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  1. Proview220

    exemption to leave Qld

    Hi Has anyone applied for exemption to leave Australia QLD as a Citizen with dual uk & Au passports? if so what's the procedure ?? Has anyone left Australia without exemption recently on uk passport only ?
  2. Proview220

    Tourist - bridging - spouse

    Paulhand, so assuming after the tourist vis has expired and applying for 820/801, my Daughter husband can enter on a one way ticket then?
  3. Proview220

    Family visa

    No they are in the Uk until they get married in June 2020, after they get married they want to return to live in Australia as a family. Im looking at what options they have for spouse visa but ideally one he can apply for once in Australia, would the 820 partner temp visa be an option? The question I'm asking is yes he can enter on his subclass 651 but would he be ok to come on one way ticket??
  4. Proview220

    Family visa

    Hi Thanks for reply, they both get married in uk June 2020 then they wanted to come back at same time and apply for her husband visa, just not sure how the best way to go about it??? I see the 820 Subclass partner temp visa is an option, this states you must be in Australia when you apply, They need to come back at the same time due to my Daughter can enter no later than Dec 2020
  5. Proview220

    Family visa

    Hi My Daughter has just been granted her RRV must enter by Dec 8 2020. she will now be able to enter Australia on a one way ticket along with her son, however her Daughter who is two and her long term partner who she gets married to in June 2020 don't have PR. can they apply for spouse visa here in Australia? If so how would that work with a one way ticket, Is there ea way we can let Immi know what their intensions are?
  6. Proview220

    Citizenship interview / test original documents?

    Any docs that you or the lawyer uploaded would have been certified copy, these same copy must be taken with you on the day of the citizenship interview test, I done mine a few weeks ago and many people had been turned away due to not having the docs with them, i here them say they had been uploaded and still told they need o see them again on the day inc proof of ID
  7. Proview220

    Family visa

    I thought he could only apply after they got married and has to be in Australia? if the option is there to apply onshore that's better for the family as she wants to be back here. would it be better to wait till my Daughter gets her RRV as he can't go anywhere till she gets it. Once my daughter gets her RRV her self and sone can return on one way ticket, its her 2 year old daughter and husband to be that concerns me would they need a two way ticket how does it work??? or do i need to see an Immigration person?
  8. Proview220

    Family visa

    She has two children to the same father he is English, one child was born here in Australia and the other child born in uk, They are getting Married in June 20 and he then wants to apply for a spouse visa. Her Travel on the PR has expired so she has already applied for another one.
  9. Proview220

    Family visa

    Hi I have a question for the forum, My daughter has PR here in Australia, she is in the uk just now, she has a baby daughter who was born in the uk, and planning to come back to Australia, what visa will her daughter require? thanks
  10. Proview220

    Defacto visa

    Hi, Can the visa 309/100 be applied for on shore ? Now my daughter has her RRV and her son is already a Australian as he was born here 3 years ago, they are planning on returning before Aug 2019. her partner will also be coming to live here, my question is how will he get past immigration at the airport on a one way ticket. what is the best route for this???
  11. Proview220

    Defacto visa

    Hi My daughter got here RRV today after waiting 6 Mth, Unlimited stay and entry up until 20th Aug 2019
  12. Proview220

    Defacto visa

    My Daughter apply beginning of March, Fingers crossed we both here soon
  13. Proview220

    Defacto visa

    Any news yet?Im still waiting not heard anything at all.
  14. Proview220

    Resident Return Visa

    Have you been granted yet?
  15. Proview220

    Defacto visa

    bussiness related ties, cultural ties, owning property etc lol , she is only a young girl.