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  1. My employer has recently told me that DIAC have 'changed their systems' and that PR applications are now being held up due to these changes as of 1st July. Does anybody know if this is true? Thanks!!!!
  2. Sydneysider27

    Lonely Christmas in Sydney...

    Which hostel are you going to stay in? maybe you should choose one in Coogee, it's very busy, near the beach, great bars and loads of young people. You can get the bus to the city etc. I won't be in Sydney over xmas otherwise I would meet you! There will be loads of people in the same position as you, check the threads of 'friends wanted in sydney'
  3. Sydneysider27

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Does anybody know what the skills assessment criteria is in order to pass? I get more confused every time I look at the websites!
  4. Sydneysider27

    Mental health nurses

    I'm on an employer sponsored 457, I want to apply for PR. Does anyone know if I need to have 3 years experience first? What is the criteria to pass the skills assessment? Any help would be great!
  5. Sydneysider27

    Sydney girly mates wanted :)

    Hey guys send me a PM and we'll all meet up! Sounds fab x
  6. I'm in eastern suburbs, great place to live, gorgeous beaches, young people, pubs and bars. Easy commute to the city.. You'll love everywhere when you get here though!!
  7. Hey guys!! Looking to meet up with girls for a chat, a beer, cuppa, a mad night out.. I live in the eastern suburbs, been here nearly a year but miss my pommies and the girly banter. Would love to hear from anyone who would like to make friends