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Found 41 results

  1. perthlewis

    Fitting in and making friends

    Hello, my family and I have been living in Perth for just over 4 years..we moved from Scotland in the middle of the worst winter I can remember!! I moved with work and fortunately this has kept me really busy. My youngest son was born here and my OH has stayed at home to look after him and ferry the older two in and out of school. We don’t have family out here, so my wife needed something to keep herself busy...help her make friends and earn some money while looking after our boys. The absolute best thing in the world for her has been party planning / direct selling. Every day she’s chatting to new people or folk she’s either organised parties for or has recruited. I’m not going to quit my job this minute..but she’s earning enough to keep herself and Kmart happy and its growing. I’m really pleased for her, it ticks alot of boxes for our family, giving her friends, flexibility, a fun (low stress) income and the ability to work towards some really attractive goals. I’ve read a number of posts from people that are struggling to settle and make friends. It could be stepping outside your comfort zone a bit..but that’s often the best path to take! Don’t go and make yourself another coffee or check to see if the postie has been Go online and google direct selling / multi level marketing / party planning…find something you’re interested in and connect with their consultants. Even if you do have another job...we could all do with more friends and a bit of a stretch target. It may not suit everyone..this is just something that's made it easier for us to settle.
  2. Guest

    ''billy no mates''

    Hi Quite embarrassed putting this on actually..but...is there anyone who lives in atwell/success area???? Have been living here since feb & am now climbing the walls! Anyone out there who wants to get together for coffee etc..pm me!!! PLS!!!!! Thank you & may sanity be restored!:wacko: Karen x
  3. Ok, so, i have lived in Brisbane for over a year now. I am a permanent resident and moved over here on my own back in May, i met my friend from my previous work here who was on a working visa, we flat shared together and it was good as we have common ground. He moved to NZ around 2 weeks ago. My parents and sister moved here in October, my sister is 18 and she moved back home after 3 months, my parents are fine as they have each other and they live by the beach.. I have recently realised that my social life here is not brilliant, yes i have met some friends but they are all over the age of 28 and are iether married, engaged or not on exactly the same level as me.. My unit lease ends in four weeks and now im reviewing my options with moving back to the UK as an option so i can enjoy being social and young.. Help! :eek: Just wondering if there are any other people around 18-25 who are also having these problems? If so, message me and maybe we can arrange to meet etc. Cheers, Luke
  4. Hey guys!! Looking to meet up with girls for a chat, a beer, cuppa, a mad night out.. I live in the eastern suburbs, been here nearly a year but miss my pommies and the girly banter. Would love to hear from anyone who would like to make friends
  5. :policeman:Hi. New to all this ,m need info on old mates , a bloke who lives in queensland Eddie , think his last place was Caloundra , but heard hed turned gippo in a camper , and Pablo last heard frequenting the boozers and bookies of liverpool , heard he was heading for adelaide any info will be appreaciated :yes: M
  6. Hi everyone, My husband and I will arrive in Brisbane end of Sep 2011. We both start jobs early Oct. We are so excited but a little apprehensive as expected as moving away from family and friends is hard for most. We have a large circle of friends here, and like to do a variety of different things, meals, drinks, activities ( cycling, running etc) so looking to meet a range of people and make new friends. We are late 20s realy 30s and are very sociable people, so we would love to hear from you and maybe get something arranged a few weeks after we arrive. Look forward to hearing from you. The Baxters!:laugh:
  7. Hi all, Heading to sydney in August love to meet up with a few irish people. On my own for a while family to follow. Cheers p
  8. Hello, My name is James i'm 25 years old and I have recently arrived in Sydney living in Surry Hills and I am looking to meet new mates. I moved from Covent Garden in London and I am originally from Reading, Berkshire. I work for Experian in North Sydney and like playing golf and tennis. I really enjoy going for a few drinks after work or at the weekend. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, James
  9. Pretty much looking for some fellow pommy friends I have facebook, so just private message me
  10. Our son, 17, and a friend, 19, (also a pom) would like to meet up with other teenagers, they both have a good set of friends now having been here a few years but would like to meet with others, male or female who have not found it so easy... They are both very sociable and enjoy partying, the beach or just chillin! They both live at the Southern end of the Gold Coast:wink:
  11. Guest

    Billy No Mates

    Hiya I am new on here and would love to make friends and gain valuble advice about the emigration process.......Please Please HELP! :notworthy:
  12. Hey guys.. Hope you all good? I have been in sydney 6 months and really keen on looking for some new mates. Im use to having a nice circle of friends and only have a handful here. I live in manly and work in Sydney CBD. Keen on hooking up for a beer? lunch? etc let me know Tony
  13. Guest

    new mates in brisi

    Hi moved to brisbane in june with my wife. looking for some new mates to have a beer,go to sports events or if you have motocycle go out for a blast :cool:
  14. Guest

    17 and looking for mates

    Hi everyone im ash im 17 and i got no mates lol ive been in brisbane (jindalee) for 7 weeks and i don't know a soul. im bored and i wanna go back If there is anyone around my age group, preferably in the same boat, but not important. who wants to hang out, PLEASE MESSAGE ME!!!
  15. Hi every one im new to this site my names elliot im 14 were moving to brisbane 27th August 2010 were going to pacific pines or somewhere near im looking for some mates my own age.Can anyone tell me what the schools are like around that area and whats to do on the weekends cheers Elliot
  16. Hi every one,i am 15 and arrive in Perth 2nd nov.I support man Utd and like playing football 2. I am on facebook and would appreciate contact with anyone, i am from Plymouth. Look forward to hearing from you Tyler martin:cool:
  17. Hi, Me and my boyfriend moved here in March 09 and we are finding it a bit difficult to build up a network of freinds, ozzies seem to have a group of mates and not really interested in making more friends. We dont party every night but like going out for drinking sessions/messy nights. Anyone in the Manly/Northern beaches area fancy a meet up? would be great to get a group together so hit me back if interested
  18. Guest

    Girl mates needed!

    Hello hello hello, I am a 23 year Londener who is living with my boyfriend in hills area and really in need for some girly events and chats. So if there is any one out there who wants to meet up I would love to hear from you. My partner and I are also currently going through the defacto application process which also a bit stressful, any advice is welcomed.
  19. Hi to all, My names Dave and I have just arrived in Oz on Saturday,:cool: With my younger brother who had already been out here for a year and made freinds of his own, I dont want to be getting in the way for him when is comes to his freinds. I'm looking to make freinds in the age range from 18 -23 years . I am 21 am very outgoing person enjoy going out socailising , nights out on the town, football (soccer) and day out acctivities like bowling, golf, etc.:eek:
  20. Hi Folks, i was just wondering is there anyone who would like to meet up some time, as i feel slight home sick and would like to meet up with a few u.k people my age it would b great if you could come forward much appreciated Thanks for ur time x
  21. Guest

    Loking for some mates!!

    Hi All We're Sarah (24) and Gerard (29) have been in Perth for over a year now, North of the River. We've been finding it tough to meet new people, and have been told this is a good way to meet some. We'd love to hear from anyone in a similar situation, who'd like to meet up for drinks etc. Sarah n Gerard
  22. Hey people, i've been here bout a 1yr and a half now and although i've got a great bunch of mates would like to expand and hopefully meet more people. I drive so meeting up aint a problem and seeing as i am of legal age if your up for goin out and gettin plastered one nite, dont hesitate to contact me!
  23. Hey! I'm a 26 year old guy . I moved from London to Sydney for work about 9 months and as much as I love the city, I think the trickiest thing has been finding a few friends to go out for beers/beach ect with and just have a laugh at the weekend. Would love to hear from people in the same postion as me that fancy meeting up for a few drinks and a bit of a night out. Cheers Jon
  24. Guest

    looking for a mate...

    I'm Andrea (26) and my BF (36) have been in Perth for almost 3year now, living - North of the River. We've been finding it hard to meet new people, so this is another way how we can meet some nice people. (hopefully) Would love to hear from someone who is in the same situation, who'd like to meet up for a chat and some drinks and have some fun and enjoy life!!! P.S: Friends are playing a very big part in my life!!! :jiggy:
  25. Hi all, been here nearly 2 years and love it, but i work out west and don't meet people to hang out with, and most of the travellers i met have gone home. Any lad's or lasses who would like to meet up for drinks etc. please get in touch. I am a young 32 yo lancastrian tradesman who like bikes, movies, a few beers or wines and good conversation. ta.