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Found 43 results

  1. Hello, Probably a very stupid question but what address should we put on statements/affidavits for immigration if I'm applying on shore? I assume it's: Department of Immigration and Border Protection PO Box 25 Belconnen ACT 2616 That's the address on the acknowledgement of application. Thank you, Greg
  2. Hi Can anyone clarify for me.. We have recently got our CO, they have asked for Evidence of employment for 5 of the last 10 years. To include payslips, Bank statements & Taxation documents. I have all my payslips & taxation documents (P60), however I bank online & only have access to 6 months bank statements. Will this be enough? Do I really have to order 5 years of statements, at a large expense?? Any help appreciated
  3. Hi everyone, We are currently awaiting my oh's new employer being approved as a sponsor which is very exciting! Anyway we aren't married so I know we have to prove our De facto relationship and Iour friends and family are keen to write statements for us....but have all come back to me asking what type of thing they should write..... Is there a set format? And what type of things should they include? Any help would be great. Thank you! :biggrin:
  4. derham

    Help with WA SS Statements

    Can anyone advise on what information they provided when applying for WA SS see below: Outline your reasons for choosing these regions (max 500 characters) How did you research these regions? (max 500 characters) (i.e. visit, friends, internet, etc.) What research have you done that shows you will find suitable employment? (max 500 characters) I've got a good idea what to write but any help from someone who has already submitted with no problemswouyld be helpful.
  5. Hi guys I have looked for the answer on this and nobody seems to have got a clear answer. I am applying for the ofshore partner visa and am just collecting the final thing for my application. I have got some family and friends in Australia to complete the stat dec's for me and they have have them witnessed by a JP no problem, but I wanted to add a bit more weight to my application and have therefore asked my Dad, sister and friend in the UK to also complete a written statement each for me. My question is, who is able to witness these written statements? I know that there is a list stating who can certify official document copies, but witnessing a written statement is different. Has anyone else recently done this from the UK and if so, who signed for you? Does it have to be a soliciter? Only the whole application is leaving be flat broke and if there is anyone who is able to sign without me having to pay £20 a document I would be very greatful !!! Thanks Tamsin
  6. Hello, I need your help again i'm afraid :goofy: We need to submit the past 3 years worth of bank statements to our CO. The only problem is that all our statements were accessible online. We do not have any paper copies. Do you think it's acceptable for us to download all the statements in pdf format and submit them in this way? We have submitted a query to them but haven't heard anything yet. Look forward to hearing from you (Love this forum and all the help i've received from all the lovely people.....Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much)!
  7. rackspace

    CO is asking for Bank Statements

    I have been assigned CO recently, who asked me to provide proof of previous employments including bank statements. Now problem is that I am currently out of country, I am unable to get bank statements of my accounts where previous employers transfered my salary.Those accounts are now dormant and I need to go to these bank myself to activate them and then retrieve statement. Will reference letter and experience letter enough in this case?
  8. Hi, my hubby is applying for a Spouse Visa and was hoping there may be someone who has already had this granted who may offer some assistance. Firstly, the statements from ourselves - does 1 page each seem reasonable? (or are they looking for a detailed saga of our lives together) In respect of supporting docs, I have found the following items in our joint names. Is there any guidelines on how many docs you should send? - Home Insurance policy in joint names - Council tax bill in joint names - Rental agreement in joint names - Water bill in joint names - My old super fund statement, showing hubby's name as beneficiary - Private health insurance in joint names I am not in the habit of retaining old documents so all these are recent, do you think this matters? We have been together for about 8.5 years. Thanks for your help! I do love this forum - wish they had an Australian equivalent when I was trying to get my UK visa! :biggrin:
  9. pts

    personal statements

    Hi,this should be my last question before I send in my spouse visa application. Do the personal statements have to be hand written or can they be typed and signed. Many Thanks Paul
  10. Hey guys!! We are sooo close to getting the Visa all sent off now- Paul received his Police Clearance and he is booking his Medical. We have quite a bit of evidence to help us along and the money is in the bank ready to go!! When writing our Statements for our evidence, can we type and print them and sign them or do they have to be hand written?? My writing is horribly messy so it would be much easier for them to read if typed! Hope you are all well :cute: xoxo
  11. Hi, nearly ready to send in my defacto visa application. Could someone please help me in regards to the personal statements, do they need to be signed by a witness and in this case an anyone do this. What wording needs to be used?? I have had conflicting info, saying that the personal statements do not require any witness.
  12. Hi again, just a quick one, Could anyone please advise on how many bank statements from joint accounts should be sent with spouse visa application? I have only got i or 2 but would a CO want to see as many as possible for the amount of years a joint account has been held between us? This is just to put my mind at rest. Thanks.:err:
  13. Hi, About to apply for de facto and a bit confused regarding the stat decs and supporting statements. I know for ozzies, we require them to complete an 888 form, get a copy done of their ID and have this certified. I also wanted to include supporting statements from my friends and relatives in the UK. I understand it is ok for them to write a letter, containing their statement and contact details and that ID is not needed. However, is it ok for them to just write the letter and sign it, then return it back to me, or should they be getting the letter counter signed by someone? If so, who? I don't want to have to ask people to go and hunt out a solicitor in the UK to get them witnessed if it is no necessary. Thanks :smile:
  14. Hi all, Does anyone know if you get 28 days to supply the documents requested will be extended? If I let my CO know. Because I rang my UK bank and they told me that I might have to wait for my bank statements to come to me the earliest will be in 3/4 weeks. Thanks Asad
  15. Hi all, Just a quick question about personal statements for defacto visas? Is it better to handwrite or word process them? Thanks in advance
  16. Hi again, Sorry to be annoying with all these posts but our application is almost finished. Just wondering how we need to present our bank statements? I will be including my personal account as well as our joint one but as they cover 2 years, they are 100s of pages long! Do we need to print out the whole thing or can we do sections - i.e. random months over the 2 year period? Thanks
  17. Hi, We are working out when to apply for our spouses visa Just reading through previous posts and checklists etc and it says about proving our financial connection etc. Obviously it says that we have to provided bank statements etc. My concern is to what extent they use these. Do they use them just to verify that we pay our bills together or do they want to see our financial situation also? The reason I ask is that we are a family of 5 and I have just finished a year of maternity leave. OUr finances whilst not disasterous aren't aprticularly good. We live to the edge of our overdraft limit and have had chages etc applied when dds bounce kinda thing. Could this result in an application being denied? Or are the mainly interested in my husbands income and how that will support us than how we are coping financially in the UK??????
  18. Guest

    Bsnk statements

    Hi Can anyone tell me as i am abit confussed how much to submit re our bank statements. Do you have to add the first statement showing when the account was opened/a random selection/all since opening/showing transaction like rent, bills etc cheers:eek:
  19. Guest

    TRA Suppliers Statements?

    I don't know if anyone can help but what happens when a tradesman hasn't bought materials for years as customers have supplied them, as have been large projects?
  20. So my partner has just told me he doesn’t have any paper statements from his bank as he does it all online. How can we get these statements – can we get the bank to print them off and stamp. Or can we print off a years worth and get them authorised at the solicitors?? Were getting there, just little things like this are cropping up before we put everything in! Thanks J
  21. Also wondering with bank statements do I just need to provide the first page of the statement when using it show proof of address, and when showing bank transactions between my partner and myself should I just include that page with the relevant information highlighted. Or do I include the full bank statement and just highlight the parts that refer to my defacto application? Do I need to bring both originals and copies to get them signed off at solicitors? Thanks again J
  22. Guest

    family and friends statements

    HI was wondering if anyone could help, just finishing off the last touches to our applicatipn (de facto visa). We are with an agent and their information dosent state that the statements from family and friends has to be statutory declarations, but the actual visa application does say you need 2 australian citerzens to do this!!!! we have organised 6 statements from family and friends, one being my mum and best friend in oz but the are only signed by them.... not witnessed by a jp or solicoter as the agent didnt say that was required they said they just had to be signed and dated. Are these statements worthless or are the ok? our statements are stat decs but the rest are just sighned letters!!!!!! these are from 2 australian citerzens, but the other 4 are from uk residents as we have lived here together for 4 years, one is from his mum, one from his cousin and one from and ex employer who worked with both of us. please help!!!
  23. My OH has sent back all documentation from Australia and he informs me he didnt get the peronal statement certified as it was a original letter and you only certified when something is a copy and also it is not an official document. the migration booklet states that you must write either a "statement" or you can use a "statutory declaration form" but the says the statutory declaration must be signed and doesnt mention the personal statement. I know ideally it was better being safe than sorry but really dont want to wait until this is re-done. Can someone help as i note that others have submitted without getting these witnessed? some have and some havent.....i dont know what to do
  24. Guest

    Writing Statements for DEFACTO

    please help! I'm hoping to sponser my partner for defacto and we are about to write statements each of how we met etc, i really really dont know how to start it, i mean is it bridget jones type thing, we met when we were 15 and fell in love bla bla or do i write down facts and dates, im really not sure i dont wana start writing it like its my personal diary and they dont wana see that!!! im confused!can somebody start me off or give me an idea of how u started yours? thanks guys! also what details do they want to know? how and where we met... then what?
  25. Finally just finished my personal statement, feeling very sentimental now, for defacto, but am unsure if its best to leave it handwritten, or to type it out and sign? Any advice?:laugh: