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Found 130 results

  1. elso

    Help me please

    i introduce you my far far away target. i'm playing contest and i try to win a wonderful travel in australia. i have designed the best car to discover this terrific country. i will be to realise my child's dreams to visit MELBOURNE & VICTORIA, and i need you for that! Take just 30sec of your precious time : go to : and like my van. only god knows but one day may i come to meet you. enjoy your day and thanks a lot. cia guys My van
  2. Guest

    Our Australian trip so far

    Hi guy's Just a quick update from our trip so far, We flew with Quantas from Heathrow to Sydney with an hour stop over in Bankok, the flights were fina even a bit better than expected although i was pretty uncomftable being quite a big lump, the rest of the family were fine though and the flight crew were great. We then had to fly from Sydney to Adelaide which was tough after such a long first flight but the scenery from the plane over oz made up for that. We then stayed in a hotel in Adelaide called the Grand Chancellor on Hindley which was very central and fine. We had a quiet couple of first days just sleeping and exploring the city which is beautiful especiall;y by the river Torrens and the cricket ground. We then picked up the motor home from Apollo and stayed at our first big 4 site which was in Adelaide shore's, nice site with loads of amenities but we did not use any as we were busy sorting the motorhome out then we done some shopping and it was then time for :SLEEP:. Today we have driven down to Port Elliot and spent the day at Victor Harbour which is a nearby town which is stunning with a long jetty out to an island where penguins live, also their is a whale museum and loads of other stuff going on. We are now the Port Elliot site which is fantastic and right on a stunning beach, i have bought a couple of rods and me and my 2 lads are going fishing in a short while. The weather was hot on Saturday and Sunday, chilly yesterday and sunny but windy today so a bit of a mixed bag :cool:. My thoughts so far for what they are worth, Australia from the tiny part we have seen is stunning and the landscape is awesome. The cost of stuff is very expensive IF you buy in small outlets in the city and in restraunts, for instance you will be charged $4 for a litre of water, $3.50 for a mars bar and $3.75 for a can of coke, although today we had a very reasonable meal in Victor Harbour for $70 for 5 of us including drinks. The key we reckon if you want to save money is shop in the supermarket, we went and done a big shop in Woolworhts and we reckon it's the same as in England, for example you could buy 48 cans of real coke for $36 which is something like :cool: 80 cents a can so really good value if you buy in bulk and meat and fruit and veg also seem pretty reasonable. The big thing we have noticed so far in our short time though is how friendly the Australians have been, they cannot wait to have a chinwag and are very polite and incredibly helpful. Update in a few days :wubclub:
  3. Hi there just found this cool video of a group of people tripping around australia, really got me excited about my future trip hehe, so I'm sharing it with the community! It looks like west coast / victoria to me, what do you think? youtube link: Cheers!
  4. Guest

    176 validation trip query

    Dear All, Merry Xmas to all... Excited... Tomorrow we will book flight tics to melbourne for 176 PR validation.It will be in mid Jan 2010. Before booking I had a doubt which I feel can get cleared here in this forum. As our PR is WA SS, is it that, we need to land in WA( perth) to validate our PR?? ... Is there any such conditon for 176 PR validation? OR or any city is OK to land for PR 176 validation. Pls suggest!!
  5. Hi, we'll be in Melbourne during April as part if our reccie trip. Looking to rent a house for the week and just wondering where the best location would be? Mornington area looks good but advice / suggestions would be much appreciated. Also, any sites / agents better than others to use / book through? Many thanks!
  6. Emma2

    Travel Insurance for UK Trip

    I was just wondering what type of travel insurance people use when they return for a visit to the UK? I was looking up some prices and it seems really expensive for comprehensive insurance especially as we don't need medical cover for the uk as we are still uk citizens. I just really want to cover our possessions for when we're travelling. Any Ideas? Emma :unsure:
  7. Freckleface

    Help planning suprise trip to the UK

    Hi I want to arrange a surprise trip to the UK next year for my OH (Brit who has been in Aust since he was a child). We both love the beach, scuba diving and outdoor activities (4WDing in the Outback etc) and normally spend our holidays either in ASIA, in far north QLD, on tropical islands or in the middle of nowhere with the dingos. I thought it would be nice to do something different in 2012 and am sure my OH would enjoy visiting the area his family came from (see his old house and school etc) but I’m not really sure what to do apart from that. Neither of us is interested in the Royal Family or other typical London tourist attractions but we would be interested in experiencing some of the history the UK has to offer outside London especially if that involved beautiful villages that retain their ‘old world’ charm, ancient churches, castles and stately homes. We would also enjoy some of the walks etc the UK is famous for but I am completely open to suggestions. Neither of us is very interested in Europe so we would be looking at things to do and see in England, Ireland and Scotland. Almost forgot – my OH is an avid Manchester United fan so we couldn’t visit without seeing them play at least once. I’ve done some research on the Internet but would be far more interested in recommendations from locals (those still in the UK) and ex-locals (those now in Aust). Anyway hope you can help with some suggestions. Thanks :notworthy:
  8. Ok folks, i have to get from Townsville to Melbourne in about 3 and a bit days....whats the best route? Thats pronounced 'rowt' by the way, not 'root'......two completely different meanings in 'Stralian:confused:
  9. pandv_2000

    Reccie/hopeful validation trip 2012

    Hi we are planning a reccie trip next year and are thinking of travelling to either Hong Kong or Tokyo for a 4/5 night stopover then onto Brisbane for the majority of our trip and finishing in Sydney. What I'm playing around with atm is the idea of driving from Brisbane to Sydney with a 1 night stay somewhere en route. Has anyone done this and if so can you recommend an area to stay he night and take in some of the sights?
  10. I wrote this on Perth Poms on the 5th October, the rates have changed for the worse. Not sure if this is common knowledge but whilst investigating the best way to pay my visa fee I came across a couple of credit cards that are excellent for buying things in foreign currencies, even the big no-no of taking cash out. They are the Halifax Clarity and Santander Zero (I think this one is only available to Santander customers) and they charge no transaction fee for foreign purchases, you also make your purchase at the Visa or Mastercard book exchange rate which more or less tracks the markets. This can mean a substantial saving on something like purchasing a visa or spending while on holiday. Some examples based on yesterday's rates - the rate according to x-rates.com was 1.63268 and xe.com has it as 1.6349 If your transaction for your 176 visa (AUD2960) cleared yesterday using one of the cards I mention then it will convert at the Mastercard exchange rate of 1.642133 and will therefore cost you £1802.53. If you had used a Barclaycard, for example, for the same transaction it would cost you £1852.10 after they applied their foreign commission of 2.75%, this equates to an exchange rate of 1.59818. If you had used your Visa Debit card issued on your current account then although you are getting a base exchange rate of 1.620733 by the time your bank adds its foreign transaction fees and commission you will be paying £1877.80, an equivalent exchange rate of 1.57631. If you have a Santander Zero current account you won't incur the fees so get the Visa exchange rate unadulterated. It's also great for spending while you are away, the exchange rate Travelex are offering today is 1.5673 online (buy at the airport and you'll get even less). If you were to convert £500 to australian dollars you'd be getting $783.65, if you spent that much on your Clarity or Zero card then you'd be facing a bill of £477.21. All this assumes that you pay your card off in full as soon as your payment is due (you get up to 56 days interest free credit with cards). If you can do this then there is one more way to save. It's always been a given that you never, ever take cash out on a credit card whilst abroad as you get hammered on fees and the interest starts building instantly. This still holds true but if you were to use the Clarity or Zero cards abroad then you might still be better off if you are smart. The Clarity only charges 12.9% APR on cash transactions (same as purchases) or 1.075% per month which means that if you took your £500 out in Australia from a fee-free cashpoint machine then you would get $821, if you paid it off within 30 days then that would cost you £8.75 in interest giving an equivalent exchange rate of 1.61375 which is still much better than you'll get on the high-street, pay it off the day you take the cash through an internet banking payment and it becomes even cheaper The downside to all this is that you are effectively becoming a currency speculator, if you buy cash from then high-street and take it on holiday then your exchange rate is locked in, if you buy on holiday you get the book rate on the day your transaction is settled which could be lower if there is a run on the pound - of course you may also gain if the dollar continues to fall. It maybe worth buying some currency beforehand with a buy-back guarantee, you can use the internet to check the day rates and take it from there.
  11. It looks dark and grey and rainy outside my unit but I know that it is mild too and the water is warming up. I gone back to Redleaf again as it's half the distance to Neilsen Park - 5.5k instead of 10k. What have I done today? Reached nearly 10,000 on my data entry on line typing test so that was a bit of good news! Better get my skates on!
  12. We are going out to Melbourne to validate visas early next year but will not be staying permanently at that time. Is it possible to set up any bank accounts whilst we are there or do we have to have a permanent address over there to do this? Is there anything else we can do whilst over there? Register at schools etc?
  13. Soooo a few people mentioned the idea of running a thread of my latest travels as a kinda diary/blog, sooo here it is, still not convinced anyone really wants to hear me witter on about my travels but rather than sticking random threads up with pictures etc i'll just update this thread instead. Now going to shut the laptop down and get an early night, tomorrow i'll be doing the drive from where i am now in grass patch western australia to a place called margaret river wa, got a cabin booked there for a couple of nights so day after tomorrow will be the exploring and pictures day
  14. well we have decided to come over there again for a month next year and this time instead of flying from sydney to brisbane we thought we would take a little road trip from sydney upto gympie where we will use my old mans place as a base to run out of. Qs. motorhome or car and hotels? Good places to stop as going to make it about ten days? Is the pacific highway safe (two kids to worry about)

    Best place to get dollars for trip

    Can anyone tell me the best place to get dollars for when we first get into Australia? We have HIFX a/c in place & Westpac bank a/c ready but we need to take approx £1000 for initial bits & bobs so got in touch with travel agent today & they quoted 1.45 exchange rate. Was under the impression the rate had gone up to 1.56, so wasnt sure if travel agent was the best place to go......
  16. My lovely Dad (70) is flying over in September to visit us for 3 weeks. Its his 1st time to Oz and I want him to love it as much as we do. He has always wanted to visit as he loves the sea and the heat, but has never gotten the chance. He is fit & well and able to get around just fine, so walking around all day isn;t too much of a problem. So at the moment, as we are living on the central coast, this is my plan of action.... Central Coast Terrigal & Avoca Beach for those relaxing days, they are 5 minutes away. Around Sydney Opera House Harbour Bridge Sydney Tower Manly & Oceanworld Sydney Aquarium Darling Harbour Chinatown Botanical Gardens Bondi to bronte coastal walk Blue Mountains Queensland This is the bit I am stuck on, I REALLY want to take my dad up to the Whitsunday's so he can go out on a boat and do some snorkelling, see the beautiful beaches, but am sure of the best way to get there (fly?) and also how much time to allocate, a long weekend, is that enough? Can anyone give me some advice on where to stay, I went about a hundred years ago, well 14 to be exact but can't remember much (I was a backpacker! :goofy:) ETA - just found this site - which answers most of my questions. http://www.tourismwhitsundays.com.au/visitor-information/faqs/ So I know it sounds like alot to pack in, in 3 weeks, but have I missed any of the really good stuff out, the thing is if he loves enough he might join us out here and that would be AMAZING!! Thanks for your help in advance. :hug:
  17. cjdrum

    Trip to Melbourne

    Hi all We're moving over to Melbourne on a PR visa early next year and are travelling to Australia for our honeymoon/visa validation trip in late October and will spend the first 2-3 days in Melbourne. Does anyone have any advice as to the best things to see/do while we're there? We're staying centrally and I've pencilled in taking a day trip to the Yarra Valley and Healesville Sanctuary. We'd like to spend the other full day looking around town and getting a feel of the city centre. Would be great if some of you could offer us advice as to some nice things to see while we're there! Thanks Chris
  18. Just a quick overview of us - 5yrs in Aus, citizens now, no kids, good jobs, nice home, many friends...blah, blah....I could go on. We are a "success" story in the migrating journey. Yes we could stay and live out our years here. But the past 12mths I have felt it's just not the place for us anymore - many reasons, but the main one....yes that old chestnut....miss family and friends back in Blighty. I have just had a 3 week trip back (afetr 4yrs). Had poxy weather, traffic a nightmare, petrol obscene price...BUT...I bloody loved being back again. Felt alive and vibrant despite all its problems of which there are many. Reconnected with everyone and just loved it! Got the true state of affairs from many folk in the UK. It's not too bad, housing good value (and we will still need a decent sized mortgage), jobs available (I'm nurse, hubby is in logistics), we are willing to do whatever it takes. So decision made - it will be 2013 as hubby stuck in army over here. But it hopefully gives us time for our house to go up in value...we are poor souls and need every $$$. My trip gave me the answers I need. It's not a bed of roses, the problems are still there, the reasons we left are still there...but I saw things with different eyes and it's so worth it for us to return. To spend time with my elderly Mum was priceless, seeing my lovely mates...was amazing. So just got to start planning for a mid 2013 return. Can't come soon enough for us. Good luck to those of you still unsure of your choice as whether to stay or to go. I've been there and come out the otherside, at peace with myself for the 1st time in a year. Contentment as we move into the next chapter of our lives... :yes:, Cheers, Karen
  19. Hi. Ive been lucky enough to be granted a visa (StSp ACT). :jiggy: We area with a new baby. He is 3 months old and therefore do not wish to move at present as this is our fisrt baby and do not wish to part so soon from his new grandparents and all other overjoyed family members. However - In order to activate our Visa. We need to visit the said state and activate. Can anyone please suggest what we should try to acheive whilst on the reccie trip? I dont want to drive around aimlessly looking at things just for the sake of it. But understand the importance of finding out key information etc. Any ideas and offerings. Items that strike me initally are;:idea: Areas to live - 1st time (2nd after UK) buyers.,., or rent Work areas (Architectural Technician) Places to chillaxe, eat, drink etc. (pref in walking disto from home. Bank account set up? (I could leave some money in and do a direct debit for the lottery to enhance my bank account ratings??) Medicare (or later) Any info good or bad will be read and digested and store into my brain without any problems! Honest! Cheers, thanks, brill, ace, and wow.
  20. Hi. Ive been lucky enough to be granted a visa (StSp ACT). :jiggy: We area with a new baby. He is 3 months old and therefore do not wish to move at present as this is our fisrt baby and do not wish to part so soon from his new grandparents and all other overjoyed family members. However - In order to activate our Visa. We need to visit the said state and activate. Can anyone please suggest what we should try to acheive whilst on the reccie trip? I dont want to drive around aimlessly looking at things just for the sake of it. But understand the importance of finding out key information etc. Any ideas and offerings. Items that strike me initally are;:idea: Areas to live - 1st time (2nd after UK) buyers.,., or rent Work areas (Architectural Technician) Places to chillaxe, eat, drink etc. (pref in walking disto from home. Bank account set up? (I could leave some money in and do a direct debit for the lottery to enhance my bank account ratings??) Medicare (or later) Any info good or bad will be read and digested and store into my brain without any problems! Honest! Cheers, thanks, brill, ace, and wow.
  21. knew it was too good to be true, my parents were being very positive and upbeat since we had our visa but now weve booked our flights its all change and the guilt trip, mood swings and negativity starts. they know we have to rent the house out as its not selling and say they agree its a good idea given the market and also if we need to come back but obviously we will have to save like mad from now till jan so my dad says were stupid going with not enough money and no job etc etc which yes i see his point but its like they think we havent thought any of this thru or that im incapable of making correct decisions for myself and my family. i love them and will miss them and cant wait to be able to show them round australia but at the same time im happy to finally be able to cut my apron strings, i just dont need the negativity and attitude it hacks me off:no:
  22. Harpersgirl

    Road trip!

    Hubby has a week off during the school holidays so we're thinking of heading up to Coral Bay with a couple of stopovers on the way. Thinking of Cevantes for the Pinnacles and then maybe Monkey Mia? Can anyone recommend any nice kid friendly campsites along the way? Or any other sights or experiences you feel might add to the holiday? :notworthy:
  23. Guest

    My trip away.

    Well, not really. :rolleyes: A friend told me that he had heard of a bloke he knew that had "won" a canon camera valued at $1500 on an online auction site for only $19 so I decided to take a look at said online site as experience has told me that if something looks too good to be true, it usually is. Luckily, Bridget was on nights, because, as it turned out, I was so fascinated and shocked to see what was happening that I spent all night at the computer :shocked: :SLEEP: I was "researching" you see :biggrin: You bid for items with points that you purchase from the site at $1 each. Each bid adds 2 cents to the starting price and 20 seconds on the clock to the length of the auction. The auction finishes when there are no more bids. You can also set up a robot to bid for you and you can set a limit on how many bids you wish to make. Each bid costs 1 point (1 dollar). Handy if you're away from the computer..........NOT! The first thing I noticed was that the camera was stated as having a retail value of $1500 and a quick google told me that I could purchase this camera, online in Australia, for $950. The results were as follows and my sums are done with pen and paper with no calculator involved so give or take a few seconds/dollars : Said item sold for 197 dollars............a bargain or not? It takes 55hrs Of continuous bidding to reach the sum of $197, punctuated only by the 20 secs each bid produces. It takes 9850 bids to reach the sum of $197 9850 bids produces $9850 for a camera worth $950 Although one previous sale of this camera was as low as $19, the average price for it over the last 10 auctions was $102. In this particular auction, one bidder who was on "robot" continually upped the bid and then stopped early morning (I assumed he/she had run out of robot bids and had gone to work). Just as it looked like the auction was coming to a close later in the day, this "member" re-appeared and continued bidding on robot, eventually winning the item. I had been ticking a piece of paper every time they bid, and although I missed some, this "robot" bid at least $1100 in points. :skeptical: Over the last 10 auctions of same item, the average winning price was $102.50 which equates to bids of $5250 to win the item. The low price produced on a previous auction of $19 produces..................surprise, surprise :skeptical:....................$950 in bids................the lowest price that I could find online to buy this camera. A superb business model is it not? :rolleyes:
  24. rustyspanners

    Trip to Perth ideas please

    Hi nearly got visas 176WA (gen electrician) just meds to be sent so have been planning a trip to have a look around and validate visas. Will be flying out on Boxing Day from Heathrow to Perth for 2 weeks, as this is all we can get off work and school. This will be our second visit to Australia having been to Melbourne before. There will be 4 of us my wife and our 2 daughters 17 and 13. We would like some advise on where to stay and what things we should be doing. We are interested in doing the kind of stuff that we would if we lived in the area to get an idea of life style etc. My kids have already told us they are not flying half way round the world to look at houses so if we do some of that we will have to find another activity for them. All your ideas will be very welcome.
  25. Greetings We were granted our 176 Visa on 19th April, had passports stamped from Embassy on 21th. Feels amazing. Haven't decided yet about the final move. Informed current employer about my move and probably I'll have to stay six more months working for them. So, right now thinking about making a validation trip in couple of months and then make the permanent move in early next year. Now that brings few questions and like before, here I am on PIO again :biggrin: 1. Victoria was my sponsoring state. While making the validation trip should I must enter/depart OZ through Vic? I mean can I enter OZ through some other state say Sydney or Brisbane? Will that be a problem? OK. I lied I have this one question at this moment :biggrin:. Thank you PIOers, as always, for your help.