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Found 41 results

  1. I'm not going to gloat because it could have gone either way but it is nice not to expect to lose when we play them. Going to a pub where you can watch your team play is a brilliant way of socialising. One of the couples I know there brought another couple with them (not Spurs fans) and they said they had the best time since they arrived in January! Nearly 5.30 time to get to bed!
  2. Forty years since Glam appeared??? What was the first glam single? Ride A White Swan? I've got more Sweet, then T Rex singles than Slade, then Mud. (am I allowed to mention G*** G******?)
  3. keith056

    Woo hoo

    Wooo hoooo Kelly just got the email we have been waiting for VISA GRANTED Now the fun begins anybody want to buy a house
  4. Hi Sue, Hope you read this soon, James has got his Partner Visa, came through last Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see you in Feb to validate. See you soon hun. xxx (bennyboy):hug::biggrin::cool:
  5. GavCar

    Visa Granted! Woo Hoo!

    Hi everyone! I haven't been on here for ages because I have been spending a lot of time on Poms in Adelaide (as we have SA state sponsorship) & have been updating a couple of timelines too. Anyway, we got our visa granted today! Sooo happy & excited! Really feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. :jiggy: Miss coming on here so will be able to come on here more often now - have loads to catch up on! :hug: Cara x :wubclub:
  6. Guest

    WOO HOO IELT results!!!!!!

    hi everyone just thought i got to share my news!!! Got my ielts test results yesterday, was praying for at least 7's to start the ball rolling with my anmac skills assessment. I actually got : listening 8 reading 8 writing 8.5 speaking 9 overall 8.5 in the academic version, i cannot believe it as really did not feel confident afterwards at all!!!! :laugh:
  7. Well as the title says we got accepted fot SA state sponsorship today! woo hoo! :jiggy: I don't think I've ever been so excited about something! It means we can stop saying 'if' we go and 'hopefully' etc we are going to Oz. Go Matilda have already filled in the draft visa forms, we've just got to send them back with the payment forms & documents and then we're just waiting for the CO! Never dared to imagine even getting this far and at last it feels real! Sorry haven't been on here for ages but just been checking poms in adelaide every day on the state sponsorship thread. Felt like things were on hold until we could get ss and didnt want to plan things. Really looking forward to catching up with everyone again. Cara xxx :hug:
  8. GaryandGillDublin

    Woo - hoo we got co !!!

    Can't believe it. Got an email from our agent to tell us we have a case officer. Can't believe it ...:biggrin: x
  9. This is it guys. We have finally sorted our Visa and we are off to Hoppers Crossing(Melbourne) Jan 2011. Finally the recession is over, my 457 sponsor still wants to employ me, so now is the time. Got knowhere to stay yet, not sure which suburb to find rented accomadation does you have any suggestions. I have to be around Hoppers Crossing. :yes: We are all so excited xx
  10. the dougans

    We got visa woo hoo !!!

    Hi we got visa so excited we leaving 29th july to brisbane . Cant wait good luck to everyone that waiting!!!!!
  11. Greetings all, We had an account on here a while ago but it dissapeared so now we have started another, so an introduction , Myself i am jonny have been granted a migrant subclass 100 visa with my wife (Donna) as my sponsor , Welsh born she used to live in Perth as a child been been living in England for the last 12 years we have 2 children Imani and Saffron aged 4 and 1 , so i got my visa through friday and we are off next Monday to Brisbane, managed to get a place in the Samford valley for a couple of weeks to start with , with the option of turning this into a long term rental. but i think we may live up the sunshine coast or in the hinterlands. So super excited we are all extatic see you wednesday Australia !
  12. fossda

    woo hoo maybe .......

    .....the dream is on again!!! As a fossilised nurse qualified in 1994 without a degree or dipolma, just good old fashioned nurse training and 16 years of NHS hard graft!! I have spent the last few days in mourning and buckets of tears after APHRA announced they would only be registering overseas nurses with a degree or diploma. I emailed them several times but still no reply so called them tonight and after a long conversation with an english male nurse on the other line, he says my training is fine and will be no problem as I am a level 1 RGN - HURRAH :jiggy:am so pleased but will not believe it until registration is through - still on 90 days for overseas applications
  13. Que Sera Sera

    Woo Hoo Matts got a job

    Sooo happy Matt has been offered a job and two more are interested. Its taken a huge weight off our mind. Cannot wait to get there now.:jiggy:
  14. We woke up this morning to find that our status had changed to "applicant approved" when we checked the 'visa entitlement details' it had all the info for our 457 visa!!! It feels like all our Christmases have come at once! I just cant believe it!!:eek:I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all on PIO, we have used this site almost every day to guide us through this challenging process!! (We didnt use an agent)We simply would not have known what to do if it was not for this site so THANK YOU ALL!!!!:notworthy: The big question is, now what do we do???Are we supposed to print the details or wait for an official email or letter? We hope to book our flights today and leave for Melbourne in the next couple of weeks (I'm supposed to be starting work on the 2nd Feb!!) I'm sorry if this sounds like a silly question but we are shell shocked and havent the slightest idea what to do next!! Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated!! thanks a million! Love Jade and David.xx P.S. HERES OUR ROUGH TIMELINE: Jan 09-Decided to go for it! Mar 09- Job offer May 09- Skills/qualifications assessed with APS July 09- Submitted Registration with Victoria Reg Board Oct 09- Registration approved Nov 09- Visa Nomination submitted Dec 09- Visa nomination approved 21 Dec 09-457 E-Visa submitted 15 Jan 2010-E-Visa GRANTED!!!
  15. Guest

    Got 'im, woo hoo!

    Just wanted to let everyone know my fiance was granted his prospective marriage visa (300) today! So glad! :yes: We applied 23 Sept, so it's taken around 8 weeks. I'm 99% positive it took this long because we had a near incompetent CO - she went on leave two days ago and what do you know, we got the visa! Just booked our flights - we get into Sydney on 14 Jan 2010! Yaaaay! Extra glad because otherwise my Big Day Out tickets would have gone to waste, but now we can enjoy them! Thanks to all who listened to my complaining and replied to my posts on this site. :biggrin:
  16. Guest

    We got it!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

    Oh Yeah! Last Thursday we got the fantastic phone call from our agent to tell us that after nearly a year of waiting we'd finally been granted our visa's! It's been one hell of a roller coaster of emotions from then to now! If i could offer one piece of advice to anyone still waiting to hear from the DIAC or thinking about applying, it would be to just hang on in there & remain upbeat, The DIAC won't forget about you & when you do eventually get the nod it's soooo worth it! We've been on a high ever since we got the news! Also if anyone is looking for a good migration agency then i can recommend SORT OUT MY VISA (Sort Out My Visa : Australian and NZ Visa Experts), They have been absolutely fantastic with us, really took the pressure off & made it an easy journey for us, We can't recommend them highly enough! Alright, now the real planning must begin! August will come around soon enough, MELBOURNE HERE WE COME!! Karl (29), Fi (27). May 08 found migration agent; July 08 skills assessment submitted; Sep 08 skills assessment passed; 19th Sep 08 online app (175) lodged; May 09 CO assigned; Jul 09 meds & police checks sent; 10th Sep 09 visa granted!!
  17. Hi peeps... well we came back from holiday to find that we have got our visa.. so a big thanks to all of you that have given me advice, information and kept me motivated over the last few months im sure you know who you are.... only trouble is im not sure were to send our passports to have them validated.. and my passport runs out in January so that has also left me with a dilema.. should i renew my passport and then get it validated or should i validate and then change my passport its all so confusing... any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.. again a big thanks to all.... regards Dizz...:wubclub:
  18. Hi peeps, How long has this taken? I know still a long way to go but we received our state approval for 176 Visa in the post yesterday. I've been checking the email everyday for about a month!! A nice surprise. Does anyone know where I can get some kind of checklist of things to organise? There used to be a two page spread in the 'Australia' magazine but I've checked a couple of latest issues and I couldn't find one. Any help with that would be appreciated, it's very daunting isn't it making this move in terms of the sheer amount of stuff to organise. I don't know where to begin. Regards, Nora
  19. Guest

    Woo Hoo we got our visa

    Woke up to some really great news this morning, we got our visa. I cant believe it, we got a case officer on the 17/8/09 and our visa this morning. Just want to say good luck to all those waiting your time will come and its definetly worth the wait.:hug:
  20. Guest

    We are in Oz! Whoo hoo....

    Hi all Landing saturday moring at brisbane 9.15am. Flew from Man to Abu Dhabi, (2.40min wait) Abu Dhabi to Singapore, (30 min wait) Singapore to Bris. 1 hr Drive north to Caloundra... Etihad airways are spot on.. No complaints... Not impressed with the movie options though! Leaving the family at the airport in Manchester was the worst part of all.. Daughter who is 20 dropped a bombshell night before we flew and told us she wanted to come with us... and has always wanted to.. She told us from day one she wanted to STAY and kept her word for 2 years just to keep her boyfriend and family happy, then breaks down the night before and tells us she has always wanted to come.. OMG! We are working on it right now to get her over.. Gill has helped again and provided support and direction for us to get her over.. Thanks again Gill :hug: (She will be here soon which for me is the icing on the cake... We are living in the wifes sisters house which is massive and really nice... Our rental is in the same street directly opposite which is also really really nice... Cleaned the pool this morning and tested the water getting it ready for summer? (Listen to me "Cleaned the Pool" .... loving it) Its 28 degrees and ozzies are wearing coats and fleeces... Dont get it? I was sweating my nuts off..:wacko: Signed the rental agreement this morning for six months and we have the option to buy if we like it which im sure we will.. Been out this afternoon and bought loads of stuff for the house... Knifes ands forks, dinner sets etc.... Loads to do tomoz, Bank, tax ref numbers etc.... Seen a Ute and looked at a nice car which we have agreed to buy. Cant beleive we are here... We are so fortunate.... Just a quick message to let you know we are fine.... Gonna be busy over the next couple of weeks but im sure i will pop on here.... Good luck to all those still waiting.... Its worth it and it does happen... Best wishes Ozzy Chris
  21. Guest

    woo hoo whoopi whoopi

    we finally got the text message from are agent this morning, what a alarm to wake up to. we have got our 176 VISA we can finially open that big bottle in the fridge to celebrate it's only been in there 2 years.... We have to be out in oz by the 19th November 2009 thanks for the notice but good job we have sold our house and our living in rented acc.. Thank you to everyone that has given us advise and helped us through the waiting ups and downs times.. Fingers crossed to everyone else thats waiting im sure your time will come i thought ours would never but it has TODAY Whoopi Whoopi Jo & Ian :smile::jiggy:
  22. briggs

    we got it!! woo hoo!!

    My Birthday!, My Engagement proposal, and Visa grant all in one day!!!! woo hoooooooo!!!! Fantastic!!!:jiggy::jiggy:
  23. Guest

    victoria ss granted woo hoo !!

    hi all just got back from the school run and yes the email has arrived our victoria ss granted today ... we applied 5th june got a email requesting a more detailed cv 3rd july so forwarded that to them on 7th july and today victoria ss granted.. think its wine time !!! are agent seems to think we should have our visa within weeks not months so keeping our fingers and toes crossed ... jo & Ian:jiggy:
  24. joescan

    Applicant Approved - Whoo Hoo

    Hello All Just to let you all on PIO know... I've logged on toDAC this monring to find Applicant Approved for our 176 Visa! Can't beleive it! Thyanks to everyone who has helped us and answered our queries. Sooooooo Happpy xxxxxxx Perth - Port Kennedy Bound!!!! - Just need to sell my house now!!!!:laugh:
  25. Got the magic phone call this morning! Visa's granted! Really emotional at the minute so will fill you all in later! Best wishes Chris :jiggy: General Electrician Applied TRA Aug 07 TRA Retuned Oct (Skill path D removed) Re-applied Vetassess 01.01.08 Vetassess Paper Assess Passed 10.04.08 House sold 14.04.08 Vetassess Practical 15.07.08 – Passed 11.08.08 176 Visa Application submitted 11.09.08 DIAC Acknowledgement 24.09.08 Police checks 27.08.08 - Recieved 06.09.08 Medicals 12.01.09 – Frontloaded CSL changed again (None priority) Applied State Sponsor 13.03.09 Successful State Sponsor 23.04.09 Priority again! CO requested more info 12.05.09 Visa granted 26.05.09