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Found 55 results

  1. Guest

    Women ONLY Thread

    Hello Ladies This thread is just that - for women only. To discuss all the things which women want to discuss. I promise there will be no talking about football, Soccer vs Aussie Rules, the size of your charms, nagging, or what percentage alcohol a can of beer has. There will be no-one in this thread who slumps on the sofa with the remote in one hand (Aussie Rules on the TV) and the other hand in the waistband of their trousers. So come on ladies - feel free to debate or ask advice :hug:
  2. Hi, I have a query regarding x-ray test for my pregnant wife. We had applied for visa class 189. We got a CO assigned. Before going for the x-ray test my wife tested positive on pregnancy. We are in Singapore but hold an Indian passport. Due to the test results we refrained from the x-ray test (also suggested by doctors). All other tests were done successfully. My wife already holds a class 457 Australian work permit valid for 4 years. She got all her medicals done for 457 few months back. Question is can the visa 457 x-ray test result be used for her 189 visa? She travels to Australia frequently on 457 visa based on her earlier medicals. Please help me in someone has already faced such a condition. Thank you!
  3. More than half of British women's waists 'too big' :eek: :err: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-18570445
  4. Cucumber sandwiches at the ready…..whatever your background, there’s nothing like a right royal occasion to celebrate. There’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Queen’s Birthday and the fact that Phil is on the loose from hospital! So bring a plate of your poshest tidbits to share. What to bring: dainty sandwiches, cakes & snacks. Hats, gloves, tiara optional! PM me for more details. We're a friendly bunch, so come along for a laid-back lunch & chat. Erika
  5. The vast majority of my female friends iron their spouses shirts. And from what I've read on here too its much the same. Is there any particular reason behind this? Even in this day and age , after womens emancipation and what not --men do most things around the home -- but still ironing of shirts seems to be one thing that women feel either obliged to do(esp if a housewife)/ or need to do. Am I wrong? Are there many men out there who do their own shirts?
  6. I'm a building services engineer. Working in such a male dominated industry can be hard at times and I'm worried if it'll be worse in Aus. "Macho culture" and all that! Does anyone have any experience?
  7. The UK has more obese women than any other country in Europe, according to European Union figures. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-15901351
  8. giggle

    Women only forum

    Hi, remember seeing something about a Women Only forum recently but cant find it now. Does anyone know where to find it? thanks.
  9. I have been to many Countries and looked at many women and IMO the best looking women in the world are British women, only my opinion like but even in Italy where they are also beautiful I still think UK is best, we can all post photos of beautiful women from other Countries to try and prove our points but as a whole British is best :notworthy: I was in Stratford last weekend and thought I was dreaming as I looked out of the window of spoonies whilst enjoying some ale and almost every one was a cracker, some might have been foreign I grant you but the majority must have been Brits.
  10. Guest

    are muslim women

    allowed abortions:confused:if so why not--2 me abortions are a necessity in this fast moving selfish world we live in--i mean its best not 2 keep something you dont want i feel:wubclub:
  11. There's two outside my flat over by the restaurant El Bulli - dressed 'up to the nines', hair, makeup, everything is perfect, yet they want to smell like ashtrays?
  12. compare to Aussie men? Look at the British and European born and educated counterparts:sad:
  13. Guest

    Calling all Welshmen and women

    Hi Cometh the hour. Does anyone know of a Welsh pub in the City or close to Mornington. Or a great rugby pub to watch the game on Saturday.
  14. Is it just me or does the media really scrutinize women more than men? Why is that every time a story breaks, something scandalous happens, or there is some kind of controversy, it is always women who are "pulled apart", analysed and criticised? Just a few examples: Joanna Lees the british backpacker, whose boyfriend was murdered whilst travelling through the outback. She was eaten alive by the press, many accusations were flying about including her involvement in his killing and that she had a secret lover. She was even mocked on one of the british chat programmes by a group of men :mad: who were taking the pi$$ about how she managed to get her hands (which were tied behind her back) to the front :realmad: She got so fed up with the media chasing her that she arranged a deal to have one photographer film her, which would be paid for, and the money to go to the Victims of Crime. For this she was accused of media manipulation. Kate McCann OK, I know she shouldn't have left her children alone, but she was constantly scrutinized because she was wearing matching earrings and necklace and co-ordinated outfits (does it bloody matter?). Or that she never cried or was 'pulling her hair out" :err: or had a nervous breakdown. Her husband was equally "guilty" (of leaving the children alone), however he was never discussed in so much detail as Kate. Angelina Jolie She was painted as a men eating vixen and evil who stole someone elses husband. Never mind that it was Pitt who was married at the time :wideeyed: that didn't seem to matter. Books were written about her, digging up stuff from the past and then dug up some more. Interestingly, her work for charity doesn't seem to get mentioned as much. Amanda Knox the american girl who was accused of killing british student in Italy and now has been acquitted. They were analysing every single thing about her character, from the perfect glossy hair and perfect composure to the fact that she likes sex and was wearing tight fitting tops to her court hearings. Now, that she's free we saw every single detail of her return home, even showing a BA flight taking off from the airport. :shocked: Again, a woman's every expression and word was examined, her clothes commented on, trivial aspects of her life put on public display, an ordinary person was made into a femme fatale. Interestingly enough, her ex-boyfriend Sollecito didn't get any mentioning at all, we don't know nothing about him, never seen much pictures of him, dissappeared into abyss, and yet he was also accused of exactly the same crime. Cheryl Cole Every detail about her movements, clothes, meal times and which way her hair is blowing in the wind :twitcy: how she was hurt and humiliated, how she dealt or not dealt with her crumbling marriage because of her cheating husband. How she was "sensationally' sacked from X-factor, is she crying, is she sad :SLEEP:, but noone scrutinized the cheating rat of Ashley Cole. Kate Middleton need I say more. And not just the press, it's our society also, constantly criticising women, whatever we do, if we have children or don't have any children, if we work after having children we're criticised, if we don't work after having children we're accused of being lazy or spongers or both. If we marry a rich man, we're golddiggers, if we don't marry a rich man and want to create our own wealth we're stupid or a hard **** or both. OK, I'll stop now.
  15. whichway

    women and shoes

    Just noticed a post from Keily on the sales and offers thread and it totally made me think. Do Aussie women have as many shoes as British women? No! I think. On my recent trip home I bought 5 pairs of shoes in the first 3 weeks (excessive I know but they were on sale). I was talking to my friend in Oz (ages ago) when I had about twenty pairs of shoes ( and no joke my mum and cousin looked in my wardrobe and commented how few I had and I think they were being serious) and I told her how many shoes I had and she was horrified! Why don't Aussie women buy that many shoes? or Why do we Brits buy so many? Do you really want to wear thongs/jandals/flip flops ALL the time? How many is too many? Including boots and trainers of course.
  16. The Pom Queen

    Women in the armed forces

    My son was looking at a job description the other day for front line and this position stated no women could apply. I'm not sure why if they are allowed to do everything else. I don't agree with them being treated differently but if they are willing to put in the effort to equal their male colleagues why should we stop them?
  17. BrownEyedGal

    Superannuation for Women

    Help! During all the registrations for employment agencies, they ask me which super I am with otherwise I'll get the default. I don't have too much idea what Super is except that it is some kind of pension. I'm not into pensions would rather spend my money now but well, I understand I'll need something for my old age. Questions: 1. Do I have to have it - can I opt out of paying it? 2. If I have to have what is best fund for a woman? 3. When can I have it - is after retiring? 4. Can you top it up like similar to the UK? 5. Do the Banks offer these Super funds? Any other info would be sooo gratefully appreciated.
  18. whichway

    men and women

    So i have to ask this question about men and women. How can you tell if he or she is really that into you? How are you supposed to know? If he or she phones, says all the right things, treats you nice then suddenly acts like you are a piece of rubbish - what is that about? Are most of the folk in a pub out for a quick root or do the majority want to find someone nice? Why do people go to huge effort to lead people on and hurt them on the dating scene?:wideeyed:
  19. Hey i am from the UK and currently living in Brisbane Does any one know any good clothes shops?? I am used to shopping in River Island, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Asos and Lipsy back home, so all high street prices. I have found a good few little shops but find there is not a lot of choice Any suggestions would be great Thanks
  20. Guest


    Adonna has started a man thread so i thought i would start a ........... womens thread.:wink::laugh: Women ............. shop for hours and buy nothing. Women ............. mess up a room and then tidy it up, instead of having a chill day. Women ............. can't relax and watch the tv in the day time. Women .............. Horde junk and stuff, foreeeeeeeeeeeeeever. Women ............. want to mother their men. Women ............... well you have got the picture, anymore things they do lads?:yes:
  21. Can't understand it!We think of nowt else from the minute we get up in the morning:wink:till we get off to bed.It all starts around pubescent time,when the heart starts to flutter at the thought and anticipation of what is around the next corner.The excitement never ceases 24/7,especially when the new Soccer season arrives!!!!:biggrin:
  22. The transition to Australia when we finally emigrate is one of immense ups and downs', hurdles and obstacles that 'most' of us face to a greater or lesser degree, fact of life, but in the long run who do you reckon deals better with the journey? I know there are a lot of intangibles in the mix, money, careers, children, housing, but in the battle of the sexes who do you reckon deals with a little better. Woman (most, look at things a little more emotionally. Dons hat and takes cover), where as men 'seem' to be a little more logical in some aspects of life.:shocked:. (NOTE) I realise that both have a mixture of 'emotion and logic', OK, I'll stop there as I am digging my own hole,:wubclub::biglaugh:) Another massive impact is the one partner (man or woman) who stays at home, maybe the need to look after young children, or through choice, and this can lead to a huge feeling of isolation I IMAGINE. I would say, (could be wrong) that the split seems to be 50/50 on PIO, though doubtless some will disagree. But in the long run which sex at the end of the day deals with the transition better. Speaking very personally I have always found the transition easy, not without problems, but nonetheless fairly easy, BUT. The one thing that often plagued my mind was the fact that my partner/wife wasn't as happy as I would have liked to see them, and this in the long run did at times result a change in my mindset and once again return to the UK,:cry:. Happily now we are both in total agreement and we BOTH know what is involved and how we will deal with the journey in the future, :yes:. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  23. Guest


    Evening all, I have been keeping the wife happy today, strimming, mowing, hedge cutting and burning things, but i have noticed that whenever she comes out to see how i am getting on she mentions another job that needs doing which had not even crossed my mind:mad: and generally taking the piss:no:, you would have thought that she would have been happy with me actually doing something in the first place but no they want more all the time:no::biggrin:, but between you and me boys i told her how it is :mad: and i would do it when i am good and ready:daydreaming:, anyway i have to go as she wants me to cook the dinner:cool:
  24. I have just been reading an interesting article about women judging other women and it said a high percentage of women make their conclusions of what another woman is like within 20 seconds of meeting them. Based on .............. what the other womans weight is firstly, then what they wear, their hair and then their skin texture on their face and whether they use too much false tan. How strange women are, us men see another man and don't judge them at all, if they are wearing a nice shirt say, we would maybe think, i like that, or some nice jeans, but we don't appraise other men, or do we? I don't think i do. Apparently all women do this ................. WHY?:wub:
  25. Hello, I'm new here - the name's Nicola, and my hubby and I moved from Edinburgh to Perth, WA, in October last year on a 457 visa, with my hubby being on a 2 year work contract. Just a question for the women of the forum, something that has been niggling me for a while - probably a silly question. Not sure if it really belongs in the 'dilemmas' forum but I couldn't really see anywhere appropriate. My hubby and I have been very blessed so far to not have needed to see a doctor since we arrived here 6/7 months ago, so I have absolutely no idea how the Medicare system works. We do have Medicare cards and private health insurance. For a variety of reasons, before we came here, health issues fell by the wayside for quite some time before we left Scotland, and I have recently realised that it has now been way too long since I have had a smear test. I am very keen to get my next one soon, a) because I really should and b) because we are hoping to start a family within the next couple of years. So my (stupid, probably) question is: how do I go about doing this? Do I go to a GP (as in, a doctor at a local medical practice) or do I go to a gynaecologist? If I should go to a gyno, do I need to get a referral from a GP first? Sorry if the answer is really obvious, I just struggled to find this info online and apparently my local GP charges a $75 consultation charge which the tight Scot in me would rather not pay, if I could just go directly to the gyno :-) Thanks, Nicki