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    Are Aussies rude and arrogant?

    I like honesty too. In terms of not pretending that everything is great and I'm feeling great. But if somebody is rude towards me when I'm being polite and give them no reason, then I start wondering. I think it may be the inferiority complex - Ozzies who never left Australia seem to be rude more often. Also, I never hear 'Excuse me', even after I'm accidentally pushed or hit by someone. 'Thank you' and 'Sorry' are also not very popular here I actually met several extremely nasty individuals here and after the last encounter I started wondering - maybe I should have chosen Canada for emigration... I'm also worried about the bullying at work, it seems a frequent thing in Oz! It happened to me that a hairdresser yelled at me because I (politely) asked her about the big black dye stains she left on my forehead and the guy at newsagents acted offended and refused selling us stamps 'because it doesn't pay'. I had even nastier encounters with some service providers, but it's too traumatic to talk about... Well, let's say I'm still learning Australia, (been here for 2 years) maybe it's not as bad as it seems... No offence...I also need to work on my assertiveness, because when someone is being extremely rude my jaw drops and I'm too shocked to act....
  2. There's another aspect of that. Let's say someone gets state sponsored and honestly tries to get a job there in their nominated/sponsored occupation. And can't find a job. Don't you think responsibility for the failure may lie also in the State itself for bad planning, eg sponsoring too many professionals within one specialisation or, generally speaking, incorrect evaluation of local job market in general?
  3. We scanned Payslips from last 12 months and P60s from last couple of years. Some scans were black and white but we didn't get them notarised. We didn't send any bank statements. It was all accepted last month
  4. We did two separate statements, printed out, signed in blue, then scanned and uploaded We didn't have it certified at all. It was accepted by CO without any problem.
  5. That thing that you can stay permanently, but it's trouble to get out and back sounds a bit like... prison, doesn't it? :wink: I'd also like to mention that going for SS and moving states is equally 'fair' as going for Australian permanent visa and returning to the UK after 6 months or a year... Sorry, but this is how I perceive it.
  6. Hi, We have lodged for 176 SS visa. We have Stat Decs from 2 people from my side and 2 people from my OH side. Now we've written our own (separate) statements. Can we just sign them, scan and upload? Or is it required that own statements are also notarized and in the form of Statutory Declaration?
  7. Lenore

    August 176 Applications Please Join me :-)

    I was checking that a while ago and I found out that MAIN APPLICANT has to validate visa first OR at the same time as dependents/defacto. I think it's on DIAC site and I strongly recommend you confirm it there. Or simply send enquiry to DIAC.
  8. I feel I need to add that info - yes, there is option to open ore forms and write 1000 words. We made the same mistake, wrote only 200 words and STILL WE GOT SA State Sponsorship. I think this website was just unfriendly and I believe many people didn't know how to put those 1000 words and used 200 words instead. So, for those who put <200 words - as long, as you put decent reasons, don't worry about the length of your text!
  9. Lenore

    where to get documents translated

    I believe sworn translator is th eonly one who has legal right to translate official and legal documents. If a document needs notarized - first you notarize it and then take it to the sworn translator.
  10. My boyfriend is missing two payslips and a p60 from 2007. He asked finances in his company and they said they will issue duplicates. He will have to pay some fees 5 to 20 pounds, but they will be valid/legal, not just a confirmation. Also for missing or copies of payslips you can send bank statements for that month - there should be salary and name of your company.
  11. Hi, I don't quite like the way it's stated: Required X years' job experience in a nominated occupation or related one. My boyfriend has 3 years' experience in Software Testing (at this time he was doing his BA at IT) + 3 years Software Development. Altogether over 6 years full-time. He has ACS assessment as Developer Programmer. The question is - can these periods be combined to get 10 points for >5 years job experience ? I suppose many IT guys may have such situation, as they often started as Testers. Any ideas?
  12. I like the topic of the thread. I know there was specific situation here, but could anyone answer the question: If you apply, say after July 2011 for 175, can I change it to 176 later? Now I saw two different opinions on forums. Does anybody know? Couldn't find it on immi site...
  13. Hi, I've read through a great number of threads about Stat Decs, but most of them refer to Spouse visas... I hope there are some guys who know similar situations. I'm from Low Risk country, my boyfriend is British. From my side I want to get Statuory Declarations from my Mum and my cousin, as they know us best as a couple. We visited them several times and they live in different part of my country. For certification I will pick notaries, because they seem to be most recognised worldwide. I assume the Stat Dec is to be written in our native language, signed in the presence of a notary and then it goes to the sworn translator? Second question- while notarising their declarations, should the witnesses attach the copies of their IDs /Passports (also notarised as valid copies of originals) ? Last thing - is it OK that from my side only family gives declarations? We live in the UK, so when I go home I obviously visit family in the first place. Me and my boyfriend had some contact with my friends a couple of years ago, but now, because of time and distance, we're not very close. I'll be very grateful for any tips and advice!
  14. Well, not exactly. SOL is Skilled Occupation List and it includes several Schedules. Schedule 3 is eg for 175 visa, Schedule 4 can give you Cat 2 if you get State Sponsored. For some reason some people call Schedule 3 SOL... Also Schedule does not equal Category. Someone correct me if I'm wrong...
  15. Lenore

    CO wants more de-facto evidence

    I'm afraid of such situations too. We've been a couple for 4 years, but we don't have a joint account (just make transfer one to another, or he pays the bills, I pay for the food, petrol and clothes) and it's hard to prove we share costs. We only have rental agreements between us. We travel a lot, but again hotels you only put one name on the bill, same thing with official letters - they come to us separately whether it's the bill or any official letter. I noticed in many places if you order a service you can only put one person's details. Also, we don't have many photos together because we both hate being photographed. We are going to open the joint account but it's a lot of uneccessary hassle for us as we have like 6 accounts altogether, all separate and we really don't need another one! We're not very sociable either so again not many 'witnesses' apart from the family. In general we keep costs between us 50-50, because we feel it's just fair. If we encounter overzealous CO we may not get our visas.