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Found 238 results

  1. Hi all, I'll be moving to Oz in a few days on my own and plan on traveling around for a few months before I do the sensible thing and get a job. I've been looking at the best places to be around Christmas/New Year and Google keeps coming back with Sydney - is it definitely the best place to be around this time? Does anybody advice or suggestions, Sydney or elsewhere? Interesting and quirky ideas are welcome! Thanks
  2. Stephanellie

    Christmas and new year accommodation

    Hi all anyone know best place to rent an apartment short term over Xmas and new year? Tia
  3. simmo

    109 days until xmas

    only 109 days to go!! any plans? My misses want it at home... i hate that.. she can't cook and I like getting away from family.. I just found this and just need to convince the other 'arf:yes: http://www.homeaway.co.uk/p557183vb
  4. GeorgieL

    Tv show looking for poms in oz!

    Hello! I am a producer at ITV studios working on an upcoming television show. We are looking at the traditions British people living or visiting Australia bring here from the UK.. What is a pommy Christmas here like?? If you have some stories, especially quirky surprising ones, about bringing your pommy life to Oz, I would love to hear from you! Please pm me. Thanks!!
  5. Hi everyone, I am just wondering if anyone has any idea of what is on at Christmas and New Year in Fremantle and Perth? Were going for 8 days and not got much of an idea of what to do or where to go so any information would be very handy. TIA
  6. Whilst living in the UK one thing I really appreciated was the importance people used to give for being with the family for Christmas. It was one day that the roads were virtually empty and each house on my street had three or four cars parked out in front which I presumed were children staying with their parents for the holiday . Whom are you celebrating this Christmas with? I will be spending it with my immediate family- OH, and kids. In the evening we will go out to a friends place as they have invited us over for dinner along with some of their other friends. So the kids will have fun and we can enjoy an evening.
  7. whoiam

    A Christmas Message

    Dear friends, It's the season again!:xmas4: The season of joy, love and sharing. Christmas is the culmination of many things and also a new beginning. May this Christmas bring you all the joy from God above, the love from your loved ones and peace within.:xmas20: May your troubled hearts find solace in the most High, strength from God and fortitude from within.:xmas31: You are not merely an insignificant accident on the earth but a predestined purposeful life awaiting to fulfil your potential. This potential is realised wholly in unison with thy creator. Seek Him, know him, and love him. :hug: Adieus amigos! Whoiam
  8. Hello all, I had no idea this was here, great to see such an active forum. I've lived in Australia for 6 years. I wrote a little Christmas Poem - a reworking of A Night Before Christmas - specifically for Poms in Australia. Hope you like it http://bigalslittletales.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/twas-night-before-christmas-according.html All the best and Merry Christmas to you all, :xmas12:
  9. Hi I made a reservation for the World Square Hostel in central Sydney on 19th of March this year for two weeks over the Christmas and New Year period for 14 days starting from the 20th December until the 3rd January. Unfortunately me and my two friends have to head home soon. The only thing is that as of 1st November for NYE bookings the full amount was charged for the booking and I cannot get a refund. So I am wondering if there are any fellow travellers out there who would like to get the booking transferred over so I can get a refund or buy it off me. The booking is for 3 people staying in a 6 bed mixed dorm. The Hostel is located on Liverpool street right in the heart of the CBD it is a great location and has its own bar downstairs where all schooners are $3 all day everyday, I know this because I’ve been in quite a few times and it really is the cheapest bar in Sydney. The total amount I have paid for the booking is $1764, so it works out at $42 per person per night which I think is great really for central Sydney for two weeks over Christmas and New Year. When I spoke to the manager he said if I find someone else I can transfer the booking over. This is not a scam just a few fellow travellers in a bit of a rut. I f you would like more information please do not hesitate to ask me. Contact me by PM
  10. Guest

    Christmas in Perth ......

    We just moved out to the lovely Perth in January this year, so were really looking forward to our first hot Christmas. Looking for some advice/guidance on what to expect! I'm wondering how into Christmas they are over here compared to back in the UK? And also does anyone know when the shops start to get their Christmas decorations in and what shops are best for buying tress from ? Many thanks, all help is greatly appreciated !!
  11. The Pom Queen

    Christmas Toy Sale - Lay-bys

    For the new arrivals I thought I would let you know about the Christmas Toy Sales that will start appearing in the stores in the next few week, ie Target, Kmart, Big W. A lot of the locals get their toys now and then put them on lay-by. For those that don't know what lay-by is, it's a little like having a catalogue in the UK, you put everything you want to buy in a trolley and then find the Lay-by counter, usually at the back of the store. I know for Target lay-by is available on anything over $20, it doesn't even have to be toys, they will ask you for a 10% deposit and then you pay the rest of as and when. If you are getting toys for Christmas they will hold them until Christmas Eve when you can go down and collect them, so if you have children who like to search the house for their presents this is a great way to go.
  12. So earlier I posted about myself and my OH planning a 4/5 week long trip to Australia, to help startmaking decisions on possibly emmigrating in the future. It basically outlined that I had done some research but was after some opinions of people in the know, and I got some you guys have been really helpful. Now I'm after some more opinions on the ideas that have come to light. The trip will be 4/5 precious weeks long, and it will be around Christmas/New Year (2013). The places we'd like to go are... Sydney Brisbane (via campervan) Whitsundays Island The Barrier Reef Perth. I'm trying not to plan too much but I would love to know in what order you think we should visit these places? I had a plan in my head but then Perth got thrown into the mix and then we realised we had to go in December/January, so now It's all wide open. Perth first, Perth last? Are there any places you would recommend for Christmas or New Year? Are there any places to avoid? Thanks so much guys, you've been such a great help already! Erin x
  13. As the title says really... We'll probably go to City Beach or Mullaloo On a side note, anyone know if it's ok to take your own small barbie to the beach?
  14. Hey, I'm going to be flying down from cairns to Sydney on 22 Dec and staying in a hostel til my friends arrive for New Year, is anyone else going to be in Sydney on their own for Xmas or know of any fun things I could do??
  15. Hi all, I'm Ant, 29, brand new to Perth and know nobody here (what a time of the year to move here hey!) I was wondering if anyone knows of any "Christmas Orphan" events going on or is anyone else in the same situation? I'm trying to avoid a lonely Christmas lol!! :xmas6:
  16. PityTheFool

    Whats Christmas like in Australia???

    We have two young boys, 4 and 6, and christmas is a great time as they enjoy it sooooo much! We have just been to both of their school plays today and they were excellent. My partner had tears (lol):cry: But this got us wondering what christmas would be like when we get to Oz, it is big deal like in the UK? Do the schools get involved, i.e. nativities, carol singing, etc? The obvious difference is the weather, what effect does that have on the whole experience, is it better / worse or just different??? We would love to here any comments / experiences.......
  17. Post a photo whether it's a magnificent specimen or pathetic 2 ft bedragled mess. Mines still in the garden centre :laugh:, I've resisted up to now but I'm getting badgered beyond belief so may have to get it this weekend...........another £60 the council will compost in January :mad: Soon as I get it a pic will go up :wubclub:
  18. Just an email from amazon, they've got free supersaver delivery to australia, and they say if you order by this sunday (11th) evening, it'll get here in time for xmas.
  19. The Pom Queen

    Christmas Presents for PIO Members

    If you could buy a Christmas present for a PIO member what would you buy them? For Pablo I would love to buy him a season pass to Man United:notworthy: All the members waiting for a visa I wish I could buy them for you, but I may be arrested before I got everyones.
  20. Hello everyone... Me and the gang are relocating to Frankston South on the 16th Dec and are really hoping that there might be a get together somewhere on the Peninsula around Christmas time. We moved over in April this year and initially got a 6 month rental in Lilydale, however, we've decided that as we'd always lived near the beach previously we wanted to be near the beach now. Have a lovely (but bloody expensive :wideeyed:) rental in Olivers Hill so have the kids enrolled at Derinya Primary School and my daughter will be able to get in at Frankston High School the year after! This is my wife's first Christmas in Australia and away from family and friends and I really want to make sure she enjoys it and I'm sure a catch up and BBQ somewhere would really help. Getting yourself a network of friends if crucial so here's hoping you're all up for arranging something. Not really sure of the best places to organise something like this so will through it open to those of you who are already in and settled. Will also post this on a couple of the other pages and forums to see what we can sort! Cheers all and hope to catch up soon! Cheers Spencer
  21. Hey guys, take a look at the fantastic bargain I just found on E bay, don't all bid at once. :biggrin: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Double-Cat-Bowl-small-hole-/110786344981?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Cats&hash=item19cb617815 Metoo
  22. The Pom Queen

    Christmas Alone

    I am sure there will be a few of our members out there spending Christmas alone this year, if any of you are up in Cairns please drop me a pm. Christmas is a time when people need to support each other, a time for giving and caring. I am sure there will also be members who are spending their first Christmas in Australia, it will be hard, I can remember our first Christmas here it was the only time I ever wanted to go back to the UK. Lots of wishes to you all. K:wubclub:
  23. Went to my local Homebase today to buy a few extra nice bits to put on the tree for our last UK crimbo and they have stacks of 6 hole bauble boxes, presumably what they are shipped to them in. They are very strong and free to take, but I guess it might be nice to buy something:wink: We bought enough for 3 boxes but loaded the kids up with another 12 ready to pack up all our baubles for the big move next year. Go get some while they last :wink:
  24. I am a Mom in England whose son is spending a year in Australia and I want to send him a few gifts so he will have something to open from home on Christmas morning. It seems there are a lot of restrictions on what can and cannot be accepted into Australia from abroad. Am I correct in thinking that if I include some chocolate and a few sweets that this will require quarantine and will incur an extra charge at the other end? What sort of items are acceptable for me to send? What do your relatives send to you without any problem? Thanks in anticipation of your responses.
  25. The Pom Queen

    Christmas Tipple

    So are you all going to be out with the sherry over Christmas or have you another tipple that you indulge in. I always tend to buy a bottle of Baileys for Christmas but as I'm not suppose to drink I think I have 4 opened bottles that are 3/4 full.