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  1. Hi Guys, I have the following items for sale: * Solid wood bedroom set inc. Queen bed frame, 2x bedside cabinets & 1 Tallboy $550 * Solid wood dining table & 6 leatherette high back chairs - less than 6 months old, very good condition with a few minor marks $600 * Leather lounge (cream/beige) 3 seater + 2 recliners - purchased from Super A Mart, RRP $2,299. 18 months old selling for $1000 * TV unit - dark wood - 120 x 45 x 62cm selling for $150 * Book case - dark wood - 2 drawers at bottom 180 x 96 x 32cm - selling for $150 * Haier 6kg washing machine, top loader - $200 * Whirlpool Fridge/Freezer 399 litre stainless steel 18 months old $600 * Outdoor set - 'chocolate' wicker with aluminium frame. 2 seater + 2 1 seaters * glass top low table - $300 If you have any questions/would like photos of any of the items listed please drop me a message
  2. LisaIan

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Yes, there are several people, my partner included waiting for nomination approval. Nom submitted 3 Aug, it's been 7 and a half months for us.
  3. Hi Jit7, If you don't mind me asking, who is organising the meetup? You mentioned it was another site....can you pm me the details. Not sure if my oh is working yet, if not we may pop along Thanks.
  4. LisaIan

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    That's great news for us non-Drc applicants! My oh's company submitted the nomination on Aug 3rd non-drc so that will be 7 months this weekend. Great to hear there's some movement!
  5. Ha! I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty damn hard.....but then I'm pretty damn unfit! There's a considerable amount of running which I hate...makes me feel like I'm going to throw up! It's also quite intense as the session is an hour long. I haven't noticed any major results yet, it's only week 3 and I know that I'll be turning some of this flab into muscle. I do feel much better though and I'm losing cm's which is great! I've also decided to count my calories on the my fitness pal app so I can monitor my food intake. There's not much point in exercising if I'm just going to eat crap! Looking forward to dropping some kg's!!
  6. Wooo super excited for you.....I joined a gym in January and I'm determined to lose weight and get back into shape this year. I decided that the best way to start would be a kick up the bum, I joined the boot camp, 3 days a week 5:30-6:30am this week is the 3rd week...almost half way through! Hard work but I know it's what I need!! Good luck with your journey....keep us updated
  7. LisaIan

    ENS 186, applied for one, got one, want one?

    Hi VictoriaP, Has your MA followed up with DIAC so they know your application is DRC?? I understand that the system (prior to Nov I believe) was not recognising DRC applications and therefore not prioritising them over Non-DRC. A poster on another forum was approved a couple of weeks ago, that was a DRC app to Parramatta on 8 Aug.... We're still waiting on nom approval, lodged Aug 3rd but Non-DRC. I really hope it's not too much longer for you.
  8. LisaIan

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    TP that is fantastic news! I'm really pleased for you. Hope you're planning on celebrating! Thanks for sticking around to offer an insight to others.
  9. I passed my driving test today!! Left it a little later than most but woooo!!! Beep Beep!
  10. LisaIan

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    My oh's company received an ack letter for their nomination on 14 Sept which stated "your nomination has been allocated to a case officer and is undergoing further assessment". A couple of weeks ago after hearing nothing else they sent an email requesting the case officer's details. They received a reply yesterday which stated that the nomination has not yet been allocated to a case officer and standard processing times are 5-7 months. Two others on a different migration forum confirmed that they also received an email from Parramatta yesterday saying the same thing after both previously receiving an ack letter stating otherwise. No idea what's going on there. We're waiting on nomination approval prior to submitting our application.
  11. LisaIan

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Pull your neck in mate, if you go back and read what I wrote it clearly states "according to some" - regardless of whether the system upgrade is to do with ack letters or recognising DRC applications the fact remains that their system is not currently able to recognise DRC applications. The fact that DIAC's statement says "at the moment our system is not readily identifying..." implies that at some point it will so an upgrade/change will be implemented. Oh and If people who were "unsure" didn't post, this forum would be dead....I think people are aware that we're not all migration agents and a lot of what is posted will be speculation/opinions etc. If people want 100% accurate answers they pay a registered migrant agent for the pleasure.
  12. LisaIan

    Pest Control Brisbane Bayside

    Hi guys, Can anyone recommend a good pest control company that covers the Bayside?? We had a huntsman in the shower a couple of weeks ago and a tree spider decided it wanted to set up home in my bedroom last night! Thankfully the oh has been home on these two occasions otherwise I have no idea what I would have done!!! Any feedback much appreciated!
  13. LisaIan

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    I have to agree with Owen, an application is either DRC (only available through a migration agent) or Non-DRC. From reading through other threads and other forums it appears that most post 1 July nominations and applications are on the back burner, according to some, DIAC are currently upgrading their online system so it is able to recognise a DRC application form a Non-DRC. The date floating around for the completion of this is 26 Nov. It suggests that after this date Case Officers will have their work load full of DRC applications which rightly so, should take precedence. Like yourself I am in the "Non-DRC" boat - nomination submitted 3/8/12.
  14. LisaIan

    Anyone In Brisbane????

    Hi guys, We've been out here for 4 years but are always keen to meet new people. I'm 25 and oh is 28 and we live on the bayside....
  15. LisaIan

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Thanks for that, appreciate it. Nice to know that others have a similar timeline - I'll be sure to update here when we hear anything.