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  1. Hi, What is the rule for transferring funds from France to Oz from the sale of our house? Will we be able to do this without any tax implications? Is there a certain amount of time where we can bring it across without paying any extra tax? Its just one big mind field!!! Thank you for any advice, Cheers
  2. We have lived in France for 10 years now and are in the process of selling our house and moving to Australia. Its only taken 3 1/2 years to get this far but am trying to arrange shippers at the moment and we are off to pastures new in May! Can't wait, its finally happening for us! A few years back there were quite a few of us moving from France, but I think we are the only ones left here now! (But not for much longer!) Anyone else living or left France? Would be good to see how you are getting on with the process. Tasha:wubclub:
  3. I am in the process of getting quotes for shipping but am getting different information from each of the two shippers I have been in touch with. One says that we will have to pay a "bond" of $400 to the company in Perth which is not included in the packers fees, but the other company does not know what I am talking about when I mentioned it to them!? So, can anyone tell me what the process is for shipping, so far I gather that; * the shippers will come and pack and give us some forms to fill in regarding what we are taking and we have to provide our passports and visas. * the container will then take approx 35 days to arrive in Perth and 7 - 10 days in customs. After this I am getting confused... * The container then is inspected by customs randomly and if inspected an inspection fee is paid of about $120 and if container needs fumigating this would cost about $300. OR * A "bond" of $400 is to be paid directly to the company receiving the container which is for an inspection fee and this is compulsory. What part of the above is AQIS?:GEEK: I would appreciate any help from anyone who has gone through this process. Thanks Tasha:wubclub:
  4. Thanks for your replies. I am normally such an organised person but lately seem to be loosing my way, what with kids on 2 weeks hols, house to be sorted and sold, shipping to be organised my brain is mush at the moment. :wub: So any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. :wubclub:
  5. I am now starting the awful process of clearing out paperwork before we make the move in May... Q. What do I keep, what do I need and what do I throw away? Feel like I am going round and round in circles... I have lots of business documents, bank statements etc and not sure if I should bring them with us, or chuck em out?! For those of you who have already made the move, did you need originals or were scanned documents ok? How long should original bank statements and receipts be kept for? Whats essential and whats not? What documents did you take in your suitcase? We are on the 175 permanent residency visa and we will be doing all the obvious stuff like opening bank accounts, renting cars, buying cars, finding a house rental, medicare, setting up bills, getting mobile contracts, tax... bla bla bla... Thanks for any helpful advice! Tasha
  6. Taz2008

    Car Hire Recommendations (Perth & Brisbane)

    Hi guys. How's it going? Not been on here much lately but saw your post and thought I would say hi. I see you are getting plans sorted. Are you still going to qld or are you checking out wa with the possibility of changing? We have our flights booked for wa leaving in may but my hubby might be going earlier now as not much work for him here at the moment. Good luck with your plans. Tasha
  7. Taz2008

    Blue/White card ~ Where to get one?

    Well done. How was it? Where did he do it in the end?
  8. Taz2008

    Last Christmas in the uk?

    We started our process in October 2008 and jumped through so many hoops and jumped over many hurdles dealing with so many changes to the immigration process and each year we said to ourselves... "this will be our last winter here and our last Christmas!" but it never actually happened as our application always seemed to get put to the back of the queue when new changes happened! I can happily say now that this time... it definitely is our last winter and last Christmas here! We have our visa and we now have one way tickets to WA booked and paid for for May 2012... BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:jiggy:
  9. Taz2008

    Blue/White card ~ Where to get one?

    Hi Kelly My cousin is on holiday so cant get the info from her, but i had a quick look on line and found this site; http://www.paragontraining.com.au They are based in Perth and it only costs $15 as you get a $50 rebate. You get the card the same day too. This was the sort of place my cousin was talking about to me which is why Gary is not doing his before we go and he will wait and do it when we get there. Hope it helps xxx
  10. Taz2008

    Blue/White card ~ Where to get one?

    Hi Kelly My cousin told me it was best to do it at a centre in Perth as you can claim some money back against taxes and its also cheaper than online. I will try and get hold of her and find out for you. Tasha x
  11. Hi We have just booked our one way flights with Singapore airlines for a family of 5. Can anyone advise me on travel insurance. I have not been on holiday for such a long time. As we live in France our holidays are always back to the UK and we never take out insurance. We will be flying out from the UK but I have not got a clue who to ask and if a special insurance is needed due to the extra luggage taken, and it being one way etc! Any suggestions would be great, Thanks Tasha:wubclub:
  12. Taz2008

    one way flights

    When I contacted them their price was more expensive than the quote I had from Singapore airlines. They said we would be better off booking direct with Singapore airlines as they don't have an agreement with them and their prices were more expensive with emirates - so its always worth checking direct with the airlines too. We have also got 40kg on baggage too - flying out 24 May 2012....:biggrin:
  13. Taz2008

    Better education - UK or Australia?

    Hey Julie I worry about the same thing as my two girls, just turned 7 and 9, are in the same situation as your little one, but my feelings are that they will soon catch up... if need be I am sure the school would provide extra help to get them to catch up with the others. I just think that, as Australia is full of immigrants, they must be geared up for dealing with all sorts of nationalities and different levels for each new child that arrives at their school. Kids adapt quickly and I know from experience that helping my kiddies with their French homework and grammar drives me nuts. It must be so much easier for us to help them when its all going to be in English!!! So try not to worry too much. Tasha x