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      Found 746 results

      1. Hello!!! I am currently in the process of organising my skills assessment with VETASSESS (the assessing body for hairdressing here in Oz)... I have a Cert III in Hairdressing (Oz qualification) now. Was wondering if anyone has done a skills assessment recently?? I'm unsure what documents I need, do I need to supply ALL of my payslips or just an example from employers to prove full time employment?? Any help would be so much appreciated! Very stressful!!
      2. I have two questions regarding skills. 1) Is education (time spent on university) considered as experience for skill assessment (maybe partially)? To be specific my assessing authority is Engineers Australia. 2) To get additional points for my partner's skills, her skills must be assessed as well. What happenes if she has only Master's degree and no post-graduate experience, is she still eligible and will I get points? (VETASSES) Thanks in advance for help!
      3. I am a Town Planner working in a Local Authority in the UK. I am 29 and would like to move to Australia before I am 30. I have heard for a few years there is a shortage of Town Planners but unsure how likely they would be willing to give someone a chance with only UK experience (8 months from becoming chartered too!). Are there any planners out there who have been or are in a similar situation? Is it easy to get sponsored and what is the Australian planning system like to get to grips with? Any advice is welcome as I have no idea where to start.
      4. Hi, I have been living and working in Australia since February 2015. I have, however, been with my current employer since October 2016. My employers would like to sponsor me for PR, but since I have not been with them for 2 years, I require a skills assessment with Vetassess. I have 12 years experience in my role, however I am not degree qualified. I have contacted a company called Get Qualified, and they said my experience can be transitioned/recognised as comparable to a Graduate Diploma - http://qualifyme.edu.au/qualifications/graduate-diploma-of-management-learning/ . This qualification is nationally recognised. This is actually higher than a Bachelor Degree (Undergraduate program). On Vetassess website, it says that in order to get a positive skills assessment, I require a qualification comparable or higher than a Bachelor Degree for my chosen occupation. So, in theory, if I get this qualification, would that be sufficient for a positive assessment?
      5. Hi Guys, I am on 457 visa as a Butcher ( 1 year). I got through RPL a Certificate III in Meat processing last month. I am intend to apply to get my skills assessed on Trades Recognition Australia. They say: "The TRA Migration Skills Assessment Applicant Guidelines state that where an AQF qualification has recently been obtained through RPL, an applicant must also provide evidence of employment that: covers no less than six years of full-time (or equivalent) paid employment, three years of which may be as a trainee under the direct supervision of a tradesperson/employer (this is considered an informal training period) with an additional three years full-time (or equivalent) paid employment completed at the required skill level for the occupation." I already have one year of experience in Australia and back to my country I got 2 years of experience as a trainee but I was under 16 and after that 4 years as full time. And it was more than 10 years ago (I am 32 years old). Does anyone in this forum had any similar experience? Thanks
      6. Hi there, My name is Rob and i have never used a forum before. I am a qualified refrigeration and air con engineer. I'm 24, single, no kids or dependents. I did a 7 month stint in WA fitting air con down in the wine region and Perth 2013-2014. I'd like to apply for a skilled visa and come back to work as a fully licensed engineer. I was lucky enough to make many contacts that are keen to employ me. I didn't want to do a sponsorship when i was there as i wanted my own freedom and not to suddenly find myself "trapped" in one company. Also i have literally no family in Aus, just some close friends and an ex girlfriend. I'm looking for anyone that can recommend me a decent agent in which i can do my skills transfers with. I've been talking to a guy called James (jim) Gordon who seems very professional and boasts a 100% migration record. He has a MARA number but when i searched on the IMMI/MARA database it returned no results, there were only 2 migration agents registered on MARA that are in the UK of which i have contacted. But was just wondering if anyone has any advice on Jim or anyone has used him? I'm not very Anal normally but i just want to find the best agent that would do the best job. Recommendations and stories appreciated. From what ive seen its gonna be a long, rocky road to Australia. Rob.
      7. CIMA Part qualified

        Hi there, I have realised I have a certificate at the entry level to CIMA, as I am studying a degree which is not entirely related to Accountancy but does qualify me for exemptions. I also have relevant work experience if this is necessary and two thirds of my degree under my belt. Would it be appropriate to apply to CPA now to see if I could get a skills visa? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
      8. hi guys, we plan on claiming partner skill points. my spouse has already completed the skills assessment and the IELTS test. upon visa application, what supporting documents would DIBP require for partner skills claims? -- payslip, tax returns, etc? thanks!
      9. Does anyone know how the Australian trade skills compare to the UK? My partner is an advanced rigger here in New South Wales. Looking at similar jobs being advertised in the UK, they call for at least an NVQ 3 certificate. How does the Australian qualification compare?
      10. Well, posted AITSL forms today (teacher skills assessment), so a long wait now until they say yes or no! Their website says 14 weeks........
      11. Hi Everyone,Hoping someone can advise. I'm hoping to permanently emigrate to Australia with my long term Partner. I work for BT and am a qualified Telecomms Field engineer where i manage provision of service and repair faults on telephone lines for Broadband and PSTN. For this i have completed an apprenticeship, gained an NVQ Level 3 and BTEC in telecommunications. I also have 3 HNC's, 1 in Electronics, 1 in Electrical engineering and the other in Mechatronics. I have been with BT now for 9 years and I'm classed as a senior technician where i lead engineering projects and matrix teams of engineers during a project to ensure we have the work completed on time, budget and to the correct quality standards. For this I am also a qualified project manager and have the Prince 2 qualification and a Degree in Business Management. I have also passed my IELTS exam for English as I know the assessing bodies expect this. The reason i have mentioned the qualifications etc is to really position my query and the assistance i'm hoping for. From the skills and qualifications i have gained so far i think i can apply to get my skills recognised by Engineers Australia as a Telecommunication Field engineer which is on Schedule 1 of the Skilled Occupations List (CSOL). However i have a feeling that i need to have an engineering degree for this and i have a business one. The applications form for this seems to be quite long also. I have also noticed that on Schedule 2 of the CSOL there is a role called Telecommunications Technician where the assessing body is TRA. The application process through TRA seems much more straight forward and i would be more inclined to apply for this. After checking the areas in Australia that have Telecommunications Technicians on their list i noticed that both Melbourne and Perth have this, which would be fine with me. I'm more inclined to Opt for the skill on Schedule 2 because the form seems simpler and the outline of the role against this seems similar to the skills i have, however my skills also match with the one on Schedule 1. If i go for a skill on Schedule 2 do you think this will reduce my chance of being selected? This is the last thing i want to do.Hope this makes sense and you can help me out. Warm Regards Chris
      12. Chef/Cook Skills Assessment

        Any chefs/cooks out there? what are the UK qualifications required for a possitive skills assessment? Which assessing authority did you go through and what does it involve? tests, costs etc... Any info will be appreciated.
      13. Ive just finished my accounting degree in australia and was thinking of applying for a skills assessment and then permanent residency, but i just noticed that i'm caught in a bit of a catch: 1) i need a skills assessment to apply for a visa 2) all three accounting bodies ask for a copy of my degree, but i wont get that until may (when i formally graduate) 3) if i apply for a skills assessment in may, then it would probably be june before i get the result, then it'd be more than 6 months from the completion date of my degree! and then ill need to have work experience!? has anyone faced a similar problem? or does anyone know if the accounting assessment bodies will assess my skills with jus a transcript and not the degree itself?? any advice from anyone about the accounting skills assessment would be much appreciated! thanks!!!!
      14. Hi can anyone help me....I have just received my letter from AHPRA to say I am eligible to register as a midwife it took just 7 weeks from when I posted the application and all the documents to them so very happy with that. I am now starting the 121 ENS PR visa application and keep seeing references to a 'skills assessment'. This is the first I have heard about that and I can't seem to really get any firm information about whether I need to do that or if the fact I have my letter from AHPRA will be enough to say my skills have been assessed?? The cost of a skills assessment on the ANMAC website is pretty high for something I feel I have gone through already. I would love to hear of other peoples experiences with this.
      15. Hi all, im currently working towards nursing registration in Perth, Aus, and im trying to work out what you do first (i.e apply to AHPRA or do the skills assessment?)... Does everyone have to have a skills assessment, and who decides if it is a full or modified one (big price difference...) Thanks Saz xxxxx
      16. Positive Skills Assessment

        Hi All just had to spread my good news, I got a phone and email from my agent today Vettassess has approved my skills. I was panicking as only last week my agent told me it could take 6 months, turns out it hs take 8 weeks. We are all set for our SS to WA next week as soon as our letter arrives from Vettasses. With any luck our 176 application my be in before the end of the year (and before the visa application increase that has just been announced kicks in).:jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
      17. Does anyone know anything about Australian first aid requirements? I need to do a first aid course to get a certificate for my skills assessment. The website phrases it like this: "The applicant provides a current first aid certificate from a valid issuer in either Australia or a country or jurisdiction recognised by the APC (Australian Pharmacy Council)". Any idea who a 'valid issuer' would be - Red Cross? SJA? What level? Would an HSE-recognised emergency first aid at work course be suitable? Anyone else had to do this? Is pharmacy just the stupidest, most-long-winded skills assessment out there? This isn't even the actual skills assessment, it's just for them to assess my 'eligibility' to sit the exam! Which I can't take until June!!! Gaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh :arghh::arghh::arghh:
      18. Skills Assessment from ACS

        Hi All, I am applying for skills assessment from ACS. For this I should submit certified copies of qualification and experience documents. I am from India and I want to know information about who is authorized to certify the documents..i mean is it from Goverment Employee,Lawyer... Thanks Arun
      19. Skills Assessment from ACS

        Hi All, I want to know information about certified copies of employee references. is it experience certificates from previous employers or some kind of reference.. Thanks Arun
      20. W.A. Skills assessments!

        Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me out, i am looking into a state sponsored visa(176) for perth. my occupation is electrician and i far as i can see on the immigation website i would not need a practical skills assessment, only a qualifications and employment assessment is this correct (hoping so as there is quite a difference in cost) any reply greatly appreciated.
      21. Skills Assessment Needed for 457 Visa?

        Hi Guys Although we've been trawling through the PIO forums for a while now, I've never written a question before, so I hope I've put it in the right place. My husband has got a possible job interview with Queensland Fire & Rescue Service as a Mechanic, we have approached the subject of a 457 Visa with them and it sounds like it may be a possibility. One thing I'm a little confused on is whether he needs to do a skills assessment or not - it seems the answers varies dependent on the job role? He'll be coming over as a Motor Mechanic which is on the SOL for Queensland. Also does anyone know if the Queensland Fire & Rescue Service has ever sponsored employees before? I would be grateful for any feedback! Laura
      22. RE: Skills Assessment

        HI all, I need bait of help if someone out there can, I'm going to be applying for the australian visa and i'm going to be claiming 15 points for a bachelor degree. To claim for this you need to have this accessed by the relevant accessing body, which in this case is 'Engineers Australia' I paid for the standard accord assessment $275. But my question is.....Should I have paid for the relevant skilled employment as well? (another $150). I am going to be claiming for 10 points for work experience in my current employment (10 points). The Way I understood it is that relevant skilled employment is an extra. When we went to see an emigration specialist, he just mentioned that we just needed the standard assessment. But I'm just a bit worried now. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
      23. Hi all, I am looking to go the route of the 175 visa and I am trying to go it alone without the aid of an agent and need some advice on the skills assessment and the visa application. My job title is an Automotive electricain number:321111. Could anyone advise me on vetassess application and the forms i have to fill in? Also if anyone could summerise what i need to do and forms i need to fill in and put it in order of events it would be most gratefully received Kind regards, Mark
      24. who needs to assess my skills?

        My partner is a solid plasterer- ever where says its TRA who need to asses his skills. Now it says we need to do an offshore skills assessment program, before tra assess his skills. In the booklet- applicant guidlines- offshore skills assesment program. We now need to get assessed by either vetassess OR victoria university. BOTH- dont have anything about being able to assess a solid plasterer. Yet this booklet says it through them. ALSO to really confuse us more we need to get a self evaluation from : - www.tradeset.com.au and again- solid plasterer is no where to be found!! any help or advice please? :-(
      25. I am keen to migrate to Oz. I have met with a migration officer who has told me it is possible but I will need to get my skills assessed(to obtain more points). I was a cook then a chef for 10 years but during the past 5/6 years I have worked as a training officer which invloved organising students NVQ training and assessing competence. If anyone could tell me who could assess my qualifications or provide me with an overview to migration i would be very grateful. Am v new to all this. Thanks in advance. Ps I am in Perth (WA) for the next fortnight so if there's anything i can do while im here please let me know