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Found 262 results

  1. Hi everyone Just seeking some clarification about my APHRA application and am hoping those of you who have been successful may be able to help. I have looked at the CV format they require on the website most of it is fine and have just cut and pasted from my own CV and the bit that is causing me concern is the section clinical/procedural skills. Maybe I'm being a bit blonde (self depricating joke I am a natural blonde) but do they want me to list everything I'm competent at eg; venepuncture, delivering babies, record keeping, suturing, report writing, theatre skills etc..? I've been qulaified as a nurse 18 years and a midwife 12, it could potentially be a long (and boring) list. Surely it should be self evident that by the very nature of my role that I am competent at key skills. What did anyone else put in this section? Also just to check whilst it asks for 5 years employment history from employers am I right in thinking I still need to put the whole of my career on the CV? Really wish I was newly qualified its causing me such a headache to remember my roles and responsibilities as anewly qualifed nurse in 1994! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Kirstie xx :confused:
  2. Hi all, Been going through all the threads but none of them seem to address general times for registered nurses. I put in EOI for 70 points including superior English, any idea how long it will be for an invite? I can’t seem to find any statistics on 190 NSW invites at all, only for 189 visas. Thanks so much in advance, want to get back to oz so badly!
  3. Hey guys, I applied for my EOI for the 189 in feb 2018, I am a nurse and have 65 points. Any idea how much longer I’m going to have to wait? I am so sponsored by my work place, once I lodge my 189 visa application can i switch companies without having to get sponsored again? thanks guys
  4. Rosiegirl

    Nurses moving back to the UK

    Are there any registered nurses out there who have moved back or thinking about it who have re-registered with the NMC? I would really appreciate any feedback on the whole process. Thanks
  5. Cerberus1

    Medical Professions

    Recruitment demand in Australia’s social care industry continues to be buoyed by the shortage of degree-qualified and experienced Case Managers, Support Workers and Psychologists. However, newly-qualified Social Workers and Psychologists are finding it increasingly difficult to get a first foot on the career ladder. Services in the not-forprofit sector are looking for more experienced staff with commercial flair to help them operate in environments increasingly focused on outcomes and deliverables due to more competitive funding renewal requirements. Disability, child protection, children and families, courts and corrections as well as asylum seeker/refugee organisations are constantly on the lookout for qualified and experienced workers both on a temporary and permanent basis. Demand in the aged care sector continues to be sustained by the shortage of experienced Personal Care Assistants and Senior Managers. Aged care providers are vying for business-minded Nurse Managers capable of maximising the Aged Care Funding Instrument and who also have strong people management and leadership skills. Experienced Nurses are the most sought after in aged care, and consequently some larger providers are hiring Facilities Managers from hospitality or soft services to fill the gaps. Clinical Care Coordinators and Managers continue to be in high demand as employers balance the pressures of promoting Registered Nurses (RN) into these roles with the desire of employees to move up into Director of Nursing/Facilities Manager roles. Lacklustre salary growth for these roles is further compounding the shortage of suitable candidates. At the RN level there is a shortage of people looking to move into aged care to fill the rising number of vacancies. Graduating nurses prefer to work in an acute care environment both for the experience and better salaries on offer. Nursing Shortfall New South Wales is on the cusp of a nursing crisis, with south-west Sydney set to face a "catastrophic" shortage of staff, according to official data. Alarming figures predict that the state's pool of about 70,000 full-time staff will soon be unable to meet patient demand. And over the next decade, the shortfall will only intensify. By 2030, the modelling suggests while 82,000 full-time registered nurses and midwives will be needed, only 74,000 will be available — a gap of 8,000 workers. For hospitals and aged-care centres who rely on enrolled nurses — the less-qualified workers who provide vital one-on-one care — the situation looks particularly dire, according to documents released through a long-running Freedom of Information (FOI) application. This year alone, NSW will need to find 2,000 full-time enrolled nurses to meet demand, and on current trends, the shortage will continue to grow. The current workforce of 9,000 full-time staff will plummet to 7,500 by 2030, while at the same time demand will sky-rocket to about 13,000. The risk of a shortfall of enrolled nurses for Sydney, rural NSW, the Mid-North Coast and the entire Metro NSW public sector is charted as a major risk, only one step down from catastrophic. ** Health Workforce Australia data shows the shortfall of nurses across the whole of Australia is ­expected to hit 85,000 by 2025 and 123,000 by 2030. Regional Australia Regional Australia still faces a unique set of challenges in attracting suitable candidates to remote areas. In particular, attracting quality candidates to specialist roles such as midwifery in remote locations remains difficult. While allowances and free or subsidised accommodation are typical perks, employers are not increasing salaries. National Disability Insurance Scheme The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) roll out continues to pick up pace creating new roles but also redundancies as the provision of services moves increasingly from the public to the private sector in some states. In South Australia the opposite is true with the state government announcing the creation of more than 6,000 jobs. The NDIS involves a move to the provision of person-centred care models and extra fee-paying services. We expect to see increased levels of recruitment activity over the year ahead, particularly from small to medium-sized organisations that are restructuring and looking to fill management roles. These employers are typically looking for candidates with experience driving feepaying services in private or not-for-profit healthcare with proven organisational change management skills. SALARY GUIDE Nursing Professionals • Above salaries exclude superannuation, bonuses, on-call, or penalty rates Medical Imaging Specialists • Above salaries exclude superannuation, bonuses, on-call, or penalty rates Social Care & Psychology Above salaries exclude superannuation, bonuses, on-call, or penalty rates • Salaries might vary for regional/remote roles • There are bandings for NFP under SCHADS and grades in Government/Health • Salary packaging available for most NFP roles Allied Health Professionals • Above salaries exclude superannuation, bonuses, on-call, or penalty rates If you work in a medical profession and are interested in emigrating to Australia, have a look at https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/work/work/Skills-assessment-and-assessing-authorities/skilled-occupations-lists/combined-stsol-mltssl which is the current list of eligible skilled occupations which will assist you to determine which visa program may be available to you depending on your occupation. Discuss Migration and Visas on our forum
  6. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia have stated on their website that first time applicants for registration purposes no longer need to have taken IELTS if they've completed their secondary education and nurse/midwifery training in English. At last a completely sensible decision. Hopefully this will remove some of the stress and barriers to moving to Australia. Luckily i've sat it and passed, but i know a lot on here haven't and it's got naff all to do with their standard of English. Happy days :cool:
  7. ClaireyD

    NMC Revalidation

    Hi, has anyone had to revalidated their NMC? I'm in oz for another year and my revalidation is due to be renewed.. I'm wondering if I should let it lapse and reapply next year or do it now? Anyone had this experience? Any info gratefully appreciated.
  8. I know ultimately it will come down to myself to make this decision but need some more educated opinions I think to try and make my decision. Basically I'm a 24 year old Irish university degree trained General nurse. I've just about a year of experience and my plan had always been learn to drive (pay off my car, which is hopefully just about another year) and then go to Australia for a working holiday visa where I could get a feel for nursing there and work agency or whatever (or that was the dream plan anyway) However the hospital I'm currently working for has now offered up funding to do post graduate diplomas and certificates in my area of nursing (respiratory). The courses would begin in sept 2017 (length six months to a year) and because the hospital are funding it I would then be obliged to work for the hospital for a year post completion. So that#s thrown a spanner in the works. I'm tempted because this is obviously a very big opportunity. But by the time I have completed it I would be probably just about too old for a WHV, so would have to rethink plans all together. Especially while the 457 visa is a bit up in the air. My question is really would these postgraduates stand by me in Australia and would if be easier to find a job and such. Or would it really make no difference. I don't have any intentions to specialise at the minute and would like to continue working in a general medical setting. I would possibly still get funding after I come back from Australia, if I come back at all. But it's unknown year to year if funding will be there or not for these courses. I know it comes down to my decision ultimately but, having some outsiders opinions may give me some further food for thought
  9. I've noticed that there seems to be lots of us nurses on PiO , with more joining the site all the time! (everyone trying to escape the nhs?! lol!) Thought I'd start a thread for us nurses to keep in touch, and offer support to one another! We could keep up to date about where we're at in the LONG process of visa applications, and help one another out with any info. Or even if your a nurse in Oz already, please feel free to say hi. I'm sure you'll hold a wealth of info for us still in the uk. So I'll start! I'm a children's nurse, married, with two daughters, aged 13 & 10. At this point in time I've applied for my 175 skilled independent visa, and we have our meds this week! House yet to go up for sale, but will hopefully be on the market in the next 2 weeks. We're hoping to head to the Gold Coast, July/Aug, but this depends on visa & house sale. I have no job there yet, but have submitted my cv th Queensland health, plus a couple of individual hospitals in the GC. Waiting for them to get back to me! Right, your turn! Mags:wubclub: x
  10. My wife and I have now been living and working in Melbourne for just over a month, would glad to be able to try and answer any questions anyone might have.
  11. Guest

    Dental Nurses!

    Hiya Mrs Buffy here. At the moment I am Senior Dental Nurse for the out of hours service in North Derbyshire. Can anyone tell me if I would need to sit another exam in OZ for Dental Nursing.... it looks as though we will get in on my OH's skills alone but I would want to work for the adult contact and escape from everyday mummy life :lol: Please excuse my typing I have had 3 bottles of wine :lol:
  12. Hi - apologies if this has been covered already, but Im wondering if anyone has found a hospital employer that provides sponsorship recently? The bulk of the jobs are looking for residents (rightly so too as I believe the auzzie graduates arent getting jobs) - theres no longer a shortage of nurses I have 10 years experience in acute care and AHPRA reg - not sure where to start now though as I cant find any sponsorship vacancies. Have had emails back from employers saying theyre looking locally first. Looking for posts in NSW or Adelaide Have looked on Seek.com.au. Any other job sites for nurses? Anyone in the same boat?
  13. Hi, I'm a paediatric nurse currently living in the UK. My partner and I have decided we want to relocate to Australia, either Sydney or Melbourne. I have been searching what feels like endless websites trying to find out the process I need to go through to get a job in Australia. It would be really really helpful if someone who understands the process or who has been through it themselves could explain it to me. It seems there's so much to do, I don't know where to start! :wacko: Thanks :biggrin: Sophie
  14. Just to let you know I received an e-mail today from the ANMAC to say that they will continue to assess UK Diploma in Higher Education (nursing) as comparable to an Australian Degree after 30th June 2011. Gives peace of mind to all us Diploma Nurses!!!
  15. Hi Have been in Perth for a year now on a 457 and have just had my nomination approved for the 186 PR visa. I am being super prepared by getting police checks etc ready and medicals for my family but am unsure as to whether I will need one??? I had a very thorough medical for my 457 visa as I'm a healthcare worker (midwife) which when reading the DIAC medical requirements for PR involves more tests than the standard one (extra blood tests). If I have to pay to have it redone I will but but wonder if there any other nurses who know the answer to this, I spent ages on hold to DIAC the other day only to be told that they weren't sure and it was down to the individual CO and as I ahven;t been assigned one yet I can't ask. Help!! Kirstie
  16. On behalf of our client, a leading Australian healthcare sector organisation, McGrath Migration Lawyers is currently seeking generalist and specialist registered nurses to fill over 400 jobs available around Australia now. Shifts and locations can be tailored to most requirements. Working holiday visa holders are welcome to apply, as are nurses seeking employer sponsorship, state sponsorship or independent skilled migration. Please note, to be eligible for registration, overseas applicants will need to have an IELTS score of at least 7 in each band. If you have over twelve months experience as a registered nurse and are eligible for registration in Australia, we would love to talk to you! Our client has jobs available in: · aged care nursing · child and family health · community health · critical care and emergency · development disability · disability and rehabilitation · medial · medical practice · mental health · midwifery · perioperative · surgical · generalist registered nursing If you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity to live and work in Australia, please send a copy of your current résumé, to Susan Wareham McGrath at susan[at]susanwareham.com
  17. NorthumbrianDavid

    Nurses with diplomas

    Really basic question which has probably/surely been asked before - feel free to point me off to another thread, but: My wife is a qualified nurse with 10 years experience but she holds a diploma and not the full degree. Would this be 10 points for the visa? Is an Aussie diploma the same as a UK one? Points Evidence required 20 Documents that prove you have a Doctorate degree 15 Documents that prove you have at least a Bachelor degree (including a Bachelor degree with Honours or Masters) 10 Documents that prove you have an Australian Diploma or trade qualification 10 Documents that prove you have an award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation Thanks
  18. Hello everyone! I hope you don't mind me jumping in on your forum. I just finished up studying in Australia and am now doing my Honours research back in the UK. I'm looking into migration patterns of nurses/midwives, particularly from the UK to Australia, factors influencing migration, intentions at the time of moving, intentions after moving and perceptions of work in Australia compared to the UK. It's for nurses/midwives working in Australia, who worked for the UK NHS before moving to Australia... so I hope I am in the right place! Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PH89VZF There's some more info about the study on the first page - It's confidential and won't take more than 5 minutes. It's quite a specific demographic so would be amazing if you could take part and forward it to any other nurses/midwives from the UK. Thanks so much in advance :ssign16: Kind regards Anastasia
  19. Hi, Our DON has given me the OK to post this here We have Vacancies available for psych nurses. The hospital is also experienced in sponsoring for 457 visa. Heres the address. Go to the careers tab at the top of the page and go from there - The Grad positions are for newly qualified. Happy to answer Q's about the job. http://www.healthscope.com.au/info/general/Jobs/ The Melbourne Clinic Registered Nurse Division I & II with Mental Health Experience Full Time, Part Time and Casual The Melbourne Clinic is Australia's largest Private Mental Health Hospital. The Clinic offers a broad range of psychiatric services including General Psychiatry, Older Persons inpatient Unit and Intensive Psychiatric Care. Specialist programs comprise Eating Disorders Program, Anxiety & Depression Program, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Program, Addiction Services, Day Programs and Community Outreach. Due to current expansion we are seeking interest from Registered Nurses Division I and Endorsed Division II for full time, part time and casual positions. We are seeking motivated and experienced Mental Health Nurses to join our inter disciplinary teams in providing high quality care to patients in a varied inpatient environment. We offer flexible rostering, supportive working environment and professional development. Applications close: Friday 09 September 2011 For further enquiries: Bernadette Hoy - Director of Nursing 03 9420 9229 To Apply: Please click on the 'Apply Now' button below to be taken to our online application form. Please supply a letter of application and a CV including 2 professional referees. http://healthscope.bigredsky.com/files/vacancies/132134/6180070.pdf
  20. Hi there I am hoping that as there are lots of people on here all with different experiences together you can help answer some of my questions. Next week when ive finished my week of night shifts I am going to really get the ball rolling and in order to do so i was hoping if i posted my questions now that leaves some time for you all to answer before i start doing it all, so basically if anyone can help on the following: 1.Nursing registration - can the copies be certified by a JP and can you take your own copies and just get them stamped, I thought they had to photocopy them as well. 2. Satement of service from employer - I am getting this from HR and they have given me a letter to fill in to request it but is only for my current job, do you need a statement for each job you have done? 3. I am hoping to go on 457 and bring the OH along on it, who decides whether he can come on it? is it the empoyer sonsoring me or DIAC? On a 457 am i right in thinking you dont need a skills assessment doing by ANMC 4. On a 457 do you still need to get the NMC to send veification to the WA nursing board, i thought you did but then a post i read on here earlier got me questionning it? I will have a lot more questions but thats all i can think of for now. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  21. I would be grateful, if you could help me with getting another nurse employer or point me in the right direction. I am here in Brisbane since November 2012, and my new employment is a nightmare, really unhappy there. I am an aged care nurse of 7 years but 20 years in the trade, could anybody point me to where there is other sponsership nurse employers in Brisbane. Thank you for your time xx
  22. Hello All, I would be grateful if some one can advise or give their story, in terms of immigrating from ireland/ u.k.(on a 457 business class) to begin new employment, but are really unhappy with there new employment. I am a nurse, with 20 years experience, desperately looking for advise. please help # loving australia.....
  23. Hi there, my husband and I have just logged our visa appliacation for WA and want to go to Perth. My husband is a toolmaker/manager and I am a dental nurse also known as an assistant. We were woundering if there is anyone who has emigrated with these trades and if so would love to hear your story the good and the bad. Are there as many jobs to choose from as everyone tells us and what is the pay like in comparison to the cost of living? We look forward to hearing from you :smile:
  24. I can't decide and the more I think about it the more confused I seem to get. I know the 457 is faster and cheaper, but I suppose I still have to go through skills assessment and PR application once I'm in Australia. I'm also put off by the thought of being tied to one employer(I've had some awful jobs in the UK and would prefer the option of doing a runner if necessary). I'm a Nurse, trained in the UK and have worked in the NHS since 2001. I think I can get more than 120 points even though I don't think I can claim 3 out of 4 years work experience( did about 1 and a half years of bank and agency work 2 years ago).Is it worth going for the PR visa(175) independently? Or does anyone know if employers are willing to sponsor for PR? Any advice greatly appreciated!