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  1. We are in Perth now just signed the lease for our rental today moving to Yangebup on Tuesday loving it already :wink:
  2. keith056


    Hi looking for info on the public primary schools and is it a good area for a young family to live. Thanks
  3. keith056


    Hi Folks, Looking for a wee bit info on Yangebup. Any takers ?
  4. We will be heading out in September hoping to settle somewhere near to Armadale as this is where Kelly my OH will be working. but we will find out more when we get there. Good luck with everything
  5. Your a voddie and irn bru man is that rite :idea:. Where aboot are yi Stevie.
  6. Need to get a house first steve, then itll be perty at oors. :wink:
  7. keith056


    Hi Folks, Well what a week last Wednesday our visa was granted and today we have received an offer on our house. Cant tell anyone local yet as the inlaws are on holiday but just had to tell someone . Panic will set in later but a wee bit excieted at the moment
  8. keith056

    Starting Kindy???

    Hi here is a link to perth poms site http://www.perthpoms.com/forum/education/3342-starting-age.html this thread is discussing the exact subject :biggrin:
  9. keith056

    Woo hoo

    Wooo hoooo Kelly just got the email we have been waiting for VISA GRANTED Now the fun begins anybody want to buy a house
  10. keith056

    E457 medicals

    Hi Poms in Oz, We have completed all the medicals we were asked too by our CO, problem we have is that the hospital logged them online instead of by post. Big question is will this matter or will I need to get in touch with the CO and tell them or do they get an automatic notification that something has been logged or changed. Thanks in advance :hug:
  11. Good evening folks, How easy is it to transfer money back to the UK on a monthly basis, from Aus bank account to Uk bank account and any idea of the costs involved ?? Thanks in advance Keith
  12. keith056

    Police Checks - USA, UK and Australia

    Hi there, I live in Scotland and applied to ACRO,I emailed them and this was the reply- Dear Mr XXXXXXXXX Thank you for your email Yes, the Police Certificate application does cover people living in Scotland I hope this helps Yours Sincerely Christopher Paul Customer Service Advisor ACPO Criminal Records Office (ACRO) (: 0845 6013 999 Ext: 553 (: 0044 1962 871111 7: 0044 1962 871530 *: customer.services@acro.pnn.police.uk .: ACRO, PO BOX 481, Fareham, PO14 9FS Winner of the Sunday Times Best Place to Work in the Public Sector Award 2010 Hope this helps
  13. keith056

    E457 lodged

    Well folks thats the e457 lodged today :biggrin: still to do medicals and waiting on the police checks coming back..........Let the waiting begin :wideeyed:
  14. keith056

    Household Bills

    Hi the Kelbos, Cant answer your question but you could always try http://www.perthpoms.com/ Cheers and good luck Keith
  15. Good evening folks, Just wondering if anyone has used a relocation company in Perth ie someone that meets and greets you at the airport and organises car hire and accomodation. Cheers in advance