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Found 5 results

  1. I hoping to hear some feedback or reviews for shipping items back to the UK. I currently have narrowed things down to two companies... Chess and Seven Seas. Both are similar price Chess Pro's - they pack everything for us. Cons - partial container Seven Seas - Movecube means our items are separated. Con - if we've miscalculated the size of the cube we are stuck! As we only really have clothes, kitchen items and personal items, no furniture, I'd like to know if anyone has experiences with these two companies. Does have a partial container mean our items are more likely to get lost or damaged? I've only done shipping when we moved here but it was dealt with by my work so we didn't over think it!
  2. vickyplum

    on the moo-ve to NSW

    Hi all Not really a discussion but more of an update / share / vent! My partner and I spent the weekend finishing packing up the house over the weekend, as we've got Seven Seas coming today, to take our stuff away in a small [or maybe medium!] Move Cube. I'll be interested to see how this works out, given the mixed reviews. We used them because they offered a good price for the small cube and seems to be the most efficient way of moving our items. There was also a panic trip to TK MAXX to purchase the largest suitcases they have to offer, and then subsequent panic weighing them and making sure the overall baggage allowance is not exceeded... I resigned from my job on Friday, and the tenancy agreement on our flat ends Thursday, so we are off to live in a friend's spare room until 19 May! We've then got just under a week in Hong Kong and Taipei, and then head to NSW on 26 May. So I am going to be very crumpled [living out of a suitcase] and probably a slightly less rational than usual, until this is all over. The volume of alcohol consumed may also go up... We'll be living with my partner's Dad in Wollongong until one of us gets a job, and then hopefully we will get our own place [renting] in Sydney! I'll be looking for PA/senior admin roles and my partner will be looking for something in IT [security, firewalls, networks, UNIX, LINUX + other stuff that I have no clue about]. So long in the planning and still a rush at the end of it all :dull: Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone else in the same situation.
  3. Strongbow14

    MoveCube back to the UK

    Hey We have recently decided to move back to London from Sydney. We don't have a lot of stuff, some furniture and sports stuff like bikes and golf clubs, big tv, smaller kitchen appliances, and other bits and pieces we have collected since being here. We like the idea of the Movecube from Seven Seas, the larger one. We like that its dropped off and we can then pack a much stuff as possible into the box. My question is, Can anyone who has used the MoveCube give us a rough idea of how much stuff they actually fitted in? thanks
  4. Hi We don't have much stuff to ship so I'm thinking a large MoveCube (http://www.sevenseasworldwide.com/shipping/movecube) would do be a good option. Has anyone used a MoveCube and how did you get on? Any issues with insurance (you pack it yourself)? Cheers John
  5. I've recently arrived in Australia and I wanted to share my shipping experience with you - you can't get enough good news stories! I didn't have a lot of stuff to ship out - it was mostly clothes, various bits and bobs (books, ornaments, CD's, bedding etc.) I chose to use Seven Seas. Reviews on here were OK (there were no horror stories at least!). It was an incredibly easy process. They send you boxes, you fill them up and then arrange a pick up. They give you a 1 hour pick up window the evening before. I didn't have any issues with them coming late or not turning up. They advertise that it will take approx 70 days for your boxes to reach Australia from UK with 1 week to go through customs. In the first delivery it was almost exactly correct but customs only took a couple of days. The second delivery took 60 days, again customs only taking two days. Taking advice from on here I ensured I did not pack any product with wood with me. I also marked the box which had shoes and trainers (which i packed together). No boxes appeared to have been opened (which is apparently a random process by customs). It was a reliable, painless and efficient service and I would definitely recommend them for anyone bringing a small load over with them.