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Found 60 results

  1. Hi All, I want to apply for sponsorship from ACT. Is there anyone who may be able to help me with a sample statement of committment and research that needs to be submitted with application form? Of course, I will chnage it to suit my application add/delete content. Many thanks
  2. Sorry if this topic has been done to death, however, if you'll permit me a quickie... Is it ok to provide your statements as a typed, printed document (then sign and date, and get each page witnessed). To my mind this would neither be a "on ordinary writing paper or a statutory declaration form" but I'm guessing that most people do it this way. Regards, Neil
  3. Guest

    Commitment to Canberra Statement

    Hi All We are at the starting point for applying for our 176 visa. I've had a positive response back from my skills assessment as a Construction Project Manager back in December, it took about 4 weeks which was surprisingly fast! Sent a copy of my CV for them to have a look at, and got the all clear to proceed with our visa application. We have just finished putting together our "Commitment to Canberra" statement but are a little worried as to whether we have ticked all the boxes. Has anybody sent theirs and had any feedback? cheers Daz
  4. Hey guys i was wondering if any body could give me some advise on writing the personal statemet for the de-facto visa i have seen the areas of which they would like you to cover, but i was wondering if there were any templates that any body knows of that my self and my partner could take a look at any help much appreciated Bec
  5. We will be submitting our onshore partner visa tomorrow and I just wanted to double/triple/quadruple check that a joint relationship statement is acceptable and does it need to be witnessed? We wrote one together to make it simpler and less repetitive reading! We made it in the stat dec template and got it witnessed but only the last page is signed, does that matter? Thanks guys! I am freaking out because its finally happening!
  6. Hi, We have lodged for 176 SS visa. We have Stat Decs from 2 people from my side and 2 people from my OH side. Now we've written our own (separate) statements. Can we just sign them, scan and upload? Or is it required that own statements are also notarized and in the form of Statutory Declaration?
  7. Hi, I have to write a statement, as part of my application for sponsorship for Canberra and im finding it really difficult, has anyone done this, got any tips? Thanks Steph
  8. Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone can help me with some issue that I'm not sure about. I am assessment level 1 student applicant. Financially, I have my family supporting me. As proof what do I need to show? Is a letter from my family saying they will support me enough? Do I still have to show $20,000 on my bank account? My family can't give me that much money at the moment. Is there a way around it? Isn't the letter from my aunt enough? Please, if you were in the same boat, let me know how you solved this issue. Thanks.
  9. Guest

    Statement Help Please!

    Hi everyone, I am currently applying for a Prospective Marriage Visa (300) so I can back to my girl in Perth asap. I am wondering about the statement re the history of the relationship? Does anyone have any experience of this as I am unsure as to how long it needs to be or what details are important? I have read the Partner Visa booklet and have a rough guide but I have a habit of getting carried away and so far I'm already over 2000 words and not even halfway through! Are DIAC looking for a full relationship history or just the important events? And how much of my personal feelings should I include? Sorry for the unusual question but I really want to get it right so anyone with any previous experience of this, I would love your help!!
  10. Guest

    Statement of commitent

    Hi sorry if this has been asked before. We are just completing our commitment to SA form and was wondering how many words should be included. We have approx 300 words giving info on jobs, schools lifestyle and cost of living alll of which we have researched and got info from friends living in Adelaide. We did not specify any area or names of schools does anyone think we need to go into that kind of detail. Any extra info you think we should include would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi, My occupation has appeared on the ACT SMP list which I was hoping it would (Project and Program Administrator). We have collated all the nessacary paperwork for the application and now just have to write our commitment statement. I was wondering if anyone else had done one of these for ACT or any other state as I am not sure what/how to write the statement and what to include. In the guide it says provide evidence of Employment opportunities, research of housing, attractions etc etc. Do we go so far as printing out Job Adverts, rental adverts etc? If anyone can shed some light on this, especially those who have had successful applications! Any advice would be very appreciated! Thankyou in advance! Natalie
  12. Guest

    TRA statement

    Hi I'm a plasterer currently doing my TRA statement hoping to move to Brisbane. Does anybody have any examples or tips that will help my statement be successful? Many thanks
  13. starting to gather all my docs to do my application to AHPRA and was wondering what i need to put in a statement of service. I was hoping to not have to approach my SCN about it and get this from HR. Has anypne else managed to get their HR departments to do it for them?
  14. Olga

    Bank Statement

    What sort of bank statement is OK for DIAC? Is the one from Internet Banking that you can print out straight away fine?
  15. Hi My daughter and her husband have to do a statement on why they want to live in ACT etc. Usually stuff, why, what can they contribute etc, etc. To be honest like perhaps some others on this site ACT is not their first choice state but Daughters OH job is on Skills List. If successful they have no problem living in ACT and will honour the 2 year ruling although, it seems that ruling is not set in stone. My daughters brother lives in Sydney Suburbs and got PR last month. Has anyone recently submitted their report. Any examples or advice would be appreciated. I know that my daughter can use Web for a lot of the general info about house prices, rentals, schools crime rates etc, etc. They know not to just copy info from Web. If anyone has got any recent examples then that would be appreciated. Regards
  16. kateNollie

    Spouse Visa - Written Statement

    Hi, Just a quick question (or 5) about the written statement, that I have to complete. Is this just on normall lined paper? Is there a form for this? Can I type it up and sign it at the end. Also, what sort of thing do we have to write? Can they be exactly the same, or does it have to be clear that we have written two different statementes with teh same information. Hope this is clear??? This is the last thing we need to do before sending it off.
  17. Hi, I am about to start writing my statement about our relationship and wondered how this has to be done. Does it need to have any formal language within it, such as; ' I declare all information within this document to be true and correct, signed.........' and then does this need to be witnessed by anyone, as with the stat decs and supporting statements? I had planned on just writing it as if I was writing a letter to a friend to make sure I make it personable, but then thought seeing as the stat decs are quite formal, maybe it would need to be signed off in a certain way? The more I try to do for the visa, the more questions seem to keep popping into my head! Thanks!
  18. I spoke to a nursing agency today and they told me that despite nurses being told that they don't need the IELTS test by some workers at AHPRA, they have had a letter this month from senior managers to say any nurse outside Australia must pass the test. Anyone submitting without the IELTS exam will only be granted part registration- which will be useless. HOWEVER, AHPRA have released a statement today regarding English language requirements. The statement says " applicants taught and assessed in his/her tertiary entry to practice nursing and/or midwifery education in English in the countries listed here (Australia, Canada, N.Z., Ireland, South Africa, U.K. and America) may be considered to have met the English language skills registration standards". But the first part of the release seems to indicate that English nurses do. What does anyone else think? Cath
  19. Guest

    Personal Statement?

    Hi Guys, Did any one else put in a personal statement for 457 visa as part of defacto evidence? I know its essential for 175/176 but is it necessary or even acknowledged on a 457 application? Thanks guys.. I have actually started to do one but it all seems to read a bit silly:embarrassed: and Im wondering do we even need to be doing it at all if it wont be looked at? Cheers...Steph
  20. Hi We have been granted 176 sponsorship from the ACT but have been asked to reconfirm our commitment statement and also provide evidence that my occupation is still in demand. I am an Architectural Associate/Technician, is there anyone who can advise on me on sites to do jobsearches etc Thanks Cath
  21. bennyboy

    Statement Dilema!!

    Hi, Can anyone please advise? When you have to obtain a statement for Spouse Visa application, and it's from an Australian Citizen and resident (my brother) not sure what should be written and if my brother and his wife sign it or just my brother? Is the information required just a statement to say that i am married, 3 children etc etc.......? Thank you. Bennyboy.:biggrin:
  22. George Lombard

    State Migration Plans - Official Statement

    The Sponsored Skilled Migration Policy Section, Labour Market Branch, DIAC, has given the MIA the following advice: In the absence of State Migration Plans (SMPs), State/Territory government agencies should only seek to nominate applicants whose occupation is listed in Schedule 3. Once their State Migration Plan commences, they will have access to Schedule 4 occupations provided the nominated occupation is included within the relevant Plan or the jurisdiction identifies the occupation as an off-list nomination. In the case of off-list, the occupation can be any occupation listed in Schedule 4 even if it is not listed within the relevant Plan. It is intended that each jurisdiction will have 100 primary off-list nominations to use per program year. States/Territories should not seek to nominate an applicant from Schedule 4 unless there is a plan in place as within the Migration Regulations 1994, there is a Schedule 2 time of decision requirement for the applicable visa subclasses that 'the Minister accepts the nomination'. For the nomination to be accepted, it will need to be made from Schedule 3 while there is no Plan in place and once there is a Plan, that the nomination be in accordance with the Plan. The MIA Queensland Branch President Sharon Harris has been advised that SMPs will not be released by anyone now until after the Federal Election. Cheers, George Lombard
  23. HI THERE Myself and Ozzy partner applying for spouse visa 309/100 from UK where we have both lived for 12 years. can anyone advise or has been in same circumstance regarding writing a statement about how she can meet her sponsorship obligations... we obviously have no accommodation there until our arrival, and she will be having to restart her business there too so accounts from here may not count as much. I am a teacher so plan to find work upon arrival/arrange in advance. Anyone? cheers Dan
  24. Hi Me and my girlfriend are about to write out our personal statements for our partner visa. Has anyone got a template or idea's of what to add in? How long it should be and what details we should include. Thanks for any help :hug:
  25. surhythms

    Budget Statement Now Available

    Portfolio Budget 20010-11 Havent read it as yet but thought it would be a good one to put up. Suzanne