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Found 719 results

  1. Matt JH


    Hi all, very interesting reading all the problems and I hope everyone gets to their intended resolutions. I applied for a partner visa 309 in August 2018, in December 2018 more information was required, then in February 2019 we received the approval - by surprise!! On the visa grant it states for first entry, arrive by: 20/09/19 length of stay: Until notified that subclass 100 has been decided or the application is withdrawn Does anyone know how long this could be for that I am unable to return to the UK? Or anywhere! thanks matt
  2. My boyfriend has permanent residency in Australia, I went out there with him for 9 months on a working holiday visa and have recently returned. I want to go back at some point for up to 12 months on the Long Stay Visitor Visa (600£ Will they grant it to me and can I apply for permanent visas once the visitor visa ends? Also are there any other visa that I could do this with?
  3. Four weeks since putting visa application in and it's been granted. Packers coming on the 3,4 and 5th of Jan, flying out to Brisbane on the 10th. Can't believe it's coming around so soon, scared, sad and excited all in one go!!!:wink:
  4. Hello all! Just wanted to share the news that I have just this minute been granted my defacto subclass 309 visa! Am absolutely thrilled!!! Me and aussie partner will be heading back to Melbourne in the next few weeks to start a new life:jiggy: I just wanted to offer some reassurance to those of you about to apply and offer to answer any questions for people. We lodged our application last Friday 12th September, the C/O replied on Sunday 14th, I had a telephone interview today (Tuesday 16th September) and have just had the email confirming that it has been granted. Now it is just a matter of sending in my passport to get it stamped. Our story is that we met in Thailand in Jan 07. Nick then moved over to the UK in March 07 on his working holiday visa. We have lived together ever since. With the UK working holiday visa aussies can only work for 12 months out of 24 months so for the past 6 months we have actually been living with my parents. I thought it would be helpful for some of you if I listed what we put into our application (as ours was obviously very speedy!!). 1) Both our forms 2) certifed copies of our birth certificates and passport id page (by a local solicitor) 3) our statements of our relationship (just on ordinary paper, typed and not certified just signed by us detailing the ENTIRE of our relationship, when we met, how, domestic duties, holidays I mean EVERYTHING, they were both 6-8 pages long) 4) copies of Nick (my sponsor) 's employment history, letters from employers, old payslips, P60's (as he has been working in the UK) 5) Bank statements ( we DID NOT have a joint account but we highlighted all transactions between one anothers account for bills, holidays, groceries, etc etc 6) Copies of rent leases (the first lease was in my name only but I included the brochure for the flat clearly showing how tiny it was and that it was only us living there - they are mostly concerned that you have ONLY LIVED WITH EACH OTHER and not in a share house) (the second lease had both our names on). We divided this sections into the different addresses we had lived at and included all the utilities that we could. We even called our gas and electricity company for any copies that were missing. We had council tax in a joint name for one flat and joint gas and electric. 7) Copies of all holiday itineraries, confirmations from expedia, flight receipts etc 8) Stat Decs (Australian Form 888 from Nick's family and friends, about 12 in total, with copies of their passports also attached, all certified and sent to UK) 9) Pictures from almost every occassion that we had mentioned in our statememt - not originals, just taken placed on a separate piece of A4 for each occassion, not certified either) 10) I had already applied for my police certificate which arrived in 5 days so this was included in the app when lodging 11) I had already gone for my meds with a great doctor in London (Dr. Kowtowski who had sent the results to Australia House in London before we lodged, they just get tallied up when you do lodge) 12) Extra info, email exchanges whilst we were apart in the beginning, copies of our CV's and a statement from Nick saying how as my sponsor he would support me. SO!!! That is everything!!! Like I said we lodged our application last Friday 12th September, the C/O replied on Sunday 14th, I had a telephone interview today (Tuesday 16th September) and have just had the email confirming that it has been granted - SO it just goes to show if you have enough evidence and compile it properly it is much appreciated by the Oz embassy!!! I have STRESSED out so much over this so I would like to offer any words of advice to those of you who want to know how to collate it and present it etc. Much love and excitement!!!! Claire xx:jiggy:
  5. Hello, I am looking for some advice regarding my current situation. I have been living and working in Oz on a WHV since July 2012, and so in 5 weeks my visa will end. Since December 2012 I have been in a really good relationship with an Aussie girl and so I am hoping to stay beyond the end of my WHV on a tourist visa, hopefully until October (or December at the latest if I can get a 6 month tourist visa or additional 3 month one) time when we will both go traveling and to live in the UK for some time (for various reasons my partner will not be ready to leave until then). Due to my age (31) I am ineligible for a 2nd WHV. Therefore my plan is to apply for a tourist visa (subclass 600). When I first called immigration regarding this approx 5-6 weeks ago, I was advised that this is possible and should be fairly straightforward. I was also informed that it is possible to apply on-shore.However, when I called again at the start of this week, I was advised that I may not be automatically granted the a tourist visa, especially since it follows my WHV. I was wondering if anyone has any advice to offer from their own knowledge and experience regarding the likelihood of the tourist visa being granted. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I applied offshore spouse visa 5 months ago from India. 1 month ago i moved to Australia with my husband on tourist visa. Now, my C.O. granted spouse visa 309, but he told me I need to go outside australia for stamping. We are planning to go Newzland for stamping. What is the procedure for spouse visa stamping to other country. Do i need another tourist visa for newzland to get my spouse visa stamping ? Cheers vikmik
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, Happy to announce We got our Visa 190 granted early morning today 620am... Last Documents - PCCs were submitted on yesterday 3pm!! waiting game ended !! Happy with our CO. No questions on all our evidences, no employment check, .. totally hassle free.. We didnt use migration agent too... Thank You for all your help and support!! We will still be around to help you. especially for those in de facto relationship..:xmas23: Dennis + Simon sit back, relax and party !! :xmas24::xmas25::xmas16:
  8. cass73

    Visa Granted

    Hi guys I have not been on here for a while what with one thing and another. Well there istwas sat in our email in box two days ago our visa has been granted and needs to be activated by june 20th 2011. which i reckon gives me just enough time to get xmas over with and get super organised. i am finding the idea of moving really scary now its here so im focusing on just one yr (knowing that im going to love it)but i find i can get through it better this way. Any advice about the whole moving process would be really welcome thanks Cass
  9. Hiya, We've just had our WA Sponsored 176 granted and the DIAC have sent us details of the International Migration Organisation (IMO), who are able to offer concessional fares for one way flights including additional baggage. I've had a quote from them of £625pp including 40k total baggage per person which I think is pretty good but they offer really limited information on the itinerary until payment is made and I'd really like to know all the details before we book. So, the question is - do I book with IMO or direct with an airline? Has anyone got examples of cheaper deals? - the cheapest I can find is £571 with Singapore airlines but it's only 20k baggage pp. OR has anyone booked and flown through a booking with IMO and can tell me about their experience? FYI - We're flying London to Perth Thanks, Robyn
  10. Chris&Mel

    Visa Granted

    Yes, a historic day in the Chris&Mel household....16th November 2011, email arrived at 1.28am i was on my way to work at 7.15 and thought i would check the emails and there it was :biggrin::jiggy::biglaugh::laugh::wub::wink::cool: Thanks to all fellow members for any help, advice or just being online and posting your own thoughts and experiences... Good luck to everyone
  11. anlopa

    VISA GRANTED My Day Has Come

    Hi everyone, I would love to share my news with everyone that has helped, supported, thanked and guided me over the last 3 years. :goofy: :jiggy:Finally last night our family visa was granted.:jiggy: This is a fantastic community and I wouldn’t have got through this process without this site. Keep up the good work administrators and moderators. :wubclub: We are looking at heading somewhere between Brisbane and the Gold Coast around April next year. For now we are just soaking up the feeling of a visa grant:shocked:
  12. I Barinder Deep singh mann applied for Skilled migration 475 provincinal nomination in dec-2008 at that time i was single. I got married in july-2009 and immediatly updated the file with proper procedure for change in condition and addition of familiy member. In sep-`11 case officer was alloted and he had asked for PCC and Medical for both me and my wife After completing all the formalities he granted visa to only ME ie primary applicant. but on mailing back he says no provision to add spouse/partner in this class and suggest we need to apply 1276 paper visa application for new entrant for my wife? i was shocked and as extra cost is incurred is high. but can i take it as granted all is well and my wife will be granted the visa in like 2-3months. what documentation can be asked for i have relationshipproof and the academic of my wife as well. what needs to be done please share your exp and best practices in such case.
  13. karabumble

    Visa Granted

    Hi there everyone. I posted a little while ago to say that we were at the very beginning of our visa application process. My hubby was offered a sponsorship at the beginning of September. We received our visa grant e-mail on Friday last week, after only submitting the application a week before. It has all been very surreal and something that we never thought we would have the chance of doing. My husband is flying out to Perth on 27th December to stay with a colleague and find us somewhere to live and myself and my daughter fly out on 14th February to join him. At the moment my emotions jump between absolute excitement and total fear at what we are about to do!!! I would like to thank those on here whom have offered advice at various times - many people seem to have so much more experience and knowledge that I could ever dream of having. We are coming on a 457 visa but hope that all goes well and we can apply for a PR visa to make things more permanent further down the line. Thanks again to all those who have help us. Cheers, Kara.:jiggy:
  14. Hello, My husband and I will be moving to Australia next August (2012). We are on a permanent resident visa and would now like to get a job as soon as possible. I'm an HR manager of 31 years old with more than 7 years experience and extensive exposure to Industrial relations (International). Currently working in the Packaging Industry, previously in the Automotive Industry. Our first intention is to go to Sydney, however, we would be happy to go anywhere in Australia where we could bothe get a job (Husband is IT consultant, specialised in Oracle) Anyone in the field has done the move? I'm just starting looking around.... wondering if it makes sense to have my skills assessed to "prove" to Australian employers my experience in the field. Wondering if it makes sense to go to law school to grasp the main points of Australian labor law... but feeling the cost very expensive for uncertain result If you had any advice on where to start, that would be muche appreciated! Thanks a lot!
  15. Hi I've been trying to find an answer to this question but am getting more and more confused. I am Australian and my partner has applied for his 309/100 visa. They are currently accessing him under the 100 which should have the decision on at the end of December. The problem is that we want to go back earlier well we are actually booked to go at the end of the month. We know he needs a visa so will be getting him an ETA to travel on but we wanted to know does he HAVE to have an onward ticket or is it enough to show funds to buy one? Also we know that as we applied offshore that he needs to be offshore when it is approved, his co has confirmed that for us, has anyone actually done this that knows or can tell me what they did please? Thanks for your help x
  16. Guest

    PMV 'Due to be Granted' Email

    Hi All, My British fiance received a lovely surprise email from our CO today! Made our year :biggrin: Here is the first line.. I would like to confirm that all required documents have been received and assessed and your visa is due to be granted around mid-February 2012. We have flights booked to Brisbane for 17th Feb 2012 - as we are surprising my Mum (missing us) by arriving on her birthday 18th Feb! All of this was explained in our original application, so our CO is aware of our plans. My question is - do you think this means that the application has been approved? I take it to mean that it has been, and we are now just waiting for official confirmation - which will be given in mid-february. I'm so relieved and surprised at the short wait before getting good news - so I'm worried I'm reading too much into the email! Have I jumped the gun? I'm curious to hear what other applicants' experiences with these emails have been! Was the expected grant date given accurate? Or was your visa granted before or after the estimated grant date the CO provided? I am concerned that we are cutting it fine with our flights on 17th if the visa will be granted 'around mid-Februay'. A bit vague! I assume 17th is mid-Feb but I hate assuming things when it comes to DIAC! I plan to email our CO to again explain our plans and check if we should look into an ETA & quick trip to NZ/Bali to make sure we are offshore for the grant date. Would definately prefer not to have to do this, but that's the risk we took by booking our flights in advance. Our CO is S.V. and has been very helpful and speedy with communication so far I guess I'm hoping that if they know we plan to arrive on the 18th, they will grant the visa before then, rather than us having to arrive on an ETA then leave/return again so soon after for the PMV. Thanks very much for your advice and assistance! This forum and it's members have been absolutely invaluable! I put our quick turnaround down to the advice and information I found in these threads Hayley Partner's Nationality: British (Applied offshore to Australia House) Application Sent: 15th September 2011 CO Assigned: 21st September 2011 Medicals: Taken 12th October 2011 Police Check: UK sent with original application, AFP requested and sent late October. PMV due to be granted around mid-February 2012
  17. Hi Right now I got my grant letter. It is 3:00 Am and I am extremely happy. I would like to thank Pomsinoz for its great helps and supports. I would like to thank my CO too for his helps. I remember the days I had lost 15 points due to MODL removal and was not able to lodge my application. It was then that I found Pomzinoz which was a great help for me to learn how to obtain my state sponsorship. It was only the beginning and after that It always helped me to lodge my application and get my PR. I appreciate Pomzinoz and its great Moderators and Members Regards :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
  18. What a day! Out of the blue this morning our visa was granted and our dream future is on the horizon, What a rollercoaster ride with the most fabulous outcome, dont think its actually sunk in properly yet as our application seemed to be plague ridden and when we sorted one problem another seemed to rear its ugly head the last being my police check which unearthed a conditional discharge when I was 14 which counted as a conviction. We did the whole process ourselves in 10months which I think I did pretty darn well considering the problems we encountered. The moral of this story is if you want it bad enough you can obtain your dreams/goals in life nomatter what obstacles you come across, Dont give up until you have explored every route possible! I will be so proud to live in Australia and the next obstacle will be citizenship!!!! I will still remain to poke my nose in on here as its a fantastic site and know I will still gain advice and will need advice in the coming months prior to leaving(May12) You guys have been amazing and I want to Thank you all as when our visa application had got us down with problems this place has picked us up and lifted our spirits and helped keep focused and positive. Now a drink is in order! Gary & Sue :jiggy:
  19. Guest

    PR granted today!!!!

    :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: I think the above expressions say it all. I couldn't believe what i was seeing and then a deep sigh of relief. waited for 17 months and totally worth it. I checked my status just an hour ago and it was the same old. never knew that a great news is waiting for me in the office while i was having lunch. :biggrin: Now that's what we call real Eid celebrations. :wink:. I thank you all my frnds for your tremendous support and encouragement and wish you all the best with your applications.
  20. Tommy123

    visa granted

    woohoo!!! got a call this morning and we finally have our visa, best start planning x:biggrin:
  21. Hi all Have applied for my spousal visa and may be travelling around the time it might be granted. Do you need to be in the UK to have passport updated at the time it's granted? Thanks Dan
  22. YIPPEEEEEEEEE I got a letter in the post today granting me my second stage partner permant residence (801) Eligable date was 3rd sept. I got a letter from them at the end of June asking for a stat dec from my partner & I, a police clearance for me & a completed form 80. I sent it all in a couple of days later to Melbourne and received an acknowlagement card about 10 days later. Then heard NOTHING......until today granting me perm res. Thought I'd post this so those still waiting get can an idea of current timelines. Zoe
  23. Hi guys. i am coming to Australia on a working holiday visa, and looking for sponsorship as an electrician. i have just been assessed as Electrical mechanic and an ARTC has been granted. This was assessed by the local trades committee in QLD. Apparently i need to apply for a restricted licence. where do i go about getting this from ? how long will it take. I have heard lots of conflicting stories about licensing. can i go to Adelaide with my ARTC and sit the wiring regs course at PEER ? will this give me an A grade licence. can i then transfer by mutual recognition ? PLEASE HELP IT'S DOING MY HEAD IN :arghh: THANKS BEN
  24. tfarrell

    Visa granted :-)

    Cannot believe it.... soooooooooo quick... in complete shock!
  25. Hi all, just wanted to update our situation, after a nerve wracking weekend we finally got our visa granted an hour before our packers were finished removing our furniture from our house, it came though in the nick of time as they needed confirmation of the visa to be able to ship our stuff out! Now in Singapore for a couple of days and arrive in Perth on Sunday :biggrin: Hang in there anyone who is waiting! Pip x