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Found 39 results

  1. Hi I am sitting my technical interview in glasgow this monday 3rd october via skype with assessor at melbourne uni. Anyone done this interview? What sort of questions do they ask and how long it takes? Thanks :biggrin:
  2. jasperyogi

    Dec 3rd IELTS exam

    Hi there, Is anyone sitting their IELTS exam on the 3rd December? I will be doing mine in Bristol a 2hr train journey away but extra time to practice I guess :biggrin:
  3. Just seeing if anyone is flying out to Perth 3rd Jan from manchester.... might feel better if someone else on the flight is making the big move. xx:biggrin:
  4. mapster

    Ielts 3rd December 3rd time

    Got my 3rd Ielts test on the 3rd December....................:mad: Having 1:1 tution this week from the college.........fingers crossed this helps me get the extra .5 in each section I need....:rolleyes: We seem to of hit a brick wall and unless I can get 8's in all sections the dream will be over:mad: The college have told me there are Techniques to learn to help with the test. Hope this extra cost is worth it in the end..............
  5. Hi I am sitting my technical interview in glasgow this monday 3rd october via skype with assessor at melbourne uni. Anyone done this interview? What sort of questions do they ask and how long it takes? Thanks :biggrin:
  6. Hi Guys, I'm flying out on the 3rd of August at 10pm with Singapore, will be travelling alone and will have three hours to kill before the flight. Anyone else likely to be in the vicinity (airside) and fancy a drink? Its not quite so exciting for me as I am aussie leaving my UK life behind so could do with some company Cheers!
  7. Hi all, I secured a job offer in Melbourne last year October. Issues with my newborn sons passport meant the visa application was delayed by 3 months:mad:. Eventually lodged the application, but to only find out a couple of weeks later that I have done the wrong skills assessment, so had to do the 457assessment which is still in progress, but hopefully not too much longer to go. However, understandably my employer is getting impatient, but once the visa is approved, then only can I start shipping my tools, which is at the shipping company for the past 2 months already. The shipping is said to take anything from 8 weeks onwards meaning even more delays until I can actually start working... We are thinking of using my cousins visa just to get the shipping on the way:idea:, as she is in the UK now for the past year, but unsure what complications we might encounter in future. Will they release the the shipment to me when it has arrived in Melbourne on my visa, or will she have to be present in person. I understand the risk of doing this without having my visa yet, but things are getting desperate now. Thanks for the advice in advance !!:notworthy:
  8. Hello everyone! Am trying to arrange a meet-up upstairs in the Tea Gardens on the 3rd June in Bondi Junction from 6:30 onwards. See previous posting-Eastern Suberbs meet-up. Anyone welcome as it would be good to meet some new friends. Hopefully see you there. Debbie
  9. Hi guys, Just saw DIAC website indicating that SMP for NSW have commenced on 3rd March 2011 but I am not able to find the sponsored job anywhere. Any ideas? Here's the link: State Migration Plans
  10. Hi all, just thought I'd ask out of curiosity more than anything if any of you are flying out to Melbourne on the 20.10 flight out of Manchester on the 3rd Feb? Me - I'll be the one with frazzled hair and at some point or another throttling 1 of 3 kids or maybe all three lol:biglaugh: I must be mad travelling on my own with 3 kids - oh well its only 24 hours or there abouts. Have already warned Geoff I am likely to abstain from any responsibility for the children for at least 24 hours after we arrive as I will have had enough after the flight :arghh: I'll have the Bach's Rescue remedy to hand - on second thoughts anyone have a spare valium??:wacko: Tracy xx
  11. Hi all, Those who applied after 3rd November 2010 for VIC SS got any reply from them? :wubclub:
  12. DIAC finally says something about the SMP! Check it out! http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/statmig-fs.pdf
  13. Hi, Where do I start? I am currently in my 3rd year and I have no idea where to start? I would like to move to Perth or Brisbane, although my husband has a company in Sydney, but the expense of houses puts me off. We have 3 children aged 10, 6 and 6 and I am 31. I would like to be able to move out to Australia very soon rather than later, because my daughter will be at the age where she would not want to move or disrupt her secondary school. I have read we need to do an ILETS? Can this be done before im qualified, because I have lost all my GCSE certifcates in moves. I am not sure how else I could prove I studied in England. I would rather go down the permenant visa route, because a friend of mine said we would have to pay school fees otherwise. This is something we will not be able to afford. We are thinking of keeping our house available for rent in the UK. If you could give me any ideas on how I can get the ball rolling or at least which path I should be taking and when. Many thanks, :biggrin:
  14. Hi All Anyone wishing to join us for a meet on Friday 3rd September at 7pm is more than welcome. We are meeting in the Buderim Tavern (Burnett Street) and if you go in the right hand doors at the Tavern you will be in what they call the Sports Bar (not where pokies are) and straight out the back on the internal verandah, a table will be set up for us with menus for the bar food which I can definately recommend. So come along and meet some new friends. Thanks Annie for starting this meet off and sorry for interupting and finishing it off hahaha. Hope to see loads of you on Friday at 7pm. Caz and Barry Beckham
  15. Hi, I'm a 3rd line IT Project Engineer and have been in the trade for 17 years. I'm hoping to come across to the land of the kangaroos ! Does anyone know of any tips or contacts to help me get sponsored ? Please PM if you can help and require more technical background information. Quick Skills summary: MCP Qualified in 2003 and Windows XP TCP/IP , Cisco , Exchange server , Windows clustering , Firewall(s) security and Avaya phone support. Cheers
  16. Hi all, We've been in Brisbane nearly a month now and i've started looking for work. Does anyone know of a job agent/agency or company who i might be able to contact to secure some IT Support (Systems Administrator / Desktop Support / 2nd, 3rd Line)? I've been looking at seek.com.au, careerone.com.au and indeed.com.au but although i've received a few calls, they've either been not what i do or i simply don't hear back. I'm happy with contract or permanent work at the moment. And we're enjoying Brisbane so far, wifey starts her new job at Greenslopes Hospital on Monday, Millwall have been promoted to the Championship, the sun is shining and we're soon going to Bunnings to buy a BBQ....so far (job aside) it's all good! Living in Camp Hill so if anyone is nearby, please do give us a shout and we'll have a beer. Thanks all, Stephen
  17. Hi, I am a postgrad research student of IT studying at a recognized Australian university. This is a 3-year course and contains 100% research with no coursework. I have taken the points test on immi.gov.au for GSM visa subclass 176. I pass the test with 110 points considering I have fulfilled the 2-year Australian study requirement and could avail a state sponsor. Can anyone advise, whether I can apply for GSM 176 visa after the completion of my 2nd year? Note that at that time I won't be receiving any degree/certificate for the course. However, possibly I will be able to collect official evidence of 2-year PhD study. Thanks, --- Tanvir
  18. I've been reading peoples experiences on pomsinoz for about 12 months now but never contributed to the forum. So here's our story so far :- My wife and I backpacked arround Australia in 1999/2000. We arrived in Perth and did all the touristy stuff, which took us from WA, all the way through SA and up the east coast to Cairns, but the cash ran out and after 6 months we had to return to the UK. We got married and have two girls who are 4 and 8. We decided we would like to live in Australia and in 2007 via an agent, we started the process of applying for emigration, and in December 2008 we were granted a sub class 176 permanent residence visa. So in October 2009 we landed in Queensland for a 3 week research holiday. We stayed in an area called Redcliffe which is about 30 mins drive from Brisbane. We found it hard work mixing a holiday with a research trip. We realised everything was a lot more expensive than when we were there the first time, but to be honest I think the exchange rate killed it more than anything. When we first applied for the visa the exchange rate was about 2.2 but when we went in October last year the rate was 1.65, and if you take into account the crash in the housing market it's a lot of money lost in equity. So we came back and after a 3 month cooling off period we have decided to emigrate to Perth in December this year. This will give us time to settle and rent some where and get the girls into school as the school term starts in February. For what it's worth there would be 3 things I would mention. 1. I'm a plumber and there's not a lot of work at the moment so instead of holding back and not going untill the work picks up I'll diversify and look for something else. So be willing to flexible. 2. Do your research. We realised that our youngest couldn't start school untill February 2011 when she is 5. This would meen my wife would of have to look after her and not able to go to work where she could make friends and earn money etc. 3. I know it's more expensive because of the exchange rate and the strong dollar but if you wait for that to change you might not get there. Whilst I was in Oz last year I got talking to an Aussie guy and he said to me :- " I was in the UK back in May and everyone looked really unhappy but I suppose when you start loosing your banks you're having a bad day " So go for it and enjoy Australia for what it is. cheers, Barry.
  19. Sydney was 7th and Adelaide and Perth were joint 8th. Sorry but Brisbane wasn't in the top 10:wink: The top 10 were: 1. Vancouver 2. Vienna 3. Melbourne 4. Toronto 5. Calgary 6. Helsinki 7. Sydney 8. Perth 9. Adelaide 10. Auckland The Bottom ten cities were: 1. Harare 2. Dhaka 3. Algiers 4. Port Moresby 5. Lagos 6. Karachi 7. Douala 8. Kathmandu 9. Colombo 10. Dakar. Well done Australia, we had 3 cities in the Top 10:notworthy:
  20. Ratchet

    Our 3rd month in Melbourne

    Thought it put up a post following our third month here. REALITY CHECK FOR THOSE COMING THIS WAY We are still no further on and i know that we arent on our own in this. Still on the 457 and getting screwed left right and centre, having to pay full fees for anything child related/health related. Im working my arse off full time in a private hosp which is quite frankly no where near the quality of the employer i previously worked at, while OH (draftsman) continues everyday to look for work. Lookin at over 30 or so jobs that have been applied for, from the job he's qualified to do, to Mc donalds, bunnings and coles and still getting nowhere. Even when an agent calls, if the right answer isnt given straight away they dont bother making that call back that they said they would make. So far we have invested/spent £15,000 in this country and have recieved fk all in return. Ive never felt so unhappy with our circumstances and im fed up with putting up with it, having to rent a crummy house, having no social life, having no more time with my family, feeling tired,stressed and physically drained from my job and having a ****e car to drive and ultimately having a much poorer quality of life that ive ever had ................Im not even sure we can afford christmas this year......WTF ??? Im not sure i have the energy to celebrate christmas. Ive done the 3 months everyone has told me to do, i want my pay back now. I hate the though of returning to the UK. I dont like the UK but it IS the better of two evils. Ive been resistant so far to OH's pleas of going back but im really happy now to look into it. We'll take our time and do a bit of touring before we go. but it is much more appealing. Ive even thought of moving elsewhere, but its no good if OH cant get a job. So, for those of you who think its going to be all honky dorey out here, think again. It is essential you have a job to come to when you land, that accounts for all working parties, you'll have a better chance if youve got PR and you'll have a better chance if you havent got kids. UK 1 OZ 0 :mad::cry:
  21. Hi there - bought a car when we first got here in July, and took out fully comp insurance with AAMI. Just got something thru the post saying 'my compulsory third party green slip is due for renewal' - eh? Is this something totally separate or am covered by my fully comp policy???
  22. Australia scored third place, but other major Western nations did poorly, with Britain coming in at 74th place and the United States at 114th. Costa Rica is the happiest place on Earth, and one of the most environmentally friendly, according to a new survey by a British non-governmental group, which puts Australia in third place. I knew it was'nt only me that felt this way AUSTRALIA what a great place to live, especially QUEENSLAND..................... Dont give up hope with your visa applications its all worth it in the end ....................
  23. Hi (: I'm fifeteen, sixteen on November the 12th and i'm moving to Redcliffe. Is anyone around my age moving there? Or living there? Would be nice to talk to someone about what it's like (: ♥ grace.
  24. Dose anyone out there fancy some bevies this Saturday in Sydney's CBD. We are recently arrived poms who are looking to meet some new people. I recon "Fortunes Of War" down the rocks is a decent pub (although some may not think so) + there is a good value place a few doors down where you can cook your own stakes if anyone wants to join us for a bite.
  25. Well... persistence pays off as usual. Finally passed the IELTS requirement to achieve CSL status as an Accountant. This is a tricky exam that can vary tremendously depending on the topics and questions asked... so keep trying it until you get the score you need people! Our latest result was 8,8,8,7 (8 overall)... we had some pesky 6.5 scores previously! We're so happy that they have lifted the old requirement of waiting 3 months between exams. So we submitted the results yesterday, and today we received a notice to submit further documentation and references, so officially we have a case officer, alright!! Just for your info, we have to provide the following within 28 days: Evidence of Defacto Relationship Evidence of Employment We will submit these right away, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes from CO request to visa. Got a bottle of Yellow Tail to celebrate this milestone (...planning this whole thing since Jan 08) Keep up the good posts people Cheers, Scott & Dina