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  1. Rossmoyne

    What Book are you reading??

    I have just read "The Pearl Thief" and absolutely loved it. Fiona McIntosh always writes a good novel, and this was no exception.
  2. Rossmoyne

    Bottler...Where are you???

    I had lunch with Bottler last week and she is firing on all cylinders. She is just having a lot of issues with logging on to PIO as there is apparently something happening that will only allow her to log on to see things, but not allow her to like and comment. Problem passed onto Admin and we hope it will work out well asap. Bottler is her usual amazingly lovely self, but friggin annoyed at no contact in PIO....
  3. Rossmoyne

    D Day Landings

    Bottler's Dad was in the Air Force and a fighter pilot in the D Day landings. Bottler's Dad was killed in this battle. Bottler is having issues with posting and liking posts on PIO at the moment... something that @Cerberus1 is now trying to fix. Because of your problem with not being able to post etc Bottler, I hope you are OK that I have posted for you. We all salute your Dad. xxxx
  4. Rossmoyne

    Bottler...Where are you???

    Bottler.... can you see this post? So why can't you comment? Might be a PIO thingy that happens now and again, but we miss you and your wit. xx
  5. Rossmoyne

    what are you doing right now?

    Thanks @rammygirl.... my house is so full of "stuff" that was my parents that I couldn't dispose of, but I am getting there. So much stuff of mine too that I squirrelled away. I am slowly getting there and I have 2 weeks to complete it all before the house renovation commences. I am happy to take general things to the Salvos, but there are a lot of antiques and collectables that I know are valuable, and finding somewhere to sell these is proving a problem. I have tried a few Facebook marketplace things this week that have not been a pleasant experience, so currently researching antique collectors local to me, on line. Also thinking maybe to keep these things aside and deal with them later when I am in a better head space and have the time.
  6. Rossmoyne

    what are you doing right now?

    Started.... finally.... I have to empty 4 rooms.... and have a few boxes packed now. The pile for the Salvos is growing in the garage, and I still have 3 and a half rooms to go!!!! I have always been a bit of a neat freek in my own house, but in the last 10 years, having to clear my parents house to sell after Dad died, clearing my Mum's place after she died last year, has been a bit of a block in many ways. But I have started at last. Why do we all keep so much "stuff"!!!!???? Thanks everyone for the mental kick up the wotsit that I needed! Meeting up with Bottler in a couple of days, and I just know that she will put her riding boots on and give me a shove too!
  7. Rossmoyne

    what are you doing right now?

    Yep know that.... started to accummulate the boxes I need and have packed a few......
  8. Rossmoyne

    what are you doing right now?

    Procrastinating... which seems to be something I do a lot recently. I have to seriously declutter and sort out every cupboard in my house as I have new flooring being installed within a month and I have to move all the furniture, but I cannot get myself motivated to get on with it. Someone give me a boot up the rear end please and say something that will get me motivated!!!
  9. I have been off travelling and catching up with my son on the other side of Australia.... so love my Queensland holidays.... and I decided this time to have a holiday with no social media! So relaxing just to chat to family and friends and not feel the pressure to be online all the time. I certainly recommend it.
  10. Rossmoyne


    I voted.... I wouldn't waste that part of democracy that was hard fought for by my ancesters. I thank everyone who contributed to my question and thread. I was travelling for three weeks after I posted it and am only just now reading the replies. Just so you know, I pre-polled before I left WA on my travels, and I am happy with my below the line voting.
  11. Rossmoyne


    Never! My Great Gran was a Suffrogette and she would haunt me forever!
  12. Rossmoyne

    Unpopular opinion, but....

    Sorry I have no idea what GAFA means.
  13. Rossmoyne

    Unpopular opinion, but....

    I am not a city girl now (but a 70 year old senior living in suburbia). I have travelled and lived in cities all over the world, from 3rd world countries, Europe, UK and Australia, and loved them all for the time I was there. Before we moved to Australia, in UK we lived in a small rural town in West Sussex and I loved everything about it and could have lived there for ever on our little acre. However we ended up in Perth. It took me years to get used to seeing into my neighbours windows from our windows, and to hear all their arguments and tv etc. But I am used to that now. However I just love getting out into Oz and embracing the big wild world it has to offer, as much as I did living in rural England. I love the wide open spaces in WA, and I love the Hinterland in Queensland and hiking in the National Parks. And when I go back to UK, I love spending time in the small villages, the National Trust properties and Gardens. Everywhere has a special something for everyone.... I just take what I can from where I am and I can never say which is better. All these places and living in them and enjoying them, is what made me.... so I just enjoy them all and am grateful that I am still physically well enough to enjoy them yet again on my travels. I can't judge that one is better than the other... they are all just good for me when I am physically there and experiencing them.
  14. Rossmoyne


    But at least he isnt quite as feral as Shortarse..... Lets face it, one of the big two is going to get in, and I distrust ScoMo less than I do Shortarse. Personally I just think that we need someone with vision and no invested interest involved in politics, but that will never happen. Just don't get me started on Turdbull and his tosser of a son and their dummy spits!