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Found 71 results

  1. Hi I thought I would post this about my plumbing assessment with victoria uni this week via skype as I searched and searched before it for information about it and couldnt find anything at all. So here is a run down and I hope it helps. I sat mine at Glasgow north college and was in a small room on my own. The woman at the college said they do them regular now and they normally last around half an hour, so I was shocked when the assessor said it would be over an hour long :chatterbox: The assessor was friendly enough but a lot of the questions I was uncomfortable with as there plumbers seem to do a lot more over there than we do in this country. It seems if your qualified as a plumber in oz you could probably run as prime mininster if you want to :biglaugh: Sections of questions were on Roofing???? fire hydrants and reels, Irrigation, Underground drainage, overground drainage, Gas, water. That was about it I think, only sections I got through no bother was the gas, drainage and water as that is what we actually do in this country :arghh: Anyone want more info on questions PM me. This whole process is a joke purely for the reason that after doing all this and the sheer COST of it, when you arrive in oz your about as qualified as a first year apprentice, if that. :wideeyed:
  2. Hi there! Could anyone clarify some things for me?? My husband has been offered a great job in Sydney and we are itching to take it.... BUT: From all the research I've done, it seems that coming back to the UK in 3, 4 or 5 years would mean that my kids would be disadvantaged (academically) compared to their peers they'd left behind because of the different education systems..? One coming back with a HSC would probably have to do a foundation year at Uni? Another aged in the middle of 'A' levels would have to drop back and start in lower 6th again? Not to mention having to fork out for international student fees because we'd be out of the UK (grrrr)! If I'm right then it's a huge decision for us to make and one which may be unfair on them... perhaps our ship has already sailed :-( I'd really appreciate anyone's thoughts, comments, corrections or experiences!
  3. Hi, we're moving over to Perth this year and I'm wondering about whether there is any student loan/financial assistance to newly arrived PR 176 visa holders. I've looked at centrelink, but you have to be resident for 2 years before you can get Youth allowance or Austudy, so wondering what alternatives there may be for my 17 & 19 yr olds? Thanks
  4. Hi I am sitting my technical interview in glasgow this monday 3rd october via skype with assessor at melbourne uni. Anyone done this interview? What sort of questions do they ask and how long it takes? Thanks :biggrin:
  5. Guest

    Huddersfield Uni....

    I have to share with you just how good Hudds Uni have been despite all the ridiculous demands APHRA have made...:eek: On top of everything else APHRA have now requested a copy of my full curriculum from 15 years ago even though they have my transcripts........ :arghh: I know it's ridiculous... So I e-mailed a lady in the Nursing cohort dept, she explained how difficult this would be but said she would try her best abd apologised that there may be an extra charge.... After explaining that my course had 3 volumes that made up my curriculum .....she mailed me 2 hrs later to say she had found one and that she was on the case for the others... Oh and the cost incurred was unavoidable and she was really sorry!.... £25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was expecting hundreds of pounds.....:shocked: Top and bottom of it is... NMC are great in comparison to APHRA! and i cannot thank them enough for all their help.. If you find yourself in the same boat as me, dont judge your Uni, they will probably surprise you xxx Mand x :jiggy:
  6. Hi Everyone, Has anyone had a Vic Uni Skype interview for general electrician? I have one soon which will be in Glasgow. I would be very interested to know what it was like and what questions you were asked. Im planning on doing some general revison on the electrical stuff, and what jobs i have done in the past. As soon as i have my assessment i will post and let people know what was involved. Also wondered what happens if you fail? and has it happened to anyone? Thanks for reading, :err:
  7. Hi, I’ve completed a PhD from a top Australian university. I was invited to Australia with an international scholarship to cover my tuition fees and stipend. For this I was on a student visa, and my occupation of study was on the old Skilled Occupation List (this was 2007). I am now on a Graduate Skilled Work visa 485 which lasts for a mere 18 months. I have secured a very good job in research, but as I work (in a full time-temporary position) for the NSW Government they are not willing to sponsor me to stay. My skilled occupation (my PhD subject area) has subsequently been removed from the Skilled Occupation List (post July 2010) and, to my knowledge, I have no other way to stay and work in Australia once my current Graduate Skilled Work visa 485 is up! Please can someone tell me otherwise? Surely they can’t kick me out when I have made a life over here and was invited in the first place?! P.S. Currently, I have been in Australia for just over 4 years, and after my 18 months from the skilled graduate visa are finished that makes nearly 6 years in the country I am female, good health, and 26 years old I have no dependents or family with me / wanting to move to Australia I am a British Citizen No criminal record
  8. BeckiNick

    UK uni student funding

    Has anyone looked into this or got any ideas..im so confused!I have been here for 2 years i have studied the last year at Tafe and applied to go home to go to uni. I am just completing my uni choices and now i am super confused. It suggests that if you dont live in the country for 3 years before the course then you cant get funding?Is this right??I am a British citizen born there moved with Aussie partner over here when i was 23 now 25 I am on a partner visa. We moved just for a change but it was never for ever and now we both are ready to head back to the UK? Has anyone here applied for uk student finance after living out of the country? How do they prove it?Sorry for the questions but I would be ever so grateful for any response
  9. Hi I am sitting my technical interview in glasgow this monday 3rd october via skype with assessor at melbourne uni. Anyone done this interview? What sort of questions do they ask and how long it takes? Thanks :biggrin:
  10. Cal2

    Uni Lecturer & chest xray

    I believe that if you work in school, hospitals etc, you need at least a chest xray, if not a full medical, does this apply to a university lecturer as well? thanks Cal
  11. Guest

    Uni fees, PR and Citizenship

    I am aware that uni students with PR are eligible for domestic university fees in Australia but not HECS and so have to pay fees upfront each semester and without the discount. Is this looked at on a year-by-year basis? So, if the student is eligible to take their citizenship part-way through the uni course and do so, can they then apply for HECS/discount for upfront fees for the next semester/academic year? Also, is there any other financial assistance at all for PR uni students - scholarships or help from the university they apply to? Has anyone else with children at uni managed the upfront payments ok or is it crippling?
  12. Hi my partner is in the process of getting his skills assessment application together to send off to Victoria University. We were just wondering what sort of extra information to put in. His current employer has the reference form, so once he has completed that we will be ready to send it off. Just wondering also if anybody else has used Victoria Uni. We are going to send copies of his certificates, some video clips of him performing certain tasks on a dvd, and some photo's. Obviously fill out the forms, but is there anything else we should send? Also am I right in thinking you can only use Victoria Uni by applying through the post and not online? Many thanks
  13. I am having 176 sub class visa of Western Australia. Is it possible for me to live and take a regular study in any other state universities like Adelaide, Brisbane etc before the completion of the 2 years restriction in WA? cheers:cute:
  14. Guest

    Uni Preparation Course?

    Hi Not sure please if any one can advise me my daughter is looking to go to Edith Cowan Uni in Perth when she moves out to Oz. They apparently can do a 6 month Uni preparation course before the commencement of their Uni degree which is FREE. Does anybody know if she would get this FREE being that we have permanent 136 skilled visa or do you need to be a citizen of Australia for this to apply? I would really appreciate if anybody knows about this please? Many thanks Debbie
  15. stevie ellis

    Murdoch uni Perth?

    Hello folks , does anyone on here have a son or daughter that attends the said uni? just want to know how they find it and how you find the fees ?My son wants to do a sound production course and i see that murdoch do that so just want some info ats all. Thanks stevie:notworthy:
  16. Hi My 19 year old daughter is desperate to study Equine Science at Uni when she goes in September 2011 and as such she has gained a place at two Uni's in the UK to do her BSc in Equine Science but is still torn between wanting to stay in England as she doesn't feel quite ready to leave yet and going with us as she knows how much she will miss us. Does anyone know of a really good Uni or College that caters for Equine enthusiasts as what we have found doesn't seem to come close to the course content and depth she has been offered here? Also what would the job opportunities be like for her as we have no idea just how horse orientated it is in Australia apart from the Melbourne Cup of course! Thank you for any help you could render. deb2
  17. Guest

    Uni fees on 457

    Hi all, Similar to the School fees on 457, I thought I would ask the same about Uni fees. Here's my situation. I have a 475 regional visa granted in April and was heading for regional Perth in feb next year however, yesterday I was offered a position in Sydney and am now applying on 457. I have one son who is mid way through Uni in Swansea and will be staying here to complete it and join us later however, my youngest son is yet to start Uni and was due to go to Manchester Uni in Sept. My question is, on a 457, doe’s my son/me have to pay International Uni rates for Sydney or are they subsidised? Any help gratefully received Regards Mike
  18. Dear all, I sent my documents to them, after which I have gotten no any response from them, no confirm for receive, no confirm for IP, no confirm of charge, no everything:arghh: same as email and ringing. I called TRA today, but they said they can do nothing with them!!!! What can I do? 1st Jul is round the corner. Any advice is appreciated. My occupation 323112
  19. Guest

    Another question re Vic Uni

    Does anyone know if Vic Uni are back open after the easter?? We are still waiting on positive skills assessment letter so we can apply for State Sponsorship. Interview was done on 12th April and found out next day that he passed but still waiting on actually letter so we can make progress. :arghh::arghh::arghh:
  20. Hi OH done his skype interview last tuesday and i emailed vic uni on the wednesday to see how long it would take to get results. they wrote back straight away and said he had passed and would send confirmation email with letter by the end of the week. its now tuesday and still nothing. I emailed again on Friday and she said she would check it out on monday. Just wondering how long others took to get the letter needed to apply for state sponsorship? Just hope they have not forgotten about us.
  21. My OH has his interview with Vic Uni on tuesday and we were just wondering if anyone else has done this yet could they give some advice?if any other electricians have done it what sort of questions do they ask? Does anyone know how long it takes to get your results back
  22. Guest

    Uni option on 475 visa

    Hi all, I am awaiting my visa grant and so will be heading for regional WA on a 475 visa. As the visa is temp which moves to PR after 12 months employment/education and 24 months residency, my question is, can my son study in Murdoch Uni? Murdoch is in Mandurah which is still listed as regional. The other question that I have, is my son classed as a International student (and so liable for the high fee's) or will he fall into another class (forgive the pun) as he will be resident in WA? Sorry if it's obvious but I think I am just looking for confirmation of what I already know.
  23. Hi all nurses Please can anyone help with my query, I was asked by AHPRA a few weeks ago to send some outstanding documents. They asked me for a full uni transcript staing the theory and clinical content/hours of my course Diploma HE adult nursing. I have sent all of this off and now have had an email from AHPRA today. Please see below. I am starting to get a bit annoyed with them now as I have sent them what they needed and now they are askling me this question? Has anyone else had this question asked? Im not sure how to answer it, can anyone help. Surely the transcript tells them the info they need? surely it is pretty obvious I am not going to have covered midwifery if I am an adult nurse?Thanks for any help on this, feeling stressed! Email from AHPRA Thank you for your application for registration as a registered nurse in Australia. I am in the process of assessing your documentation and would appreciate your confirmation that the following core competencies were included in your Dip HE course at the University of Plymouth: Theory units: Anatomy & Physiology Microbiology Pharmacology Medical/surgical nursing Statistics/Quality/research Mental Health Paediatrics and Obstetrics Community/Public Health Aged care Clinical units: Community/Public Health Mental Health/psychiatric Midwifery Could you please advise where in the course these components were covered.
  24. Hiya Ive got a question & Im hoping you helpful lot may be able to help? Should my O/h be offered a work sponsor 456 visa or we try to apply for a SS 176 he will have to do a Traset test, then either a Vetesses or Vic Uni test, the problems we have are: * Vetasses dont have anymore tests till past the the changes due in July * Vic Uni dont do a test for Tempory Visa only permanent visa's Come July we wont stand a chance of getting in, as he never trained via an apprenticeship, trained as a mature student & he is going to be 41 this year. Ive even wondered along the possibly of getting a Working Holiday Visa (although I havnt read up on the criteria of these yet) then going to Aus on that, then getting the 456 & doing the relevent tests out there, then 2 years down the line try & get the 176 PR visa?????? Any thoughts or other ideas would be really appreciated :sad::arghh::mad::unsure::nah::no: