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Found 359 results

  1. KangaKit

    Driving licence on a 491 visa qld

    Has anyone broached the subject of getting an aussie licence on a 491 visa? I understand if u r a visitor u can drive for 12 months on a uk one, a permanent resident for 3 months, but can find no info on a 491visa
  2. Hi all, For 190, BSMQ requires me to have an offer of employment from my employer foe 12 months. I have spoken to my employer and they will only be writing that 'employment is ongoing', NOT 'employment is ongoing for 12 MONTHS'. My migration agent thinks we can give it a try with just this. What are everyone else's thoughts on this?
  3. So submitted an EOI 2 days ago and qld have offered us an invitation to apply for state sponsorship...was not expecting that! Now I know there is still a huge amount of hurdles to go over but wanted to ask ...my English test runs out mid march..if I get an invitation from skillselect before then but I lodge application a week after let's say will it be valid or would I need to repeat?
  4. EmilysDad

    Transit through NSW

    Hi, I am in Queensland (Townsville) and trying to get home to the UK. Singapore Airline (who I flew out with) have announced a “rescue” flight leaving from Sydney. I’m trying to confirm whether I can fly from QLD and transit through Sydney airport, or will I have to quarantine for 14 days??! Obvs if that’s the case I’ll pass on the SIA flight and travel via Brisbane. Thanks
  5. ChaosYT181

    491 Visa Problem, Help

    Hi everyone, I just have some problems with the visa application so I am posting this topic for help. Thank god I recently got a job in my nomination skill assessment of architect in the regional area of Queensland, and I was dreaming to settle in such a beautiful land after my 491 Visa is approved. However, when I was about to submit my EOI, I realized that my employer is a sole trader instead of a company. Also, although the job duty in the offer does comply with the description of my nominated skill in ANZSCO, my employer has no certificate in the field at all. I was petrified when I realize this. I am wondering if the DHA would refuse my application because of my sole trader employer or because he has no certificate in the field? Can anyone tell me what should I do? Best Regards
  6. Hi all I know this might be a bit early to ask but I just want to ask some questions in regards with the 491 Visa I just graduated as a RN in regional QLD in the end of 2019 and I will be commencing my graduate program as a Registered Nurse at a local hospital in regional QLD. However, my employment contract is only part time (about 24 hours a week) which does not meet the BSMQ 491 visa requirement of 35 hours a week for 3 months. In saying so I have spoke to the managers at work and I could work for up to 36 hours a week depending on availability. My question is does the 3 months of full time requirement require of 3 months of continuous full time work? or do I only need to have 3 months worth of full time work (e.g. April, July, November) Also any other tips on applying for 491? I noticed they are open for EOI most the time compare to 190? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi I'm landing in Brisbane on Friday and looking to watch the Australia v England world cup match on Saturday. (If I get over the jet lag). P.s. this is my first post and am moving the family to Brisbane for 4 years on a TSS visa. Ideas welcome. Thanks
  8. JoeJoe

    QLD 489

    Dear all, I have a question regarding 489 in QLD but before I start, here are a little background about my situation. I am 40yo, my occupation is a carpenter and has achieved band 8 for my English test. I am currently getting my skills assessed and should be able to get a positive outcome by June. However, due to a recent change to the state requirement, I am not sure if I am still eligible. Below are the BSMQ criteria have an occupation on the QSOL ‘Working in Queensland’ list provide evidence of full-time employment (post-qualification) in your nominated occupation for the past 6 months in Queensland provide evidence of ongoing employment with a Queensland employer registered in Australia for a further 12 months (minimum of 35 hours per week) commit to living and working in Queensland for 2 years from visa grant. Carpenter is on the QSOL ‘Working in Queensland’ list so I met the first criteria. However, I am unsure about the second criteria. It says "full-time employment (post-qualification) in your nominated occupation for the past 6 months in Queensland." I assume full time meaning "35 hours/week" but when they say "in Queensland" does it have to be in a regional area or anywhere in Queensland? I have been working full time as a subcontractor (self-employed) providing carpentry services to a builder in Brisbane and also providing carpentry services directly to my client. Does that counts? Next, "provide evidence of ongoing employment with a Queensland employer registered in Australia for a further 12 months (minimum of 35 hours per week)". Does this criteria means I cannot be a subcontractor (self-employed) anymore and I have to find a full-time work from a builder? Lastly, "commit to living and working in Queensland for 2 years from visa grant." Do I have to move to a regional area now or only after the visa is granted? Any advice deeply appreciated. Thank you and best regards. JoeJoe
  9. ElvinElvin

    QLD 190 has requirement for wage?

    Hey guys, I have just been offered a job as junior quantity surveyor, and the salary is in the minimum level of Australia, only $19 hourly. I am planning to apply for QLD 190 visa after 6 months of working. Does anyone know whether QLD 190 has any requirements for the applicant's wage? There are some guys told me that I should get the job having salary in "market rate" for the state nomination. Is that true? Anyone has idea on it? Thx :))
  10. missA

    QLD drivers licence

    Hi Im looking for guidance regarding my drivers licence, I have been granted a 309 partner visa. Can I apply for a QLD drivers licence? I have a valid South African drivers licence. Thanks
  11. This is sad news for immigrants living in QLD.https://migration.qld.gov.au/latest...ations-for-business-and-skilled-applications/Does anyone have any idea or prediction of when they will resume again?I feel so devastated now ?
  12. Hi All, Could anyone advise on which one is the better option...... success/processing time/priority etc? I'm looking at Queensland and my brother lives there so family sponsorship is an option but wanted to know if they give priority for one over the other. If anyone has any experience or knows of the pro's and con's I would love to hear them. Cheers Gordon

    Popular trades in QLD?

    hi, I'm moving to hopefully Cairns in September if not will be in rural qld where-ever the wife can get a job, but I'd like to do a short training course in a popular trade in rural qld, but I have no idea what trades are popular or in need, if any can suggest something that'd be great. I currently work in IT.
  14. As it says: https://migration.qld.gov.au/latest-news/bsmq-update-qsol-finance-manager-cafe-restaurant-manager/ Any migration agents here? I just would like to know, as your estimation, do you think any possibility that Skilled Migration in QLD will issue more invitation for this occupation? As far as I know, they will revise the occupation list every 6 months.
  15. Cerberus1

    Out and about - Chillagoe QLD

    We decided on another night away on Saturday before the boys return to school, so we decided to head to Chillagoe. This time last week, we didn't know anything at all about Chillagoe, we just saw it mentioned on a sign post when we were going to Undara and thought we'd head off there next time. Anyway, Bobj filled us in about Chillagoe and mentioned the area is full of Caves. We also had a quick Google about the area. Chillagoe is located about 3.5 hours west of Cairns. The road isn’t too bad, quite a bit unsealed but still ok in a 2wd, although maybe not in a few weeks when wet season arrives. We got there at lunch time and booked ourselves on a 13:30 ranger guided cave tour. As we'd some time to kill, we then headed off to the site of the old state smelters. While in many respects, Australia is a 'young' country, it's still full on interesting historic sites, and this is no exception. The smelter (for lead and copper) was constructed in 1900 and was used intermittently before being before being abandoned in 1943. There's no cost to visit and a track for cars runs round the site with various information points dotted around. (Photos below) Next stop was the cave tour At the Royal Arch Cave. We've been down a couple of caves in Australia before, but this was definitely the best. ($50 for a family of 5, decent value for money) The tour lasts 1.5 hours and takes you about 400 metres into the cave, through various chambers and passages. The total length of the cave system is around 3km. Unlike the other 2 guided cave tours you can book, there's no lighting in this cave, so everyone is kitted out with battery packs / spotlights. Special Mention for the ranger who did the tour, very knowledgeable, combined with a good line in stand up. One interesting feature of the cave systems are some ancient marine fossils dating from the time when the area was a shallow sea (around 400 million years ago) After the cave, we decided to explore the area a bit more before heading off back to our accommodation. Around 15km away is a self guided cave called ‘The Archways’ and also an area known as the Mungana art site with some aboriginal rock art (pictured below). Not sure on the age of the rock art, but the first habitants of the area were around 40,000 years ago. Next stop was balancing rock back towards town. It's around a 300m walk to the rock and once there, you get a good panoramic view of the surrounding country (picture below). We'd a bit of time left in the day after balancing rock, so we just spent some time driving around looking for wildlife. Accommodation wise, we didn’t book in advance, as it was a last minute decision to go. There's not an enormous choice of places to stop in Chillagoe, but no complaints where we stopped. We stopped at Chillagoe Tourist Village, it was $110 for a family unit for the five of us. It was a decent size, clean, aircon, plenty of hot water (the shower was painful it was that powerful!). A husband and wife were running the site for a month while the owners were away on holiday. Food was good as well, 5 meals cost and drinks cost around 65. Sunday morning, we went to the Trezkinn cave on our second guided ranger tour. This cave system is illuminated throughout so no need for torches. The cave is nothing short of stunning with stalactite and stalagmite formations throughout. The cave was only discovered around 40 years ago and the steps / gangways were built around 30 years ago. (Photos below, although, unfortunately, they really don’t do the cave justice). After the tour had finished, in another man v wild, Bear Grylls moment ! I thought I'd scale the rocks for a better photo opportunity. (below) However, a word of warning, ‘wild’ won. Boy, is that limestone sharp Not sure where we headed too next. We really want to go to Mount Mulligan (rock face 10 times the size of Uluru) and the surrounding area – ghost towns, but that will have to wait until we’ve got a 4wd.
  16. Hi there. As a Tradie (Painter) hoping to move to the Brisbane area,I've been recently told that it would be cheaper for me to purchase a van here in the UK and ship it to Australia instead of buying one when in Queensland because the prices of vans are extortionate? Just wondered if anybody has any advice on this? Thanks for your time
  17. LisaR

    QLD SS want proof of funds!

    Hi all We initially applied under visa 175 but have been advised due to Australia's change on the CSL to apply under QLD SS (Visa 176), however, they want proof of funds. Our house is under offer (subject to contract) and I have told them that we have no funds until the equity is released from this sale. This meaning that if the house sale falls through, we are back to square one again. Is anyone else in this situation? Lisa Vetassess passed April 08 (Partner - carpenter), applied for 175 15.08.08, SS applied April 09.
  18. Guest

    Visa Update QLD

    I originally started this in migration issues but thought that i`d put the same one in each state so that you can all see whose heading where and get advice from people heading to the same state as you! SO: Names: Visa Type: How far into process: Job: Where ya heading?
  19. It'll be my one-year anniversary of living in Australia on April 28th, and I thought I would've accomplished a little bit more than I have. Yeah, I've made friends and settled into school rather well, but what I really wanted to have by now is a job. My resume is all ready finished, but the next step is rather vague. My birthday is November 28th 2000 which makes me 14 years and 3 months old. All I need to know really is: am I old enough to be employed? If anybody knows or has previous experience in this sort of stuff, it would be great to know! I live in QLD by the way, I have no idea if that factors in at all. Thanks ~CP
  20. Guest

    Time for a Sea Change

    Anyone had enough of the City, the Rat Race, the expense, pretentious bearded youths and bad drivers ? I'm over it ! I was thinking northern NSW or southern Queensland. What thinks you lot, any suggestions ?
  21. ChristineChew

    Newbie saying hi. From 176 to 190

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I was previously on the 176 route but decided a change of course this year. Going for Qld SS 190. Hope this is the beginning of a successful journey. :wink:
  22. just been told that when you transfer your licence across in QLD that you have to take a highway code test is this still the case Cheers Dave, Petra, Quianna,
  23. Rachel Kelley

    Reunite with my identical twin

    Hi all, My name is Rachel, Myself and My family currently live in Jersey C.I. My twin sister lives in NSW with her family, We really hope to move over within the next two years and are thinking about QLD as I have four year old twins and I'm under the understanding you don't need to pay school fees there? My Fiancé is a kitchen fitter he's been in the trade for 18 years now and I am training to be a Facilitator for a local family charity. Firstly I would like some advice as to how we can look for someone to sponsor my partner on the 457 visa with the outlook to move to permanent residences after two years. We understand that his job title is the same as a cabinetmaker so were hoping to go down this route. I am also doing a level 3 work with parents diploma and a level 3 cache children and young people's workforce diploma and was hoping to get work as a family support worker. I'm so desperate to move over, I miss my ID twin do much it breaks my heart we both had such a hard time in life and were never separated until her move. Please can someone give me done advice as to the best way to go about looking for a sponsor. My Fiancé has really good references and a portfolio of his work. He's very hardworking and only wants the best for his family. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  24. Hi... I'm a a police officer currently serving in the Met Police. My fiance is an Aussie (fortunately with a British passport!) and we're looking to move to Queensland asap. I know I have to have permanent residency before I can apply to transfer to QLD but I see from their web site that they aren't currently taking transfers for the PACE program. Ny permanent residency should hopefully be confirmed in 2 years so I'm hoping things might have changed by then! I was just wondering if there are any ex English coppers who can give me some advice and answer some of my questions! Cheers! Andy