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Found 70 results

  1. Ok here's the deal--I've been hearing a lot about bad drivers in Aus--by bad I mean people who show very little courtesy to other drivers. This I think is very much evident and distressing for those coming from the Uk because we as a nation love to follow rules and generally are very courteous on the roads(I'm sure people who live in cities like Birmingham may have a different story to say)--it almost gives us pleasure to give way for others, to wave back to those who've done us a good turn, and so on.( actually I sometimes give way just to get me in a good mood :laugh:--call it feel good factor or something) So actually I've been thinking for a while that we need to design a poster sticker--you know the kind that says Dogs are for life not just for Christmas--well that kind of thing!You get the gist I hope. So if we were to design such a sticker the aim would be that we distribute it amongst ourselves--anyway there are tons of brits out there who are used to the way things are here----back to the point---the sticker should be cheerful and say something that would make the guy behind you smile as well as think as well as encourage him to give way more. So lets try to be inventive...it might just work you know!
  2. Hi Everyone, This is my first post; My Wife Son and I are flying to Sydney on the 9th of November. We booked the flights yesterday :biggrin: I have 4 year sponsored visa. I Need advice?? Has anyone had any experience shipping off road bikes/quads to OZ? I did intend on shipping everything we have out, but as times gone on we have decided to just sell pretty much everything we have and start fresh once we are out there. The only thing I really really really do not want to leave/sell is my Suzuki Enduro Bike. The current UK RRP: is around six thousand and its a 2010 model only a few month old, has no lights etc and looks like a dirt bike, so I am hoping I wont get hit with the same various taxes and costs when shipping a road registered bike. (I also have a 2010 Yamaha YZF-R1, but after a bit of a google it seems to be none cost effective to ship, as it’s only three month old) I was considering stripping the off road bike into parts and sending it all in boxes maybe along with some house hold stuff (furniture, kids’ toys mtb's etc) Any ideas?? Thanks. BAZ.
  3. Hi guys! Really feel like a night out. Anyone like to join me? This Tapas bar is really good and a lovely place to meet new people. Let me know if this sounds good and I can book it for a Saturday night in November. My daughter, who works there has just reminded me that on a Sunday there is live music. That might be an option. :jiggy: Look forward to hearing from you all. Kitty. :wub:
  4. Ok folks, i have to get from Townsville to Melbourne in about 3 and a bit days....whats the best route? Thats pronounced 'rowt' by the way, not 'root'......two completely different meanings in 'Stralian:confused:
  5. Hiya guys, hubby has come home clutching a note tonight that may help one of you,,, the owner of a company he is doing some work for has given him this and is asking if i can post on here that he has vacanicies for,,, Plant operators,,,in brackets it says (stabiliser machines) or Truck drivers ,,,,(presume to drive the machnies around ???) anyone qualified in these trades and requiring more infomation on work,please PM me for the guys email adress/contact details.This company is based on the Gold Coast but works throughout Australia building roads. Cal x
  6. BritChickx

    Albany, WA

    - Frenchmans Bay Road in Albany has The Gap, The Natural Bridge and a Blowhole We checked this out when in the area, very cool! - Whale World - exhibitions of whale hunting and was the place where whale hunting and butchering took place.
  7. Just been listening to 'Abbey Road.' How did they do it? All those songs, crammed into seven years, always changing and surging ahead. You are lucky to get three or four CD's from an artist in the same time now? Fair enough, each CD is like a double album! Funny, but WS FM is playing Sgt Pepper/With A Little Help From My Friends now. Of course, being a commercial FM station with its strict playlist, it's the ONLY songs they play from SGT PEPPER. Three songwriters, four if you include Ringo's two? songs, four vocalists. I'm sure Ringo wrote another song other than Octupus's Garden? On the White Album maybe?
  8. I drove out to my brother's place at Picnic Point about 1130. Quite an interesting route - Cleveland St, left into City Road, right into ?Missenden? Road pass RPH- does it become Salisbury Road to Stanmore then along the rail line and left into ?Crystal? St and right into New Canterbury Road. It's interesting to see how the suburbs change the further out you get. I fancy living everywhere until about Dulwich Hill. Once past Canterbury, Lakemba, Wiley Park I lose interest. I thought it would be cool so put a black cardigan on then I felt hot but could not risk taking it off because I had a short sleeved shirt on and did not want to get burnt. And it wasn't even a particularly HOT day either and not even summer yet. And bushfires in The Blue Mountains (and elsewhere?) Was The Hume Highway closed for a while? And I think I saw a Black snake in the bush (definitely something black and nasty slithering away anyway!) Came back into the city and on to Double Bay via the M5 & Eastern Distributor - thank God the traffic is all going the other way. After my swim, my car would not start and had to get the NRMA out - something wrong with the starter motor.
  9. Elsewhere, someone was criticising two of Sydney's 'gems'! Well, nobody would ever call Parra Road pretty but it is Sydney's historic route to Parrmatta, going back over two hundred years now. I would never enjoy driving it in the rush hour but outside of that it's not unpleasant to travel and you certainly get to see a lot of Sydney. I think you'll find that all the big cities have their own version too. Redfern? I used to say that I would not venture there after dark without an armed guard but it has much changed over the last few years. There were always some pleasant historic terrace-lined streets - George and Pitt - the same George & Pitt in the CBD - and the narrow streets in between. You can't beat a location so close to the City and to Sydney Uni & Technology Park. I got off the train one Friday night about 9pm, stopped for a meal in Redfern Street, then carried on walking back to Surry Hills. There's a new & trendy little quarter around the corner of Chalmers & Redfern Sts - pubs, cafes, restaurants. I often do my supermarket shopping at Woolies opposite Redferen Oval beacause it's the one supermarket where I can park right outside the shop. Maybe I just look at Sydney through those rose-coloured binoculars and I'm looking from the wrong end. I've said it before - it's Australia's 'Big Apple'!
  10. Hey!! I'm currently in Perth but leaving in 6 weeks to make my way to Melbourne. Looking for tips for travelling along the south coast and also does anyone en route fancy meeting up with a lonely wee traveller?! I just turned 30 in may and travelling round oz on my own hoping to have the time of my life. My first few months here didn't go to plan but things are on track and I'd love to meet more people all over oz! Hope to year from you :-) Paula
  11. Soooo a few people mentioned the idea of running a thread of my latest travels as a kinda diary/blog, sooo here it is, still not convinced anyone really wants to hear me witter on about my travels but rather than sticking random threads up with pictures etc i'll just update this thread instead. Now going to shut the laptop down and get an early night, tomorrow i'll be doing the drive from where i am now in grass patch western australia to a place called margaret river wa, got a cabin booked there for a couple of nights so day after tomorrow will be the exploring and pictures day
  12. well we have decided to come over there again for a month next year and this time instead of flying from sydney to brisbane we thought we would take a little road trip from sydney upto gympie where we will use my old mans place as a base to run out of. Qs. motorhome or car and hotels? Good places to stop as going to make it about ten days? Is the pacific highway safe (two kids to worry about)
  13. PaulTerriMojo

    Sydney - Melbourne Coast Road Drive

    Hello Folks. We are going on our Reccie next week (yikes!!!:biggrin:) where we will be stamping our visas, and looking at areas to settle (melbourne area). On our trip however, we will be having 5 days in Sydney, then the idea was to hire a car and drive down the coast road to Melbourne, with a possible stop overnight half way (possibly Canberra??). The thing is, we have no idea how long this is likely to take. So the question is, does anyone out there have any idea on how long this will realistically take, and of course, any tips and things not to miss along the way would be very welcome! thanks in advance! Paul.
  14. Hello, Me and my family are looking for a better life for us and our kids. I am a qualified NVQ road rail machine trainer operator. Would anyone know where we should start first?
  15. Gazbaz1

    Off Road Bikes

    Evening All Can I have some help on the following please: Me & my son have off road motorbikes & if we were to move out to Oz I would like to take them with us. Does anybody know if this would be possible, the costs involved and would I have to register them in Oz. Regards
  16. Brisbane2010

    Which road to take?

    Hello there, This is my second time posting question related to prospective marriage visa. Things still seem to be so confusing. Here is my situation: I used to be a Masters student of an Australian university where I met my boyfriend as a classmate. In 2010, I finished my degree and had to leave as requested by the scholarship contract. As I could not return to Australia for 2 years, my boyfriend flew over to visit me in my country in May, 2011 and is planning to come back in January next year. As my contract with the scholarship is going to conclude in August 2012, we need to be prepared for the next phase of me coming back to Australia so that we can start a life together. There are 3 options available: 1. Get married in my country, which would be very complicated with a lot of paper works and annoying issues, and then apply for a spouse visa offshore. 2. Apply for a prospective marriage visa from my country. However, we do not have many strong evidences for our relationship as we mostly contact through skype and mobile phones. What we have had are photos, emails (mostly of the previous time only), and itineraries for domestic flights of his recent trip with our names on. Our families have already known about this relationship and are fully supporting us. 3. Apply for a tourist visa to go to Australia, get married there and then apply for a spouse visa. Yet, I am worried about the risk of taking this option. Apart from the proofs of the relationship, my boyfriend's financial condition remains a problem as well. He has just graduated from a Masters course and is striving to find a job. He used to work part-time for a library but his working time has been reduced a lot and not been well scheduled. I was told by some people that he needs to submit an evidence of at least three months working full time and a saving account proving that he can support me when I live there, which he has not had yet. We really wish to start a life together as soon as possible but things seem to be quite hard for us. Fingers crossed. Your advices would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Guest

    its a long road to perth!

    hi all, i'm new to the site and thought i would add a post to see if i could gain any advise. i have wanted to move to perth years ago! i'm a single parent to 2 boys, 4 and 5 years. i have been studying accounting for the last 3 years, my final exams are within weeks! then i am 1 years work experience away from applying for visa. in that year i will be applying to courts for permission to take the boys as well as saving, saving, saving. is there much more i can do at this time?? I have visited perth and seen my best friend and her family so i have visited schools and areas i would love to live, my mum knows people in her company to help with job interviews when there. how much will i need to save for when i get out there? is it very hard to apply for a visa without an agent? any advise would b grateful thank you!!:smile:
  18. Harpersgirl

    Road trip!

    Hubby has a week off during the school holidays so we're thinking of heading up to Coral Bay with a couple of stopovers on the way. Thinking of Cevantes for the Pinnacles and then maybe Monkey Mia? Can anyone recommend any nice kid friendly campsites along the way? Or any other sights or experiences you feel might add to the holiday? :notworthy:
  19. B1K3R

    Road rage in oz

    I consider myself as someone who is very careful on the road, try to obey the rules to the max of my knowledge and always try to respect other fellow drivers. Unfortunately, since I am new to oz and don't always know my way around, get lost or confused at times, I make little mistakes. And they are little indeed, nothing major. I've never in my life got so many middle fingers, swearing attacks and at times even some dangerous manouvre as a revenge! Wow, is it only my impression, or intollerance coupled with insults is a popular culture on the Ozzie streets? Last weekend. I was in a car park and reversed 1 foot stopping immediately when I noticed this other guy coming. He stopped, got out and started swearing at me. My wife and daughter were in car and were shocked. Now I'm not a small guy and when I got out of the car, he kinda left. Thank God I'm a very calm and loving guy, but I'm really surprised at this frequent attitude. On the freeway....at 110 km and they still push you and tailgate....I change lane and then they slow down...wtf! Its like they have fun putting stress on ye. Anyway, have my observations been right or am I exaggerating here? Maybe after all I am a dumb driver... Cheers B!K3R
  20. cluster13

    It's been a very long road !!!

    But after approaching migration from a difficult angle. Spending what seems like a huge amount of money and getting RSI from all the forms we have filled in......... We have it !!! As of today we are perm residents I know I have not contributed as much as I should have in recent months ( life does take over abit once you start living in this beautiful country) and I promos to try a bit harder from here on. We would have found it a damn site harder getting this far without the help and support of some of the users of this site. Especially during the early years ! The last 9 months have seen so much change but we are settled in a wonderful part of Sydney. Both working in jobs we enjoy and Maddie settled into school and doing well. Today's news means that we are free to stay and can realy start to think of OZ as home I hope you all get to live your dreams like I have.
  21. sm79

    St Kilda Road & Commute

    Hi, Heading out to Melbourne early April and been looking around at short-term accomodation for approx. 1 month to settle in and find a rental. I have found a short-term/holiday rental that, although basic, seems reasonably priced. It is located just off St. Kilda Road, close to Albert Park etc. I was just wondering if the low price is an indication that this isn't the best area to be staying in??? (should probably mention we are a couple in our late 20's/early 30's) Also, I will be working in Cheltenham...google maps tells me that this will be a 23 minute drive. Does this seem accurate for rush hour travel? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers
  22. Dunwa

    The start of a long road.

    Hi there, just a quick introduction before the questions start flying. My wife and I are just getting stared in the planning and info gathering stage for our application. We’re currently looking at the 175 and 475 routes right now. With regards to background we’re both 37, for myself: Senior Systems Analyst 16 Years experience Prince 2 Practitioner BA (Hons) Business Studies. ..and my wife Management Accountant 16 Years Experience CIMA qualified BA (Hons) Business Studies. We also have 2 kids, 6 & 1 to throw into the mix. We’re going to a couple of trade fairs with companies that are sponsoring and recruiting so fingers crossed as hopefully that will be the easiest & quickest route in. If that fails then we’re going down the 175 Skilled Migrant route. Any advice, pointers or words of support would be greatly appreciated. We’re both very positive right now but realise that it’s a long slog ahead of us. :notworthy:
  23. Hi, Just as the title says really, does anyone know if theres a visa available for guys who work on the road or are construction team leaders? i've had a quick scan and it seems to be there are visas for people more involved with the design and planning? Cheers :-)
  24. Hi everyone, meself and my girlfriend are going to be spending 10 days travelling from melbourne to adelaide via the great ocean road. the aim is to drive and camp on the free sites. Can anyone provide any suggestions on places to visit things to do etc? or even camping locations. Any help would be beneficial as i am sure some of you have found some awesome places on your travels. I look forward to hearing from you all!!
  25. Hi, I'm a french student (of 25 years), i'm looking for people for travelling in February to April from Sydney to Melbourne or Adélaïde. I would like to perfect my english and i can learn you french in exchange. So if you want make the same trip than me and have fun, please contact me for any information i'll enjoy to speak with you. cheers! Stephane