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Found 423 results

  1. Hi All, After a little help please. Okay so, my wife and her father have a financial business and I am thinking of trying my hand at Insurance Brokering. What I would like to know is what qualifications should I be aiming to complete? I have seen a diploma of financial planning which looks like it would be the right thing but just not sure? Also my wife has her CeMAP which is currently not being used but if she used it for a few years before trying to get over to Oz would that be enough to get us over & also would her skills (and mine if I trained as a Insurance Broker) be sort after? We are looking at Brisbane. Thanks in advance. Dean
  2. What do people think of long day care centres compared to UK nurseries? I particularly concerned with the staffing levels. In the UK for under 2s the adult to child ratio is 1:3 and in Australia it is 1:5. Also I seem to be having real difficultly finding a place anytime in the next year! Thanks
  3. Ahh, well the day is getting nearer. Personally I have asked Securicor to deliver my cards, can't be too careful,:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:. But seriously folks, have you got anything special planned for that special person(s),:shocked::policeman: in your life. Me and the good lady will probably exchange cards, look longingly into each others eyes and say, 'Fancy a cup of tea'.:wubclub::mad:. No, I will be cooking a special meal, don't know what yet, but something special. I think the kids are out around their boyfriends houses, :mad::wubclub:, so the evening will be ours. Just a quiet one I reckon, gone are the days of adorning the bedroom with rose petals, Barry White playing in the background and some scented candles, just take too much effort to clean all the bloody mess up afterwards.:biglaugh:. But in all sincerity have you got a lot planned or do you tend to just treat it as another day? Cheers Tony.:wubclub:
  4. Hi all, Is anyone going to the big day out for dogs on Sunday? They are having the Bernese christmas party too so if anyone is going I'll be the one with the only bold Bernese, come and say hi! I was going to bring the other reprobate too but my OH is away and I probably wouldn't manage both so just the Berner
  5. WeegieDave

    S & N Civils open day

    Anyone go to any of the open days across the UK?
  6. The Pom Queen

    Melbourne property dropping by $200 a day

    I suppose it had to come sooner or later. MELBOURNE homes have lost $200 in value every day for the past nine months. House prices fell an average of almost 3 per cent - or $16,000 - in the three months to September. The value of property sold in Victoria in the past financial year plummeted almost 20 per cent - the biggest drop in a decade. Melbourne's median house price is now $551,000, down $50,000 from its peak last December. Experts blame global economic uncertainty, saying it could be next year before spooked buyers return to the market. Even so, a Commonwealth Bank-RP Data report reveals pockets of Melbourne have huge demand from buyers, making them a seller's dream. Real Estate Institute of Victoria September quarter figures show the city's property slump has belted house prices in many suburbs: Elwood, Malvern, Blairgowrie and Box Hill were the worst hit.
  7. PommyPaul

    Bathurst 1000 race day :)

    Wow!!!! what a day! Experienced my first bathurst race day today and it was awesome! great atmosphere, lots of banter, hot chicks and even a track invasion at the end... still got the image of 1000s of us running down the main straight! Here's a vid of my footage from the race day i've only just uploaded it and youtube says the pic qaulity should get better once its fully processed.. Enjoy
  8. Rubbidydub

    D day

    So our story so far.............175 visa granted 3 years ago.........we own a pub in Cumbria......been on the market for 3 years no bites and it's at rock bottom price.........my chef 6 months ago approached us to lease the pub so we could go to Oz and at least try and stay for 4 years to get citizenship......great!!!!!!!!...........but bank won't let us lease the pub out. :0(. So remortgage pub to a buy to let mortgage so we can lease the pub out all goes well but then 6 weeks into the process company who said yes in principle to the idea then says no because we are going to Oz.........basically refusing the mortgage on the principle it was agreed on!!!!!!!!,..........find another broker..........mortgage agreed in principle within 2 days and don't have a problem with us going to Oz along as mortgage is paid......5 days later valuation is done, things are moving quickly!!!!!!!!.........up to present day.......waiting for valuation to come in and for them to agree the rental amount......if they don't agree then the bank won't lend which then means the pub is back on the market with 18 months to sell it.......and the way Europe is going , well can't see it selling.......visa lost and no way of getting another.........should no by Wednesday! If you've all got enough fingers on each hand please cross em for us!
  9. silverbobby

    4 seasons in 1 day!?

    I have heard this saying quite a lot when people talk about Melbourne. I could have put this post in the Victoria section but i'm also interested in hearing from people who chose not to move to Melbourne because they did not like the idea of the colder winter weather or the 4 seasons in 1 day. So can someone please give me an example of the 4 seasons in 1 day?? i can understand getting a bit of rain then the weather changing and the sun coming out but how extreme is it? Does the temperature vary erratically through the day or are we talking cold morning/evening and warm/hot daytime? Does Melbourne/Vic get 4 seasons in 1 day even in the height of the summer? You might have guessed i haven't been to Melbourne (or even Oz before) but we have our hearts set on Melbourne (and possibily Geelong). We would love to do a reccie but cannot afford it and with 3 children 5 yrs and under it would be difficult as well. i know we won't know if Melbourne is for us until we get there but i quite like the idea of different seasons, i don't think i could put up with it being hot all year round or even high humidity like Brisbane/Sydney, each to their own though. Anyway i'm interested in hearing peoples views/experiences and how changable the weather really is in Melbourne. Cheers Mark
  10. anlopa

    VISA GRANTED My Day Has Come

    Hi everyone, I would love to share my news with everyone that has helped, supported, thanked and guided me over the last 3 years. :goofy: :jiggy:Finally last night our family visa was granted.:jiggy: This is a fantastic community and I wouldn’t have got through this process without this site. Keep up the good work administrators and moderators. :wubclub: We are looking at heading somewhere between Brisbane and the Gold Coast around April next year. For now we are just soaking up the feeling of a visa grant:shocked:
  11. Harpersgirl

    Kerbside Treasures!

    Its junk collection day tomoro in Winthrop so I thought I'd post to let any new arrivals know that its quite a good way to pick up bits and pieces you might need to start you off in an unfurnished rental. Its worth keeping an eye out for these collection days... we picked up a brand new bag of beans for refilling our bean bags, a boogie board, a couple of noodles for the kids and a chest of drawers which my crafty daughter is going to tart up for her bedroom.... All for the grand price of nowt!!!! :biggrin: Its a bit strange to start off but then you see lots of other cheapskates doing the same thing, you find your bit of treasure and you're away lol :jimlad: My other half and older son have just gone out to see if they can beat our haul! Think of it as Bargain Hunt in the sun :wink:
  12. Youonlyliveonce

    Noel Gallagher at Big Day Out 2012

    Noel Gallagher has announced he will play the Big Day Out Festival next year!!! Being a big Oasis fan I am super excited he is coming to Melbourne again and thought I would share it on here incase anyone else is interested. Tickets are still available!:biggrin: link: http://bigdayout.com/
  13. Guest

    The day is finally here ...

    Well the day has come.... Shippers due tomorrow, and I can't wait.. We are happy we gave Australia a fair go.. But for us we never felt at home.. We fly out Friday night, and return knowing we will be home. A big thank you to all who gave me strength when I was feeling down, and encouragement to do what was best for us as a family.. To all thinking or in process of doing so, all the best for the future.. There is always hope, and do what is best for you.. :jiggy::hug:
  14. Guest

    A Day in the Life Thread

    Tell us about a day in your life. Doesn't have to be today or a special day but just a day with experiences you feel like sharing :chatterbox:
  15. Hi all, I have just lodged my application for PR last week. As I understand, I am now eligible for Medicare. However my company has been paying for private health insurance on my behalf for the last 3 1/2 years. Question is : Do I have to let them know that I have lodge for PR and they can cancel the private health insurance? Or can I wait till I get PR granted to enroll with medicare and pay for my own private health insurance? Bottom line is I would like to keep enjoying their good health insurance cover as much as I can, but not sure if I can?? Cheers Lili
  16. ..... dumb. Who wouldn't want to sit in a sauna with wheels and crawl along New South Head Road? In fact the only thing worse was to sit in a sauna with no wheels stuck in the ©rush hour as I watched snails rush past me on the way home. Redleaf & Seven Shillings was packed with white and pasty Pommie bodies enjoying their first taste of an Aussie Barbie. 5pm now and I bet they all look like zebra crossings when they take their togs off. My God, I actually find that thought a bit of a turn on! What is happening to me? Mind you, there were plenty of Aussies there too, think they'd know better. One woman there had skin like a Mars Bar. If you have any sense, never go to the beach after 10am or before 4pm!
  17. Briggy

    Bongaree day out :D

    Just thought I would share:D Last Sunday hubby and myself went to Bongaree on Bribie for those who don't know where it is. Well have only been there twice:D What a loverly Sunday we had. Hubby was in the water when a dolphin swam 10 feet away from him, then another fin came out of the water, not Jaws lol another dolphin:D Was awsome, I was like oooooo and like a little kid all excited ha ha. Then over our heads birds of prey where flying arround looking for fish. Fish where jumping out of the water. And when we were packing to leave the dolphins put on a show by jumping out of the water. And the best thing of all it was FREE!!!:yes: Now u wouldn't get that in the UK LOL Awsome day:D Will be going back this Sunday morning too:D:D:D Cheers Brig X:biggrin:
  18. AaronS

    Today is the day

    Its finally here. I'm excited and scared. Less than12 hours and we'll be wheels up and Sydney bound.
  19. Hi, Can anyone recommend anywhere to rent a 4 bedroomed house i Geelong as part of our validation trip in Feb, we have tried Stayz.com and Geelong bay escapes, need to be central Geelong. Thanks
  20. Sorry, I shouldn't be using cliches - lazy writing but then again, I am a lazy bloke. Heavy rain overnight in Sydney so not sure where to go for a swim. Harbour beaches they say you should avoid for three days for fear of stormwater contamination. I might go and have a look at Bronte or Clovelly. Maybe go to North Bondi RSL afterwards for coffee instead of Rose Bay RSL.
  21. Cerberus1

    HMAS Cairns Open day

    Went to HMAS Cairns open day today, good day out with 3 ships - HMAS Leeuwin, HMAS Tarakan and HMAS Paluma open to the public.
  22. Can't get it out of my head at the moment. I wish it had happened to me like that too.
  23. Guest

    pancake day

    Do they have pancake day in Australia and if they do is it the same as the UK.:jimlad:
  24. I don't mind it now but the first few years it was the one day of the week that I HATED! Monday to Friday I was at work, Saturdays was OK despite all the shops closing at noon (in Sydney.) Sunday everything was closed, no shops, no pubs. The main street of every suburb looked like a still from '28 Days Later'. The cinemas were open though, and McDonalds so that's what I used to do, Movie, Macca, ring my Mum and Dad from Martin Place GPO. Now, everything is open on Sundays in Sydney. I stopped in Punchbowl the other Sunday and a barber was open at 9 pm - probably a Moslem so it was a working day for him but even so it surprised me. Come to think of it, although there were plenty of shops open there, I couldn't see a pub. Is there one in Punchbowl? Is there anyone from PIO who calls Punchbowl home?
  25. This is probably my favourite LP, recorded in 1972? I'll have to play 'Surfs Up' & 'Pet Sounds' though to check if I prefer them.