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  1. Hi Chris, My Hub wrote the post, he works there. The shift pattern is great 6 on & 6 off & usually lots of opportunity for OT too to get more $ ! They are a really great company to work for :biggrin: Good luck with whatever you decide on X
  2. Chris, there is an AME job advertised on SEEK.COM with Cobham at Perth domestic airport. I have been meaning to come on here for a couple of weeks now to let people know the job will be coming soon. I work for Cobham as an AME, the money isn't the best on the airport, but it is the best shift pattern (10 hr shifts, mornings, afternoons and nights, 6 on - 6 off :biglaugh:) Working on B717, BAe 146 and Dash-8. Hope this helps. Al
  3. Cazz

    Work in Perth

    Well good luck Hun, if not something will come up I'm sure. Keep in touch & good luck with the move, Nov will soon come round!!! X
  4. Cazz

    Work in Perth

    Hi, Hubs is also unlicensed, hence really why it took so long. All jobs advertised were for licensed engineers but you do get the odd AME jobs too. There are lots of different companies here as you have the international & the domestic & then there is jandacot too which is all smaller planes & helicopters & is very busy! A few good sites you could look on are http://www.seek.com.au , http://www.westjobs.com.au , http://www.jobswest.com.au , http://www.macrorecruitment.com.au . Good luck Hun, I'm sure something will come up. Hubs has just told me China Southern at Jandacot are after people at the moment, it's being advertised on Seek! X
  5. Cazz

    Work in Perth

    Hi, I'm afraid I'm not to well up on schools Hun. My son was 16 when we moved here & went to TAFE instead of going to school. It really depends on, if you want to be North or South of the river, what work you do, & what you call affordable Hun! Let me know a few more details & I will try & help. X
  6. Cazz

    Visa granted!!!

    Mahoosive Congrats! All the very best of luck with all your future plans X
  7. Cazz

    G'day lovers :D

    Hi Paul , glad you're still enjoying yourself. Thought we hadn't heard from you in a while, now we know why!!! Thanks for the vid, it looks absolutely amazing up there. Can't wait until we get the chance to go up there for a break. Keep the vids coming, we always look forward to your posts. Take care Hun X
  8. Cazz

    WA, NT and tropical QLD road trip :)

    Hi Paul, We did the treetop walk in Walpole a few months back it was fab. We stayed in Pemberton in the middle of the Karri tree forest, it was really beaut. Don't fancy the holiday accommodation much!!! LOL. Enjoy your journey X
  9. Cazz

    WA, NT and tropical QLD road trip :)

    Good luck Paul, we always look forward to your posts. Stay safe & have a fab time. X
  10. Cazz

    Woo hoo

    Mahoosive congrats. Good luck with all your future plans X
  11. Mahoosive congrats & good luck with all your plans X
  12. Cazz

    Short Term Rental Perth

    Hi , Have a look on http://www.holidaylettings .co.uk , http://www.aussiemove.com , http://www.lets-perth.com , http://www.rent-a-home.com.au, you could also have a look on gum tree. Good luck with all your plans X
  13. Cazz

    OMG!!! we got our visa

    Mahoosive Congrats & good luck with all your plans X
  14. Cazz

    Crazy Dons.........discount food

    Thanks Tony , I'll have another look X:biggrin:
  15. Hi, We're in Meadow Springs on the outskirts of Mandurah, feel free to get in touch when you arrive & we can sort something out. Good luck with the move. X