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Found 35 results

  1. (First time poster) Hi, just putting this out there to see if anyone is in the same boat as me.. i moved here nearly two years ago to be with my husband who is Australian, I left a fantastic network of friends, great job which I loved and my parents who I’m so very close to being an only child.. I moved here in good faith that this would be a better life for us to bring up children (no kids yet) etc but I really can’t help feeling it isn’t, yes the weather is lovely and all that but I am personally struggling so much to fit in I live in a suburb outside of Sydney and it is very hard to explain this feeling of being a fish out of water and feeling on a completely different wave length to everyone, I work with all girls, a real mix, only one Australian all others have foreign backgrounds.. I haven’t been able to make friends and as a result feel completely lonely and lost.. I’m so disconnected. I just seem to work all the time and sit at home (cook/clean) and repeat. My husband works away quite a bit at the moment and has distanced himself from friends as they weren’t for him anymore (let’s just say they like to party hard- another Eyeopener here is the drug scene!) so we both are struggling to make friends, which he feels guilty about, we’re 27. I am out here completely alone and it’s changing me from a bubbly person into someone who is confused, sad and at times bitter. I don’t have anyone I can talk to or lean on other than him and he is sad his family aren’t there for me too, He of course loves his country and is very patient when I say it’s not for me so far, I do seem to get down an awful lot about even the small things- I miss English food so much, it just isn’t the same here (I’m a real foodie!) and I’m a real girly girl who loves to shop and I have tried so hard but cannot stand the cheap crappy shops here, I even miss how the birds would tweet and chirp on a fresh british morning. ANYWAY we’re desperate to get our own place and a mortgage as our living situation at the moment is really spiralling me into depression on top of everything else.. am I making the wrong decision getting something as serious/ permanent as a mortgage? Do I move out have our own place and see if this is when my true aussie life begins, or am I someone who is a true home bird and will forever feel England is home? I just feel I’m missing this aussie dream people talk about.. So sorry for the long first post I feel I’m just letting it all out in hope for Someone to relate or give advise or something! Thankyou in advance xxxx
  2. Hi We have been here for 9 weeks now, and I have been so busy with the whole move, getting kids settled in school, hubby at works and trying to secure a rental, now i am left and not yet working and it has suddenly hit me what we have done. I am having regrets, missing friends and family and would just like to regain my confidence as to why we moved here, it might sound silly, but the days are long when everyone else around you is busy, I am looking for work, that is not that easy here everything is done online (have no internet at home so rely on library) but I am actively looking and applying!!! We are living in Somerly, Clarkson area so if anyone else is feeling the same and would like to catch up I look forward to hearing from you. Kim
  3. We've been in Australia for 7 years, living both in WA and in regional NSW. We've loved it, it was hard initially to get settled in but we have made a nice life for ourselves. But, I've never stopped missing my family for a single day since we left the UK. I thought it would ease, but as my parents age, I feel horrid being so far away and miss them terribly. I've found making friends in Australia much harder than anticipated. We're a sociable couple and have met nice people, but there's a big leap from acquaintance to friend. The friends we have made have been English. I never wanted to be once of those Brits who surrounded myself with English only friends, so this was not by design. I think when amongst folk from home, we just get each other better. But with no family and limited friend network, life here can be very lonely, although it affects me more than my other half. We've been able to afford ourselves a lovely home on a few acres here, so moving back to our busy & crowded old home town would not be an option. We have been spoilt I know, but we do like the space of the country so would want to keep fields & rivers around us if we chose to move back. Unfortunately those areas don't offer the best work prospects. Much as I feel it would make my heart happier to be closer to my loved ones, we have to practical and look at the price of houses and lower earning potential in the UK. If we go back and can't get reasonable jobs, it'll be so tough resettling and it costs such a lot to move across the globe and we can't afford to pingpong.
  4. Hey, I'm going to be flying down from cairns to Sydney on 22 Dec and staying in a hostel til my friends arrive for New Year, is anyone else going to be in Sydney on their own for Xmas or know of any fun things I could do??
  5. Hi I've noticed a few others on this forum live in Patterson Lakes. Please feel free to get in touch.
  6. Guest

    Making friend is difficult?

    I find making friends over here so hard. I moved here 5 years ago from England to Brisbane. I accept that things are completely different here to England some good some bad and I have always appreiciate different cultures/interest/religions etc etc But I've just found making friends so hard and awkward, I feel like it's a mission, there's no flow in any conversation, people don't understand my humor, and I think I've just had enough. And it gets me down so much because I love this country but I've never experienced feeling so isolated from a whole nationality of people. I know they'll be some aussies saying ''well if you don't like it bugger off' ''Well we'll just have to see what the aborigines have to say about that, ay! It's that exact arrogance I can't stand. Has anyone else had difficulties making friends? I live in Brisbane, and I feel like my mind wants to blow up sometimes, I don't get the people, their attitudes. Perhaps us 'pommies' are too soft, but I believe in self respect and giving it back, I find having both these traits make you come across as a weakling and it will only get you knocked down and walked over.I have gradually found myself loosing my sense in humor I once had and have now adopted this defensive attitude in preparation for cocky, smart uncalled for remarks. I apologize if this is just too personal and may offend australians, and I have met some really lovely people here, just not enough of them.
  7. Guest

    too lonely to stay any longer.

    Thought id just vent on here, since you lot are probably the only people who will understand where im coming from. Ive been in oz 4 years now, had a great life to start with, loads of friends from the backpacking days, but now, after being stuck in a nightshift job with mostly none english speaking people for 3 years, i have only 1 friend left and find it impossible to make new friends. I live on chapel street in melbourne, and dont enjoy life, most people at work think i must have the best life. nope. so after 2 breakups with GF`s this year and having to go through that totally by myself, i booked a flight back to the uk for a holiday. I kind of forgot how many friends i had there and family made it such a nice trip home. its so easy to forget what its like to have friends who you have grown up with who GET you, who understand you and your sense of humour. If you have them here, dont take them for granted, they are the reason you are happy, and make the biggest difference to your life. So what am i doing now. well i returned on Sunday and decided its time to go. I love melbourne, and still tell everyone i meet thats its the greatest city on earth, an also that i really dislike england, but it doesnt make a difference, a place i love with no one, or a place i dislike with friends and family i love, easy choice. now i have to work out all the hows and whens of moving back.....stress stress stress!!! anyways, just had to write that down and thanks if you read it if you took the time. i guess some will identify with some of it.
  8. a very good friend of mine is having a major problem regarding intercourse .............she has been unactive for the past 2 yrs and un interested during the last 15 yrs ...it is really driviving him mad , he has stayed faithfull all these yrs but he needs to satisfy and be human.................. any good ideas..
  9. lindsayloo

    Lonely Mum to be - Cheltenham, Melb

    Hi there Im currently 24 weeks pregnant, not working, bored, lonely and a bit fed up! Ive been trying to find a 'pregnancy' or 'mother and baby' group locally so I can try and meet other mums or mums to be but ive not been very successful... im originally from Nottingham and have been here a few years now but non of my friends have kids and im desperate to make some friends who are in a similar situation - surely im not the only mum to be around Cheltenham who would love to meet up with other pregnant ladies to discuss babies, names, labour anything really! Hope to hear from some local pregnant ladies - fingers crossed :biggrin:
  10. Hey Uk (& Maybe Aussie!!) Girlies...I've been in Geelong (just outside Melbourne) since May 2010 and i still havent really made friends due to working in a call centre and commuting (so i have long days!) Im 27 years old, female, living with my Aussie Fiance previously from London & Basingstoke in the UK, still awaiting my partner visa!!!. I miss the UK but love it here but feel very isolated and lonely and sometimes in need of a good ol' girly night of laughter,dancing and gossip. If you're feeling the same and are in Melbourne....Lets arrange a group girly something :-) We can chat on Facebook or other before to make sure we have similar interests or whatever....I've never had to make friends this way before so whatever works hey :-) :biggrin: Looking forward to getting a Sex and the City style gang together!!
  11. Hi Everyone, I have recently moved to Brisbane west. I have a 15mth old daughter who needs to socialise with other babies and am looking for mother and toddler groups or play centres to take her to or any other mummies with babies. I'm also looking for a zumba class. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated - homesickness is beginning to set in so i need to get out and about and meet new people.
  12. I am a SAHM on the Central Coast, NSW. I am mum to 2 - but they are both at school during the day. I just drop them off at school and soon they will be catching the bus so have met no one at the school gate ... As I don;t work I have not met anyone really ... The neighbours say hi and when I walk the dog people smile and are friendly but feel a little like Billy no mates at the moment ! Please feel free to stop past the topic and say hi !!! Bonza
  13. Hey, I am a backpacker and been in melb for about 9 months. Everyone I have meet has left and I am now living in a house iwth an ausie. Its ok but I have only a small number of friends. I am temping at the moment but have now work but I have another job so its ok. I just dont tend to meet a lot of other people at my job, tend to be asian. Any ideas?
  14. Guest

    A little lonely in Perth!

    Feeling very fed up so just want to have a rant! we moved to perth 8 weeks ago (Myself,husband and 2 children), feeling very fed up day to day, rented in the south as we were told husband would get work here (hes mechanical engineer) and after 6 weeks of applying for everything,nothing.... so he is working north and commuting 3/4 hours a day as we are stuck in a rental til december. i think we maybe came at the wrong time of year too as i am struggling to find people who can sympathise, everyone seems to have hibernated and the people we do speak to at parks etc have been here years and have a good circle of friends but for me to actually make friends i am struggling. i have 2 very young children which i hoped would help me to mix but after having the same friends right through from school back at home (and im 30 now!) i find it hard to meet new people. im just looking into local playgroups on the hope that it will help me and my kids as the only contact they have is with me! i have only been here a short time but im hoping things improve, everything seems so expensive and being on my own with a 2 yr old and baby from 6am til 7pm is hard.im finally bored of my own voice lol! i just wish i could jump on a plane and fly home for the day and come back in the evening as i do like it here and can see the potential for the kids.i just hope i settle soon as the draw to go home to the uk gets a bit stronger everyday. any messages to cheer me up would be good!!
  15. Guest

    So lonely....

    Hi all, Have been a member of PIO for a while now and often 'stop in' for a look at the posts but haven't actually posted for over a year now. Anyway, my hubby, 2 boys and I have been in Oz just under 2 years now. Hubby on student visa so I'm sure you're aware how complicated all that is. Long story short it has been hard for lots of reasons but we like it here and are determined to make things work if we can. However - and this is where it gets hard for me as I'm usually such a private person - I am SO lonely. In the UK I had an important job, lots of friends and family very close but here I have nothing. I work part-time which is all I am allowed to do on the visa and although it's fine it's not particularly fulfilling. It's ok though and I have come to terms with that part and know it's not forever. What I am finding hard is the whole friendship thing! I feel really pathetic putting this in writing and as I type am not even sure I will post it! Hubby is at TAFE and work during the week and kids at school etc so I spend all day, every day on my own. I don't have a car as we had to sell our second vehicle to pay college fees and am a bit stranded - close enough to public transport but there's only so much wandering round the shopping centre you can do - especially when you have no money to spend! I volunteer one day every week at the school tuck shop and the ladies I have met there are lovely but I have no friends I can just 'call on' if I'm feeling fed up or just fancy a chat. I thought I had made some friends but they seem to have 'drifted' away - not sure what I have done or not done as the case may be but I am starting to feel like there is something wrong with me. The 3 friends I thought I had made are basically busy organising a lunch get together and I have not been invited. I am so hurt and feel really silly that I am letting it get to me but feel so low and fed up at the moment it's hard to ignore. Really silly as in the UK I would never have let people get to me like this but all of a sudden I feel like the unpopular girl at school! Anyway - have gone on much more than I intended to - not sure what response I am even after from anyone on here - I think I just needed to tell someone (anyone) how I feel. Thanks x
  16. Hi there arrived on 21 may and staying in temp accom in CBD whilst sorting out rented place. My toddler and I are going out of our minds with boredom and loneliness as we know noone and city attractions are expensive. Not sure which suburb we will end up in yet so can't join toddler groups and things. I'm not used to spending all my time with my toddler as had to give up my uk FT job to come out with my husband! And with big bump, no chance of job here for a while. So please help us keep sane... We love hot chocs and babycinos if any other families would like some new playmates thanks jenny and isobel
  17. Parley

    Lonely Planet books

    Hi all, I off to Europe later in the year for a 1 month holiday. Was looking at Lonely Planet books in the bookshop in Melb. They are quite expensive around $45 eg Discover France (in colour). Would these bookd be a lot cheaper if I picked them up in London ? I think I have read that books are generally cheaper in the UK ?? Thanks.
  18. Hi. Are there any ladies out there who would like to catch up for a coffee, cake and a gossip? Glass or two of wine, maybe a bit of lunch and a good old chat? I am in my 40s, desperately trying to get work (the recruitment agencies are 'interesting' here) no children, having a great life but no one nearby to chat about it to! I promise I am not a 'nutter', just a bit lonely! Me and the other half have been here nearly 12 months and love living here, wots not to love - the beaches, the views, the coffee, the cakes. We came over from Manchester last March and it was the best and maddest decision we have ever made. Oh, one last thing, does anyone know a good hairdresser? thanks for reading x
  19. hello, i have just moved to sydney, Dundas, and am extremely lonely. i have tried to make conversation with people in the playground, but it seems i dont fit in much. if anyone fancies meeting sometime, please keep me in mind. i dont know my way around at all. thankyou:cry:
  20. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone could give me some advice on my best option to migrate to Australia to be with my girlfriend. We have some issues with bringing this dream to reality though, here they are. 1. We have only been together 4 months and have not shared a house or flat in this time. We have no proof of our relationship other than a few photo's and a VERY long conversation list on Skype. Also a few emails. We are however very much in love and spent every minute of that 4 months together. The past 3 weeks that I have been back in the UK without her have been horrible!! 2. There is an age gap! I'm 32 and she is 19. Will DIIAC give us grief about this? 3. I have been in Australia for a total of 15 months since November 2008 on a few 3 month multiple entry visitor visa's. I did fly back to the UK in July 2009 for two months, but returned to Aus in September 2009 and stayed until March 2010. Does this not screw me up for any kind of proof of recent work experience for possible state sponsership. 4. My job description is not on the Regional Skilled Database. (We want to live in Torquay and my job is an Interaction Designer). 5. To go the Defacto route I know we need to prove that we have been living in a committed relationship etc for 12 months. Now as we have only been together for 4 months I realise that our only option is for me to head back to Australia inside the next 6 months and get a flat with her and stay for a year so we can get all the evidence needed. I can fulfill the financial side of this, by november I should have around $60,000 saved. But not sure what visa I should come over on (am not comfortable on doing the 3 month multiple entry again, but the 12 month option sometimes has a no further stay condition. Would this no further stay condition, cause trouble with a possible defacto application at the end of my year??) 6. I was thinking of a TAFE course for 2 years. That would allow me to work and stay for long enough for us to achieve our 12 months and gather our evidence. But we really wanted to spend the money I saved on buying a house together, a TAFE course will obviously eat into those savings greatly and make buying a house too risky for me. Also with the changes to the Student VISA system I'm not sure what the hell my options are now with this. 7. Proposed Spouse Visa is a viable option I have read, but again we have a problem. My GF is more than willing to marry me, and I would love to marry her (admittedly not happy about doing it for Visa purposes, would rather have it been a romantic thing a few years down the line)..but her family are not completley happy about us being together (The age gap!)...infact she has not even told her mum about us yet! So getting signed letters from her side of the family saying that we are happy and in love etc could be hard, I have not had a chance to meet any of them properly to show them I'm a genuine guy and do love their daughter/sister. My side of the family are cool though, my GF flys over to London at the end of June for 3 weeks and will be staying with me at my familys house, they will love her and not have any issue with the age gap. So thats me, would'nt say I'm up a certain kind of creek, but am just preparing my paddle in-case ;-) A few things you might need to know... My occupation is not listed on any of the skills databases. I guess it would fall under a Graphic Design role, but in honesty it is far more advanced that that. I dont know where I fit in to the whole skills thing!!!! I do not have a degree, but I do have over 10 years experience and a without being big headed, amazing showreel and portfolio... I am a British citazen. I am 32 Years old. Thanks
  21. Guest

    ever so lonely!!

    :unsure: hi are there any people from the gold coast?? who feel as lost and lonely as I do??
  22. Guest

    Lonely from Altona Meadows

    Just been in Oz for 7 weeks, need friends our own age, late 50's, moving to Point Cook in October!
  23. Hi all, Firstly Id like to wish you all a "HAPPY NEW YEAR" as I havent been on since we left on 30th December 07. We celebrated our new year in Hong Kong which was amazing and then headed for our new home - Sydney! Since arriving, my husbands company were renting a place for us in Parramatta which was fab and just down the road from Westfields!!!! We have now moved into our own apartment in Baulkham Hills which is lovely but not in the hussle and bussle of Parramatta. My OH started work last week and now its just me and my 3 year old little boy home alone through the day. Last week was great as we went to the pool and had a walk up to the small but friendly shopping centre here in Baulkham hills, but as the weather is miserable at the moment we are practically stuck in doors. Im sure my little fella is getting fed up of my miserable face and hearing me moaning as I am of hearing him REPEATEDLY asking when the sun is coming back out, or if we can go to the pool!!!!! I have searched the net high and low for some playgroups in this area, but unfortunately they dont start till feb. If any of you out there is living close and would like to meet up for a coffee PLEASE mail me. I would love my boy to mix with other children as soon as possible as im sure he his missing his friends back in UK (as am I). We are living on Windsor Road and I dont have any transport at the moment (hoping to get that sorted next week) Catching the bus isnt a problem as long as I know where Im going!!!!!! I'll look forward to hearing from someone soon x Rebecca ( and Mackenzie) :sad:
  24. Guest

    Feeling lonely

    I've been in Oz for about 6 months now and don't really know anyone. I moved with five others and we all share a house together and all work together (family business). I think about my friends from back home and realise that I met them all through school, work or other friends. Now, I'm in a situation where I don't encounter opportunities to meet anyone as I obviously don't bump in to anyone from school and live with the people I work with. I think I feel a bit lonely. I miss going out for a drink with the girls or having dinner with a group of friends. I miss randomly chatting to people at the drinks machine at work (old work). I guess 6 months isn't that long and I wouldn't expect to have a close knit group of friends but I don't know anyone at all. Not even to recognise in the street and say hello to. Anyway, I don't really want to moan, I just wondered how other people got on when they first arrived? Does anyone have any friend making tips? :cute: Slightly lonely Little Stalky
  25. Hi - I'm a features writer in Newcastle (UK) and am writing a feature about the upsides and downsides of emigrating. I would love to hear from anyone from the North East of England (Tyne & Wear, Northumberland, Co Durham) who is either living abroad and wants to come back home or who has already moved back because they missed the UK and found the reality didn't quite live up to the dream. Please get in touch with me if you can help karen.wilson.ncj@ncjmedia.co.uk.