thing that really sticks out for me is the lack of manners that many people now exhibit towards their fellow man/woman. Just simple things like holding open a shop door for someone, giving up your seat on public transport for the elderly or a pregnant woman, giving way to let another car in when you are in a line of traffic, putting your supermarket trolley into the trolley park and not leaving it against someone elses car, etc. It isn't just one generation who exhibit little to no manners either as I have witnessed this right across the generational board. I find it sad that decent humanitarian principles have diminished..... and then out of the blue someone totally blows me away.... like the teenage boy who was with his Mum who had parked next to me at Bunnings yesterday. We were both unloading trolleys into our cars, and he came over and unloaded the sacks of potting mix from my trolley to my boot, and then smiled and said, "I hope you have someone at home to lift that for you". I thanked him profusely and then thanked his Mum for bringing up a wonderful human. It restored my faith in humanity for a while.
  7. Rossmoyne

    What will be permanent?

    This is a conversation I had this week with friends of all ages in both UK and Oz. Most of us were glad to have a slower pace of life and get back to, or take up, new hobbies that we had been too busy to partake in. So perhaps this will continue as we move towards more social freedom. One thing I hope continues is the online social contact with friends through Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp , Zoom etc, as often as it has been over the past 12 weeks. Interestingly, a few of us being in our 60's and 70's who have missed our regular hairdressing appointments, and we have decided that colouring out the grey hair will not happen any more. I am actually liking looking in the mirror at the grey/silver lady who looks back at me. My Mum had the most amazing silver hair, and it looks like I am taking after her! Bonus!
  8. Rossmoyne

    Off Topic Coronavirus 2020

    I am in my 70's and only started having a flu jab a few years ago, and haven't had any reactions until this year. My GP told me it was a stronger vac and that I would probably not be well so just to rest up. Boy was she right! Same symptoms as you Starlight....
  9. Rossmoyne

    Do I need a migration agent?

    I have been a member of this forum for almost 12 years, and have worked in the immigration arena in the past. From my observations of posts on here and my personal knowledge of visa applications, there are many little things that can go wrong because of lack of informed knowledge/understanding of certain questions and requests. If you get one small thing ,your application will be rejected and you will lose the fee you have paid. For what it is worth, if you are having "wobbles" now about your application, you would be best advised to consult a Migration Agent. Better to be safe than sorry maybe.
  10. Rossmoyne

    Moving in Queensland

    It is very hard to decide where to live based on internet research. I would suggest perhaps taking a holiday rental for a few weeks when you first arrive, and go around and look at all the areas you think you would like. We did this when we arrived in WA, and the area we now live was never on our radar as a possible place to live. We stumbled upon the suburb on one of our drives and walks around different areas we had shortlisted, and 30 years later, still live here. My son is now living on the Gold Coast and I visit frequently, and I think you might find that Southport is not an area that would appeal to you. Do some research about suburbs on the other side of the M1 towards the Hinterland, or further south like Burleigh, Varsity Lakes, Robina, as I think you might find they would suit you better.
  11. In 1972 I was living in London and working as a temp secretary to the MD of an insurance company. About 3pm one afternoon he asked me if I had a long formal dress and was I doing anything that evening. Turns out he had an important dinner event to attend that evening at the Hilton and his wife was sick and he needed a partner for the event. So I dashed home, got tarted up and he sent a car to pick me up and take me to the Hilton. Brilliant evening.... and I sat opposite Roger Moore, who apparently was a personal friend of my "boss", and next to Michael Caine. What an evening that turned out to be.... so much humour and brilliant conversation.
  12. Rossmoyne

    What Book are you reading??

    With our local library being closed, I have been revisiting some books from years back. I have been reading Lynda La Plante for the past couple of weeks and really enjoying them. This morning I started her latest, "The Dirty Dozen". Set in London in the 1970's. I am really enjoying it so expect it might be a book reading kind of day!
  13. Rossmoyne

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    I did indeed @The Pom Queen.... a few years ago now though!
  14. Rossmoyne

    UK State Pension

    Also remember, before you can claim the Australian Aged Pension, if you have worked for any time in UK, you have to apply to Dept of Works and Pensions to see if you are entitled to a Brit Pension before Centrelink will even consider accepting an application from you.