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Found 564 results

  1. Hello , I’m a cook . I have a technical interview for skill assessment coming soon . Can anyone who has gone through this process . Please tell me the questions which are been asked by the interviewer . That will be very helpful. thank you
  2. Hozza_mh

    sponsorship and no idea HELP

    Hello, I'm currently in Australia on a working holiday visa due to expire in November and the company i work for have offered me sponsorship in hospitality to stay, now i have noooo idea what this entails ? costs? how long it will take? or how to find further information on this subject as i wasn't expecting it. can anyone give me advice or point me in a direction of how to find help?
  3. Hi, My sister has been living in Oz now for two years and has just been notified that she will be getting her residency through shortly which is excellent news!. My parents are now planning to apply for the Contributory Aged Parent visa via my sisters sponsorship (they are over 65 and in good health etc) and, once they receive that, I am planning to apply for the remaining relative visa through sponsorship from my Sister (I will have no other family outside Oz). I have a question regarding the visa payments for the Contributory Aged Parent Visa i.e what gets paid and when?. We have been told conflicting information that the large payment needs to be paid up front but others have said that this is paid at the end and then residency is granted approx 6 weeks after receipt of the final payment - could someone who is going through this please confirm? Also does anyone know the average times from start to finish for receiving the CPV/remaining relative visas? It would be good to managed expectations. From what I have read on here, we could reasonably expect both my mum and dad and myself to be all resident within two years? Any other thoughts/issues would be welcome - this is my first post so apologies if it has been covered off elsewhere. Many thanks! Frizzy
  4. My wife and I have now been living and working in Melbourne for just over a month, would glad to be able to try and answer any questions anyone might have.
  5. annabel


    Hey, Me and my boyfriend are coming over in november'13 for a year or two, just wondering what bank is the best one to go with? If any one could leave any comments it would be great, just need to sort the little things out now. Also if any one knows about any good insurance companies, thats not to expensive? Thanks :smile:
  6. Hi every one, I am after some advice regarding transferring from the British Army to the Australian Army. I have been on the official web page and Emailed several times the supplied address. I have not heard any thing back from them therefore would appreciate hearing from any one who has any ideas on how to get in contact with the recruiting personnel. Thanks for your help. Cheers Julie
  7. Hi there I am hoping that as there are lots of people on here all with different experiences together you can help answer some of my questions. Next week when ive finished my week of night shifts I am going to really get the ball rolling and in order to do so i was hoping if i posted my questions now that leaves some time for you all to answer before i start doing it all, so basically if anyone can help on the following: 1.Nursing registration - can the copies be certified by a JP and can you take your own copies and just get them stamped, I thought they had to photocopy them as well. 2. Satement of service from employer - I am getting this from HR and they have given me a letter to fill in to request it but is only for my current job, do you need a statement for each job you have done? 3. I am hoping to go on 457 and bring the OH along on it, who decides whether he can come on it? is it the empoyer sonsoring me or DIAC? On a 457 am i right in thinking you dont need a skills assessment doing by ANMC 4. On a 457 do you still need to get the NMC to send veification to the WA nursing board, i thought you did but then a post i read on here earlier got me questionning it? I will have a lot more questions but thats all i can think of for now. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  8. What exactly should be suitable/relevant work experience to be assessed as Systems analyst? I have gone through the definition on the related websites and thought I qualify as Systems Analyst, but ACS suggested me that I am suitable to qualify as Systems Engineer (263111). I have 3+ yr experience as Global Support Analyst and Senior Systems analyst in different companies where I was invloved in designing, implementing and trouble-shooting of applications, servers etc and 1.5 yr experience as Network Engineer and hold a Bachelor degree on EEE(Electrical and Electronics Engineering). What I really wanted is to apply as a independent (175 PR visa). Is there any member who have positive assessment as a Systems analyst here in PIO? If so, could you please share your experience? I appreciate any comment/sharing experience as these questions are burning my head. Thank you in advance.
  9. Greeting to everybody. Nice to be back after some very busy weeks. Turned out that my ELTS test wasn't so bad after all (overall 8.0), but unfortunately not good enough to allow me to pass the new point test, which kind of despairs me :arghh: Right now, my situation is: Age : 25 English:10 Qualifications: 15 Total: 50 Provided that I can get my previous work experience recognized (casual teaching for 4 years, but on very occasional basis before being hired on a contractual basis in 2009) I would be able to claim 5 more points. And 5 more other points if I am able to gain ss. But I would still be short of 5 points. Also, with the looming system based on the principle of the "expression of interest", I feel like that if I am not able to apply before july 2012, I might never have another opportunity. So, I need to wisely weigh my chances before considering to go a step further (i.e contacting an agent for professional advice, with the cost and time therefrom involved). At the moment, I have to questions pending: 1) Do you think I could claim some extra points for qualifications with the new points test, provided that I was also positively assessed by Vetasses for my training occupation (life scientist) ? 2) What are the requirements to be able to claim points for credentialed community language ? I understood from the previous point test that one could obtain five extra points if one possessed "professional level language skills in a designated language" (in my case french), but I can't figure out what would it takes to obtain the same amount of points with the new point test. Any help or advice will be much, much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, Cedric
  10. Hi All, This is my first post on here although I have been a browsing guest for several months now. I took my SA Police entrance exam in London last month and past it...now I just have to pass the interview stage! Is there anyone on here that could give me a heads up with what to expect in the interview? I will be taking my wife along with me which will hopefully help me to relax a bit more than I usually do in interviews! Anyway...I look forward to your replies :policeman:
  11. Hi, So far we've found the process very stressful. We submitted our application last year (2011) and as my husband is a mechanical engineer we thought it would be easy as his skills are on the SOL. Our visa was rejected and after closer inspection the case officer had calculated our points wrong and for some reason she also claimed we had not attached all the documents when we clearly had. After a few phone calls to Oz she admitted she had calculated it wrong but we were still 5 points short. I also fond it frustrating that all the information on their website contradicts one another. The pdf about submitting your form says the IELTS has to be completed before application. But when you download the form to fill in manually it gives you the option to add the date of your test if you don't have the results. WHY give the option when you need to completed the test before you submit and application? Sorry, rant over! Because of all the contradictions and having a case officer who couldn't calculate our points correctly we are thinking about using an agent. We are now going to resubmit and pay again but before we do this I want to double check a few things. 1: Can anyone recommend a good agent and will it be quicker as we already all the information required? 2: The latest pdf I have downloaded says we need to show evidence that he has 10 years experience in his industry and to do this we need a letterhead from his company stating Company details, reference, and to be signed by the person authorised to sign the reference. The problem is his current employer does not know we are planning to move to Oz, is there a way round this? Any help or advice would be appreciated Emm
  12. Hi, I've been lurking for the last year or so, just getting to ask questions today! I need to enter my nomination permission request identifier into the 47es form (ENS) and I cant' find it. On the email my employer got from immigration is stated: Client: Client ID: Application ID: File Reference: I can't see the permission request identifier, any one know where I get it? Thanks!
  13. Hi. We are currently in Sydney on a 457. Hubby has spoken to his company and they have agreed to sponsor him for PR. So, we have to start getting paperwork together for his TRA, we will most likely use an agent for the visa application, but I would like to get a head start and start to get the TRA sorted out. So I have a couple of stupid questions (although I have been assured on more than one occasion since we got here that the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!). I am unsure which of the pathways applies to my hubby. He has a degree, then he had to do a pre-registration year under the supervision of a qualified member of staff, and he also had to sit some professional examinations in order to qualify. He has worked in various places doing the same work for 15 years, all full time except the three years at uni which were part time (Saturday and Sunday work - his degree was full-time three years). I am thinking that pathway C is the one (1800 hours of formal training, a traineeship which I guess would be his pre-reg year, and then at least five years working). He is registered to practice here, the Aus registration board view his qualification as an equivalent to the Aus one. Secondly, is it a matter of obtaining very detailed references from his past and present employers? I presume that the information required would need to detail what he did/does day to day, including all of the equipment used etc and how it is/was used. Are we able to write the references and just send them to his employers for reading through and signing? How far back in his employment history should we go? There is one employer who we don't really want to contact (and actually I believe she is living in Spain somewhere now so would have no idea where to contact her anyway). She employed him to help her start up her new business, then on the day his three month probationary period ended she sacked him without good reason. On the same day, another person who she knew personally who was trained in the same job as dh, but had had to give three months notice started working for her. He took legal advice and raised a grievance against her for constructive dismissal (she employed hubs as a stop gap until this other person could start). She settled before we got to court. That was back in early 2001. Would I need to go this far back, and if so then can we sign a statutory declaration or something instead of contacting her? Finally, the thing I think I am most stressed out about is that dh took a two month break from work whilst we moved here. He had to do this because he had to sell his business at the end of a month (something to do with the accounts), so his last day at work was the 31st December 08. We had to do it this month becuase we had originally booked flights to Oz for the end of Jan (meaning he couldn't sell at the end of Jan). As it happened, because the visas hadn't been granted by mid-Jan, we postponed the flights to 16th Feb. Once we got here on the 18th he had about two and a half weeks off before he started work - sort of a holiday and to allow us to get over jet-lag and get the kids settled, sort out cars etc. I am worried that this two month or so break from work might affect our application in some way. Sorry for the huge post, but I have trawled through trying to find the answers to my questions for ages, but can't find the specific info I need. Thanks!
  14. Hi I'm a first time poster here... read a good few threads and seems there are some very well informed people about so I hope you can share some of that knowledge and pass it my way! Basically my partner and I are looking at migrating to Australia using a 176 subclass visa, she has relatives who live there and would be happy to sponser her and I could go as her De Facto, we have been together 12 months and have lived together for 6. We are both qualified Food Technologists with BSc(Hons), from what I can work out food technologists are on the SOL as 'Chemist'. We are yet to do our VETASSESS but will do so if and when required. My question is.... I believe I am right in thinking that even though our occuption is on the SOL and she has a family sponsor our applications would not be processed until 2012?? and thats on the premise we get them in by the end of 2009, which seems unlikely as its now the 5th of Dec. We would ideally not like to wait that long (durrrrr) so are thinking we might go out on a tourist visa allowing us to work for a period of 6months within 12months. While there we would aim to try and secure employer sponsorship for a permenant visa (any idea what visa this would be? possibly a bridge visa or do they then grant onshore 176??? also if this happened would the application then have priority or is it only employer sponsored applications on the CSL that go through as priority?) Are there any people out there who work in the Food industry or are perhapes Food technologists or in that field who know of anyone who has secured sponsorship using a tourist visa originally? or perhapes know the situation of employment in the food industry or good regions to look for employment in the food industry? If we gain sponsorship by an employer do people know of any obligations tied into the sponsorship such as having to work for the company for a set period after etc etc? I'm guessing this is variable depending on the company but some people must have been in this situation so all experiences welcome. Sorry for the high number of questions but if anyone could take time to help me out i'd be hugely grateful. Me trying to work out the best thing to do>>>>>:wacko: Cheers!
  15. dani5

    nursing application questions

    Any help would be appreciated, sorry if any questions sounds silly. My partner (plasterer) and I (paediatric nurse) are at the very start of our 175 visa process. I have my IELTS test next saturday which i require an 8 for all 4 parts to obtain the maximum points. Now this is where i get confused.. if i get the required points from the test, i then need to send off my ANMAC skills assessment - is this the online one? and obviously certain evidence needs to be sent directly from universities, work places etc so will obviously be sent separately from the application form?? from everyone's experience, how much is the average charge for documents to be certified? once my partner has had his trades skills assessment, is this when our actual visa application can by lodged as well as my registration to APHRA? i am just trying to get it all clear in my head so i know what i should be doing. it all seems so confusing at the start, i hope it becomes clearer!!
  16. sunshine please

    A million questions....

    Hi everyone. The hubby has been offered a job in canberra and a subclass visa. They are hoping to have the visa complete within 4 weeks. Is this possible? not leaving us much time to get organised but the company are desperate for him to take over!! At the moment i work part time and between us we earn almost 80k euro. The company is offering at present 120k aud. Is this a managable amount for a family of 3 to survive? looking at prices etc...everything seems much more expensive. We would be renting for a few months at least. We thought it would be sydney so researched there and now canberra has sprung up!! which is the best areas for schools and families? how do you all find living in canberra? Is canberra a friendly city? we would love to find a nice family street where the kids can get out to play and ur neighbours might say hello :-)) do these places still exist? lol... Can anyone recommend an estate agent as we are going to have to find a house that will accept our 2 little mutts too. Thanks for any advice....first drink is on us if we get there :-)) The scottish family living in rural ireland tho only 20 mins to city.
  17. hi, I'm starting work in Ipswich in January but am in a major panic.... where do we put the kids in school (16 &13) and where is nice to live? I don't mind a commute of up to 30 minutes. any advice gratefully recieved.
  18. Which Ielts test do i take for a seondary teacher? there is an academic or general. also what is the 5 points for professional year for on the breakdown of new points test? are they getting rid of the skilled migration list of jobs? thanks for your help
  19. Hey guys, i'm new here so hello! My name is Joe, I am 20 years old and i'm in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa and I love it here! I have many questions that hopefully you guys can help me out with so that hopefully I can stay here permanently :biggrin: Firstly, and probably the most strange question, the website SEEK.com.au - Under all the ad's on this site it says "You must have the right to live and work in Australia to apply for this job". Does my WHV place me in that category? Or does it mean you have to be a citizen to apply? Secondly, my motorcycle licence. I have a full UK motorcycle licence with a 33BHP restriction, if I transfer that to an Australian licence will I still be able to ride any bike? Or will it put me in the 250cc class? And also, can I keep my UK motorcycle licence and then have an WA driving (car) licence? Thirdly, and probably most importantly, staying in Australia. I want to stay permanently here, but I have no trade qualifications. Can I; a) Get an apprenticeship on a WHV and get sponsored through that. This would be my ideal option but i'm not sure if it is possible or not! The other option is; b) Get a visa (if it exists) that allows me to take a training course that will get me qualifications in a trade? I do realise my options are very limited but I surely can't be the first person to come on a WHV with no trade skills and want to stay here? Thanks for any advice given guys!
  20. Guest

    New points system questions

    I am getting a bit confused about some of the new points system to qualify for migration to Australia. I have entered my information on several different points calculators but get different answers each time which vary from approved to not eligible. Could someone tell me if I am eligible? Age - 39 (later this month) Occupation - Systems/Network Administrator (certifications - MCSE, MCSA, MCP, MCTS and CompTIA A+) Knowledgeable with Windows OS, some Linux and Macintosh. Can program a Cisco router. Work experience - 20 years (but have gone back to school these last 2 years towards getting my degree) - last position I held was as a Level 3 tech (A technician's technician). Education - 2 years towards Bachelors degree in Network Administration English proficiency - I do not speak English but I do speak American. (I hope you appreciate my sense of humor) If you need more information, feel free to ask. I appreciate your using valuable time in answering my query.
  21. Hi I am new to the site and am due to start work in January when I move to Perth from the UK, as a registered nurse at SCGH. Has anyone got any top tips for me? Also can anyone help me work out the hourly pay rate for a level 1.3, also the increments for an afternoon shift is it 15% for the whole shift? Any top tips for nursing in Perth? Best place to live near the hospital? Thanks
  22. Hello all! I am new here and glad that I found this very informative site. I have decided to embark on applying for GSM 175 visa. I am able to meet the 65 points if I can get good score on IELTS, and I’ll need ACS assessment. I worked as software developer from Aug 2007 till Oct 2009, then worked in same capacity from Sep 2010, however the second employer gone busted 3 months after that. My current job in same role started from June this year till present. Those gaps between jobs were a mix of unemployment and temporary jobs not related to ICT. So I already met ACS requirement of 2 years in 7 years work experience.However I will not meet DIAC’s 12 months in past 24 months experience requirement until March 2012. After a good amount of research I believe I need to do the following. Please see if it’s a correct plan or have I missed out something? - Apply for ACS assessment. - Sit for IELTS. - If the outcomes of the above are positive, start gathering all required materials for 175 lodgement. Once March 2012 hits I’ll get my current employer’s reference and lodge 175. Questions: 1) Can I get ACS assessment first, and provide updated employment reference when lodging 175 application to cover the period between ACS lodgement and 175 lodgement? Or DIAC would only consider experience stated in ACS assessment result. 2) What I’m worry about is the short 3-months stint in the busted company. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to state such short stint in an application. Also since it’s gone I’m not able to obtain employer reference from them, instead I can only provide statutory declaration. However ACS’s PASA guidelines stated: “If you provide a Statutory Declaration with your application, you must also provide some form of corroborative information from a third party to substantiate the claims made in the Statutory Declaration.” What third party information I can provide here? I can only think of employment contract, payslips and letter of release from this employer. And if I can’t prove this period of employment I’ll have to wait till June 2012 to meet the DIAC’s 12 months requirement. Thanks in advanced and thanks for reading this far!
  23. hellsbells712

    Nurse interview questions

    Does anyone have any idea of what sort of questions get asked in Oz for nursing jobs ????? Only 1 consolation won't need to do presentation. I hate interviews.......Gotta start practicing
  24. jank

    ENS 856: Some Questions

    Hello, First post on this great forum. I am applying for a ENS 856 Visa in the new year. Currently I am on a 457 visa. So I have been doing my homework and getting ready to submit my application but I have a few outstanding questions. I am not going to be using a RMA. My partner is on a defacto visa with me on the 457. She is going to be on the application for the 856 ENS. Do I have to submit defacto evidence again? There is no mention of this at all on the forms I have been looking at. In the new year I will be applying for the VISA as I will be on the 457 visa 2 years. This will enable me to NOT have to go through the skills assesment. My question is do I have to submit all my qualification documents, CV, etc anyway? Lastly, do I need to get my partner to get all the relevant police checks and clearnaces? I know that I have to as I am the primary applicant but wil she? No issue if we do. There ya go!