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Found 78 results

  1. Hi, Hello..... First post here... :biggrin: Just looking for some advice really. I'm over here working as an IT Developer on the company sponsored VISA after being transferred from the UK. My girlfriend is qualified as a primary school teacher in Scotland, and chose to come with me to Australia rather than do her probation year there. She's registered to work in Victoria, but, despite lots of applications, has never been offered an interview for the graduate positions. We were under the impression that teachers were in high demand in Australia, but we've had feedback that she's up against 30-60 applicants for each role :frown: Queries: I wondered if there were any other expats out there doing teaching jobs... Whether they've had similar problems getting a job... Whether anyone has any ideas how she could make herself more attractive to potential employers... (e.g. tutoring, volunteering as a teaching assistant, doing a local course???) We're at our wits end really - She's been registered for a couple of months, and submitted 20-30 applications all over Melbourne with no luck. Any ideas ? 457ScottishExpat
  2. Hi, I am a qualified accounting technician seeking a career in Accountancy in Australia with an employer who will provide me with sponsorship. I am planning on becoming a chartered accountant and so would love to proceed with this in Australia. If anyone can help me I would be eternally grateful!!! Any location in Oz is could for me!! Thanks :biggrin: Vicky
  3. Hi All, My company has secured overseas preferred supplier status with 2 major mining companies. We now have open roles in Queensland, Central NSW and WA. We need a Senior Mining Engineers (7+ years / Underground), Mining Engineers (upto 5 years / Open Cut) and a Senior Geotechnical Engineer (7+ Years / Metalliferous environment). Anyone interested, please drop me a line. Many thanks. Adam
  4. Hi everyone I'm Claudia, 27 years old and moving to Sydney next month to start a new job! Very excited to start my new life but also very scared!! Looking to meet new friends to hang out with and to show me around. Also seeking advice on best areas to live etc. I will be working in northern beaches area. x xxx
  5. Hello everyone, I have spent some time reading through many posts in all the forums. I am Doris currently living in Essex and hoping to get sponsorship to move to QLD with my Husband and 2 children. My Husband Dave is an Auto Electrician with 20 years experience. I really need some advice on what our next step should be. We have decided that we are going to try for a 457 visa so that we can get a relocation package. Can anyone tell me how to go about finding a sponsor? We are hoping to attend the expo in February, but apart from that I don't really know what else to do.
  6. clairejs83

    Seeking advice

    Hi, im a bit confussed, it has always been my dream to move and live in Oz, I have had my positive skills assesment and have been waiting for Jan 11to come around so that I can proceedwith applying for my visa (as I need to wait to have 5years working experience to get the visa points). I have found myself in a very good relationship, I still want to go but he wont leave his family. Im not sure if this relationship will last its only been 6 months, should I still apply for the visa and if it doesnt last im still in the process and can go out when visa is granted, or should I wait and see what happens? Im 28 and hes 23 I know nobody can make up my mind for me but just wondered if anybody else has been in the situation and what did they do and did they regret their choice? Thanks
  7. Hi all I have recently moved to Perth to continue my career and would love to find fellow Baggie fans to interact/share stories with especially follwing the 2-0 win over the dingles. If anyone has any information regarding WBA fans in Perth and if there are any events planned please feel free to drop me a line. Kind regards Rich
  8. Hi. I'd imagine this info is here some where already, but I cant find it yet...? I'm starting the immigration process only, I'm getting some documents together in prep for meeting immigration advisor's (as haven't a clue which way we will qualify) but before we start paying any money to advisor's, it would be great to find a link to a website where there are a list of jobs; especially sites that would be for 457 visa holders/applicants? Maybe there is no such site, but if any one can give guidance on this approach I would be very appreciative. Cheers DV :radar:
  9. Hi, I am currently seeking a sponsorship employment deal for my self and my family, can anyone inform me of how to find sponsored jobs in Australia? I am a time served sheet metal worker with 14 years experience and various other experience within this trade. Any advice would be much appreciated, Thanks! :v_SPIN:
  10. Hi We are a family of 4 (2 kids boy 16 girl 13 in Dec). My husband has been offered a fantastic opportunity in Perth and are coming out on the 7th Sept 2011 for a rekki. I need advice on areas SOR. We currenlty live in York in a med large village 6 miles from the city on a good transport link. My son is reluctant to leave the uk as he has just completed his GCSEs and is due to start A Levels in year 12 next week and is really settled with a good group of friends and I am unsure what is the best options for him and would welcome any advice from parents who have a 16 year old. My daughter on the other hand can't wait and is keen to move, she is going into year 8 (second year of secondary) from what i can see that is the first year of secondary school in OZ. Again if anyone can offer advice on schooling it would be welcomed. The areas we have looked at are Baldivis and Secret Habour and surrounding areas (no further south though) and will rent for at least the first 12 months. Also I have read lots of reports on State verses Private schools and really don't know which route to go.... We are planning to be in in Perth by the end of the year if all goes to plan with our trip next week so again schools finish in Dec til Feb so the kids would not start til Feb. Any help, advice and experiences would be gratefully recieved. Thank you in advance :biggrin: Charlotte
  11. Hi all, I have just moved to Perth this week and been finding it very difficult to secure work, I have come with the view to continue my architecture career and picking up some casual hours to reduce the deficit of savings spend. Since I have arrived I have walked around the major suburbs handing copies of my CV to cafe's, supermarkets etc and registering my interest online for any positions. I have also searched and created an ad on gumtree to try and boost chances. I was just wondering if anyone has any guidance which may direct me to help secure some part time work? If anyone knows of any architectural practices looking to recruit technicians then please let me know. Thank you for reading my thread. Kind regards Richard
  12. Hi, I am a 32 year old Brit currently studying Cert III Engineering Air Con & Refrigeration at Holmesglen institute in Melbourne. I am at the stage of a 2nd Year apprentice and seeking long term paid work with a company in this industry. I have a history of experience in Technical Sales aswell and have a good commercial knowledge. I am keen, hard working and trustworthy and would welcome any advice or job opportunities that come my way. many Thanks FRANK ROBINSON 0410651751
  13. Guest

    Seeking Sponsorship USA to Oz

    My husband is certified as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic with around 16 years of experience. I am an Elem. teacher/ High School teacher. We wish to move to Oz on sponsorship with our 2yr. old son. Any suggestions? We desperately need change!! We are just in the process of getting our passports now. Thank you for any advise. Shannon
  14. Hi, I am desperately seeking visa 857 sponsorship in Sunshine coast area. Over 25 years experience as tiler but need permanent residency urgently. Any tiling contractors need a highly qualified wall and floor tiler, please reply soon as! Full C.V. can be provided and I am able to pay visa fee costs. Available to work as soon visa applicayion completed ( about 4 weeks ). Thanks!:biggrin:
  15. Hi Guys, I'm currently living in Manchester, UK, and I am about 6 months away from completing my undergraduate degree in Art History. Anyone got any information, no matter how broad, on graduate jobs in Brisbane? Also the housing situation, what would you guys recommend aiming for pricewise?
  16. I'm a mum of three boys aged 9, 6 and 3, and I'd love to meet up with others to make new friends.
  17. Hi all, Taking a bit of a long shot here, but desperately trying to help a friend.... A good friend of mine that I have known for 4 years recently migrated to Australia from the UK on a 457 Visa. He is a qualified Carpenter/UPVC Window Fitter. After 11 weeks of employment(667 hours of work he put in!), his sponsoring company let him go, citing economic climate, internal politics etc. He is extremely talented and has a small portfolio of his work available for viewing. He is willing to work for an agreed period of time, without pay in order to prove his worth. If anybody is able to assist in any way or put us in contact with anybody, please pm me. He basically has 28 days before he will have to leave Australia if we are unable to find him an alternate sponsor. Please help!!! Many thanks, Lee
  18. Hi There, I am a 26 year old English man seeking a descent employer willing to sponsor me on an ENS (Employer Nominated Sponsor). This is a perm visa and only takes 6 months to complete, I am willing to pay costs incurred so that the employer isn't out of pocket. I still have my working holiday visa to use, I am planning on coming to Perth at the end of September, I will have my own transport and most tools. I want to live in Perth as I have family and friends there already and I know my way around! If there is anyone who is looking for a hard working, keen, young worker then look no further. Thanks Dave
  19. Over 10 years experience working in the Uk & have been working around QLD for the past 12 months. Currently living on the Sunshine Coast. Hard, reliable worker and can supply references. Phone John on 0457346125
  20. pommysteve

    IT Guy Seeking Work

    Hi, I'm looking for work in WA. I'm a great "all rounder" having done most things IT related but now seeking roles such as 2nd line support, systems admin ect... My CV is at http://www.maybury.me.uk Any tips and advice also appreciated. Thanks for looking. Steve.
  21. Hello all and forgive me if this has been posted before. I have just joined today and was hoping to get an answer to a question that is confusing me in my visa wizard. I have just made the initial steps into inquiring about obtaining a visa to move to Australia permanently. In the Aus Gov site I am answering questions on the visa wizard. Here are the the results 1. Why do you want an Australian visa? To live with my partner, parent, child or other family member (Its my Brother) 2. What is the country of nationality on your passport? United Kingdom 3. Where do you expect to be when you apply for a visa? United Kingdom 4. What is your date of birth? 15 December 1958 5. How long do you intend to stay in Australia? Permanently They ask me further questions at this point. Is my Brother an Australian citizen or permanent resident.. Yes I answered that My only near relatives live in Australia, I have two Brothers there and countless cousins. My sister lives in Spain and the only relatives I have in UK are Uncles, Aunts and cousins. No parents or siblings. This has given me a Remaining Relative (subclass 115) visa to live permanently in Australia, I can work if I want. I can include members of my family in my application. I.E my Spouse and child Now.... Sorry this is so long... When I look further into family eligibility I find that I may not receive a visa if my wife has near family in the UK. Can someone please clarify whether my wife's family will be included in MY application. Thank you David
  22. whichway

    seeking Gold Coast Hairdresser

    Hi all, I was hoping someone could recommend me a good, reasonably priced mobile hairdresser who will come to pacific pines. I am grateful for any advice. thanks.
  23. Hey, I'm making the move to Perth in december, starting out on a working visa. First off, how easy is applying for tax file code and setting up the right back account? I looked at starter packages but not sure if they are money schemes. Also I am a nearly qualified primary teacher, how easy is it to get employed in this and do you need honours or to have sat your probation year to be employed? Thank you in advance. Oh and also does anyone know any good rental websites for perth? I tried realestate.au already. Amanda
  24. Hello, We are about to make the move to Tassie in April. We are renting our property in the UK and I shall be looking for a rental property near Launceston. I have pictures of our house on my laptop which I am willing to show to a rental agent/owner. I have also asked the agent in the UK for a reference for us as I hope this will assist with obtaining a property in Tassie. Does anyone have any advice on anything specific that should be in this reference? And also is there anything else I can do to ensure I present us in the best possible light? Many thanks
  25. hi poms, Myself & a few friends have used out WHV a number of years ago, and we're keen to make the move back to Australia. Is it legal to go there on a tourist visa, attend interviews and if successful - accept the position, then wait for sponsorship to process before starting work? If it is legal - do i have to leave the country and re-enter once it's been processed? Thanks to all!