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  1. Rossmoyne


    A very interesting result of the Political Compass Test. But the questions asked were very slanted and there were no options to make a comment, so I just think I am still middle of the road and that people need to put their sensible thinking hats on or come the election in May, we are going to have a very shit government!! Maybe it is time for people to vote away from Labor or Liberal..... Lots of alternatives out there that are looking good to me.
  2. Rossmoyne

    Mum of son soon to emigrate

    I was surprised today when this old thread was resurrected, but realise it is an age old issue and will keep on coming up as the world is so open to people moving from country to country, for whatever reason. For those who don't know me.... I live in Perth, am in my 70's and have 2 offspring, both in their 30's and neither have children. My parents, brother and I were 10 pound Poms, and I lived in Oz for 6 years in the late 60's/early 70's. I missed England too much, and although I spent 3 years travelling around Australia, I just couldn't settle, so from my mid 20's to mid 40's I lived in England and leaving my migrant parents here in Perth. After I lost my husband, I returned to Perth in 1991 with a son aged 5 and a daughter aged 8. My children grew up and were educated in Perth and had wonderful relationships with my parents, who sadly are now departed. 6 years ago, my son (FIFO as an Engineer) was made redundant as part of the mining downturn in WA, and was offered a job in Queensland, so took up that offer. It wasn't until he moved to Queensland that I realised exactly what I had put my parents through when I left WA to return to UK in 1972. Son and I are in the same country, albeit a 6 hour flight plus a 2 hour train journey apart, and I miss him so much. 6 years on, I go over to visit with him every year for 3 or 4 weeks, and he comes to see me a couple of times a year too, and I have to say that I now know how my parents must have felt when I returned to England. My parents were wonderfully supportive of me, but I now understand how they must have felt but never communicated that with me. They used to visit me in UK alternate years, and I would come back to Perth now and again too. What I take from all of this is that we are our own person... we are what our parents and our life experiences make us... our decisions have to be for ourselves. I am so thankful that my parents allowed me to make the decisions and do what I did, and that they supported me.. they gave advice as they thought fit, as I have to my children. The big BUT though has to be, be gentle of those you love and will be leaving behind when you move on. Love your family, but be honest and sharing with your thoughts. And keep in touch as often as you can. When I left WA to go back to UK in 1972, Mum and I used to write to each other on Sunday for almost 20 years. No internet, email, or cheap phone calls etc, so RoyalMail/AustraliaPost was our sole contact. My son and daughter and I are blessed to have the internet, email, facetime, skype, etc and talk most days, and that keeps our family close. My Mum died recently at 95, and I have been going through all her belongings and have come cross every letter I ever wrote her... she had kept every single one... and wrote comments on them to remind herself how to reply to me..... this totally broke me. So as I say, be honest, be open, be generous with your love and comments.
  3. Rossmoyne

    Post a random picture of your day

    Beautiful Bobj. I love orchids, but am not good at keeping them alive, or even flowering!
  4. Rossmoyne


    But they are
  5. Rossmoyne


    Thank you for posting that link. It was an interesting and thought provoking read and I urge everyone to read through it.... a long read, but it makes perfect sense.
  6. Rossmoyne


    Woops waylaid my own thread there.... sorry about that! Bottom line though, is that I still don't completely understand about all this far right and far left stuff. Most people I know think like me, and with all the media buzzing about the upcoming federal election, we are all talking among ourselves about who should get our vote. Which was what prompted my original query and this thread. So having completed the test Toots thoughtfully posted, it seems I sit fairly in the middle (as I thought), and from what I can glean from the media and other online info, I guess I should be voting away from the main 2 parties.... lots of online research happening soon then.... interesting.
  7. Rossmoyne


    Don't get me started on that Toots! I was brought up in a strong Anglican household and until my early 40's, that was my life and views. However personal events and situations since have led me to question this and I no longer follow a religion of any kind. I accept, understand and respect that some people need to have this belief and structure in their life, and that is their choice, whatever religion they need to follow. So long as they don't try and push their beliefs onto me or try to change the society I live in to be totally about their religion, all is good. We are all different, we all have different needs and wants, we are all individual, and that is where it should rightly be.... not about just one religion and everyone being so scared to say anything about that.
  8. Rossmoyne


    So according to that test I am right slap bang in the middle between left, right, authoritarian and libertarian, but with a slight move to the right on the economic scale. Thanks Toots for posting that link - very interesting.
  9. Rossmoyne


    Yes in some ways I agree with you Toots, but surely that is where political correctness came from by not discussing these things publicly? I used to keep my views to myself for very many years, but now I am an old fart and have lived a long time and have seen and experienced some pretty stupid stuff that shouldnt have happened but did because no-one spoke out, I tend to air my views now.
  10. So I am sitting in the study having a "play" on PIO and see it is raining out the front of house... didnt expect that, so went out to the back garden to see if I could forget watering the pot plants tonight ... and no rain! Raining in the front garden and not the back! The joys of living in Perth! about to get the hosepipe out for the pot plants after all!!!
  11. So everyone is bleating on about Left and Right politics, and it seems that is the only description these days. But what are you called if you sit fairly in the middle between these two groups. And indeed what exactly do these 2 groups really stand for. All I ever see and hear is people disrespecting others for their views and foul language ... whatever happened to honest debate without abuse?!
  12. Rossmoyne

    What Book are you reading??

    Totally agree about Marigold Hotel Marisa. Just started reading "The Woman Next Door" by Liz Byrski. Liz Byrski is a West Australian author in her 50/60's and she writes stories based on women and their lives and how they all intertwine with each other. I have read a few of her books recently, so hoping this one lives up to the greatness of the others I have read.
  13. Rossmoyne

    Need ideas for a starter for dinner

    OK.... what about something like a pate with very thin wholemeal toast? I had lunch with a friend yesterday and we had mezte/tapas, whatever you want to call it. One of the dishes was a plate with a small helping of coleslaw topped by pulled brisket, served with dill pickles. We both devoured it and said it would make a good entree..... easy prepared ahead and served cold.
  14. Rossmoyne

    British child

    I have absolutely no idea sorry. I set mine before the forum migrated to the new platform. Perhaps start a new thread and someone will come to the rescue....