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Found 10 results

  1. How long is the waiting time for citizenship ceremony from City of Casey (Victoria)? I got my approval 4 months ago but yet to get invited for the ceremony.
  2. Hi - I live on the Sunny Coast. Had test on 10th June (100%) and immi account changed to approved on 7th August. Happy days!!! Questions 1. How long until you receive a note in the post re the approval and next steps? I know that comms do not come via immi account once approved which seems strange? 2. How long before we hear about ceremony dates? Any one have any similar experience? Thanks Andy
  3. Hello Everyone Could Hume City Members comment on this forum as to how long after Approval we have to wait for ceremony? Kindly Share your timeline Thanks
  4. sai bandi

    Ceremony time frame!!!!

    Hi all, hope everyone doing great. I finished my test today and got the approval with in 30 min. Not sure how many days it will take for the ceremony!! Anyone from WA waiting for there ceremony invite?? Thanks for any help guys. All the best with your application's.
  5. Got approved for Australian citizenship back in Feb 2020 and am currently overseas outside of Australia. Do you need to be onshore to be invited to a ceremony? I know you have to be onshore to be approved but wondering if this is the case for the ceremony as well.
  6. pharmacist2007

    Citizenship Processing

    Hi Everyone , Sry if I'm new to this , so not sure how it really works but any information is really appreciated I applied for my citizenship on 30/11/2017, got their notice for the exam, and it was on 11/3/2019 and passed, now pending the approval, any idea how long that can take, I live at bayside council, Sydney. Thanks heaps and good luck for everyone
  7. Hi Guys, We are getting set to return to UK and was really hoping for the August citizenship ceremony but it looks like that's not going to happen, next one is Tues10th Oct. My question is, how quickly can we get our Aussie passports after the ceremony? Urgently need to head back as mum is unwell. I am thinking, make a passport interview appointment on Weds 11th at the PO and ask for an express service which should mean we can collect our passports from Brissy on Monday16th October? Would anyone have any advice for me, Many thanks
  8. ajs604

    Citizenship ceremony

    Just thought I would add a comment on the citizenship ceremony. A friend of mine from Eypt became an Australian citizen last night officially. Having lived here for 5 years with the last 14 months being a permanent resident he finally made his pledge. I was fortunate enough to be invited - having known him for approx 2 years we have become good friends. I thought the ceremoney was very well run - they had 3 officials in attendance including a member of Vic police. I felt a bit embarrassed when we were all asked to stand and sing the Australian anthem (the citizenship candidates all had cards with the words on), as i did not know all the words lol. Still the whole thing was very well done. They also gave him a tree which he is supossed to plant in the garden so he can watch it blossom as he does. I think it has made me realise I will become naturalised as soon as I can which will be another 2 years of yet! Still good expereince and recommend it to anyone thinking of doing it!
  9. Lynne S

    Citizenship Ceremony

    Hi everyone, I posted a couple of weeks ago 'When to call it a day', we have since decided that we are definitely heading back, thank you to everyone who gave us helpful and constructive advice, it really did help although I know everyones personel experience is different. We have however, also decided that we are first going to get our citizenship - which we can apply for on 1st Dec this year, what I would really like to know is, has anyone in Perth recently applied and attended a citizenship ceremony? I'm trying to roughly work out how long the whole process will take, as we need to get our eldest son back into school as soon as possible because he will be in year 10. The government website is quoting between 3 - 6 months, but apparently it depends on different states? I first thought we could leave as soon as we sat the test, but after ringing to speak to government office, they advised against going anywhere until we had recieved our certificate at the citizenship ceremony? and we would have to have very good reason to be put on the urgent list. So if anyone could give me an idea, I would be extremely grateful thank you. :notworthy:
  10. nik_kershaw

    Citizenship Ceremony

    Has anyone done the one in Canberra, and how do you get to do the one in the National Capital and have the PM shake your hand etc? I live very close to Canberra and in a few years would like to do it in Canberra, how do you go about doing this one etc? Do I need to prepare for it now?