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Found 75 results

  1. vickyplum

    new migrants to Oz - to do list

    hello all just wondering what the main paperwork type things are, for a newly arrived pom in oz... change UK drivers licence to international? register with medicare? start "voluntary" NI payments back to UK? sort out private healthcare insurance? ... ... there must be loads more - can anyone help to grow the list? Thanks!!
  2. Hi all, I'm desperately trying to talk to someone at the British High Commission (Canberra, Melbourne, anywhere really!) but all I get when I call the number is a hugely irritating voice message that just directs me to the website. Does anyone know how I can actually talk to someone? Thank you so much for your help, Rachel
  3. cherrybobs

    What documents will I need?

    My 457 visa is being finalised, and I will be emigrating in the next week or so. It's just me and 2 suitcases, so I'm really trying to minimise what I have to take. That said, I'm not sure how much paperwork I need to take. On my list currently are: Passport Job contract Payslips from the last year - for tax return Mortgage statement - for Rental agency Degree certificates Do I need to get my medical/dental/optical history? Is there anything else that I would benefit from taking? Thanks
  4. Reading the forums I notice that a lot of people are disappointed when they enter the job market in Australia and others have had to return to the UK because of lack of work opportunities. It seems that in the UK people can work their way up in jobs by years of experience and have no certificates, degrees, qualifications to substantiate their experience. Australia is not like the UK here paperwork, degrees, qualifiations are tickets to jobs, lack of them is ticket to unemployment. Everyone has a certificate, to work a bar, a restaurant, a gaming room, all trades MUST have served time and have the upto date paperwork and qualifications. Teaching assistants are not qualified to teach here and usually they are someone that is known to the school and just does a bit of reading etc. Nurses do not do as much practical work here as in the UK the doctors do it. If I go for a flu shot there are nurses at the practice but my doctor will come along the nurse will stand there and hand her the needle and my doctor gives me the injection. This is because we pay to the doctor and therefore they like to be seen to look after us. To get on in IT people must have degrees etc or diplomas. Australia has to be this way because its even handed with migrants and migrants come to this country from all over the world and we demand qualifications from third world applicants and it would not look that good to let UK people in to do jobs with no written qualification that we prohibit people from other countries doing. If you get it right its a smooth ride if you get it wrong unhappiness awaits.
  5. Hi all, We are hoping to move to Sydney in about 4 weeks time and wondered if anyone could recommend what paperwork we should bring with us that would help us get ourselves set up? We have opened bank accounts but that's it so far! Thanks!!!
  6. Clarkes

    What paperwork to bring?

    House being packed up next week but what paperwork is useful to bring? Do utility bills / credit card statements help at all? We are going to be in temporary accommodation for 4 months in a holiday let so will get them to give us a reference which might help when we sort out a rental when we arrive. That also means any utility bills will be a bit old? The paperwork I will keep hold of when travelling are passports and driving licences (obviously) and photocopies of, copy of visa letter, birth and marriage certificates. Anything else I should think about? Sorry know it's a bit longwinded but just trying to get myself sorted and you guys know EVERYTHING!
  7. Once your visas are granted, should you keep all the application paperwork, certified copies etc, incase someone needs to see them at a later stage, or is this unnecessary?
  8. Guest

    Long Lost Aussie Paperwork

    As some of you will know I have had a love affair with Australia since I was a kid, and to some degree my granddads relationship with the country had a huge bearing on me as well. It was in actual fact with my nan and granddad that I found the mystical 'Boomerang' on a cold Norfolk beach many moons ago. My granddad (now departed,:cry:) was in the Merchant Navy for a time and at looonnnggggg last my mum has managed to get hold from a relative his log book from his time in the merchant navy, to say I am over the moon would be an understatement of massive proportions. To cut a long story short I have included several photos of the pages in the log book where it clearly shows that he went to Australia many years ago on several occasions.:notworthy::notworthy:. To hold this in my hand is indeed and honour and a privilege, and as if I still have that connection between pop, Australia and me. I remember when I first went out there my pop was the first to ask how I found it and we would talk g=for hours about Australia. There are also has several pictures of the Harbour Bridge only half BUILT, but a blooming relative reckons they have 'lost' those,:mad:. So this thread is nothing more than a bit of sentimentality, won't mean a lot to most, but sitting here looking at his log book has bought a tear to my eye, and only reinforced the notion that I have that Australia was meant to be (for me) on so many levels. Edited to add. If anyone has any memorabilia (particular the older stuff) to do with Australia that they no longer want I would willing pay for any items, in particular any part of The Endeavour,:yes::yes::cool: Cheers Tony.
  9. Does anyone know what paperwork would need to be done after leaving oz due to change of circumstances, i did a tax return for the part of the year i was there before i left & have claimed back my super, as my visa is no longer valid is there anything else that needs to done or does anyone else need to be informed such as medicare or the tax office??
  10. Didn't realise it would be such as nightmare!!!:wacko: Ok so Hubby can't remember where he has lived during the past 10 years:mad:so what do i do here??? Also, do i have to provide reference from my job for the past 10 years??:eek: And does the spouse have to provide references?? It also ask's about other visits/visa for OZ...i presume this includes holiday visa and asks for the visa number...Hubby has lost his previous passport that contained two trips to OZ...what do we do here??? As you can see....it's an exciting night in our house tonight :eek:
  11. Hi all, Myself and my partner are both from the UK and are living in Australia on a 457 visa. We are going to Croatia to get married in September, and returning to Sydney afterwards. We are now sorting out some of the required legal paperwork to get the relevant cert to get married. We have been told that we have to place an advert in a local daily paper for 7 days using specific wording about our intention to get married and then sending copies to the British High Commission in Canberra :confused: (seems crazy, but true) so we just called up Sydney Morning Herald and are absolutely stunned as we have been told this is going to cost us around $2000 :cry: to run a teeny tiny advert for 7 days. Thats insane! There must be another option.... Its all to do with getting married in a non-commonwealth country it seems. Has anyone here ever done what we're trying to do? Hoping someone can offer advice, I will be trying to get hold of someone at the British High Commission too.. no idea how easy that will be... Thanks in advance! Chris & Amanda
  12. bananaisherb

    Agents who can help on paperwork?

    Hello everyone, I am wondering if there are agents that can help with paperwork editing and polishing. I am DIYing the migration process but need some help with writing statements and cover letters. Does anyone know any agents that offer these kind of service?
  13. Hi Everyone, I've never really been on anything like this before, I hope I am doing it right. Well I am really excited about the job offer, I have had my medical and I'm a little worried that there may be issues there, but will just have to wait and see now. Would hate to have got this far and hit a stumbling block. The visa papers look vast and I'm a little daunted. Anyone got any useful advice for me? I am kind of pinning all my hopes on this job and the move, which is a scary position to be in. I have already moved there in my mind :biggrin: I am going it alone out there, I'm 29, 30 this month I really do think it is time for adventure and a new challenge. SO anyway, a big hello to anyone reading this, sorry if it is a bit dull, I'm sure I'll get more interesting once i get the hang of it
  14. Guest

    anmac paperwork just gone!!!

    hi all just thought would mention that the courier has just been and collected my application form and documents for anmac for my skills assessment. The first part of the process has begun woop woop!!! It's been very stressful the last 2 weeks finalising all the last minute bits of paperwork but a sigh of relief when DHL turned up today and collected my envelope! Does seem a bit odd just handing such a precious envelope to some spotty bloke on my door step LOL!!!!! Now suppose it's just the waiting game. Collette xx :rolleyes: Collette, paul Courtney (13) and Abbie (10) IELTS 20/5/2011 (8,8,8.5,9) ANMAC 2/06/2011
  15. Guest

    176 On- Line Visa paperwork

    Can someone please tell me what paperwork you have to submit along with your on-line visa applaction for the 176 SS, TRA assessment, trade certificates, CV, what else and you expected to upload?:jiggy:
  16. staceyirvine

    176 visa and paperwork???

    Can anyone inform me as to what docs you need for the 176 visa? Have looked at the form on the DIAC and it seems ok!! Have heard because we arent married (been together nearly 13 years) do we have to get people to do character stAtements? Any help gratefully received!
  17. Trying to organise pack up for move to the UK. Our household stuff will be in storage for a few months, so I wondered if anyone had any tips for what paperwork I might need for the set up prior to our container arriving. Obviously personal id papers, certificates etc I will carry with me, but did you need recent cc statements, utility bills or anything else? Thinking of when I need to register with UK companies, banks, rental etc. Many thanks for any input.
  18. Guest

    Vetassess paperwork passed....

    Hi All, My OH has just had his vetassess paperwork passed as a brickie which we are so pleased about, it was a long struggle to get it all together!!! We have now found out that the next stage (Practical) dates may not be until the end of this year or even beginning of next year!!!! So were just wondering if anyone knows if there is anything we can be doing towards our visa in the meantime......or if we have to just be patient and wait????:arghh: Thanks
  19. Hello everyone, I need some advice as I don't know where to start, I am thinking of going back after being here for 19 years, but what do I actually need to do? I have both a British and Aussie passport, what I really need to know is who do I need to inform? Do I have to complete paper work? l remember the red tape in trying to get here! Or do I just rock up at Heathrow and announce I'm back? I have tried to call the British consulate, but can't get to speak with a real person, just keep pressing buttons on the phone going round in circles. I think I have the shipping thing sorted, furniture done this before a few times ( don't ask) but also might want to take a car back, so is that likely to be a problem? ie customs and duty etc. So any advice re best movers with cars would be great. Cheers bigben
  20. Hello again, Happy New Year to you all. I was having a nose on the DIAC website this evening and decided to have a quick check on my application. I did notice though that on my second page, the Document Checklist where it lists all the required paperwork it still shows mine as "required" yet i sent it all off together with the payment (via the migration Agent) likewise, it still lists the State Appication evidence as required, yet the State Gov sent off the form 1100, i did receive an email confirming this the day after the visa application was lodged with DIAC. I know i am jumping the gun as without an SMP i am still sat at Cat 3 (waiting for South Aus) so didnt expect any movement, but was somewhat suprised to read that none of my paperwork appears to have arrived. Is this the norm, i.e. it will not appear until a Case Officer is assigned, or sould i raise the question with DIAC as to why my forms have not been received?
  21. peggsgreen

    typical cost of paperwork?

    Hi, ok so 175 visa is the way we are sure to go now, but can anyone tell us typical costs for moving including visa etc - have you done it? the cost is such a massive factor, We are going to rent our property in the uk and rent a house in Oz. Not sure weather to ship furniture either. Cheers All !
  22. mj&db

    AQIS Paperwork for 2-dogs

    Hi, We are sending out our two english staffies and I am doing all the paperwork myself - has anyone else sent / sending out two dogs and done the paperwork themselves? I have one question regarding the "Application for Permit to Import Quarantine Material - Application to Import Cats and Dogs". Might be pretty obvious but I just don't want to do the wrong thing and get charged again!!! Page 3 states that "A separate page 2 / animal details page must be completed for each animal" Is it as simple as printing another page for the other dog?
  23. Hi there, Does anyone know if it is worth shipping a motorbike (approx value £1400) over from the UK if we emigrate or is it too much hassle and expense and easier to sell the bike in the UK and buy again in Aus ? I guess we would be getting a container anyway so don't know if we can put the motorbike in along with the rest of our stuff (would obviously expect to have to notify Aus customs etc) Many thanks if anyone knows ! Dominic Thompson
  24. I just cannot understand immi they drive me round the blinking bend, I arrived just over 4 years ago in Oz & applied onshore as a spouse visa, got my temp visa & 2 years after that got my pernament residency Now my youngest daughter & i are going for citizenship & again i have to prove all my names changes from my maiden name to first marriage, divorce & new marriage....... Ive DONE all this twice before once for the temp visa & again for the p.r & they still want it again, they must know who i am by now cause if they dont theres no hope Rant over