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  1. Jackboots

    Not sure where this one belongs ...

    Thank you
  2. Jackboots

    So torn, what would you do....?

    Have you looked into a specific breed rescue / rehome ? I volunteer for a Dalmatian one , they nearly all have their own . They would have homes waiting and vetted or help by putting feelers out . Good luck not an easy choice by far , it's so personal and emotive .
  3. Jackboots

    WA enters recession

    It took me ages when we first came over here to get used to all the different accents in one place , I kept saying what did he /she say ? .. Yup wanting to buy a Rug not a Rag ...
  4. Jackboots

    Not sure where this one belongs ...

    Hi all , would anyone know if you have working in aged care certificates which was passed here in Australia if it's usable in the UK ? Or if you would need to re train to a UK standard ? Thank you in advance for any advice or thoughts
  5. Jackboots

    Six weeks back - my impressions (warning, whinge)

    Well I've just paid $26 for two skinny lattes and two carrot cakes with ice cream on the side , this was in Rockingham - Perth ..
  6. Jackboots

    Six weeks back - my impressions (warning, whinge)

    We should do lunch soon
  7. Jackboots

    Six weeks back - my impressions (warning, whinge)

    Luckily we have a mechanic in the family and only buy the government cars with full service history which we did in the UK too .
  8. Jackboots

    Six weeks back - my impressions (warning, whinge)

    We use the auctions here for cars
  9. Jackboots

    Six weeks back - my impressions (warning, whinge)

    HappyHeart , in reply - I presume it's down to personal choice of a car , make model, price etc .. We certainly found them cheaper . It was just a thought for the op as an option , in case they hadn't thought of that route
  10. Jackboots

    Six weeks back - my impressions (warning, whinge)

    Just a thought to the op , have you looked in your local classified section of papers at cars for sale ? Usually it's the best place to look . I'm sure you will find a reasonably priced runaround or a couple of years old unless you want a newbie straight off the forecourt . Tbh we were over from Perth in October last year and couldn't get over how reasonable most things were .. Saying that we were in the Midlands . Also anywheres reasonable compared to Perth ??
  11. Jackboots

    Singapore as a holiday destination

    Cath it's lovely we came through the week after the Grand Prix long time no hear
  12. Shellybingobingo , as hairdresser ( UK trained ) don't book into a salon without a consultation first , most people can't get a decent level of blonde without bleach & toner .. But a lot can , you just need to stress you need high lift colours and if they won't use them walk away . There's some really bad hairdressing here to be be sure , I have a client that had a normal tint blonde not even high lift and I couldn't do her hair last year as I was on my jollys .. She went a salon and they refused to use a tint , she's a perfect blonde , they used bleach and was awful !! Took me months to get it back
  13. Jackboots

    Dog Relocations to UK

    The person spoke to who flew her two back about 9 weeks ago paid 5, 025 for two dogs ( Dals ) inc three complimentary boarding 3 days before travel .. Inc of all other paperwork etc from Brisbane . Dogtainers .
  14. Jackboots

    Singapore as a holiday destination

    We went last year on holiday two adults and an 8 yr old , we loved it . Its very humid ( well it was in October ). we stayed on Orchard road at the Holiday inn , we found it very clean and lots to do , we also ran out of time 5 days wasn't enough ( we did a stop over from the UK ) . The food we loved , there was enough choice to choose from ... the shopping was amazing and blew my brain , after living in WA for 6 years you tend to forget what's out there Personally we found the prices about the same as here in WA and a bit more shop around for food and / gifts , food courts were cheaper to eat at but its mainly Singaporean food , which we loved my daughter wasn't so keen . Sentosa island was fun and I would love to split it another time and stay on both .. advice would be add trip adviser and read through there too
  15. Jackboots

    Dog Relocations to UK

    Good luck