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  1. TeacherOzBound

    Uk State Pension

    Hi Andy, I wondered if you could help me. My mum is 63 and retired in the Uk, she is coming to Australia for 12 months in December and I wondered if this will affect her UK state pension and NI? Also if she moved more permanently in future would she be able to claim her State Pension here? Many thanks, Hayley
  2. TeacherOzBound

    Teaching in NSW

    You don't usually have to do the PEP unless you're looking for permanent jobs. Do what you have to do to get registered with DET & NSW and then just apply for private schools, even private schools insist you are registered with the NSW Institute and want to see your approval letter. Once you've got this, register with agencies and contact schools directly, SMART teachers are a good one for temp teaching with Independent schools.
  3. TeacherOzBound

    Teaching in NSW

    Hi also register with Randstad and Keystage Casuals. Ive been here six weeks and did the whole going round local schools and giving my CV but so far only had one day so far due to that where as Ive had a couple of weeks in schools thanks to agencies. Be patient it's not always reliable!
  4. Hi I posted this originally a couple of months ago and have since made a lovely group of friends because of it! Im meeting someone from PIO tomorrow for a coffee in manly and anyone else who would like to join us are very welcome. Send me a PM if you would like my number but were meeting at three beans at 1.30.
  5. Hey I hope you are all well, Im Hayley and Ive been here a month now, Kelly and I have met up a few time and we go to the Establishment on a Thursday evening with lots of other Poms so if you would like to join us this week you would be really welcome!! We generally meet at 6.30 ish so PM me for my number if you like or just meet us there. See you soon, Hayley x
  6. Hi Kelly, Im in a similar position, Ive been in Manly just over a week and stayed in North Sydney for a couple of weeks! Ive met some really nice girls on Poms in Oz so youre really welcome to come and meet us. Were all in exactly the same position. Were meeting for a BBQ on Shelly beach tomorrow if the weather is nice so it would be great if you can make it? Ill PM you my number. Hayley x
  7. Sorry that should say 'I've just done it' That will teach me for not proof reading it!
  8. Hey! I completely understand as Ive don't just it! I arrived last week and already got a flat sorted in Manly and made some new friends! Just the job yet to find!! It would be lovely to meet up when you get here!x
  9. Hi I am a 27 year old teacher, Ive been in Sydney a week now and move to Manly this week! I would love to meet for a coffee! Let me know when suits! Hayley
  10. Hey sorry only just saw your reply Holly, lets meet outside the Aquarium at 7ish if thats ok for you both? Really looking forward to meeting you guys!! Hayley
  11. Hi Im in North Sydney for the next week or so before I move to Manly which is exciting, cant wait to be closer to the beach! Ok fab, are you free some time next week? Hayley x
  12. Hi I've just moved to Sydney this week and love it but realise how much nicer a place like this could be with a good group of friends. I'd love to organise some girly get togethers for anyone who is in a similar position. Im a 27 year old teacher, originally from Buckinghamshire, I love exploring this new city having coffee in chilled out places, tea in pretty places and would love to go for drinks in the city but would rather not look like a loner!! Let me know if you would like to come along! :laugh:
  13. Hi I am a RE teacher with 4 years experience moving to Sydney in 3 weeks. I have approval to teach as a casual teacher however I am keen to get something more permanent. I have contacted the Sydney Catholic Education Office to ask if I will be able to teach RE in catholics schools and they have told me I need to do a number of modules at a Catholic University which will cost $6000. Does any one know if they will recognise a UK Catholic Teaching Certificate? Thanks!
  14. Hi I am moving to Sydney at the end of January and am struggling to find a room to rent. If anyone knows of an available room preferably living with females in the city, Manly, Bondi etc, I would be really grateful. Thanks
  15. TeacherOzBound

    Help planning suprise trip to the UK

    Look into getting a cottage in the Cotswolds, one of the nicest villages is Bourton on Water or Stow on the Wold.