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  1. Exactly, they checked and double checked. They then sold the house and my mum excitedly told me. As precaution I said its worth a call to make sure all is well with the visa. I know how many times the rules changed as experienced with my application(s). They are still with the agent as they payed up front and have only lodged the application.
  2. Hi. Mum and dad applied for a 143 offshore. Are they allowed to visit during this application process? I.e holiday visa and stay for 12 months, travel overseas for a couple of weeks then reapply for another holiday visa until the 143 is approved. thanyou in advance. Their agent told them they could do a bridging visa 6 months ago. After rechecking this week it seems not hence the above question. lastly, just read that you need to be offshore for the 143 to be granted. How do you know when it's going to be granted to make sure your offshore.
  3. Danny&Em

    Sevenseas International Movecube

    Cool. Ours I arriving for packing Thursday. Can you recommend the insurance you opted for. Cheers....
  4. Danny&Em

    How many days do you have left in the UK.

    29 days. 4week tomorrow (thurs). Shippers here in 22 days. Good luck everyone. D
  5. Danny&Em

    Packing own boxes for shipping

    Hi. I've done a bit of leg work on this own. We're also looking around the 200 mark in terms of volume. And also wanted to pack it ourselves. I wanted a fix cost. If anything wouldn't fit I'd just leave it out. Instead of paying the extra for something I thought I could cram in. the price is very reasonable also. We are using movecube. A large container. About the size of a shed. Dropped off, 3-5 hours later picked up,,, 12 weeks it's then dropped off. This is £990 + aquis ($350 approx) plus destination charge of about $120. Also need insurance but were going with a separate company said to be cheaper at around 1.5%. There are post on here reporting good experiences. Booked mine today. Good luck
  6. Should i therefore declare them on the removal form / itinery sheet etc? They will prob end in my suitcase anyway - but thought it worth a mention. Heres whats on the form; Goods owned by you for less than 12 months > Clothing type > Footwear type > If other, please
  7. Good man... I'll add to my Xmas list then. Thank you and no worries back.
  8. Hi. Im thinking if cashing in on the trainer sales, clothes sales that are dotted about and also the jan sales etc. and filling up the odd empty box. I'm thinking of using move cube and have about 30 x 14" boxes. I know you have to have owned them for 12 months etc. but if I wear them a few times and mix them with the rest of my worn clothes will I get stung on (if any) taxes or charges associated on imports. Im only thinking say 2-3 pairs of new trainers, 2-3 pairs a canvas pumps and few new shorts, tshirts and perhaps formal pants should anyone wish to employ moi? Cheers.
  9. Danny&Em

    Having babies in Oz?

    Yeah. Me to... I wanna get jiggy after Xmas!
  10. Danny&Em

    Transferring my £££££ to $$ [Sept2012]

    Bank choice??? Is there a clear winner here? Im thinking of NAB bank (for no particualr reason) Just wondering if any bank charge you for placing my money in an account? I know Moneycorp exchange for free, but to be fair, so do HiFX if transferring more then £3K which is the case for me. But its pointless if i choose a bank which then charges me for putting money in? Whilst typing - is there any poll on who provides the best exchange rate between the two? HiFX / MoneyCorp?? And would you transfer all you savings first or split it say 30% then 70% when over ? [i`ll have about £30k to `play` with] Chhhhhheeeeeerrrrssssssss
  11. Danny&Em

    mobile phone

    does this look a good deal? http://www.whistleout.com.au/MobilePhones/Carriers/Crazy-Johns/Personal/Crazy-Johns-$19-SIM-Only-Value-Plan?pt=9e874dba-ef2a-4b7e-abac-6a063fc39d9e&contract=12
  12. Danny&Em

    mobile phone

    I don't like any bills. Ha. Oz sim card from Vodafone it will be then. Hopefully they will convert it over from uk to oz without too much beef,,, or bills!
  13. Danny&Em

    Furniture arrival

    I'd hate to see all them spirit bottles broken... Oh and your trophies!
  14. Danny&Em

    mobile phone

    You wouldnt need to unblock your uk vodafone would you if using Vodafone oz?
  15. Danny&Em


    Gday sport.