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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I'm a 22 year old male looking for like-minded people to meet up with to go for lunch, explore Melbourne and see live music I moved over from England in 2011 and looking to make new friends and see all that Melbourne has to offer, not having seen a lot of it in the 4 1/2 years I've lived here. If anyone's got any suggestions for meet up groups, clubs or is interested in meeting up, let me know!
  2. Cucumber sandwiches at the ready…..whatever your background, there’s nothing like a right royal occasion to celebrate. There’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Queen’s Birthday and the fact that Phil is on the loose from hospital! So bring a plate of your poshest tidbits to share. What to bring: dainty sandwiches, cakes & snacks. Hats, gloves, tiara optional! PM me for more details. We're a friendly bunch, so come along for a laid-back lunch & chat. Erika
  3. motherof2

    What lunch box?

    My kids start school next week. We've sorted out my 11 yr old and she's chosen her lunch box. What do the the teens take/carry their lunch in - don't want to get the 'wrong thing' for my 14 yr old son!
  4. He used to make the lunches when I lived with him, cheese, tuna or mackerel, salad, toast, Viennese Whirl or Bakewell Tart to follow before I went to work, and pack something nice for that too. After my Mum died in 1997, he lived on until 2005 and I made the mistake of thinking he'd live forever! It was like living with a best mate. Strange how I think of my parents at odd times. When I see a house for sale near me I want to tell them about it. Now I'll drive down to 7/- Beach for a swim, eat my lunch and think how much my Mum would have enjoyed swimming here!
  5. Anyone out there fancy a lunch meet? in Melbourne, been here several years now, and have a few friends, but due to not having any small children of my own anymore (mature age but young at heart!) and as I am selfemployed do not meet others at work to socialise with! and miss my girlie times out, OH tries but not the same:rolleyes:anyhow if anyone fancies coffee or a few wines please let me know.:jiggy:
  6. Guest

    November lunch in the city

    There are about a dozen of us who have been meeting up once a month,in the city for lunch, (this is actually only are 3rd time!!!!), if anyone else would like to join us, Novembers is booked for 5th November at 12 o'clock in Time Out in Federation Square.Please just let me know so I can confirm numbers. See you all on 5th Jo x
  7. Hi Could someone please explain to me how the whole meal thing works in Oz?? Don't worry I know what lunch and dinner are:laugh: My daughter went on a daytrip and had to provide morning tea Can anyone please explain how the day goes What do they have for morning tea? What time do they have it? What do they have for afternoon tea? What time do they have it? Sorry if this sounds really silly but in the UK we have breakfast, dinner, tea and supper:biglaugh: Cheers Popsicle
  8. Hi Ladies Just to let you all know we shall be meeting up at Sofia's restaurant 99 Maroondah Highway, Croydon at 12pm for a lunch and a chat. I have just moved here from Adelaide( where we lived for a year) and although I emigrated a year ago Melbourne is new to me and very different to Adelaide. If anyone would like to meet up just let me know by Sun 8pm if possible so I can cofirm numbers with Sofia's. It would be great to meet new people aswell as people who have been here a while. Look forward to hearing back from you. Just PM and I'll give you my mob. no. Cheers Kelly
  9. Hi We have just moved from Adelaide and am feeling really quite lonely:( My husband has started work, my boys are in school now. We are living in 30km east of the city and wondered if any girls meet up for lunch ever? Would anyone like to meet for lunch at Knox City shopping centre. We emigrated from UK to Adelaide a year ago (where we were just beginning to feel settled) and have just moved to Melbourne and don't know anybody. Would love to meet and get to know some of you. I feel like a newbie all over again! Let me know which days suit people and I'll try to arrange something very soon, this week or next (w/b 17.05 or24.05). Cheers, Kelly
  10. Hi all, We are having trouble adjusting to the twilight zone feeling of a hot Christmas in Oz. Anyway we want to go traditional but are having trouble finding some of the ingredients due to the season and different traditions. In particular is there anywhere in Melbourne we can find: sprouts parnsnips pigs in blankets decent stuffing mix Thanks, Mark
  11. :rolleyes: Anyone out there fancy meeting up in the City for Lunch, could do with some girlie ( young at heart 40 plus) company, a few drinkies and a laugh:chatterbox: a Sat/Sun afternoon?
  12. Hi I am thinking of starting a regular Breakfast, Brunch or lunch meeting for all on the Sunshine Coast....... Thinking it might be a good way to meet others ....... Anyone Interested?? :unsure: Kama
  13. Hi I am thinking of starting a regular Breakfast, Brunch or lunch meeting for all on the Sunshine Coast....... Thinking it might be a good way to meet others ....... Anyone Interested?? :unsure: Kama
  14. Just wondering if anyone fancing a ladies lunch meet up one afternoon! i'm 38yrs and live in Buderim, PM me if anyones intrested. Paula
  15. Hi All I am arranging an Expat lunch meet on the Sunshine Coast for anyone who would like to join us. The date is 21 July, 12pm in Caloundra. If you wish to join us then contact me at kama@chillinutlife.com.au so I know how many to book a table for. I Look forward to meeting some of you! Kama