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Found 108 results

  1. jasperyogi

    Dec 3rd IELTS exam

    Hi there, Is anyone sitting their IELTS exam on the 3rd December? I will be doing mine in Bristol a 2hr train journey away but extra time to practice I guess :biggrin:
  2. Hi Everyone, we are off to Queensland ( new job) so we have to brake the lease on our 3 bed/ 1 bathroom, fully furnished house in St James ( Upton Street) Perth $420/wk all whiteware plus beds , sofas, dining table.. the lot small easy care section.. covered area for drying the laundry.. 20 min from Perth CBD by bus (just round the corner 3min).. quicker by car.. anyone interested? its a Ray White property.. so still have to go through their system (the ususal.. prooving ones lineage back to King Charlemagne as a minimum) ask away if you need any more info Six it
  3. :biggrin: Hello just wondering if any peeps will be there and got any sound advise on passing first time??!! seen alot of stuff on the net, is there anything that needs brushing up on?
  4. Hi, My partner and I are moving to Darwin on the 1st dec from Cambridge UK and will be bring our 2 year old little boy. I was wondering if anyone could advised me about toddler groups/ toddler activities. Many Thanks Kaylee
  5. Hi all, In a TRA skills assessment, one part is to "explain your work in your own words". Can this be typed in word documents and signed after printing, or does it need to be done on Statutory Declaration forms. Or maybe it needs to be certified by a JP. Does anyone know the best way to do this. I know I'm posting all the time! I've just "hit a wall" in my skills assessment. Thanks :biggrin:
  6. Guest

    Working holiday Visa Dec 2011

    Hi I have been a member here for some time. My grandson who is 20 is coming over in December on a working holiday visa and I would like to hear from others going this so I can pass on contacts. Here will be arriving in Brissie from UK in Dec 2011. We live in Brissie but we would like him to travel. Any contact would be good. Thanks Susan
  7. Guest

    WHV Dec 2011

    Hi I have been a member here for some time. My grandson who is 20 is coming over in December on a working holiday visa and I would like to hear from others going this so I can pass on contacts. Here will be arriving in Brissie from UK in Dec 2011. We live in Brissie but we would like him to travel. Any contact would be good. Thanks Susan
  8. aussiechick2006

    Confused about Stat Dec's

    Hi everyone, I swear the more posts/sites that I read the more confused I'm getting! :err: My husband and I are applying for the 309 Spouse visa and I'm wondering just how many stat dec's I need? My husband and I have done ours and two friends in Oz have done the 888 Form and are sending them over. Do I need anything else from other friends/family? Many thanks in advance AC Sorry I posted this on the wrong board, so have re posted.
  9. aussiechick2006

    Confused on Stat Dec's

    Hi everyone, I swear the more posts/sites that I read the more confused I'm getting! :err: My husband and I are applying for the 309 Spouse visa and I'm wondering just how many stat dec's I need? My husband and I have done ours and two friends in Oz have done the 888 Form and are sending them over. Do I need anything else from other friends/family? Many thanks in advance AC
  10. Hi, We have lodged for 176 SS visa. We have Stat Decs from 2 people from my side and 2 people from my OH side. Now we've written our own (separate) statements. Can we just sign them, scan and upload? Or is it required that own statements are also notarized and in the form of Statutory Declaration?
  11. Hello all, Well, as you can guess from my username and title, I'm currently living in the UK, in Leeds, and hope to be moving to Canberra in December. My Australian fiancee works at the AIS, and I'm stuck in the UK for now, just waiting for my visa to be approved. I applied at the beginning of May and the last update I had (2 weeks ago) was not to expect to hear anything before October, but that they had all the info they required and were not needing anything else at this time. I would have expected that they'd have requested more information by now if there was any problems? Anyway, I did visit Canberra in July (awful cold, wet weather), and I wondered if we were doing the right thing. My fiancee is from Sydney, and we have a great time there, but Canberra appeared both 'boring' and 'dull'. I guess I really didn't see Canberra at it's best really. I have heard many people say that you have to make the most of what the city has to offer.. so I'll be reviving my interest in mountain biking, which seems the most popular thing to do in Canberra, and a great way of getting around an seeing the city. It would be great to hear from anyone already there, and maybe even arrange a few meet-ups for when I arrive! Bye for now Paul
  12. Hi, First time using this forum, so please bear with me Applied for ENS 121 from India on Dec 15 2010 Job - Actuary with a Big4 firm through a repued consultant Nomination approved in March Additional info. requested (work experience related) - Provided on April 16 I still havent had any luck and teh Immigration consultant firm asks me to be patient 9running out now!) Indian Passport Can anyone offer any advice re. timelines and if there's anything I can do to accelerate anything ? My employer is very supportive and happy to provide any reference/Urgency letter..The consultant is a bit laid back but then I could be wrong ?? Thanks
  13. I am in the process of emigrating (once my visa is processed!!!) and planning a recce/job search/holiday to Sydney for December 2011. Looking for a house swap. 2 bedroom needed in/near central Sydney. I can offer a few options to swap with: Family home (+car) in Ascot, UK (must be simultaneous swap) 2 Bed Apartment nr Windsor, UK 2 Bed Holiday Apartment in North Spain (approx 1hr drive North of Barcelona)
  14. andyjackie

    painter dec work in Queensland

    hi can any bodie tell me the work situation in cairns and mackay mainly but Queensland in general for time serven painter and dec i can also dry line -tape and joint :radar:
  15. hiya my partner and i are going through the final stages of checking our forms before handing in for our prospective marriage visa. Going through our statutory declarations we have noticed that on one a friend has put myself (Australian sponsor) under 'applicants name' and my partner (British applicant for migration) under 'Applicants partner' and on the other it was me under applicants partner and him under applicant. Has anyone else had issues with this before and is it something they will deny the application on? Ive heard they are pretty uptight with things like this so dont want to risk handing it in if its going to get denied on something so small. :twitcy: has anyone else hit a point of being sooooo sick of forms and paper work n stress of making sure everything is right gggrrrrrr seems everytime we go through it we find something else wrong:arghh:
  16. Hi all, We are very close to applying for our 309 partner visa (offshore UK) - we have now been living as a couple for for over a year and a half but were a bit slack in getting my OH set up on bills, bank statements etc so we're waiting until the end of April to apply as we know we'll have a solid 12 months of evidence by then. My question is - the date from which we have the solid 12 months of evidence is 21st April but to save time, can we get my OH's parents etc in Oz to fill out stat decs, get them witnessed and return them to us in the meantime? For example, will it cause problems if we have 12 months evidence from 21st April but stat decs signed and witnessed on 15th April etc. Should we be waiting until 21st April before asking anyone to complete them? Thanks all!
  17. Waitingawhile

    statutory dec for skills ass

    Hi just been to solicitors and they said the could not sing the Australian governments version of a statutory declaration as they are governed by UK law and that to do it by drawing up there own could involve £150 or more. how have other people proved they were not in Australia when they made their application?
  18. Hi, I was told by many Cat3 applicants that they received a letter from DIAC indicating a CO will be assigned for them in the next 3 months, urging them to get PCC + health checks done (they got this letter around March 18th) - however, I did not get such a letter. Anyone may have an idea why? Do you think I should also get prepared?
  19. so i typed up a stat dec and had it signed by a solicitor stating we hvae no contact with my son for 6 months his father refuses his medicals so we cant meet the req for his medical. got email this morning to say they are not happy with the stat dec and that we have to provide one of two of the following Statutory declaration from the ex partner (custodial parent) stating they are unwilling to cooperate. cant get this we have no contact Failing this - 3rd party evidence from a Solicitor that the applicant has made reasonable attempts to contact their ex partner & request the medical clearances for the child. This evidence then needs to be submitted with a statutory declaration from the applicant detailing the circumstances & efforts made. The applicant will also need to acknowledge that as far as he is aware the child does not have a health condition which might preclude meeting the health requirement; and, that there are no clear intentions for the child to eventually migrate. what evidence do they want? a stat dec from a solicitor stating exactly what we have just sent along with the stat dec? im not sure what evidence they expect? help plz?
  20. kellyjamie

    How do i do a stat dec???

    Hello all, can someone advise plz? when we go for meds we arent able to take my son so i know i have to do a stat dec but where do i get it from or what do i do/write? many thanks k x
  21. Hello to all!! Yes, we have been slack posting on here, getting ourselves a little settled!!! We left London on 15th December, spent 5 days in Bangkok, very hot but a great experience. We then flew to Brissie to catch up with friends, had a fab time. Organised hubbies tax file number etc, and did the tourist things, coasts etc. We were going to get the camper and drive over to Perth however decided, due to the weather and the challenge of getting a suitable camper, we flew out of Brisbane on 5th January and arrived in lovely Perth at midnight of the 5th. We luckily found accommodation before our arrival and now living at Rockingham. We visited Rockingham beach and Freemantle on Thursday and Friday we decided to search for transport. Popped into a Kawasaki dealer and got a great deal so hubbie is now the proud owner of a Vulcan cruiser, which has been a huge help after jumping from buses to trains to get around. Thanks to you for the advise regarding the necessary paperwork to bring with us from London, has been a huge help!!! So we are staying put here, love the fact the weather, although warm, it isn't as sticky as Brissie and we just love the beaches, absolutely gorgeous and you can live so close to them and be only 20 minutes from Perth city centre is just great. We are off to sort hubbie's medicare card and get mine updated. Well, sorry for rambling and for being so slack to come back on and thank you all for your support and laughs, will be sure to update more regularly!!! If anyone would like to meet up here in Perth that would be great, we have the bike now so can travel, it would be great to have a meet up so if you are interested let us know. Great to be home and hubbie is just loving the way of life here, the weather, the people, he can't get over the service and the chilled way of life, so very happy bunnies all round!!!! Be sure to let us know if you would like to meet, it will be great to put faces to names or even if you want to make new friends, as we are!!! All the best to those of you waiting for your visas, well worth the wait I can tell you! Hugs from Nando and Jane X :notworthy::biggrin::jiggy::yes:
  22. Hello lovely people, I am new to this and have had a few problems finding a good forum to post to...I think I have found the best on as there are a few at the mo! I am a copper of 8 years and my wife Clare is a registered nurse of 14 years (deputy sister), paediatric trained and some. On 20th Dec 2010 we lodged our application to try and get some of the good life. We have 3 children where the oldest is 12. The migration application is based on Clare with her skills in demand. Does anyone know how long this part of the process will take, before the medicals are required? And does anyone know how to access the site where yo can see how the progress is going, without contacting our agent each time? I have lost of wild questions to ask, but as a virgin user....that sounds wrong! I will keep the questions down to a minimal first off! Thanks you all!:wink:
  23. Just downloaded the latest processing times Looks like there was a massive backlog of WA SS applicants if they are only processing applications up to Dec 2008 (at least they are going to give out in date order and to dinosaurs first)
  24. hey everyone, continuing with our aim to have an ex pat barbeque each month, I thought we'd try for the next one on the Monday after boxing day ??? What do people think? And perhaps we could try for somewhere around the Coolum Beach area this time?? cheers Sue
  25. Just a quick note to let everyone know that the game on Sun at Skilled Park (Robina - Gold Coast) is FREE ENTRY. :swoon:There are currently 20,000 people going (Tickets already allocated), only 7,000 seats left. Please get your tickets online at: LINK: Ticketek Australia ($1 admin fee per order [not per ticket]) You can also pick up tickets on the day at the stadium, but I would do that at 2.30pm if that is your plan; those queues can be nasty. PUBLIC TRANSPORT TO AND FROM THE STADIUM IS FREE ALSO! :biggrin: http://www.translink.com.au/travel-information/services-and-timetables/event-transport/details/332 Details below: PLEASE SUPPORT A-LEAGUE FOOTBALL ON THE GOLD COAST BY ATTENDING - The atmosphere will be electric! :hug: