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Found 66 results

  1. Hi all , We are looking for skilled Central heating installers and service technicians , must be experienced . We are the largest install company in Australia with many UK plumbers working for us , sponsorship is possible for the right candidate's , we work in Victoria and the ACT . Lots of help with settling in , company van and uniform supplied , work with fellow Brits . If your looking for a great way of life down under message me , this is a genuine opportunity .
  2. Hi , If any UK plumbers are in Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs and looking to install heating i have 2 vacancies immediate start ,. Message my for more info ,
  3. swallow


    Hi first message posted on this forum however been Lurking for months reading the posts. Just a general rant/ question regarding my currrent situation and see if there's anyone out there in my position. Cut a long story short, applied for 189 visa. General plumber. Been a long struggle up hill with countless hurdles and what seems to be a never ending money pot. At the last hurdle UK side at the moment with all documents submitted 26th April, pcc's done and medicals done. Just a waiting game now for co allocation/ Grant approval. Tried my up most best to obtain information on where to attend college for my migrant gap training, where to obtain my provisional plumbing licence and what is required to obtain employment. I seem to have the right information now but considering this is supposed to be a required occupation the government don't make it at all easy for plumbers to gain employment in Australia. Contacting TAFE institutions with detailed questions regarding courses or information they couldn't care less, rather than replying to an email they reply with a generic response by copy and pasting a transcript off the government migrant website. No one seems to have the right information and just points you to websites that just lead you back to where you started.. It has been a dream to move to Australia since my first visit ten years ago. I knew it would be a struggle but the information/training is just not there. Hopefully it will all be worth it. Rant over. Ha. Anyone else having the same sort of issues and wants to share feel free. Would be nice to know I'm not the only one on this boat!
  4. Hi I thought I would post this about my plumbing assessment with victoria uni this week via skype as I searched and searched before it for information about it and couldnt find anything at all. So here is a run down and I hope it helps. I sat mine at Glasgow north college and was in a small room on my own. The woman at the college said they do them regular now and they normally last around half an hour, so I was shocked when the assessor said it would be over an hour long :chatterbox: The assessor was friendly enough but a lot of the questions I was uncomfortable with as there plumbers seem to do a lot more over there than we do in this country. It seems if your qualified as a plumber in oz you could probably run as prime mininster if you want to :biglaugh: Sections of questions were on Roofing???? fire hydrants and reels, Irrigation, Underground drainage, overground drainage, Gas, water. That was about it I think, only sections I got through no bother was the gas, drainage and water as that is what we actually do in this country :arghh: Anyone want more info on questions PM me. This whole process is a joke purely for the reason that after doing all this and the sheer COST of it, when you arrive in oz your about as qualified as a first year apprentice, if that. :wideeyed:
  5. I'm an City and Guilds advanced craft plumber who has been in the trade for 22 years, I'm currently awaiting my visa for emigration. Hoping to get straight in to work upon receiving the visa and landing in Perth, but need to know if there is a licence I need to obtain before I can work, if so can I do this upon arrival, how much does this cost, how long does it take to complete and is it better to attain this before I leave the UK. Any help would be much appreciated thank you.
  6. As you may or may not know the old TRA (trade test thingy) has been abolished and in its place a company called vetassess now tests you on theory as well as practical skills,cost around £1000 and which you have to pass in order to obtain your Trades skilled migrant visa. Unless your straight out of college or know just about everything from unblocking a toilet to solving a fault within a boiler which is hidden within a thermo electric solonoid valve it all seems to me a bit daunting.. Now don't get me wrong I know my job but ,best will in the world I don't know the theoretical side of everything in a trade which covers such a vast area from draining (inside and out) to domestic heating to sheet metal roofing commercial and industrial practices,gas domestic hot and cold water...etc etc If we could all help each other in at least gathering info on what kind of questions we'd expect or the best place to find Australian bylaws for revision purpose etc ..its a lot of money to loose and a big disapointment should you faulter on this so i'd to have half a chance by knowing what their likely to be asking any thoughts??
  7. will any construction Trades people be in a spot of bother here within the changes ????
  8. Has anyone successfully completed this and can tell me your qualifications and perhaps is willing to share their application details so we can fill it all out correctly? You can pm me or email me dt1234565@hotmail.com Many thanks
  9. pinkpom

    Plumbers licence NSW

    Hi there My partner and I are currently in the process of moving to Sydney on a 457 visa. My partner has an NVQ level 2 in plumbing, plus unvented hot water and solar hot water. He has 6 years experience in plumbing. We've been looking at the plumbing licences in australia and some posts on here which seem to say he needs to go to TAFE and get requalified, however these posts are specifically about queensland, and I was wondering if anyone knows if this is the same in NSW? Any information gratefully received! Thanks
  10. Guest

    plumbers bris/gc

    175 visa granted 06/07/11 :biggrin: anyone know what the work situation is for plumbers on the Gold Coast / Bris :unsure: any feed back would be useful
  11. gaunty

    Calling Victoria plumbers

    Hi All, Not sure where to put this request for info so here goes. I'm a plumber/ gas fitter. Got case officer and going through medicals with SS to Victoria and want ot go to Melbourne 'burbs. My UK Gas Safe certification runs out in a couple of months. Is it worth also doing my LPG conversion as part of my recertification over here or not to bother at all- is it needed in Vic? Regards Gaunty
  12. theskeers

    Plumbers TRA/Vetassess???

    Hi there Is this right plumbers have to have there skills assessed by TRA (technical interview) and then if that ok have a practical with Vetassess? sorry just confused.:confused:
  13. theskeers

    Women Plumbers?

    Hi there Were gonna be starting the process of emergrating soon (looking at Perth area's) just wondering what the take on Women Plumbers is as my wife is a fully qualified plumber/Gas Engineer. Would she find it hard get work cause of her sex??? Cheers
  14. Hi everyone Just wondering if plumbers are still on the Queensland skills list. Ive had a quickie look and cant see it but i may of missed it. Can any of you nice people give me the answer :wink:
  15. Hi everyone Just wondering if plumbers are still on the Queensland skills list. Ive had a quickie look and cant see it but i may of missed it. Can any of you nice people give me the answer
  16. Hi all I am currently at uni and am planning to move out to Perth in 3 years, by which time my step son will just have turned 18. We are going to try and get him on our family visa, but I'm not totally convinced that we will have much luck. So, he has been considering doing an NVQ level 2 & then 3 in plumbing. Do you think there is much work out there for someone so new to the profession? This is so hard, because he is desperate to come with us. Any advise about the best route to go down wuld be hugely appreciated. Abi :unsure:
  17. Nick and sez

    Wa smp for plumbers

    HI Guys, i am a general plumber waiting to apply for SS in WA. Like most i hope im on the new SMP if and when it comes out. i was reading other threads and with the quotas etc, i was wondering how many other plumbers (general) and gasfitters are in the same boat. That is waiting to apply for WA SS and benig on the SMP when it comes out or that have applied for SS before July and need the SMP for CAT 2 176.. Keep in touch, it wil be good to know numbers.. Cheers NICK..:jimlad:
  18. Anybody whom can help, Iam due to sit the Victorian gas fitting exam which is the equivalent of the CORGI in the UK. Would like anyones experience of information who has done this or any of the other Vic PIC sub classes to get your experiance recognized.. Plus the difficulties of getting a job within Victoria with just a provisional registration!!:wacko: Any information would be very welcomed.. Lee...
  19. Hi, I thought I'd start this thread to see if there is any other plumbers and building services engineers on the waiting list to get to Oz, or if there is any over there that can lend some advice to any of us not lucky enough to be there yet. I am a plumber by trade with a diploma in building services and have been working in contract management for the past 4 years. I have a visa application lodged for Victoria and am doing the waiting game at the moment. I've tried contacting a few recruitment agencies about employer sponsorship but they have all said unless your feet are on ozzy soil it is very difficult to tie an employer down so it looks like i'll be stuck in Ireland for the foreseeable future. Does anyone else have any experience with this. Regards Alan
  20. Hi We have purchased some land in Lilydale and we are just waiting for the plans to get planning permission. the builder is just finalising a few things. however, we seem to have trouble finding central heating! It is quite a big house (5 bedrooms) and we have been told that we need 3 boliers !!!! Surely this cannot be the case? We obviously want heating and cooling ... any advice would be appreciated! We are happpy to get an independent plumber to do it for us if necessary. Thanks in advance ..
  21. hi all, oh is a plumber has been qualified in uk for over ten years as plumber gasfitter, since arriving over a year ago hes only got his provisional, now looking into whats needed ie courses in queensland to gain back his full licenses, also looked into other states in australia i want to find out how much it differs, anyone on here been or going through same thing , this thread would also help others to understand certain trades and whats required in certain states to get your full uk license back and be able to earn a decent wage for your uk skills beforew they arrive lesley x
  22. Guest


    Hi there , im a PLumbing & Heating engineer, Gas Safe/ Oftec the lot run my own busniess here in UK. Previously lived in Geelong vic and the Plumbers board were a pain... Is Perth any easier in gettign british trade qualifications recognised ? and what is money really like for boys on the cards in relation to cost of living ? thanks for any advice ...
  23. Guest

    Plumbers in queensland- help!!!

    Hi everyone, Having a really, really bad time at the moment. Until this morning things were looking positive & then we got the news that DIAC have moved the goalposts regarding skilled migrant visas. We have just had our visa lodged & now have been told we are looking at a 3 year wait until our visa will be granted unless we can get an employer sponser. My oh is a plumber & occupation was removed from csl some time ago. We were hoping to get to Queensland in the near future, but once again our dreams have been shattered unless we can find a sponser. I am totally gutted & feel like bursting into tears evertime i think about it. If anyone out there has any advice or can suggest anything to help i would be eternally grateful. Does anyone know the best way to go about finding a employer sponser? I just don't know where to start. I know they'll probably be loads of people in the same situation, but i'm so upset & it feels like we'll never get there. Thank you so much. Jo x.
  24. Hi I am a self-employed plumber working in the UK. My wife has applied for a 175 visa with her skills and i will be listed on her visa. i have therefore not had to have my plumbing skills assessed yet (not needed for visa requirements). When we arrive in Perth i was wondering if anyone knows what i need to do in order to be able to work as a plumber. I have been told that i have to do a one day course and then i should be ok to work over there does anyone know if this is correct. Just trying to sort out these details before we get over there. Thanks in advance Rob
  25. Guest

    Plumbers in vic

    HI can any plumbers give any advise on plumbing in vic and has anyone applied for plumbing license/registration before moving down under? if so any advise tips or suggestions on whether to apply B4 or when there? many thanks J:biggrin: