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  1. Rossmoyne

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Sadly I have a friend .....er ex-friend.... like this!
  2. Rossmoyne

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    He certainly is. On his social media in the past, comments have been about 95% positive towards his actions and comments, but since he announced his blackflip on opening up, the comments are now split about 50:50 - a massive change within a few days. Consensus of opinion though seems to be that he made that decision because he knows the health system in WA is in crisis, and many cases would show this up even more than the constant never-ending ambulance ramping already has.
  3. Rossmoyne

    The Official Weather Thread

    My son works in Dysart (mining FIFO), and drives in and out from Mackay, then flies back to Brisbane. Just chatted to him and he says he might not be able to get back to Mackay tomorrow because of the floods. I know you are in this area too, so please keep safe Bobj. Bet Kate is worried about you too.....
  4. Glad to hear you are home and on the mend. I have a couple of friends who went through last year, and I know how awful it can be. Concentrate on recovery HH
  5. Rossmoyne

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Most people I know have only had the jab to keep their jobs. A few say they need to see family in another state so need it to travel. What I hate though is that the whole "jabbed" or "not jabbed" situation seems to be causing so much dissension in families and amongst friends. Surely respect for others' choices and views should come into play here.
  6. Happy New Year everyone.... May 2022 be kinder to us all! Sorry to be a bit late in my message, but I have had a very busy time with house guests from out of town, so no time for social media for a week.
  7. Rossmoyne

    The Official Weather Thread

    A very pleasant 26C now in my back garden... loving it, but I expect it will get hotter over the next few days.
  8. Keep that screen door shut Bottie......
  9. So did I. Not the planned Christmas as my son and his partner were stuck in Queensland and not here in WA with us, but it turned out pretty good in the end! Well apart from the weather. This heat is slowly cooking me... the older I get the less I like the heat! Thank goodness for the aircon and pool!
  10. Merry Christmas dear girl..... so good to see your post.... hope all is well in your world! Rossy
  11. Could the thermostat on your oven be a bit out Bottie? I have had that issue before with my previous oven and Pavlova.
  12. Rossmoyne


    What absolute rubbish and please do not feel sorry for me. How condescending! I respect your views about this whole covid issue. We all have different views on so many things, religion, politics, gender issues etc etc. I do not bad mouth you or demean your views. I stated what is very much out there in the world of science that is not part of the controlled media. So please respect my views.
  13. Rossmoyne


    Basically what is happening with all this covid stuff and the coersion to have a jab that isn't a vaccine....
  14. I have 2 cats and a dog. My dog is a now 12 year old Labrador who was bred to be a Guide Dog, but failed testing as a puppy as he was too friendly! He is however, very well trained, but he is not happy at other dogs who bound up to him off lead, so we do not walk in parks where there are off-lead dogs anymore. He gets plenty of off-lead time at the beach though, and we have a large garden that he has claimed as his own, especially the corner where he digs his massive holes! My 2 cats were rescued as kittens last year and are now 14 months old. I have had cats for 30plus years, and my last cat was a homebody and rarely left the house or garden, but unfortunately we have a new neighbour who is an animal hater, so I have turned about a third of my large garden into a "Kitty Kingdom" that is totally enclosed in steel cage and cat proof netting. My Kitties have constant access through a cat flap door, and spend a lot of time out there amongst the shrubs, vegies and herbs that are growing. They have enrichment toys, shelves, hammocks, climbing frames etc. I think that every cat owner should either keep their cats indoors or provide a secure outside space for them, as they are definitely wildlife killers..... natural instincts. I also think that people who walk their dogs off leash in general public areas and allow their dogs to bound up to people and dogs, should be fined, at the very least. A few years ago before I retired, my woofer and I were walking around the Canning River where I live. We were in an area that is designated "Dogs on Leash", and a yappy little Jack Russell (not on leash) came bounding up to us and went to attack me and my dog. The JR bowled straight into me to get to my dog and sent me flying. My Lab, who is the gentlest of boys, went into defend his Mum mode and growled and woofed loudly, which brought the attention of the owner who was walking along looking at his phone.... he grabbed his dog, told me to F off and strode off. I laid on the pathway in acute pain, guarded by my Lab for a minute or two until a couple who had seen what happened, rushed to my rescue. An ambulance ride for me and diagnosed with 6 cracked ribs and concussion, followed by 5 weeks off work. Woofer had a visit to the lovely couple's house until my family could pick him up, and the AH whose dog caused it all, got clean away. We were never able to find this guy again, even though we walk that route almost daily. The majority of dog owners are caring, concerned and wonderful dog owners. But then there are the tossers who just shouldn't ever own a pet.... and don't get me going on personality disorders of these people!!