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  1. Rossmoyne

    Anybody instantly regret the move back?

    Speaking with my "Experience" hat on...... please do not make such a massive life changing decision until at least a year and you have settled more and accepted the difference in your life. With all the Covid stuff happening maybe you won't be able to make that journey anyway. When a relationship ends their are always so many issues and painful things to get through. Personal experience taught me that it was better to face all that and then make a decision on life changing stuff.
  2. Not mine Parley. She is in her mid 50's, married to a Naturopath, and her views are very open to all types of health issues and remedies. Without her and her studies and views on all sorts of medical issues, her recommendation that I reduce the carbs in my diet to control my osteo arthritis, I would be still on major pain medication and not able to move. Her suggestion 5 years ago that I look at a Low Carb Healthy Fat lifestyle now means that I no longer take pain medication at all and my body is so much more flexible. I take no medication at all except to deal wiith my issue with having a bad sense of balance as I had a cancerous tumour removed from my left ear that took everything apart from the bit I wear my earing on, so at times I get dizzy. I have great faith in my GP.
  3. Rossmoyne

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    And what he didn't say but alluded to, was that the majority of these workers came from the islamic community, as that is where a large majority of the casual security staff come from.
  4. Rossmoyne

    Gated community living for a family

    My son and his partner live in a gated community on the Gold Coast and have done so for 5 years. There are 180 living units in this community, comprising 3 bedroom townhouses, 2 bedroom townhouses, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. There is a gym, sauna and pool. Prior to Covid, I would travel from WA to spend time with them 3 or 4 times a year, and I have got to know the community quite well over the past 5 years. There is a very mixed blend of ages and families there. Other oldies like me, young families, professionals, uni students, and FIFO workers like my son and his partner. When they bought they had looked at so many properties over a 6 month period and finally chose a gated community for the security as they were away for work alternate weeks, and they liked the fact that there was a pool and gym and gardens that were maintained as part of the management fees. Since they have been there they have had a lot of trouble with the manager of the facility and have resorted to legal action over one issue. So read Marisawright's comments and take them on board as it sees that Queensland strata laws are very different. Noise wise, all is well. Obviously you hear children playing, but that is normal and lovely to hear. So far there have been no rowdy parties and everyone is considerate of their neighbour. My son's townhouse is the end of a terrace of 10 so he only has one joined neighbour, and in all the time he has lived there, and during the times I have stayed there, there has been no noise at all from the joined on neighbour, who incidentally has 3 children now aged from 8 to 14 years. It seems the joining wall is very insulated for noise control. Talking to people I know in the complex, they all say that they cannot hear their neighbours at all, so I guess whoever built the complex got the sound cancelling part of the construction perfect. There are many gated communities on the Gold Coast though, and this is just my comments on where my son lives.
  5. Why would her age matter? She isn't actually though - in her mid 50's.
  6. A good question and one I asked GP.... which led to a conversation about conspiracy theories actually!
  7. No I didnt actually have a headache, I had a dizzy light headed feeling. This happens everytime I get sick because I only have one functioning ear (lost the internal bits of the other one to a brush with a cancerous tumour 20 years ago, so I only have the bit I wear earrings in) and consequently I have a bad sense of balance too and take medication for that. I had no covid symptoms apart from the heavy cold. Initially when Covid first started, being in my 70's, I was very concerned and stayed home self isolating, but once things started to open up again, my friends and I just socialised at each other's houses or out on walks with our woofers. Our days out shopping and long lunches at cafes, movie sessions, theatre etc, never really got going again as we all actually prefer what we are doing now. All of us are widowed or divorced women with adult children, some of whom live in other states/countries, and we all spent a lot of time travelling to visit our overseas and interstate families. We have a lot in common with our crafts, books, woofers, gardening etc, and we just all really appreciate all these things now more than shopping, movies, lunches etc. If Covid has done something good in our lives, it is that our friendships are stronger and we get our enjoyment from a much slower and simpler life now. However we all want to be able to travel again of course to see our offsprng. God knows when that will happen though.
  8. That was probably why GP said it wasn't necessary. This is week 4 of being sick. It just started as a heavy cold with no other covid symptoms.... just saying.
  9. Sorry to hear your boys were sick too. Being in my 70's, I have been self isolating as much as possible.... it was just that one trip to the shops and I used all the usual hand sanitiser etc, but it is what it is. I did ask my GP about a Covid test but she said it wasnt necessary. My GP is a personal friend and I have known her for 28 years, and I trust her judgement. Antibiotics are doing their thing and I am getting better by the day, thankfully. Hope your boys recovered quickly.
  10. Thanks Ramot... 3rd dose of antibiotics have done the trick thankfully. x Rossy
  11. Nope... although I asked and insisted... GP said it wasn't necessary. There is no community transmission of Covid in WA anyway, and my GP is a personal friend of 28 years standing, so I trust her judgement.
  12. Rossmoyne

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    I don't live in Victoria so I possibly shouldn't comment about Dan the man. But I do have many friends who do live there, and whilst they are doing all that they are required to do, they are beginning to wonder if Dan is the full quid.... so to speak. It would seem to me from what they tell me and from what I read in the media, that the whole second wave there was down to a BLM riot, a lack of professional hotel quarantine rules and supervision, a lack of efficient contact tracing, and a curfew that no-one will put their hands up to agreeing to. Not to mention the way the Victorian Police are acting recently. Surely he should take responsibility for all of those failures as he is after all, the Premier?! I personally think he is doomed now whatever he does. He shrugs off questions from the media with a "I will get back to you" and never does... surely if he wants a political life after this, he would be as up front and transparent as possible.... As I say, just my view, but thankfully I live in WA and maybe my view is slanted because we are in a much better situation than Victoria. My heart bleeds for my Victorian friends and everyone else there.
  13. IKNOWCB....................I really am not a happy Rossmoyne at the moment. Since all this China Virus stuff started, I live in WA and I have followed all the rules and stayed at home and hardly gone out apart from walking my woofer. On the rare occasions when I have had to go shopping I have used so much hand sanitiser and antiseptic wipes etc that I must have shares in Dettol by now! I have been shopping once every 3 or 4 weeks, avoiding all the big shops and just going to the local greengrocers, butchers and IGA in a round swoop, and I am out the house less than an hour. 4 weeks ago I did my usual quick shop, taking all my usual precautions, and was out the house 45 minutes. Woke up the next day with a cold that developed into probably the worst one I have ever had, which then caused infected sinuses and Bronchitis and the worst dizzy woozy head! Just about to start my 3rd dose of antibiotics and only just beginning to feel that life is worth living after all! GP says she is seeing so much of this instead of flu this year..... and I am over it!!!!
  14. As a parent it is always hard to let our offspring fly the nest, especially when it is the youngest of the brood. But your boy is a very responsible and caring young man PQ, and it will be very good for him and his personal development. When my son moved from WA to Qld with his job nearly 8 years ago, I was so worried about him as although he had worked FIFO for 5 years, he still was based at home and was just so clueless about general life, had more "toys" than he needed, and was up for anything his mates could come up with for fun. But in those 8 years he has matured into a very sensible level headed 34 year old who owns his own property, has settled down with the perfect partner, and has had a few promotions along the way too. Sometimes all it takes is being away from family and having to be responsible entirely for themselves, that makes them into the person they were destined to be. Bet you and Cerberus miss him like mad though. Rossy xx
  15. He is such a handsome fluffball.....