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  1. I have heard about that house.... Taking different a bit too far perhaps!
  2. Rossmoyne

    Heating a House

    I grew up in a council house in Essex that we moved into in 1949. There was no heating, no double glazing and no insulation. It was absolutely freezing in that house until my Dad installed a pot belly stove come water heater in 1951. We finally had hot water to wash, bath and do dishes, and it kept the downstairs living area quite warm. However the bedrooms and bathroom upstairs were a different issue!. Not sleeping in winter because of the cold or waking up to the windows frozen on the inside was quite normal. Horrid, but normal at the time. Fast forward to the mid 1970's and my parents were then living in WA with only a gas heater in the lounge and loving how warm the house was all the time. Around the late 70's I was living in my first purchased property in UK and had gas central heating set at 18C, and loving it. Our house was part of a new development geared towards good insulation in floor and walls, ceilings, double glazing, gas boiler and radiators. That house was so warm and comfy. Fast forward again to the 1990's and my children and I were now living in WA near my parents, and that first winter in our new house nearly froze us to death! Investigation showed there was no roof insulation.... sorted that. No-one provided double glazing at that time, so we bought insulating curtains for every room. Electric heaters were so expensive to run, so we installed a couple of gas convector heaters and had them on a timer. It was never going to be our cosy warm house from UK, but hey it was only for 3 or 4 months a year and not 8 months a year, so we went with it. I am still living in that house 30 years later. I have added to the roof insulation, I have installed insulated flooring, and I have installed a reverse cycle aircon unit for the living area that runs off the solar panels during the day. Double glazing is now available in WA, but is so expensive. However if I was in a position to build from new now, I would definitely go with it.
  3. Perhaps really personalise it with an amazingly brilliantly bright front door! My Godson, who lives in Margaret River, said that when they built their house, they didn't want to be the same as everyone else and kept the medium grey to the roof, gutters, front door, but painted the outside house walls a soft purple/dark mauve. It looks fabulous.
  4. Rossmoyne

    Missing the UK

  5. Rossmoyne

    Do you consider yourself Australian?

    I have dual nationality and until recently held both British and Australian passports. I was born in England and lived there until I was 18, when I spent 6 years travelling, ending up in Australia. I returned to UK and stayed there for 20 years until I emigrated to Australia 31 years ago. At that time I considered I was British but living in Australia. Then I was granted citizenship and my view has changed over the years, and with every visit back to UK, so that I now consider myself Australian. So much so that I have not bothered to renew my British passport. My children, now in their mid 30's, were 5 and 8 when we emigrated from UK. They both hold dual nationality, but only Australian passports, as that is what they consider themselves to be. My parents spent 50 years of their lives in Australia. Dad always considered he was an Australian from the first day he arrived. Mum was always fiercely "English" and always refused to be known as an Australian. Each to their own though.
  6. And that is India. Hygiene has never been a strong point there at all. What do they expect.
  7. I am seriously considering no flu vax this year. I have already decided that I won't be having a Covid Vac for a while as it is still in Tier 3 trials and a lot of people I know who have had it in UK, Canada and Oz have had issues, both Astravenica and Phizer. I live in WA and apart from the latest issue this weekend, we have no community transmission. I have no inclination to travel internationally, and my life is pretty locally based at the moment. However, if it means that I cannot travel to Queensland to visit with my son and family without it, that would be a different issue.
  8. I know that road well... guessing it was the road down into Ditchling .... I never rode my bike up or down that road, but I always respected those who did.
  9. Poor you Quoll. I hope you heal quickly. Falls happen so quickly even though it seems to happen in slow time as you experience it, it actually is pretty quick, and can be pretty nasty.
  10. Thanks Cal. I will look into them and see if they are in Perth.
  11. Thanks Jez. I am well into my 70's now and whilst I am healthy and active, I only have one functioning ear because of a tumour in one 20 years ago, that meant surgery had to remove everything that enabled me to hear, and subsequently it has affected my balance. I cant ride a bike any more sadly, and I am OK normally if I don't rush too much. The kitties are only 7 months old (rescued as they were dumped at my Vets at 3 weeks old) and bundles of mischief and a total delight to have in my life. So I forgive them! Great to hear about your Dad by the way!
  12. Thanks Cal. I am actually over 70... that was a typo! On the med thankfully... gotta love Arnica cream and Chiropractors!
  13. I have been absent for a while due to an accident where I redesigned my nose and my ribs, bruised and cut my knees and toes, and scored a whiplash injury. So my question to you all who are over 50 years of age is, are you as clumsy as me!? I just fell over on the patio trying to avoid my kitties having a play fight.... WTF!
  14. Rossmoyne

    The Official Weather Thread

    In Perth, I like Spring and Autumn the best. I love the cool nights so I can sleep without airconditioning churning away. And I love the cool mornings so I can sit outside in my PJ's and dressing gown and have my first cuppa with the Kitties in their Kingdom, Lab at my feet wondering what on earth they are being so energetic for! Lab and me then go for a walk before we start our day. In the summer, it is either Lab walk really early, or we just swim and play in the pool. He loves both, but really loves his nose sniffing times on walks, but so often the pavements are too hot either end of the day, so he misses out. Our walk tonight, that normally takes 20 minutes, was an hour long because of the Sniffaroo stuff going on!