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Found 23 results

  1. :biggrin: Hello just wondering if any peeps will be there and got any sound advise on passing first time??!! seen alot of stuff on the net, is there anything that needs brushing up on?
  2. We have flights booked from Manchester with Singapore Airlines and just wondered if there were any PIO members on the same flight? We fly out on Fri 13th Jan :eek: in the morning with the Newlands :wub::biggrin: Mandi x
  3. If you are up for a friendly game of Football (Soccer) this weekend, or every weekend for that matter get in touch. There are at least 10 of us playing 5 aside at Moore Park opposite the Captain Cook Hotel on Flinders St, normally between Anzac Parade and South Dowling. Playing regularly every Saturday at 11.00am to get in shape, meet new people and have a laugh. I'm English, 25, Male, moved to Aus with my gf and half (1/4) decent at football, always a little competitive, but in it for fun. I am here on a 4 year visa so hoping to make it a long term thing. Skill level absolutely anything from beginner to professional (I will be amazed if any pro footballers appear but you never know). Send me an email if you've got any questions, or with your contact details if you're going to show up. Let me know if its just yourself, or with friends, and maybe a bit about yourself. I'll email confirmation mid week with contact details. You wont need football trainers or boots - though I'm sure it will help. If any one is up for a beer after then I'm sure we can accommodate, we usually do!
  4. WE GOT OUR VISA... :jiggy: Whohoo... champagne in the fridge for the big celebrations tonight... soooooo delighted!!! Thanks to everyone for the help & support "so far"... now the fun begins!!! Sx
  5. :jiggy::jiggy:omg omg we have our visa !!!!! Would like to say thankyou to the people who have helped us on our journey :notworthy: My children can have their daddy back now and I my hubby .......I guess he will be throwing his royal navy notice at the captain tomorrow. :swoon:i can't contact him bY phone only by email arghhhhhhlol Thankyou pio ! Brides xxx
  6. hey all, open to both regulars and newcomers, the next sunnie coast barbeque will be at Bulcock Beach, Caloundra, on Sunday 13th March. meet near the kids play area from around 10am, bring your own food to barbeque and wear some comfy shoes as we usually go for a beach walk afterwards. I think there may also be a morning market at Bulcock Beach. and if you have probs finding us, my mobile is 0400 497 080 looking forward to seeing you / meeting you, cheers sg (sue)
  7. Hiya I'm arranging another PIO get together at South Perth Foreshore this Sunday. Hoping for a bigger turn out than last time (which was badly timed with Cyclone Bianca). As a lot of people on here are families with kids, how about meeting at the playground to the east of Mends St Jetty (the one where the ferry comes to) on South Perth foreshore from 4pm onwards on Sun 13th? Like last time, we'll try and find a shaded bench area and put up our colourful fish windsock. Bring any drinks and nibbles you may want. There are also BBQs nearby (I think) if you wish to bring your dinner.... Please let me know if you're interested. I may move this to Saturday pm if more people are available for that timing instead. Thanks, Jo
  8. Hiya I'm arranging another PIO get together at South Perth Foreshore this Sunday. Hoping for a bigger turn out than last time (which was badly timed with Cyclone Bianca). As a lot of people on here are families with kids, how about meeting at the playground to the east of Mends St Jetty (the one where the ferry comes to) on South Perth foreshore from 4pm onwards on Sun 13th? Like last time, we'll try and find a shaded bench area and put up our colourful fish windsock. Bring any drinks and nibbles you may want. There are also BBQs nearby (I think) if you wish to bring your dinner.... Please let me know if you're interested. I may move this to Saturday pm if more people are available for that timing instead. Thanks, Jo
  9. Hi, I was assigned a ACS Assessment 2231-79 ( Not Else Where Classified) and i applied for immigration in march 2010 but later the policy changed and my occupation was not on the SOL. But now in 13th December DIAC has asked the person with Computing Professional - NEC to get a review from ACS. but there are some question which are in my mind. 1. Should i send a revalidation application or a new appplication to ACS 2. If i send a new application to ACS ,then do i need to submit a new application with DIAC as well. Regards
  10. I am not a superstitious person but now panicing about the date for medicals. :wacko:
  11. Compliance and Enforcement Framework I am sure some of you already in Melbourne realise how hard it is to be granted permission to look around the schools and you have to wait for their open day in most cases. Today I received the following notification of the Wesley College Open Day at Glen Waverley so just thought I would let you know in case anyone is looking in the area. The Glen Waverley Campus will be open from 10.00am to 1.00pm, and you are welcome to view and experience the exciting and comprehensive academic, pastoral and co-curricular opportunities on offer for children from 3 Year Old Kinder to Year 12. As well as visiting our Junior School (Early Childhood Learning Centre * Year 4), Middle School (Years 5 * 9) and Senior School (Years 10 * 12), you will be able to view and experience our musical, performing & visual arts and sport programs available on Campus and talk with our Principal, Head of Campus, Heads of Schools and teaching staff about the opportunities offered to students. The Junior School will be transformed into a Wesley Wonderland. Activities will be available for children aged 3 to 10 years and their parents, and the children are encouraged to come dressed up as elves, fairies, pixies or other fairyland characters.
  12. Just wanted to wish my son H and very happy 13th birthday!! I also want to thank everyone who spoke to him on the chat room the other night he said everyone was really lovely! Lou x
  13. My husband was made redundent on Friday the 13th. Well on Monday this week he had an interview with a company that is at the end of our road. we live in a small village with 1 shop, a garage, 2 pubs and a company that makes diving gear, so it is small. well he got offered the job and started work on Tuesday. he got 2 weeks pay redundency and had only been out of work for 1 week and 1 day so we are in pocket, plus he gets an extra 10p an hour and as an added bonus he can work to work so bye bye to one of the cars. Yippee :wink: Had held off sending the TRA gonna get it in the post tomorrow.:nah: So to all of you that are looking for work don't give up and be cheeky
  14. If someone got approval from State 176 Sponsor visa application after February 13, 2009 and submitted his application to DIAC in March 2009, does his case would be considered on priority or it may still be placed into a queue before being assessed. Second question, Financial Capacity Declaration, does he has to show his money what is mentioned in the declarations on arrival in Australia. Thanks
  15. Dear all, Appreciate this could be very good or not so good news depending on your position: Got this email from DIAC this morning, you can get it too by sending a blank email to aspc.processing@immi.gov.au ASPC APPLICATION ALLOCATION INFORMATION On 17 December 2008 the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship announced changes to the way General Skilled Migration applications will be allocated and processed. Details can be found on the DIAC website at: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/gener...hats-new.htm#j As a result of this announcement from 1 January 2009 applications for General Skilled Migration will be strictly allocated and processed in the following priority order: 1. Applications with a successful State & Territory Nomination (until all applications have been allocated); and then 2. Applications where the nominated occupation is on the Critical Skills List (until all applications have been allocated); then 3. Applications where the nominated occupation is on the Migration Occupations in Demand List (until all applications have been allocated); then 4. All other remaining applications This affects all applications lodged before and after 1 January 2009, both paper lodged or electronically lodged. Applications which were already allocated to case officers before 1 January 2009 are un-affected and will be processed as usual to finalisation. Applications are now being allocated as follows: State & Territory Nominated Applications: Subclass 134, 136, 137, 175, 176, 475, 487, 495, 885 and 886 applications (processed by the ASPC and where a successful State or Territory Nomination is held) will all be allocated to case officers for assessment by 13 February 2009. Applications with Occupations on the Critical Skills List: Applications are not being allocated at present Applications with Occupations on the Migration Occupations in Demand List: Applications are not being allocated at present All Other Remaining Applications Applications are not being allocated at present PROCESSING NEWS BRISBANE The BSPC is now processing the following eVisa Onshore General Skilled Migration applications: · Subclass 885, 886 and 487 lodged on or after 1 December 2007 · Subclass 485 lodged on or after 1 March 2008 · Subclass 887 lodged on or after 1 July 2008 Allocation dates and information regarding applications processed in Brisbane can be obtained by sending a blank email to the following email address: gsmb.information@immi.gov.au
  16. Guest

    Friday the 13th

    I dont tend to beleive in Black Friday well not until today!!!!!! This morning I was awoken by one of my neighbours who informed that my car doors were all open. On closer inspection some dirty scum-bag had brokern in removed all my stuff CD's footy boots sat-nav mobile fone and wallet luckely cause I'm married it had nothing in it. Then it became apparrent that the same B@@@@@## had also tried to break in the house whilst my children wife and I were asleep. There was a reason why the british goverment sent people out here in excile now they prove that due to bad genetics they havent learnt their lesson. I count my stars that we are all ok but if they find this culprict then they should send him, his family and friends to either NZ or the UK in excile. Apart from this it has been amazing out here the people are generally friendly and everywhere is really clean and vibrante. One last thing that bothers me is I own a pair off Police sun-glasses that cost about $300 and they left them behind so either I have really poor taste in Sunny's or the intruder know's something that I obviously DON"T......I'm taking them to make sure they are the real McCoy!!!!!!:policeman:
  17. Guest

    Lucky friday the 13th

    WE'VE GOT OUR VISAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At long last our visas were approved today, what a relief! I have screamed, allelujahed (spelt that wrong, but I don't care!), danced around the house and burst into tears! My son was born on a friday the 13th and so I've been wondering seeing as I consider it to be a lucky day for me now if the visas would come today and they did!
  18. Hi, Having looked at other websites, visas are still being granted for Jan, Feb, March and April 2008. I applied June 2008 and still no case officer. With only 2 weeks left will everyone really receive case officers by 13 Feburary - 2 weeks time?? That means 8 or 9 months worth of visas all being assigned case officers in the next 2 weeks?
  19. Guest

    13th Jan 09 ASPC Email

    guys, received this email and read i think something major will happens from now on till 13th Feb 2009. can some one please explain the term "State & Territory Nominated Applications"? aren't Subclass 175 falls under General Skilled Migration?
  20. Hello, According to the DIAC website there may be some form and charge/fee changes on the 13th of January. So if you have a visa to lodge, try to lodge it now or wait until the 13th. If you are sending off a paper application it may not get to Australia by the 13th. If the cost of your visa increases in the meantime, your application would be returned to you. So if you are sending a paper application it is best to wait until the 13th. Here is a link to the relevant DIAC page: Australian Immigration Forms & Booklet Changes Cheers, Veronika
  21. Guest

    Friday 13th?

    Would you fly on Friday 13th? I know its supersticious nonsense but something is stopping me from booking the flight! We either fly that day or lose a day of our reccie Would you? Laura
  22. Hi peep's of Essex, just to let you know the next meet will be the 13th July, same place, same time, (unless anyone would like to suggest anywhere else) Also I've started our own social group, so if you go into your user CP, then click on the social groups, and add your self to the Essex one, and any news and dates we can add to it, also any comments you may wish to add (nice ones please, lol). Just one other thing, at this meeting we will be saying good bye to Curlysoo (Sue) & Mr Wotsit (John) and also Mrs C (April) n Richard and family, there again, maybe not, if we can fit another one in say August time. OK, that's it for the moment See you on the 13th July KP Nuts
  23. melbourners hopefully

    LCU Processing 13th August

    Hi, Just got an email today off the LCU saying they are processing medicals recieved on the 13th August.