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  1. Rossmoyne

    Positive things about now

    Positives? Well I am slowly working that never ending list of chores, like tidying cupboards and drawers, attacking the mending pile on my sewing desk, getting back into cardmaking and scrapbooking, pottering in my garden and trying to win the battle for vegies with the bloody rats that live in my neighbours cocus palms!
  2. Rossmoyne

    petrol prices so cheap

    Probably so cheap as no-on is going anywhere. I filled up 3 weeks ago before I started self isolation and paid $1.03 a litre and thought that was good. My local petrol station tomorrow is selling for 89c a litre.
  3. Rossmoyne

    5G - Loads of stuff coming on line

    I have been reading about 5G too and just don't know if it is a conspiracy theory or there is really something going on.
  4. Rossmoyne

    Use for Cruise ships out of service

    It would need a very intensive deep clean before it was used for a hospital or accommodation for front line workers. Not sure many people would be happy about boarding them even after a full disinfection. I certainly wouldn't.
  5. Rossmoyne

    Chinese Whispers Coronavirus 2020

    I would hope that those who could afford to support Australian manufacturing, would. Obviously those on very limited finances might not be able to, but it would be a start. Hopefully the more Australian companies who start to manufacture absolutely anything here, would employ more people and that will feed more money into the economy. It will take years of course, but I can see this happening.
  6. Rossmoyne

    Chinese Whispers Coronavirus 2020

    Maybe now is the time for GB and Australia and other countries to restart their manufacturing industries again.
  7. Rossmoyne

    Chinese Whispers Coronavirus 2020

    Wow Perthbum I never thought I would ever agree with you and the normal rubbish you spout.... but I actually think you got something right there.
  8. Rossmoyne

    Corona Virus

    Best comment so far DP. We all need to pull together over this and forget conspiracy theories and individual political beliefs. We are fighting a war.... a war of infection whether it was deliberately made and released, or not.
  9. I think Mark McGowan, WA Premier, has dealt with the cruise ship issue in Fremantle very well so far. They have all gone now and all Australian and NZ passengers are in quarantine, either in WA or their state and country. Those found positive from Covid19 are in hospital in Perth, and the ships and other passengers and crews have all left WA waters. I just hope that Fremantle doesn't now become the target for all those other cruise ships who are being refused ports all over the world. Guessing that the cruise industry has died a death now. Never understood why anyone would want to spend days, weeks, or months on a boat with thousands of others they do not know, and have organised entertainment.
  10. Rossmoyne

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    The young families in my local community have started a "We are Going on a Bear Hunt" activity to get their kids out of the house and exercising. They are walking, scootering and biking. Everyone has been asked to put a teddy bear in their window and just post a photo on our local FB page without an address. The kids then have to find that Teddy Bear! What a wonderful community thing to do. So my fave Teddy, called "Guinness Dinnes", is currently living in my lounge window and looking right down the drive. He has already had a few kids ring their bike bells as they spot him. Makes me laugh when I hear it. Guinness is named for his colours... he is an old boy and a bit squashy and I have to keep sitting him up, but he has become such a talking point for my neighbours too, and I totally love that something as simple as this is bringing us together.
  11. Rossmoyne

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    Three weeks of self isolation for this old chook today. The first few days went OK as I needed a break from the social calendar, but after that I had cabin fever with a vengeance. I really missed my Gardening Club, friends, lunches out, shopping etc, but mostly not seeing my daughter every other day. She has a compromised immune system and is working from home, so we felt it would be better to just chat on the phone/skype for the time being. Soooooo hard as we are both very demonstrative, huggy, tactile ladies and Skype just doesn't cut it!. Since Sunday though things have felt so much better. I decided to take off my "retired and winging it" hat, and get back into some form of structure to every day. Woofer and I have been getting up early to go for our walk around the empty streets, then home to do chores. I made a long list of all the little things I needed to do in both the garden and the house, and cross a few off every day. Instead of having a housework/washing day once a week, I have split those chores into one a day, and then we get to lunch.... lunch outside with a book. Afternoons are "play time" and I can choose to surf the net, or do some craft work, hang around the pool, or just Netflix binge. Day 3 of this more structured routine today, and boy am I feeling so much better. Daughter and I even came up with a plan on how we can physically be with each other...... she comes through the garage into my back garden and sits at one end of my 3 metre patio table, and I sit at the other. So lovely to see her dear face while we chat.. Really really want to hug her, but that will happen when this shit storm is over.... might not let her go! Worried about my son though as he lives in Queensland and is FIFO from the Gold Coast to Central Queensland, inland from Mackay. Since the flights have been scaled back so much, he has been unable to FIFO and is now driving the 12hour journey to work and back again after his 7 day shift... so I suppose he is DIDO! Such a long drive, but at least he has a job, which is more than his partner has now. I am lucky that I always keep a full freezer and pantry, and apart from running out of fresh vegies and eggs yesterday (that were home delivered today by my young neighbours) I am doing OK. Bottom line though is that we all have to do what we have to do. Most people I know are doing the right thing, but some appear not to be. I was accused on the phone today by a friend (also in her 70's and who is still going out and about all day every day), that I was stupidly over-reacting. It shocked me to start with, but then I remembered that she had said to me a few weeks ago that she actually didn't want to live any longer and hoped this took her now. I thought she was joking at the time.... obviously not.... how sad! Keep safe PIO community. Rossy
  12. Rossmoyne

    Corona Virus

    My Daughter in Law is international flight crew for Virgin and arrived back in Sydney this morning from LA. She is self isolating even though she doesn't have to, and is taking leave so she doesn't have to fly again for a few weeks. She told me her flight was half empty and they spread everyone out across the plane so there were spaces between people. Guessing that people will be cancelling anything but emergency flights soon.
  13. Rossmoyne

    What Have You Learned Today?

    I meant Sociopathic Narcisists of either sex. Got one as a sister in law..... evil bitch.
  14. Rossmoyne

    Corona Virus

    Perhaps err on the side of caution @ramot.
  15. You are such a handsome fluffball George....