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  1. Hey Baxters Finally someone who's done the Victoria university skype assessment, even the migration experts don't have much of an idea about these. well as the visa system for independent skilled migrations and state sponsor ships are changing this July i am starting to panic, i am just gathering my employment statements and relevant materials together now How long from start to finish did this process take you mate, wanted to go down vetassess really but the last assessment date before July is 28th April,, not going to make it.. this skype interview is my only option.. They say it can be done in 7 weeks which would be a god send.... So i am guessing that you passed? Do they tell you there and then? What happens if your not sure on some of the criteria they are asking you? Do the just recommend you brush up on these skills once in oz? Did you submit video's pictures and job task reports, and things as well.. Any more info would be amazing, because i wanna get it right... Cheers mate Adam
  2. adambodz

    Gas Fitters Watch Out!!!!

    Mate Dont waste any more of your money over here because your qualifications dont mean anything over there i spent a year over there trying to find work as a gas fitter, no gas fires not many ch boiler mainly unvented hot water and expect to have a shovel in your hand if you get a job in plumbing. you will have to spend a lot of money and time in the local tafe to change them over pal... on a more serious note how long did your vetassess take from submiting your application to reciving your confamation back pal? massive dilema because i need to get this skilled visa applied for before july when they all change... arrrr need info please mate thanks adam
  3. adambodz

    Gas Fitters Watch Out!!!!

    Now then pal just looking on this thread and noticed your from goole haha am from snaith mate hope your still on here that would be cool, i have an aprenticeship level 2,3 in gas installation and maintainence but i have had to put all of my plumbing experience into the emp[loyment statment references do you think this would be ok to come over as a general plumber still.
  4. Hey mate just wanted to know what you thought to the skype interview and would you recommend it. hope things went well mate.:biggrin:
  5. Hey thereI am also thinking about the skype interview over the vetassess, because they are now changing the visa structures this july and i dont have much time to decide. the skype interview seems a lot quicker, they say it will be complete within 7 weeks and they only have one more date in the uk for the vetassess before july.Any information would be very kind pal.. how did you get on and what sort of questions were the asking you?
  6. adambodz

    renewable jobs.

    Hi dan I'm the the other side of the spectrum mate was out in oz for two years loved it that much out there on a working holiday visa i work for british gas mainly breakdowns and repair not alot out there for me and was unable to get a sponsor, so i have to wait untill may to apply for my skilled visa now. i have just done all my courses to get on the offshore wind farms over here(bosiet/mist/opito stage 1 rigging/uk renewable wtg rescue course/ confined spaces/uk medical) while things are picking up and hopefully have some experience before my visa is granted, there is a big farm offshore near perth, but mainly alot on shore due to the vast amount of empty land. But there is a big demand in asia pacific. China ect.. you no of any places who are willing to give a start over here!! hope you get on ok mate!!
  7. Is there many companies in the melbourne area who specialize in the service and repair field? i have seen baxi have opened up a training centre in melbourne and was thinking of emailing them to see if they no of any installers who would be taking on internationals, this would save me the agrovation of going down the silled visa route. if i was only a joiner!!
  8. Hey there mate I'm in exactly the same position as you, i have just come back from travelling for 2 years went round asia and new zealand and spent a year in oz!! They dont wanna no over there our qualifications dont mean anything, they all have to do a 4 year apprentership at TAFE. Thats were all the trade persons in Australia have to go through its there governing body.. They do everything over there from drainage to a leaking roof tile, thats just the norm!! your classed as a plumber/ gas fitter so you have to no all this. fittings are different, pipe sizes, pressures and methods. they dry soulder every joint with oxy acetelyne welds, haha its crazy.. there are firms who just repair hot water systems. which are mainly unvented hot water cylinders. Basically after getting the run around for a while, well numerous phone calls and monthes of pissing about i was told i have to speak to the head of TAFE Colege. he told me that i have to get in contact with the office of fair trading and they should be able to swap my qualifications over (this is in N.S.W sydney Dont no about other states) rang them and they said that they can only look through them and tell me what needs to be done!! so basically you can get your skill recodnised, which you have to pay money for, bu this only recodnises the skill.. nothing else. So basically you have to go back to college to do your cert 3 in plumbing which you can fast track going to tafe 5 days a week can be done in 3-5 months which will give you a tempory licence.. but then you still have to attend on a night school to get your other moduals done which i think theres 8 in total.. So good luck with that one, Melbourne is the best bet for our trade because they are fitting more condensing systems because of the climate, its more like ours.. they call them hydronic heating systems which may help your serches.. Basically your best bet is to apply for your skilled working visa.. which you will have to go and sit an assesment somewere in this country.. pay your first installment which is $3000, then if you get approved you will have to pay a further $4000 this is non refundable if you get refused. and can take 2 years to come through.. i dont have enough points for this so i need to do a higher english test which will give me a further 10 points. because i have been out of the trade for the last 2 years i have to work 1 more year in england in the trade before i can apply for this. but once you get it you can work in oz doing anything you want you dont need to use your trade. and dont have to come back to england and can apply for residency after 4-5 years... buzzin wish i knew about this before i went.. but i went on a working holiday visa which is one year.. you can extend it by doing regional work for 3 months on the same farm or 88 days.. so i still have a year left to use.. So i will apply for the skilled visa next year when i have a year back in the trade.. use the second year of the working holiday visa while the skilled one comes through, then go from there.. there you go you have 2 years of knowledge i would of happly paid 2000 quid for so please send a check in the post haha. P.s i no my spellings crap and i aint got time to read back through this so send a reply if you need any more info..