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  1. pau1evs

    Perth to Melbourne

    lived in Melbourne for 2 years and loved it But. Mornington is fantastic but if you don't pay the toll tax to drive on the freeways. To get the city it's ****...... It takes ages and the transport isn't great either most of the public transport stops at 9 and loads of tags and graffiti ..... I like Melbourne as a city but it's a city that's wot it is and as for 4 seasons yeh it's within one day everyone should wear the zip of trousers and shorts and body warmers .....with sleeves
  2. We have a meet up on Sunday 18th august a few welsh people are meeting in kings park this sunday at 12pm at the synergie parkland in kings park please pm or inbox me for details , thanks guys c ya soon
  3. :biggrin: why do people always argue where to live on here and can get nasty , with comments that areas must be great if you come from the inner suburbs of a **** hole !!! I come from one of the most beautiful places in the whole of the uk but so wot !!! and live near ! so wot ! could live in the inner suburbs of a **** HOLE HERE ! or live in the most expensive house in perth !!! does that make me different, no :arghh: we are all here on the same boat so each to ones own, enjoy your dream make your decision on what you feel comfortable with ITS YOUR LIFE !!!! and your decision to make the adventures come true
  4. pau1evs

    Where is best to live in perth for families?

    :biggrin: so why havent you been down south !!! hillarys is ok and the north has a great coast line but wot about mandurah, secret harbour,its not far
  5. pau1evs

    whats butler like

    yeh right !!!!
  6. pau1evs

    whats butler like

    butler is luvly ! but port talbot is a different story
  7. pau1evs

    Cold/Flu Remedies

    a whiskey tot with honey and lemon to make u sleep ( the welsh way) but i know that this is gonna sound completely mad put vick rub all over your feet and some warm socks !!! :biggrin:
  8. pau1evs

    Belridge High School?

    so if you have money and statistics they speak !!! ok why does Alot of the private schools have major drug problems ! cause they can afford it and as for statistics they are based on people going on to university ! not on trades and apprenticeships as beldridge do have alot of bases covered for students ! INCLUDING BULLYING !!!! which is the biggest issue here ! not wot school u go to and how much money u have or if you fit ! I will take cover ! on the commments !!!
  9. hia x moving to ridgewood soon been here since jan but been in melbourne for to 2 years prior x from wales x
  10. pau1evs

    sorry guys !!! and THANK YOU

    no not going anywhere x we are looking to buy x and i promise when i get decent internet I will post although may have to get very drunk and it will be 9 pages long !!! lol or even better get nikki chapman over and i will tell her !!! nawh seriously not going back to the uk x we have moved across australia and alot of change alot of red tape but !!!! maybe we may be home ish it aint wales it aint wots familiuar but have alot of friends here in the whole of australia which make us fill or feel yeh ok i am not going mad !!!! or maybe i am :chatterbox:
  11. pau1evs

    welsh in perth

    welsh in perth so any of you guys from wales x missin the welsh humour and accent you see
  12. pau1evs

    sorry guys !!! and THANK YOU

    :cool:Sorry guys x Not been on here for ages and you used to be my anchor and no1 site so 2 years in mellie and now 7 months in perth ! wow what happened i will get together a big post of my adventures for ya ole but never seems time and got very naff internet so stay tuned i will get round to it wot a difference a day makes xx
  13. pau1evs

    City to Surf in Memory of Jake

    I havent been on here for ages xx but gezz sue u pop up xxxxx she is an amazing lady that i have now had the privilage to meet x and i can call her a Best friend x after many emails and cries for omg !!!!!! she had helped me and been there for me in so many ways even when her life wa...s poo x she would email me and make sure that i was ok ! as we started the BIG adventure on PIO many years ago and under force one of the reasons i am in PERTH xxxx and one that i aspire to x and i am sure a few of you guys from PIO that she has helped too xxxx she is one amazing lady and has a fantastic family and has an angel Jake x who died through cot death or sids as known in australia but he will live on in our hearts x i never met but had the inside story from his mum xx whom kept her awake and just wasnt ready for the outside world but it made His mum and his family together strong and made her the most amazing ladyxxxxx and fantastic mum xxx its a pity that life can be cruel to the good people of the world
  14. [h=2]help needed with long term rental NOR[/h] is there anyone who knows of good estate agents or rental companies for a long term rental NOR we are looking for a 4 x 2 around beldridge college within distance x looking at quinns rocks as far as butler and down towards cottlesloe and inwards thanks guys
  15. pau1evs

    Thanks Rob and Kate

    WELL DONE GUYS X THATS ALL OF YOU ! XXX :wub: I HAVE HAD A BROWSE XXXX SEEMS TO BE A LOT BETTER LAYOUT ! but !!!!! LOL X SOZ WHINGIN WELSH POM !!! nawh only kidding xxx lol xxx I might have to post again soon !!!!! please TELL ME dont !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM WALES TO MELBOURNE XXX and now MELBOURNE TO PERTH ! :biggrin: