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  1. ezzie

    Poms Going Home to UK (register)

    Stayed. Husband was acting like an utter @#$% kids were just too old to move to a 'foreign' country. I miss England every. single. flipping. day - but I can't complain. I see the amazing and huge group of friends my son has from school and know that he would have been incredibly lonely in the UK. We'd already done a trial at a UK school and it was a disaster. Everyone my son's age smoked, drank heavily and seemed mostly bored. My daughters were 14 and found most girls their age already had sexual experience. Son has graduated, in a great job in the city and spends most weekends camping in the bush 4 x 4 with friends. Daughters about to finish uni with double degrees - science, so not exactly amazing job prospects, but one already has offers for PhD and the other one will probably do Masters. I have a job I love and am also doing my PhD - couldn't have done that back in the UK with the 3 year rule! Marriage is done and dusted, and with the kids nearly independent, Im starting to get excited about the next phase of my life...and trips back to the UK. So life here is full and good, but remains somehow superficial. I only have to see a photo of a friend on a rippled flat British beach and I'm in tears.
  2. We're a group of women who love getting together for movies, meals and a good chat over coffee. We also get out and about to concerts, theatre and events, always more fun when there's a group going. We even have activities for kids and partners. Most activities based in the Hills District or Northern Sydney. PM me for more details.
  3. Plenty of friendly faces here, but Castle Hill is around 45 mins from Holsworthy. Most of the events we have each week are around the Hills District so it might be a bit of a hike for you. Just come and live in the Hills instead!
  4. Sure Karl....just PM me when you get here and I'll send you our newsletter and calendar of events...you'll get a warm welcome from us and plenty of tips for living in the lovely Hills District!
  5. Sydney Newcomers is a group of friendly women and their families who love to meet-up for movies, coffee, meals out and other events. Come and join us this Friday for dinner. Where: Cibo e Vino - Italian Restaurant Shop 2, 299 Old Northern Road, Castle Hill Date: Friday, 13th July , 7.30pm RSVP: by Thursday, the 12th July - send PM to me. Cibo e Vino is an artisanal pasta house that brings affordable quality dining into the heart of Castle Hill. The restaurant has been consistently providing the neighbourhood with good food made from the highest quality produce since 2007 and has since become the top-rated Castle Hill restaurant in the SMH Good Food Guide for the past four years. http://www.ciboevino.com.au/
  6. Sydney Newcomers is for everyone - a friendly group of women and their families who love to meet regularly at movies, coffee, meals out and various events. We'd like to welcome you to our wonderful annual event for families….and this year it’s almost cold enough to be a Christmas! Dust off the tinsel, put on your silly reindeer antlers and break out the mulled wine. Join us at a lovley park in the Hills District for Christmas festivities. BYO meat for the BBQ, drinks, chairs, utensils and a plate of salad, nibbles or dessert to share. We will have a few party games and sweets for the kids. The park has a lovely playground and a bike track to keep the kids entertained. For more info and to RSVP - send PM ASAP! Date: Sunday, 22 July Time: 12 noon Venue: Castle Hill
  7. ezzie

    Is it easy to start a business in oz?

    Well done you! I've some ideas too, so thanks for links. One day when I've time, I might even do it!
  8. ezzie

    Is it easy to start a business in oz?

    Apparently, according to some International Survey...which I've forgotten of couse, Australia is in the top three countries where it's easiest to set up and run a business.
  9. What did you decide to do? Hope you found him a school place, no public school can refuse him, but that won't stop them trying. Just take it up with the Area Education Office. Plenty of dope in all schools, but I think not half as much as you'll find in UK schools.
  10. Cucumber sandwiches at the ready…..whatever your background, there’s nothing like a right royal occasion to celebrate. There’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Queen’s Birthday and the fact that Phil is on the loose from hospital! So bring a plate of your poshest tidbits to share. What to bring: dainty sandwiches, cakes & snacks. Hats, gloves, tiara optional! PM me for more details. We're a friendly bunch, so come along for a laid-back lunch & chat. Erika
  11. Come and celebrate with us this Sunday (31st) at Erlestoke Park, Castle Hill, Sydney. Bring yourself, partner, friend or rest of family to meet up with the friendliest (mostly expat) crowd in the Hills District...if not the world! BYO meat for the BBQ, drinks, chairs, utensils and a plate of salad, nibbles or dessert to share. We'll have a load of fun games for the kids and a Christmas dip. Come along for a great get-together. All welcome! PM me to RSVP & for more info. Date: Sun 31 July Time: 12 noon Venue: Erlestoke Park, Erlestoke Place, Castle Hill.
  12. Gill & Helen (and anyone else), we're meeting-up for lunch on Thurs 19th in Castle Hill, for coffee on the 24th in West Pennant Hills, a meal out in Cherrybrook on the 27th. PM me for more info.
  13. ...sounds like you all need to come and meet us. We're a group of mostly expats (but some Aussies) who get together to socialise, compare notes and have a bit of fun. We're mostly over in the Hills District but have members right across to St Ives. We organise regular social activities ranging from drinks, movies, nights out, book club and always enjoyable lunches. We even run our own babysitting club. PM me for more info.
  14. There's a lot of you around the Castle Hill/Penno area...why don't you all come and meet up with a fabulous big crowd of women (admittedly mostly Brits) from around the world. We have heaps of fun and there's always someone to hook up with if you feel like getting out for a drink or meal. PM me for more info.
  15. New to Sydney or still looking to meet the right crowd....we're Sydney Newcomers, a group of women of varying ages, who meet regularly, run their own babysitting group, enjoy lunches, nights out and plenty of other fun activities. We're scattered over Hills District & over to St Ives. This month we have: Thurs Midday 19 May 'ladies who lunch', Sun 15th May RSPCA Million Paws Walk, Tues 24 May Australia's Biggest Morning Tea, Wed 25th 'Chicks Flick', 26th May 8pm Book Club, 27th May 7.30pm 'Ladies' Night Out', PM me for more information. Truly lovely group of ladies...but come and find out for yourself.