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  1. Hey Stace... good to see you on here... enjoy your holiday in Venice and I hope the flat turns out OK....
  2. Rossmoyne

    what are you doing right now?

    I visited Mont Clere Castle when I was last in England in 2015.... a beautiful place. Enjoy!!
  3. Rossmoyne

    Isis schoolgirl wants to return to UK

    Unfortunately I have a feeling you may be right.
  4. What a warm day in Perth today! 29C at my place at 2pm and still 24C at 5.15pm. Cold wet and stormy though on the forcast... just so we don't get complacent and think that spring is imminent!
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I have been thinking about travelling that route on my next trip over, so it was helpful.
  6. There is no god and this pedophile has been yet again brought to justice.
  7. So what if Prince George likes Ballet! Ballet dancers are supreme athletes. But apart from that, everyone should be allowed to do whatever they want and what makes them happy.
  8. Guessing you flew into Perth then. If so was it a good flight and were you happy with no stop along the way. I have to go back to UK next year unfortunately and have been thinking about the direct route with no stops. I would be interested to hear your comments.
  9. Thanks Toots. It has been incredibly stressful time... Enjoying my time back on PIO....
  10. I don't know, it just appeared.... clever eh?
  11. IKNOWCB...... I think I am finally finding my "new normal" and getting back into life after my Mum passing. The past year has been a strangemixture of horrid, thinking I am doing OK, then not giving a toss about anything, and having to fight with brother and his narcisistic wife over Mum's Estate as I was Executor and they felt they were owed more than half which contravened the Will. The first anniversary has been and gone last week, and I am trying to get get back to some form of normal.... so hard when Mum was in my daily life and I miss her immensely. But I am getting there and starting to get back on PIO for a social media fix, and I am enjoying my gardening and friends too. Whoever coined the phrase "you are stuck with family, but can choose your friends who become family", was so right!
  12. Rossmoyne

    I Just Need To Get This Off My Chest,

    Vent away.... we all need a place to let off steam, especially about something as horrid as this, so if it helps you, just continue..... I too have a very dear friend now in palliative care and I am sooooo angry at the injustice of it as she is one of the world's most beautiful, caring and generous people, and meanwhile my selfish, narcisistic bitch of a sister in law who is friendless and ugly inside, continues to strut healthily and nastily through life.
  13. Rossmoyne

    The Good Life

    Pronounciation correct Bobj.... apparently the company was started by German migrants way back when.
  14. Rossmoyne

    The Good Life

    Theiss Engineering is still a big organisation in Queensland on the mining scene at Dysart with the Lake Vermont Venture especoially.
  15. Rossmoyne

    Jeffrey Epstein Dead.

    Clintonocide? Or maybe spirited away for facial plastic surgery and a new life?