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Found 159 results

  1. Hi all, I'm a newbie here and apologies in advance because this has probably already been asked atleast 100 times before We, like so many are thinking about making the move to Oz but there's so many if's, buts and maybes and some of the threads on Google don't help in making it any easier to understand. I came across this site and thought it's the best one I've seem and seems a lot more friendly than so many others. I am a gas safe registered domestic engineer here in the UK both natural and LPG. Have my level 2 plumbing all C&G qualifications as well as my oil ticket (I'm not sure if this is much use in OZ) My hubby is a level 2 qualified plumber again C&G. We can get a state sponsored visa which is fab but we understand that we may need to do some bridging qualifications out there to get a licence to work. My first question is does anyone know what we may need to train for in addition to our qualifications to bridge any gaps and if it's something we can do here before we come so we are fully ready to go when we get there? We have two little ones so I'm keen to try and secure a job before we move (although we are ready to go) and I have a few trips over there planned to try and speak to employers. I'm just worried it's not always easy to come back if we can't get jobs and have lost everything (I'm a mum, I worry ) Second question is, are there lots of ladies in the trade world there? It wasn't the easiest for me starting out here being quite a small women to secure a position and I ended up volunteering just to get a work placement to train etc. I'm hoping that businesses in Oz are much more open minded and accepting. Have a happy new year everyone x
  2. Hi im a fully qualified plumber from the uk(20 years exp.) and have been here in melbourne with my wife for a year now. my problem is im finding it impossible to get a job plumbing/heating, ive done all necessary procedures ie plumbing registration,safety white card. when i arrived i kept getting the same story from agencies/companies " how long have you been here? u dont have any australian experience, you just have to get your foot in the door" ( ive worked in uk,jersey,france croatia and new zealand as a plumber over the last 20 years without any hassle). so i took a few labouring jobs over the past year to get by and now i still get the same old s**t... When we left the uk we were under the impression plumbers were critical/in demand. well i can tell you this a load of bull. its just another aussie ploy to take your money. i have now joined the plumbers union in the hope that they may understand and maybe "get my foot in the door" and move me up the long list! just as well my wife gotta decent job when we arrived. Has any1 had similar experience????:arghh: NOT GIVING UP HOPE YET!!!!!!
  3. What are the requirement for plumbers to move to Australia? It say's you must have the required skills/qualifications' but it doesn't say what they are. Any information is appreciated
  4. Hi, After 9 months of planning our visa application by sifting through the huge amounts of information I finally decided to take the plunge and start the process to move to perth. I wish to thank the users of this forum for all the advice that I have gained from pomzinoz. I am a plumber applying for a 189 visa, we visited Australia for 18 months on a whv, drove around the whole country and due to no television in the campervan..... 2 became three! Therefore my partner wanted to come back to the uk to be with family for the birth..... but now wants to return! I have a question.......I have sent vetassess all my paperwork to be assessed however a requirement of the assessment is now that you must have a first aid certificate. Has any plumbers on this site had to supply a first aid certificate as part of their assessment.... If so which establishment did you take the course and how many days did it take you to complete? There is a big difference in price! I have asked vetassess for clarity on this matter and had a reply stating that the course can be completed in one day and also three days depending on your location in the uk, however I cannot find a course that specifically covers all the syllabus anyway! My second question is will vetassess complete all the other paperwork without the first aid certificate or just put to the bottom of the pile?! I do not want to book a first aid course that is just going to be waste of time and money for vetassess to reject.... many thanks in advice if anyone can help! This is the criteria.... IMPORTANT NOTICE An applicant who is applying for a Plumbing Skills Assessment is required to provide a First Aid certificate as part of the assessment. The course must have the following contents: • CPR, injuries from head to toe, wounds and bleeding, burns, poisons, bites and stings, medical emergencies, chest pain, asthma, anaphylaxis, choking, shock, stroke, seizures, fainting and diabetes. Without this certificate, the assessment will not be complete.
  5. Hello There I am new on this forum and I need a little help! How do you decide between VETASSESS and Victoria Uni for Plumbing Skills Assessment? The only difference I can see so far is that VETASSESS is slightly cheaper. Does anyone have a positive or negative experience with either or would particulary reccommend one or the other for their good service? I was told by a migration agent the Victoria Uni was easier, but surely the assessments are exactly the same? Has anyone done the plumbing assessment and found it particulary hard in comparison to the skills you learn in the UK for City and Guilds/NVQ I appreciate any help/advice/tips anyone has to offer! Thanks Sarah
  6. Hi Guys, This is so frustrating, has anyone been through this before... My partner is a plumber/gasfitter. We've recently moved to victoria and he's got a job which is great, but he's going to Tafe 1 night a week to do the course necessary to pass his registration exams. The thing is he's not learning anything! He's been six times now and nobody will tell him how victorian regulations are different to the UK. He's got 10 years experience and he's alongside apprentices who don't know how to weld a pipe. He's heard that before you take the exams(the first of which is 4 months away for him because of the waiting list, who knows when the rest will be), they give out a written list of everything you'll be tested on. Does anyone have these lists because it's this that he needs to be revising, not what they're teaching him at Tafe? And also, if anyone knows of a fast track way to getting drainage, sanitary and water supply registrations we'd like to know about it. Don't get me wrong, he's not trying to cheat the system, he's willing to put the time and effort into learning...but give him something to learn rather than simply wasting time 'going through the motions.' It's pointless and like I said, very, very frustrating!
  7. Guest

    plumbing in melbourne

    hey there im a time served plumber looking to move to melbourne to work in the near future hopefully. can anyone tell me how the work front is for a plumber right now and the tests ill need to take to bring me up to australian levels?? thanks for your time.
  8. Hi All, New to the forum/site but have a few questions that i'm hoping some of you guys may be able to help with! Myself and my other half are thinking of moving to Oz late next year (2013), having looked around on the net at the skilled migrant process, I am unsure on what is the best option for me to get skill assessed on. Below is a bit about my experiece and qualifications: HNC Building Services (HVAC), C&G 2079 F-Gas (Air con), Qualified UK Gas engineer through the ACS/gas safe scheme, 7 years working within the M&E industry working on mechanical services. Aside from my qualifications above I have also got the Engineering Technician status from CIBSE which has a mutual recognition from engineers australia as a chartered engineering associate. I suppose, what i'm asking is what people would recommend as the best route to take in getting out to Oz next year as a skilled migrant? What trades are more in demand? Would it be as a general Plumber based on the above skills (even though I have no formal plumbing qualifications)? Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks
  9. hey all, I'm in the M+E trade back in the UK (Gas,water,fitting)and im looking to head out to Perth in Decemeber! Been pinging out loads of emails to M+E companies out there but have had no response at all! Does anyone know of any companies in this field of work, or could help point me in the right direction?? I'm going on a holiday work visa first just to see how I get on...So I dont mind if im working as a plumber etc and dont do Gas as i know the rules and regs will be different??? thanks Chris
  10. Hi all, Can anyone please explain to me why plumbers are on the skills shortage list. I'm looking to come over to Perth next year but on every job site, paper etc there aren't any plumbers jobs advertised. Also is right that if you haven't got a plumbers licence you can only work as a plumbers mate?? Can anyone come back with some answers as I've just started the visa process and am worried that were spending ££££'s and feeling negative with the job propects. Thank you guys Ian
  11. Hi I am sitting my technical interview in glasgow this monday 3rd october via skype with assessor at melbourne uni. Anyone done this interview? What sort of questions do they ask and how long it takes? Thanks :biggrin:
  12. el capitan

    plumbing in melbourne??

    hi, ive been in perth for 5 months now and as of yet havent managed to gain employment as a plumber because they ask if u have west australian experience obviously i dont as i only moved here 5 months ago but it seems every job ad requires u to have at least 3-5 years WA experience! im thinking about moving to melbourne as there seems to be more jobs advertised on numerous websites, can anyone tell me how difficult it is to get work as a plumber over there? do u need victoria experience? plus i havent got my gas license yet will i need that to get a job as well? if so how much is it as its about 3000 bucks here!! i have my trades persons license so i assume that is valid over there as well? any advice would be greatly appreciated as im desperate to get out of here now and find a decent job!! thanks chris
  13. plumbing with passion

    FIFO plumbing work

    Hello all, After trawling through hundreds of web pages and spending many hours searching for information on FIFO plumbing work on the mines in WA, I was hoping that someone in this community could share their knowledge on FIFO work for tradies. It seems to be 'who you know' rather than 'what you know' gets you in. Are there any special courses plumbers need to attend in order to get work? I look forward to any feedback anyone may have Thanks in advance guys Paul
  14. regan

    Plumbing vetassess

    Hi guys I have my plumbing practical for vetassess on 24th September. Has any other plumbers done this recently that can give me an insight to what goes on and what they ask you.
  15. Hi I am sitting my technical interview in glasgow this monday 3rd october via skype with assessor at melbourne uni. Anyone done this interview? What sort of questions do they ask and how long it takes? Thanks :biggrin:
  16. regan

    Vetassess plumbing

    I have my practical plumbing assessment for vetassess on Saturday. Has anybody already done this that can give me a head start on what's going to happen and how it happens?.
  17. Well to sum it all up, I have been all over the net and from what I can tell, my husband will have to completely retrain, we will have to spend thousands of pounds on the training and will not have much money coming in if any at all, and thats on top of all the other money we will be spending on housing etc. Our youngest is only 12 months old, i havent worked for 5 years since we had our second child and our other kids are only 5 and 6 so work for me would be difficult to find. We have a good income here and are comfortable but it sounds like we will be struggling to make ends meet down uder. :arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
  18. rick1981


    Im starting college in september doing a city and guilds 6219 technical certificate in plumbing for 2yrs and a yr in gas fitting.Can i get into austrailia on the qualifications above.I have auntie and uncle over there that will sponser me and my missus:biggrin:
  19. I am moving out to frankston in september with my 2 children & wife who has got a sponsored job and visa, I currently run my own plumbing and heating business in the UK, and will enventually want to go into the trade in oz,can any one give me any advice on licences and what type of work is available for heating and plumbing engineers Thanks Phil
  20. Hi all, I have been doing research into my husbands trade, he is a fully qualified and registered Plumber who has been running his own business for 20 years here in the UK. From what I have read, UK plumbers dont seem to to very well in AU. He is on good money here and we are not rich but live a nice life here in the UK. I understand he will need to retrain and resit all his exams to get qulified in AU for around a 6 month period. That is ok, but after that I believe work is quite scarce without years of AU experience and many plumbers end up doing just about any work they can find to get by. Is this true? We dont want to move to the other side of the world and life becomes a struggle! Many thanks in advance. P.S. If i should post this on another section please let me know!
  21. Guest

    Plumbing TRA question

    Hello everyone. Have had a look at the TRA on-line and from what I can see you need to tick every box, is this true because if it if there are a lot of things in this form that British plumbers don't do, if that is the case then where do I go from there??? By the points system I have enough points but with the TRA I fall short on a couple of areas, its not that I can't do it, more of a case that I don't do it. Any answers/help would be gratefully received! :unsure::confused:
  22. My mate has just got a state sponsorship visa for Victoria and was wanting to know the ins and outs of getting licenced in plumbing and gas in Victoria. I work in the same area of work in Queensland but know that each state has its own laws and regulations, Can anyone give us any info ... Thanks
  23. Fully qualified plumbing and heating engineer. Did full 4 year apprentiship in plumbing 20 years ago, qualified NVQ level 1 2 & 3, also further qualifications to advanced and master plumber. Running own business doing kitchens, boilers etc etc for over 10 years. Corgi and then Gas Safe resistered. So fully qualified in plumbing/heating and gas. TRA is a lot cheaper for a gas fitter but would that get approved? Many thanks
  24. jodieredd

    PIC Plumbing Question

    Hello, Another quick question for all you plumbers/gas fitters. I applied for my licence/registration at PIC Victoria over a week ago and have now been sent an email with a username and password to log into their EToolbox portal. Its says that the login name is your licence/registration number.... does that mean that the application is successful? It really doesn't give you much info! I am still in Scotland but thought I would start the ball rolling before coming out to Australia (after some good advise from a PIO user).
  25. kib84

    Plumbing assessment

    Hi everyone, was just wondering if there is anyone out there who has done a general plumber skills assessment with vetassess at The College of North West London? I have my assessment on monday and really dont know what to expect or even what tools to take with me! Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Chris the plumber.