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Found 42 results

  1. Hello! I've played in the Wednesday Night Elwood League (venue at Elwood College, Glen Huntly Road) for about a year and we have a core team but due to injuries and people heading home etc. we have lost some players and need some reliable people to become part of our team.We all play for a bit of fun, exercise and comradeship. It’s a very honest, supportive and positive team so if it sounds like something you’d like to commit to, then message back and we’ll sort out details etc. Cheers!Ian
  2. Hi there, We've been here a few years and met some amazing people through this fantastic site before, but over time people have left to go back to the UK or circumstances have changed. I would love to meet some new people for chats over tea/coffee and cake or wine, go to the movies, hang out in a park or at the beach etc. Whether you are new here or been here a while, then please get in touch! I live in Lane Cove but happy to meet wherever is convenient. Thanks for reading this far! Sarah
  3. Hi! I'm Abi, and I'm moving to Sydney in September. I will be working in the central business district and will need somewhere to live for 3 months. I am very unfamiliar with everything about Sydney and would be grateful for recommendations of where to look for accommodation (websites or districts!). I will be 23, and looking to have a good time! Also would you recommend finding somewhere to live before I fly over? Or would staying in a hostel a few days and looking be an easy option? I will be arriving 5 days before I start working so will have a little bit of time. Thanks! Look forward to getting to know some of you! Abi
  4. So, as the title says... My girlfriend and I arrived in Melbourne just yesterday we currently have 4 year VISA's (and now we 'think' we've mastered the Trams) it's time to get ourselves a social life!! We're 26/27, from England, like eating, drinking, coffee, sushi, having a laugh etc etc and in a nutshell just looking make friends (as corny as it sounds!!). So lets go for a drink...?
  5. Hi, My brother-in-law is a bored 18 (sorry, I got it wrong again Dad!) year old visiting us and would like to meet up with someone of a similar age to hang out. He has the big3 theme park tickets and is interested in bikes:jimlad:, beach :cool:or just having fun:biglaugh:. Unfortunately we are a bit too boring for him :SLEEP:. If there is anyone out there interested in showing him what we have for 19 year olds on the Coast, please let me know asap. He will be going back to the UK at the end of September if nothing attracts his attention here :sad:.
  6. Hi Every one. Ive been in glorious sydney for two years and have recently moved to Bondi Junction and am looking for new friends. Im a 27 year old male living in the eastern suburbs and work out west. Message me if you fancy catching up, going for a day trip or just a drink. Hope to Hear from you soon.
  7. Hi my name is daisy, just moved to brisbane south (holland park west) in november from ireland with my mum and dad. Would love to meet some friends to play with, we could go to the park, cinema, i love swimming, and love going to the slemans center which only costs 4 dollars for as long as you want to stay....lets have some fun/playtime. Hope to hear from you.....
  8. Guest

    Boys and their toys

    OK boys, it's toys time!!!! http://screen.yahoo.com/a-floating-island-for-millionaires-29754341.html Watch and enjoy!!
  9. Cucumber sandwiches at the ready…..whatever your background, there’s nothing like a right royal occasion to celebrate. There’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Queen’s Birthday and the fact that Phil is on the loose from hospital! So bring a plate of your poshest tidbits to share. What to bring: dainty sandwiches, cakes & snacks. Hats, gloves, tiara optional! PM me for more details. We're a friendly bunch, so come along for a laid-back lunch & chat. Erika
  10. Hey everyone, I'm Zoe, 26 and a Mom of 2. My husband has just been promoted here. We're from Birmingham and arrived here the beginning of Dec. We don't know anyone and it's so so hard to meet people and make friends. Would love to get chatting to other Poms maybe have meets, get kids together to play and my hub would love a man's man (lol) to pub with and chat about football and other boring stuff We live in Waterloo but have a car to go anywhere, my daughter is starting school in the Eastern Suburbs end of January so will be there frequently too. Have a good day all
  11. I have just downloaded just dance 3 app and the kids have rolled around the floor :biglaugh: it is so funny and its free. So what is your best App, is it android or apple. and how much was it.:GEEK:
  12. Hi guys, This whole visa process is stressful,so this is a funny utube clip to lighten the process. Made me laugh, as my hubby after doing the IELTS!!! kind regards cazmayo
  13. Guest

    House sold now fun begins

    Hi everyone, Have not lived in UK since 1985 (I think Wham was still #1 in the charts) Have lived in Los angeles 13 years, Adelaide 7 years and Brisbane 5 years. Now decided it's time to go home. We have just sold house in Brisbane after three months.:biggrin: fingers crossed it all goes through. Plan to be back in blighty May 2012 Lot of suggestions on 20 ft containers. Any suggestions on who to use? It seems a lot more expensive to go from Oz to UK than the other way around for some reason. Anyway lots of things to take care of. Have got some great info from this site. Thank you.
  14. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/8295355/grooms-last-hurrah-in-croc-infested-water

    Shippers gone now the fun begins!!

    And breath.......!!! Well, shippers packed in torrential rain yesterday & dodged the worst of it, high dramas all round. Lads packing put the fear of god in us with warnings of things getting wet, mildew will set in, they didnt want to pack in that weather etc etc etc. Couldnt go in loft as it wasnt boarded out. We are at least 150 cubic foot of stuff coming later on, on a shared container (approx another £1000!!!) Plus the whole process took longer than expected so arraived with family at 12 last night with 2 children, all tired & car laden with suitcases etc. And here we are, the stress emotionally & phisically had been lifted, SO many tears, so unexpected amazing cards & gifts & so much love. Have a week with family now so expect it to be more of the same-but if its any consolation our gut feeling has never faltered - we are doing the right thing. As one person said to us, you will have no problem cos you are such happy positive people (ahhh) Next Sat 27th we fly to Kuala Lumpa then onto Melbourne, hubby starts job on 5th Sep, so adventures will start & will keep you all posted. Any questions, just ask xx
  16. Guest

    Just abit of fun

    It's just a little fun so lets see how long it will run Make a sentence from these letters, then put down 4 more letters for the next post etc try and keep it clean. Thanks. D U Y T.......:wacko::nah:
  17. Guest


    Chuffed to Bits: The Top 5 Reasons You Should Watch “The Graham Norton Show” | Anglotopia - For People That Love Britain
  18. Hi Folks, Quick fun poll here. Aim is to garner some opinions of people that are thinking of going and may already of made the move. First, quick biog: Me: 34. Self-employed for 7 years new media/graphic designer. Wife: 36. Secondary school teacher. 10 years pro experience. 2 daughters; 2.5 years and 4 months. Lives: near Portsmouth. Own house with okay amount of equity (over-payed a lot). Don't particularly like the area or house. No decent parks nearby. No family network nearby. In 3 years no family member has ever baby sat (basically saying we don't have close family ties here). Due to work and circumstances most friends don't live nearby. Australia experience: Travelled down coast from Queensland to Sydney 8 years ago. Have family in Sydney. Just happen to be the cool side of the family that live there. Made us feel very welcome. Worries: Finding a job. Affording to live. So there you go, no great emotional ties keeping us to this country, just the usual financial worries I guess. Over to you!
  19. Guest

    Something fun to do!

    I am a Girl Guide Leader in St Lucia/Indooroopilly district in Brisbane and I'm looking for some new recruits. We do lots of fun things, crafts, games and we go on camp twice a year! I am English and have been in Australia since the new year, so if you are perhaps having problems settling into Brisbane life and/or making friends then this would be the ideal opportunity for you Please get Mum/Dad to PM me for any specific details, Amy There are many units all over Australia: www.guidesqld.org
  20. TheOptimist

    I am in need of some fun...

    ...so, this is the deal with me. I moved back in with my folks 3 months ago which at nearly 32, I feel rather tragic in admitting :eek:. After all the post nerves of this move, the reality is actually quite pleasant in lots of ways. In many ways I feel that I am a teenager again. My Mum insists on doing my washing and ironing (I offer - she refuses) and she cooks dinner in the week. But best of all, I get to spend quality time with my parents before migrating. My issues are that its also meant moving half way across the country and leaving my friends, my independence and my life behind. I tell myself that this is for the best: I get to spend some quality time with my fantastic parents, I get to focus on work, and I get to save money for my move to Oz early in the new year. Problem is that I am SO BORED! :arghh: I have at least 5 months left in the UK and after all the pep talks I have had with myself (yep - am talking to myself) I just feel so bored! Perhaps I am a spoilt brat? Perhaps its because when I go to the drinks cupboard on a saturday night I find my mum lurking in the shadows tutting at me for having another G&T? Or perhaps its because I just want to go out and have a laugh with mates and can't? Bottom line is that I am not doing badly. I miss my OH very much (won't bore you with this bit), but is living at home in your 30's normal? Are there any other peeps out there who are in my situation and are struggling? If so, what should we do to remain saine? I'm past partying, but PLEASE can I have another drink without justifying to mum that I am not an alcoholic, I am in my 30's mum, its okay.....:err:
  21. any one welcome this sat @ runaway bay soccer club for a family fun day, loads for the kids and a world cup football 9 a-side cup.if there is any welsh football lads who fancy a game mp me as we are a few short. its a great way to meet new people. Cheers and hope to see some of you there.
  22. Guest

    Advice for a young artist

    Hey all, I'm finding this forum to be incredibly helpful and I'm hoping it will continue to be for me! I'm moving to Sydney in August from the U.S. having just graduated from college. I'm a young actor, working part-time for a production company in the CBD and I'm wondering where the best places to live are. I'm a gay male who loves the outdoors and nightlife, so I'm looking to live somewhere where I can be around lots of young, easy-going, fun, open-minded individuals. I tend to make my way around the gay clubs and bars more frequently than "straight" per se, but I'm not exclusive! If you're familiar with New York City, I've most enjoyed living in Hell's Kitchen and the West Village. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Well guys, I am back from a fantastic holiday in Perth and Melbourne! We left on Thursday 29th APril and had 5 days in Melbourne (leaving on Monday 3rd May). During our Melbourne time we stayed in the suburb of Burwood. We ventured out into the city a couple of the days and also spent time with family at their new place in Box Hill. They took us for afternoon tea at Fairfield Park BoatRamp which was very nice indeed. Then on our final night we met......our fearless leader and his wife Rob and Kate. They picked us up on Sunday 2nd May and took us out for dinner here.... Cuckoo Restaurant - smorgasbord buffet restaurant Dandenongs Dandenong Ranges, Mt Dandenong, Mount Dandenong, entertainment, German, Bavarian, tours, weddings, wedding, venues, theatre restaurant, bus groups, international, tourist, attraction, lunch The meal was beautiful and we were able to go up and have what we liked. Kate and Rob had organised a cake for us to celebrate our wedding anniversary which was completely unexpected and they also bought us two beautiful glasses as a pressy. Thank you guys also for the picture that we got as well. Monday 3rd May we got our next flight and headed over to Perth. We stayed with Ali Strickland and her family. (Mod Ali!) Ali, Nigel and their son Tom collected us at the airport at 5pm when we landed and we headed back to their house. We were made to feel extremely welcome from the minute we landed. As we got to the house Tom led the way and commented that we were `welcome to the house of Strickland!`. While in Perth we visited the city and also went over to Fremantle Prison Fremantle Prison, Western Australia I had really wanted to visit here and it lived up to expectations. We also celebrated (officially) our wedding anniversary in Perth and were taken out by Ali and Nigel to Hillarys Boat Harbour, Perth, Western Australia Hillarys boat harbour, Mindarie Quays where we had a beautiful lunch. We also went to Mandurah and had a gorgeous boat ride around those disgustingly expensive houses that we cant afford!! lol! -Topped off with a Friday night BBQ for the Hattersleys/Stricklands - along with a fair amount of wine I have to say! -A birthday party for Nigel on the Saturday (21 again!) - and watching Tom play footie and a brilliant last night meal out! I can say that Melbourne still doesnt float my boat (so to speak!), this second time cemented that fact for me. Its great for a short hop to see family but Melbourne lifestyle etc was everything that I had left in UK and I didnt want to go through that. We went into Perth blind really, having minimal knowledge of the whys and wherefores. I can say if we had landed in WA instead of QLD, I would not have been disappointed. I liked Perth, there is more to do in QLD but Perth was beautiful. So to finish..... THANK YOU Kate and Rob for a beautiful dinner, pressy, photo, such a great night! THANK YOU Ali and Nigel for a week of exceptional hospitality, for taking us into your home (having only met you once before!), for looking after us, introducing your friends and making us feel that we were an extension of your family. Thank you for your anniversary pressy. I will `borrow` the pic of the 4 of you from FB to put in one side! We were 11 days and it was a blast. While it is always nice to come home this time was a bit sad too. See you soon Strickland family. Thanks for the email Ali. Sentiments echoed x
  24. I'm having abit of stress with my new job, been there for about a month and half now, when i started i really stressed to the boss that it needed to be a long term job and he reasured me that it was 6 months plus.... well already he's saying he is having probs finding work which means i left a secure full time job to end up in a unsecure fulltime possibly turning to part time job/nothing :mad: so i'm thinking it all oes pear shaped and i can't find a new job quickly i might hit the backpacker trail for a few months and see where it takes me.. don't know why i'm writing this as i doubt anyone gives a toss lol
  25. Guest

    Good stuff to do in or near Perth?

    Hey! Ive been looking through sites and stuff trying to find things to entertain my family who are coming over this August. I will be taking a look through the pomsinoz archive in a second, but I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions off-the-bat We have two middle aged parents, who want to see Oz and would like to go on a couple of short coach trips, but also like to relax and take in the local scenery. I also have a a 24 year old sister who is really a theme park type of person, but I know 'Adventure World' is closed in August. Anything 'fun' in the teenage-to-early-twenties sense would be good. We aren't really into sports, but if there is something that you just have to do because you are in Oz, that would be cool, too! We don't have an awful lot of money to spend, so any suggestions of cheap or free events in, near, or within maybe a couple of hours of Perth will be much appreciated if possible!