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Found 74 results

  1. Hi! I'm Jo, I'm 26 and I moved to Inner West Sydney in November (2012) on my own. I work in the Spa industry and am really loving Sydney and all it has to offer. Work/house/Aussie bf etc is all fab but I miss all my girlfriends in London and am looking to form a group of girls to go out in the city area with at weekends for dinner/cocktails/coffee. Ideally girls who are of a similar age (22-32ish is fine) so drop me a mail if you are in a similar boat :biggrin:
  2. We're a group of women who love getting together for movies, meals and a good chat over coffee. We also get out and about to concerts, theatre and events, always more fun when there's a group going. We even have activities for kids and partners. Most activities based in the Hills District or Northern Sydney. PM me for more details.
  3. :cute: Hi I've just moved to South Melbourne from the Uk with my kiwi boyfriend. Busy job hunting and looking for some girls friends for drinks! I'm 26, love food, drinks and brunch! Claire x
  4. I was watching Bridget Jones' Diary last night for the umpteenth time, still love it. :biggrin: This got me thinking about what films others watch over and over again, or books you read over and over again. What might you watch more than once?................................. or is this just a girl thing? :embarrassed: The books I read over and over again are the Lymond series by Dorothy Dunnett.
  5. hey! me and my fiance have just moved to gold coast, not met anyone yet, lots of other expats we have seen on here or said hey too are all all a bit older, or very involved with their kids! wondered if there are any other 20 somethings out there that fancy a drink and a catch up! I'm 23 and my man is 24, gettin married in August, no kids, not piss heads, like a cocktail or two in nice places.... sporty, musicy and both pretty laid back!
  6. carsnhoj

    Going back to our girls..

    We posted last month that our two rotties failed the leishmania tests.. they have failed again (only slightly), but still can't come to us, so we have arranged the shippers to come in next week as our dogs are our world, so we are heading back to them (Oz or our girls???? Defo the girls win). Can't wait to see them again.
  7. Guest

    The Things Girls Do

    My sister had a revulsion from meat. On the other hand my father insisted on feeding her meat to ensure his 'pretty pampered lass' (DOH!!!!) had enough nutrients. Needless to say, the number of times I have benefited from prime hunks of meat being disposed into my plate surreptitiously are uncountable (mmmmmmmmm those were the days...) NOTE: I am banking on fellow men to paste as many - if not more - anecdotes as the rival thread.... I'm counting on you guys don't let me down!!!!!!
  8. Moved into the Toorak area with a 6, 4 & 2 year old girls - love to organise some play dates for them
  9. Hey any girls in Bunbury looking for a mate :biggrin: Moved here 3 weeks ago with my other half, renting a place with a few mates but all boys! In great need of girl company. . im 28 from Scotland enjoy drinking, partying, shopping and having a laugh x
  10. Hi, I relocated from the UK a couple of months ago and I'm missing catching up with girl mates over a class of wine in the evening, lunch or coffee. I'm here through work and living in the New Farm/Teneriffe area of Brisbane, in my early 20s. I'm keen to meet up with people after work or at the weekend! Look forward to hearing from people.
  11. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone could recommend a nice place for a group of Mum's in their 30's for a good night out of dinner, dancing & fun. In Williamstown, Point Cook or maybe the city. Thanks :jiggy::jiggy::wink::laugh:
  12. Guest

    One for the girls.

    Who is your favorite hunk. My god this man does it for me.
  13. hey im 13, im moving to australia around next year and im proberly moving to Perth and really want som1 to talk to xx :unsure:
  14. I always thought I wanted loud naughty guys in the past and went out with some right ****** now I am married to a quiet kind of guy and it makes me womder what i ever saw in loud cocky guys, men who come on too strong and aggressively are a huge turn off to me these days...i like quiet, intellectual men...men who think before they speak and seem sincere rather than ones who can't do anything but run their mouths about how wonderful and great they are....quiet confidence is great...many men confuse arrogance with confidence...if you are confident in yourself then you don't have to brag about yourself. Pablo comes across as the quiet type of guy I like reading his well thought out posts.
  15. Hi All There are a few new girls going for after work drinks in CBD tomorrow night (thursday 25th) if you want to join us private message me and I will send details. Sharon
  16. hi all, any girls fancy a get together in manly on the weekend? doesnt have to be a big night out, just a social drink and meet some new friends.
  17. Guest

    Hi Guys and Girls.......

    Hi Guys and Girls....or should I say Blokes and Sheilas?! Just made the decision finally, after 10 odd years of procrastinating, to emigrate to Melbourne. Currently working in the UK for Fujitsu and hope to apply internally for a post in OZ and get there on a 457 Visa. No wife, no kids, no ties other than work family and friends in the UK so hopefully the transition should be easy. (He says, with the feeling that things can't possibly be as easy as it sounds!!) :huh: Hoping to make a few contacts on here to help with the life changing move and hear plenty of reasons to prove that I've made the right decision. Graeme.
  18. Hello I am moving to Adelaide soon. I am 7 is there anyone my age. i want to talk to you if you live there or moving there. thank you. love ella :jiggy:
  19. Hi, I have been wanting to put up this query since last week when we decided to apply child visa for our girls. Can we apply the Child visa application w/o PCC & Medical ?.What I mean is, later when the CO asks for the PCC & Medicals then submit it? it this possible has abyone done it?:wubclub: Cheers
  20. Hi there, In Kathryn's absence I thought I'd organise Christmas drinks in December for the girls! Either Friday 3rd or Saturday 4th - does anyone have a preference? Also if you have any suggestions on where to go in the city please post them. cheers, Maria
  21. Hey, would anyone be interested in buying a girls Kambraya School Uniform?My daughter is in year 8 and i only bought uniform in August so its pretty new. There is: Backpack Rugby Top Track Pants Polo Top P.E Skirt?Shorts Waterproof Jacket V-Neck Jersey Summer Dress x2 Was $555 new and will sell for $250/300 plus still have all receipts for claiming Tax Back! Was Gillian
  22. :idea:Anyone fancy a wee night down the pub? can recommend the wine bar on Main St. thought this would be a change from the City. Can P.M. me also if you like.
  23. The Ozcans

    Role Models for Girls

    Just been reading this Role models: someone to look up to | Life and style | The Guardian And there's a link to a site containing really good role models for girls. If you've got a daughter (or 2) have a look with her/them - makes a change from WAGs and Biffa Tweedy!!! pinkstinks - Role Models - Role Model Of The Month This month's role model is Maggie Aderin-Pocock who makes bespoke instrumentation for space missions.
  24. Guest

    Something fun to do!

    I am a Girl Guide Leader in St Lucia/Indooroopilly district in Brisbane and I'm looking for some new recruits. We do lots of fun things, crafts, games and we go on camp twice a year! I am English and have been in Australia since the new year, so if you are perhaps having problems settling into Brisbane life and/or making friends then this would be the ideal opportunity for you Please get Mum/Dad to PM me for any specific details, Amy There are many units all over Australia: www.guidesqld.org
  25. Guest

    Any girls to talk to ?

    Heyya im Jodie and im 11 years old. I joined poms in oz earlier this month but there seems to be noone on here to be friends with. If you would like to be my friend and talk to me please dont hesitate no matter how old you are! Please reply Love Jodie xxx :biggrin: